Wardrobe Oxygen Readers’ Favorites from 2018

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wardrobe oxygen reader favorites 2018

I did a post like this last year but the end of 2018 was so wonky for me I missed a lot of my year-end posts. I find these posts so interesting on other blogs and thought you too may enjoy it. When using affiliate links, I get some great analytics that help me track what is clicked on the most and how much of each item is sold.  Below, I share the most purchased items on Wardrobe Oxygen for 2018.

honest Rothy's flats review by Wardrobe Oxygen

Rothy’s ‘The Point’ Flat

This is no surprise as my Rothy’s review posts are two of my highest traffic posts for 2018 and they were worn in several posts in 2018. Y’all love you some Rothy’s flats, so much so that in 2018 I was able to gift so many pairs to readers thanks to my $20 referral credits. But on top of that, many of you used my affiliate link (it’s a one or the other, if you use a $20 off first purchase link affiliate links do not work) and I sold tons more. I currently own and wear two pairs of Rothy’s ‘The Point' flats; black and persimmon. I love the elongated toe, love that they’re stretchy, love that they’re machine washable, and love that they’re made from recycled water bottles!


Madewell linen stripe skirt on Wardrobe Oxygen, styled with a white linen shirt from Chico's and nude pumps

Madewell Stripe Overlay Skirt

This one has perplexed me for months. I wore it on the blog at the beginning of August. In the post I shared I didn’t really like the skirt and in fact, I ended up returning it as I never wore it past the outfit post. I totally envisioned it with a fun t-shirt and sneakers but it didn’t look good with anything other than heels and the slit was a bit wide when I did more than stand and sit with crossed legs. But a ton of you liked it and bought it. It was leaps and bounds the best-selling item on the blog for August and the second most popular item sold all year long. I hope it worked out for you better than it did for me.  This item is sold out, but below I share some similar concept pieces:


barefoot dreams cozylight circle cardigan review

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardigan

This is a Nordstrom Sale staple and one I purchased in 2017 and still wear regularly. It’s super soft and cozy without being really heavy and I wear it regularly when working from home. I’ve washed it so many times and while multiple launderings have made it thinner, it’s not threadbare and still strong and sturdy. I hope you all love yours as much as I love mine!


halogen long open front cardigan

Halogen Long Open Front Cardigan (Regular and Petite)

Another Nordstrom Sale item that hundreds of you purchased. It’s one of those great sweaters that works with leggings and a t-shirt, a sheath dress, or a blouse and trousers. Since it’s free of a collar or buttons it would also look super chic cinched with a wide leather belt. I don’t own this sweater myself, but after looking at it and knowing how many of you love it, I’m tempted!


trouve twist front dress

Trouvé Twist Front Dress

I wore this dress in this outfit post and dozens more times in real life. This dress is something I would never have purchased if my stylist Kelsey at Trunk Club didn’t pull it for me to try. It’s so figure flattering, the twist and asymmetrical hemline make it more polished than a standard t-shirt dress, I dressed it up with nice sandals or dressed it down with sneakers or Birkenstocks. It looked and felt great in the hottest summer months but also got a lot of play in early fall with a denim jacket. While this dress in black, olive, and burgundy is still full price (which is under $70), the teal option is on sale.


louise et cie bayne loafer review

Louise Et Cie ‘Bayne’ Loafer

This was also something I recommended from the Nordstrom sale and unfortunately, it’s sold out. Clearly this was a winner beyond the Wardrobe Oxygen audience! Sadly, at this time I cannot find a similar loafer from this brand (it had simple gold hardware that wasn’t a Gucci knock-off, but had a similar effect) but below I have shared similar concept of loafers from other brands I love:


universal standard jeans review

Universal Standard Jeans

Hundreds of you purchased Universal Standard jeans from Wardrobe Oxygen (possibly more if you bought them along with other items from the brand). It likely helped that the brand had a free denim promotion that I shared on Facebook (you are following me over there, right? It’s not just a repeat of what’s on the blog). But also, I wore US jeans quite a lot on the blog. This is also the second year that Universal Standard jeans have been on the Top 10 list! They really are great quality, an on-trend silhouette and choice of washes, and I love the amazing size range and that they offer different lengths as well as petites!


