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No pictures from yesterday – I got to work at 6:45 am so taking pictures was when it was too dark to see in that room (have to work on it), and the rest of the family was asleep and didn't want to disturb in any way. However I decided to wear my black matte jersey wrap dress from Old Navy with a gold chain from J. Crew and my gold twig bangles form Ann Taylor and my black suede Mary Janes from Sofft. Hair was straight, makeup was basic. It was totally appropriate.

After work I stopped by the Talbots near my job because everything in there is 20% off, they have petites that go up over size 12. I ended up getting two dresses, one with a surplice neckline, one a wrap style, both together came to less than $140 which I felt was pretty good. Both are a 14 petite. I couldn't find a pair of pants that fit this weird body except some like yoga pants, and well… if I am going to go with pants like that I might as well stick with the ponte maternity ones I have been sporting. But I gave my husband a fashion show and he thought both dresses flattered my figure and were fun prints (you will see in upcoming posts).

I am still struggling with shoes. Before Emerson, I was a 7.5 medium. I could buy certain brands like Nine West, BCBGirls, Enzo Angiolini and Jessica Simpson and know that they would fit in that size. After her… I am not sure. These two pairs of Mary Janes from Sofft are 8.5W and they are a tiny bit big, but in a “wow they don't hurt at the end of the day” sort of way, and don't rub at the heels. My city boots are an 8W and feel good. My Duo Boots still fit, but in a different way from before/do feel almost half a size small since I usually buy boots big. I can get my foot into some of my 7.5M shoes but that's about it – no walking or even standing.

So I decide to order a pair of classic black patent pumps from Circa Joan & David. I order 8W and 8.5W, since I have free shipping and returns. The 8W is ginormous on me in width and length. So big, I think even a 7M may be good. What the heck? I ordered an 8W in a boot from Sudini and I can't even get it on, it's so tight. These are two brands I have worn before so I am very confused. I have an event this weekend where I need to dress up, and figured one of my new dresses and some basic black pumps would be perfect. I ended up ordering like 5 pairs of shoes from Nordstrom because they are doing free shipping on shoes and they do super fast delivery. I will not have time to hit a mall until Sunday at the earliest, and honestly I hate malls. Fingers crossed one of these pairs works!

Oh, and yesterday in the fitting room at Talbots I look at my ankles and they look all bruised. Nope, it's just that I had my ankles crossed at the conference I attended and the black of the shoes rubbed off all over my skin. Awesome.

Today I am working from home and I am glad because I need a chance to go through my clothes and figure out what to do for the time being. A Bella Band is not an option because of my height. If I wore one, it would show with all tops I wear. Also I don't wear baggy tops because they hide my waist, and an zipped pants covered by a Bella Band would show lumpy under tops. And these breast feeding boobs make it impossible to wear anything but stretchy knits.

Sorry to vent on here, but fashion isn't always easy. However I would rather wear the same thing three days in a row than go out of the house looking like a shlub. I feel far more confident and myself in repetitive wardrobe than in something that I know makes me look less than what I can possibly be! As I always say, it's about quality, not quantity! 🙂

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  1. I recently went shopping for shoes and was looking for a comfortable dress shoe (which is almost impossible to find). However, I believe I finally found my answer to dress shoe comfort – Sofft Shoes. Wow! Are they comfy. I can actually wear high heels now. Their styles are absolutely great! I don’t have to walk around in flats to be comfortable. This is the last pair I bought Sofft Bordeaux

  2. Allie, as ever you are looking fabulous. As you are finding your wardrobe somewhat, um, restricted, these days, can I share my evangelical zeal for coloured opaques?! I have, for non-maternity related reasons, been wearing the same black dress an awful lot recently, and have found that I can make it look totally diferent by adding a differently coloured pair of opaques with it. Darker colours like emerald green or damson are as flattering as black, and as work-appropriate, and with the judicious addition of accessories you can avoid feeling like you’re wearing the same thing every day.

  3. I’m back to blogging and back – of course – to your blog. Congrats on your GORGEOUS little girl, and total props for continuing to look FANTASTIC. Totally admire everything you do.

  4. good for you for wearing what makes you feel good, even if it means wearing the same thing for days in a row! like you I’m petite but pretty curvy, so finding clothes sometimes is hard. After reading your blog, I won’t think twice about wearing the same thing 2 days in a row, knowing that it looks great on me. thanks!!

  5. You are right, and people notice far less that maybe you are wearing the same pieces or outfits than they will notice when you just look sloppy and bad. Hang in there! This stage won’t last forever! 🙂

  6. I’m not a new mom, just a petite, busty girl, but what about Sweet Pea tops? Those come in a range of sizes, and they are stretchy and a lot of designs have a banded waist. I get mine at Bluefly.

    Sometimes I have to wear a cami under the lower-cut ones, but not all are lowcut. Also, sometimes they are a bit long, but because there is no hem, you can take a rotary cutter and hem them yourself; just add Fray Check to the side seams. I did this with three of my Sweet Pea tops last week.

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