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Picture 059Sorry I have been gone so long… it's near impossible to blog and care for a newborn. She doesn't sleep through the night, she eats a lot and only I can provide that (though my husband the SuperDad wishes he could lactate so he could bond with her on all levels), and when we do have quiet time, it's about sleeping or just chilling out. But I will be going back to work in… sigh…four weeks and can resume daily lunchtime posts at that time.

But Emerson is doing great – she went to her two-week pediatrician appointment today; she had gained an inch and a pound at her one-week appointment and today we found out she gained an additional 13 ounces. Doc says she's healthy as an ox and looking great. She is gaining strength and personality every day!

No pics of me with her because… well I seem to always be the photographer! Also with the renovation, the full length mirror has been removed from the back of Emerson's nursery door and is currently propped against a wall in my bedroom closet so it's hard to take pictures of my fashion. I am still in maternity clothing (natch) but shrinking by the day. Last week I put on the Old Navy jeans (the last pair of maternity jeans I fit into when expecting) and they were so tight I was miserable when sitting in the car and took them off as soon as I got home. Today I put them on and they slid on easily and actually were sliding down because I didn't hav enough belly to hold them up. But to go to the pediatrician (and an exciting visit to CVS) I wore the black Motherhood turtleneck sweater, those jeans, my Chucks (feet are still very swollen), silver hoops and cuff. My bangs were straightened, the rest of the hair was wavy. L'Oreal True Match foundation in C3, Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss in Dolly, and Cover Girl LashBlast mascara in Rich Black.

When at home, I usually try to clean up and look nice – no PJ's all day. Yesterday I did bum and felt like crap. At least brushing the hair, putting on the one minute makeup and comfy street clothes makes a world of difference. I am still loving those ponte pants from Old Navy because they are as comfy as sweats. The faux wrap tees from Old Navy were flattering maternity tops and are awesome nursing tops. I also got this cardigan in black and it's great over tees and tanks for warmth, bit of style but still nursing ease.

As for nursing bras, I have two that are great and very different. The Bravado “Body Silk” nursing bra is pretty decent for a no-wire option. The bra has removable molded foam cups to add shape and support. The bra looks a bit like a skinny strapped sports bra, so if it peeks out of a top's neckline it isn't bad. I take the cups out and it's a good sleep bra; with the cups it's great for going out (and the cups help hide any nursing pads).

I also have the Anita International ‘5041' Nursing Bra which is pretty fabulous for an underwire bra. It fits great, is comfortable, gives good shape, is easy to open and close with one hand, and looks like a normal bra. I have it in nude and am tempted to get a second one in black.

Desperate need of a hair cut and color, but figure that will happen closer to when I have to go back to work (sigh). I also need a pedi – may go next week as my birthday treat (since the place is down the street I think I can fit it in between feedings and have Daddy watch over E).

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  1. Allie!!! Congrats! OMG what a little doll! thank you for sharing with us! don’t worry about the updates– just enjoy her, and get sleep when you can. we understand. 🙂 we’ll be here when you get back into it! 🙂 xoxo

  2. she is soooo precious! I am impressed you are posting at all! and I know what you mean about looking at least presentable during the day- it somehow makes you feel more “human” even though you are sleep-deprived!!!

  3. Hi from Mexico city! your baby is beautiful and you’ll see how everything passes so fast, so you better enjoy it ’cause these are the only days your baby Emerson will be like this, they grow and grow and grow and suddenly you’ll be taking her to kindergarden!. Sleep whenever you can, rest,thanks for your posts. God bless your family!


  4. Congratulations Ms. Allie, on your wonderful little blessing! She looks beautiful! And don’t worry…you’ll be able to get some sleep soon enough!

    Great job Kiddo!

  5. Glad to hear things are going so well! Those first few weeks are all about finding your rhythm. Enjoy it all…cause it will fly by. lol…just the other day my 8 year old looked at me with the most serious look and said “mom…do you know in 10 years i’m going to be a grown-up?” i could’ve cried. where did my time go!

  6. Very impressed that you’ve managed this much blogging with a newborn!

    So glad things are going well with your little family. What are you plans for child care when you have to go back to work? It must be hard to contemplate going back to work so quickly…

  7. Allie she is beautiful. Our two boys did not sleep through the night either. I felt very lucky that they slept in four hour increments…I felt like I got some

    I was going to send you an email about the whole labor/birth/body performance thing, but decided it was not important. Suffice it to say I had two c-sections for different reasons after long labors. Both of our boys are healthy 21 and 17yo’s now. The most important thing is that Emerson is here and she and you are healthy. Happy bonding to you and your sweetheart with your precious baby girl. Have you thought about pumping milk so he can feed her too or are you trying to avoid the bottle thing? I breast fed both of ours but when they were a little older it was nice for my husband to be able to give them a bottle of breast milk and for me to be able to get out of the house for a bit of a break.

  8. It’s hilarious to hear someone so sweet and delicate looking described as “healthy as an ox”! SO glad you and she are thriving.

  9. Glad your family is doing well. I love hearing updates on your changing life, but as other commentors have said; totally not expected at this point!
    I hope the nursing is going well for you. It took me a while to fall into that rhythm, but after things came together, was so rewarding. I have to say though; that shit hurts those first few weeks!
    I know you don’t want this to become baby blog, but if you feel comfortable sharing, a link to a flickr album or the like for a few more pics of your adorable little girl would be greatly appreciated! 😀 (I have the worst case of babylust and don’t know why I’d torture myself, but I can’t resist little chubby cheeks.)

  10. My daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she reached 10 lbs. The first time that happened, I woke up in a panic because I thought something bad had happened to her, not to mention that I was very painfully engorged, and I needed her to nurse right then!
    Emerson is a gorgeous baby – enjoy this time with her and nap when you can.
    Kathy F.

  11. Ditto, its a treat if there is a post, but NO one in their right mind expects one. Bond with the beeeeeaauutttiffull baby. I’m squeeeing at the cuteness over here. It’s all the more exciting to me because I’m going to be having our second girl in a few weeks, so I’m shamelessly taking advantage of your maternity and nursing advice! Take care!

  12. She is so beautiful. I so remember those wonderful days. It is difficult, but just embrace it and enjoy it because these days will be gone in the blink of an eye. My kids didn’t sleep all night for a long time. Breastfed babies usually don’t. It’s ok. I do also remember how tired I was. But this too shall pass.

    I was so happy to see the cute picture. My daughter had a pink sweatshirt that said the same thing. That was 25 years ago, sigh.

  13. Don’t worry, no one checking this blog expects there to be an update! It is just nice when there IS one. She is precious and such a beautiful little girl. Have fun! And not every baby sleeps through the night right away (or, as my son did, not until 10 months…now he sleeps like a rock at night.) They are all so different. 🙂

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