I Can’t Stop Thinking About this Robe

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I can't stop thinking about this robe from Soma by Wardrobe Oxygen

A Twitter friend mentioned me in a tweet; she bought a robe from Soma last winter and loved it as much as I did. She was recommending it as a great gift, especially because at the time of her tweet and the time I am writing this, it was on sale. And now I can't stop thinking about this robe from Soma.

I Can't Stop Thinking About this Robe

Screenshot 2022 12 10 at 2.14.10 PM
the robe I can't stop thinking about

I went to check out the Soma robe she was recommending and it was this quilted Soma robe. And I was instantly obsessed. Because around this time last year, I was a Soma ambassador and they gifted me a version of this robe. It was the same quilted appearance, but last year's Soma robe was gray and only hip-length.

soma quilted robe
A typical work from home look: turtleneck, joggers, beanie, and my Soma quilted robe from last year that I brightened up with embroidery

It didn't matter if I didn't love wearing the color of the sky in the dreariest part of winter, it didn't matter that it wasn't long enough to cover the basics let alone ward against the chill of a New Deal-era wooden frame home owned by energy-conscious folks. It was lovely.

embroidered soma robe
A closeup of how I used embroidery floss to add brightness to this gloomy yet oh so comfy robe.

I wore it almost every day as my house jacket, thrown over sweatshirts and turtlenecks while working from home. I counteracted the gloomy gray color with embroidery floss rainbow stripes and rudimentary stars and flowers. I wished it was longer, I wished it was a color that brightened a gloomy day but still felt elegant, I wished it had cuffs.

printfresh pajamas review
This spring on a girls' weekend getaway in a Printfresh cotton robe and camisole

I have a summer robe I love; it's the cotton Printfresh robe. It's lightweight but not jersey so it doesn't cling. It has deep pockets and sturdy enough fabric that if I put my phone in the right pocket the whole robe won't collapse under the weight. As it gets washed it gets softer and a bit more rumpled and faintly faded looking like something that hangs on a hook behind the bedroom door of a beachside cottage. I wear L/XL.

printfresh robe review
Wearing another Printfresh robe on vacation (this pattern is still available)

By the way, Printfresh knows I am a fan (read my original Printfresh pajamas review) and provided promo code WARDROBE_OXYGEN for Wardrobe Oxygen readers to get 15% off your purchase.

But let's get back to winter, which many of you are also experiencing. I know here in the DC suburbs of Maryland, it's now Wear a Hat Indoors Season. And it's the season when that Printfresh Robe looks like a joke and I think I'd be more warm going from bathroom to bedroom in a damp towel.

The long bathrobe I wore last Wear a Hat Season Indoors Season wasn't sufficient. While long enough, it's fleece and getting a bit thin because it's a couple of years old. And honestly, fleece is not enjoyable for me to put on damp skin coated in lotion and then Neutrogena Body oil.

wardrobe oxygen colleen rothschild radiant cleansing balm
You may have noticed my Printfresh quilted robe in my Best of Colleen Rothschild post!

This Wear a Hat Indoors Season I am currently wearing this quilted robe from Printfresh. Printfresh sent it to me this summer and unsure of fit, I thought it would be better too big than snug and gaping open when I sit and sized up to 1/2X (it is available in sizes S/M-5/6X). The robe is beautiful but it's not long enough (knee length) for Wear a Hat Indoors Season and the too bog makes it really boxy and awkward to wear with a belt that is too long and too stiff for that length being a pain in the tuchus to knot it. I love it, but I wish I went down a size and like the short gray now-embroidered robe I have from Soma, I wish it was longer.

And then I see this robe from Soma… it's elegant but cozy, and it's like Soma went into my mind and heard my desires for my current Soma quilted robe and used them to design this year's version. Sure ivory can get dingy, but I can't think of another color that would give a spa-like vibe, not feel gloomy or industrial or have my husband say it resembles a womb or a wound.

soma quilted robe review
A leggy model in the Soma quilted robe

It's calf-length on the leggy Soma model so it may hit near the ankles of my 5'3″ body. Instead of straight sleeves that fold up at the end, these have knitted cuffs to keep breezes from slipping up wrists. It has pockets and ones from a fabric that is durable enough that I can carry my Snow gadget and gel in one pocket, my phone in another, and it won't collapse open. And in ivory, not white, the quilted robe will feel both warm and light, and it won't be as obvious when I accidentally get lotion or toothpaste or coffee on it (because it will happen). And speaking of which… it's machine washable.

I will not be ordering this robe because I cannot justify the purchase considering I already have perfectly good robes. But I am sharing because maybe you're trying to figure out a gift for someone, or maybe you can justify the purchase of this Wearing a Hat Indoors Season robe from Soma. This robe is available in sizes XS-XXL. I usually buy blazers in size 16 petite; knowing how Soma fits and how my gray robe fits I would buy this for myself in XL.

soma quilted robe cuff
Look at that cozy cuff!

At the time of writing this, this Soma robe is only available in ivory. However, last year my Soma robe/jacket was only available in gray but a couple of weeks later they offered it in a couple of other colors (blush, ivory, and dark red if I recall correctly).