dagne dover dakota backpack review

Dagne Dover ‘Dakota’ Backpack

This is one of my favorite bags and I shared it quite often on the blog and on Instagram so I am not terribly surprised by this being on the Top 10. It’s a fantastic bag that now comes in a variety of sizes as well as colors. This is the second year that a Dagne Dover bag has made the Top 10. I love that this backpack is soft and lightweight yet provides protection for my laptop and tons of compartments to organize all my essentials. You can read me rave even more in my Dagne Dover Dakota backpack review.


Colleen Rothschild retinol review

Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Night Oil

After a year of trying everything from Botox to baby foreskins on my face (well kind of sort of, the cells from circumcised skin cloned and then made into… well I don’t use it anymore I had a face that needed some reliability, consistency, and active ingredients I knew and trusted. I’ve been using Colleen Rothschild skincare for years and the brand’s retinol has been a fave. Not too harsh yet effective, it’s what I return to each time I figuratively and sometimes literally get burned by another skincare product. I’m glad to know many of you also use and love the product. Read more in my Colleen Rothschild retinol review.


smartwool hide seek sock review

Smartwool Hide & Seek No-Show Socks

This isn’t the first year I’ve recommended Smartwool Hide & Seek socks and it’s not the first year that they’ve appeared on my best seller list. I have pairs that are several years old that are still in great shape. I love that they truly are no-show, even with lower-profile sneakers and slip-on shoes. I love that the silicone gripper in the back actually works and survives multiple washes and dryer tumbles. I love how the wool keeps my feet warm in winter, cool in summer, and dry and stink-free. They’re totally worth the money and I’m glad you all love them too.


I’d Love to Hear from You!

Did you buy something based off of Wardrobe Oxygen in 2018 that you loved? Buy anything that didn’t live up to your expectations? I’d love you to share in the comments. It may benefit another reader and it will help me provide more relevant suggestions in 2019!

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  1. I love this year end post. I can’t believe you don’t like the grey and white skirt. It looks fabulous on you!!

  2. I was just thinking that I wanted to reach out and tell you how I had fared with your suggestions! Overall I’m thrilled and, when I have a personal care or fashion need, I am glad to search your site to see if you’ve covered something before.

    Hits: Biotherme bath oil (love it!), Nux oil (like it), Chico’s coolmax turtleneck (could be just a little bit slimmer cut for layering, but it’s very versatile and comfortable and good looking), blinc mascara (kinda weird to remove and stays wet about a minute longer than is convenient when I put it on, but works fine, though I’ll probably stick mostly to They’re Real), L’Oreal Traction Red lipstick (I don’t wear it as often as paler shades but it works nicely and is a good red), Nyx micro-brow pencil (super easy to use “right” and not have to worry about it).

    Misses: Svelte leggings (which was a big bummer, because I ordered them from Canada and shipping/tariff costs back and forth are CRAZY! I gave them to my sister who likes them a little better than I did).

    Rothy shoe (though it was still a personal success, as you’ll see: I bought Rothy’s after reading your enthusiastic review — I got the pointy toes. I found them to be about a half-size too small for me. I ran into a friend who wears a half-size bigger than me, she was wearing her Rothy’s, and I tried them on — sure enough, they fit better. With my hunch confirmed, I decided to give my Rothy’s to a friend with slightly smaller feet. She loves them, though the price point has prevented her from buying another pair. Also, in the week between decision and gifting, I wore them once, and another friend saw them and fell in love, now she owns two pairs and wears them a lot. So far, I haven’t replaced my pair — I think they’re quite nice, but overall not for me. But they were the hit of my social season the month that I had them!)

    I’ve enjoyed many of the songs on your Weekend Readings and if I lived closer to Greenbelt I would try your personal trainer.