More Quilted Robes for Women

If you know me, you know I am the queen of finding the best for less online. I can't just accept what one review or one retail offers, especially if I am going to share it here on Wardrobe Oxygen. I know this Soma quilted robe isn't for everyone. The size range is limited, the color is polarizing, and there are many other features that would turn some of you off. So this is what other quilted robes I found:

6 quilted robes for women
The eight robes mentioned below
  1. That robe looks awesome, Alison but I would NEVER wear an ivory robe. Then you may like this quilted robe from Warm Things. Available in navy, gray, and periwinkle, it comes in size 4/6-20/22.
  2. Eff sexy or chic. If I could walk up and down the stairs and drink coffee while in a sleeping bag, I would. Then you may like this quilted zip-up robe from Vermont Country Store. Some of the negative reviews are from folks saying it was too warm for where they live! Available only in powder blue; sizes S (6-8) through 3X (26W-28W)
  3. I like this robe, but I need a softer/cozier fabric lining. Then you may like this quilted robe from Garnet Hill. Available in rose, white and navy, and sizes XS (0/2) to XL (16/18).
  4. I like this robe, but I would prefer cotton and if it's going to be cotton, I would love it to be organic. Then you may like this quilted organic cotton robe from Nordstrom. This robe is available in beige, gray, and black in sizes XXS/00 to XL/16.
  5. You know what I would love? If I could turn my quilted plush weighted blanket into a bathrobe. Then you may like this plush quilted weighted robe from Therarobe. Available in gray and black, this robe comes in three sizes and each size has a different weight just like weighted blankets:
    • S/M weight, about 12 lbs., for those who weigh 100-135 lbs.
    • L/XL weight, about 15 lbs., for those who weigh 135-225 lbs.
    • XXL weight, about 17 lbs., for those who weigh 225+ lbs.
  6. So we're turning bedding into robes now? Because I think it would be amazing to be able to wear my down comforter. Then you may like this down comforter from Fine Linens. Available in ivory, white, and a stone color, it comes in sizes S (4/6) through XL (16/18)
  7. Oooh, Alison I also want to wear a comforter, but I prefer a down alternative. Then you may like this cotton duvet robe from SKIMS. Only available in white, it comes in sizes XXS/XS (000-2) to 4X/5X (22-26). This link on the SKIMS site has fewer sizes in stock but has a really interesting gray-green color also available.
  8. I dig the idea of this robe, Alison but I'd prefer my robe to be under $100. Then you may like this cotton quilted robe from Lands' End. At the time of writing this, it was on sale for less than $80. Available in navy and gray heather, this link takes you to sizes XS (2/4) to XL (18) and this link takes you to sizes 1X (16W/18) to 3X (24W/26W).

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Sure I found a lot of pretty fantastic alternatives but knowing how fantastic my Soma quilted robe from last year is, I can't stop thinking about this robe. If you have a robe that you think is pretty fantastic, do share it in the comments. It may be just the thing another reader has been looking for!

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  1. I don’t need a quilted robe, but just wanted to leave a comment that the one-way “conversation” in the list made me chuckle. Lots of good suggestions, too!

  2. SKIN has one that is sooo good too! I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but am seriously considering it!

  3. Thanks for another incredible compilation, plus all the “I don’t like this but I like this” options, LOL.

    When my first child was born (30 years ago!), I stopped liking things around my waist, including robe belts. I started adding ties to my robes — creating a kind of Japanese kimono style that I still use today. One tie on the inside (some robes come with this already), and a tie on the outside (or even a pin until I get around to sewing). Remove the belt loops. Voila! You have a super comfortable robe that never falls open.

  4. I’ve been wearing a plush robe I bought at JC Penney on clearance for $25 years ago. They were sending out $10 off a $10 or more purchase coupons at the time so I actually paid $15. It’s getting tired and I’ve been thinking it’s time to replace it. I think I’ll wait and see if Soma comes out with more colors for that robe. It looks amazing, but I can’t imagine buying it in ivory. If they don’t come out with other colors, I’ll be back to look at your other suggestions. Great ideas!

  5. Love, love, love the embroidery you did on the gray robe. That being said, I get that the base color is not the nicest, and, yeah, it’s too short for most of the practical purposes of a robe. I like how you incorporated it into your work life, however. The Soma robe is very nice, but, unless I was dealing with a power failure at my house, I’d be too warm under normal circumstances. It’s great fun to see all the options for quilted robes though I’m not in the market for one this year. I have a couple of long zip-up fleece robes from both Lands End and LL Bean that though I’m getting tired of them, they’re still in good shape. I’m with you, Alison, on putting fleece against one’s naked, oiled self. Ick.

  6. Thanks for tracking down all these options! My personal favorite robe-like item for Wear a Hat Indoors Season (great phrase, btw) is the NapSack (technically a wearable sleeping bag but with all the duvet robes I figured it was a relevant suggestion). I was doubtful at first because it’s sleeveless and I wondered what was even the point, but I gave it a try based on some enthusiastic reviews and because it came long enough to cover my feet and I can attest that I’ve never missed the sleeves.

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