    1. Sara, thank you SO MUCH for this feedback! I know that reviews are personal and what works for me may not work for others but it’s awesome to get the actual feedback and know that there are winners. Sorry about the leggings, but glad your sister likes them. And your Rothy’s story is so funny! I gave my leopard loafers to my friend Lisa and she loves them and wears them all the time. And my friend’s friend read my post and now owns 10 pairs of Rothy’s!

  3. I loved your Chico’s Travelers capsule wardrobe with black and fuchsia that you posted in July. I’m a big Chico’s fan. Your capsule gave me some fresh ideas and I purchased several of the items that you suggested to add to my Travelers wardrobe. I’ve pinned the post to refer to the outfit ideas in the future. Thanks for your great ideas!

  4. I bought a printed jumpsuit from Chicos…a brand I had never tried before! I love it; it is something a little special and I always get complements.

    I spy my 2017 favorite Birki sandals in one photo…I still love those too!

  5. Cracking up because I distinctly remember that Madewell striped linen skirt. I’m a home-based worker with a VERY casual lifestyle and thick legs that I’d never want to expose. In other words, this skirt is ABSOLUTELY NOT RIGHT FOR ME…yet somehow I was passionate about buying it!

    Fortunately I decided to leave it in my cart overnight and in the morning I’d come to my senses and didn’t buy it. There’s something about that photo, though…it looks like what I’d *like* to look like on a summer day. Either that, or you have an amazing ability to sell clothing!

    1. Heck, looking at that photo it’s like what I myself would like to look like on a summer day! LOL Karl’s a good photographer. And poor man I usually look at the viewfinder and am like oh no these pictures aren’t good. Then we drive home, him angry, I open them on my big monitor and am like oh dude you made me GORGEOUS and that dress looks great! LOLOLOL but I never wear anything I don’t think looks good, but sometimes in the process of getting to the location, walking around in circles and laughing and getting home I fall out of love with an item. I think we’ve all been there!

  6. I purchased the Topshop leather jacket from Nordstrom that you recommended in the fall. I absolutely love it. It is the best fitting leather jacket I own, and it makes all of my outfits look 10x cooler. Thank you for the recommendation.

  7. I’ve purchased several items based on your recommendations Allie. The Smartwool socks, CR Retinol Oil (which is great by the way), and several US T-Rex tees (I used your link for a free one and ended up liking them so much I got 3 more). The US jeans have piqued my interest but I’m a little bit leery. My waist is my issue and I’m not sure if the waistband has enough stretch, assuming there is stretch in the waistband. I still have a lighted makeup mirror you recommended several years ago. I really appreciate all your reviews; I find them honest and very detailed. Thanks Allie.

  8. You can’t go wrong with those Smartwool socks. My love for them is such that I even darned a pair where my toenail, which ought to have been trimmed, wore a hole in one.

    I didn’t buy that gray/white striped skirt, but I will say that the photo of you in it was very attractive. How can a person go wrong with vertical stripes! I’d be interested to know what people who bought it thought about it.

  9. I bought the US Seine jeans and a US tank for my birthday last spring and I love them both. Thanks, I wouldn’t have tried them without your recommendation! I’m very short and busty, with narrow shoulders. It’s the first tank top I have ever owned that truly fits. I’m going to order a few more this spring. I tried the Paula’s Choice skin care with mixed results. I love the cleanser, toner and the SPF sunscreen. But the serum and moisturizer didn’t do it for me. I also bought the Chico’s silky leopard blouse, which is fantastic.
    The Smart Wool socks and Lands End Thermaskins are still my old school Allie favorites.

  10. Fascinating! I have the US jeans. I didn’t like the first one I ordered due to the high rise and inseam, but the mid-rise 32 inseam is the bomb! I have two pairs, distressed blue and distressed black. I also have their black leggings which are so luxe and 3 T-rexes! And several pairs of SmartWool low rise socks. I do not put mine in the dryer. It’s more work, but the wool looks better. I learned that from my crew SW socks.

  11. I purchased the US v-neck tee dress this Christmas because you wore it on the blog in the forest green color, and I loved it on you, it’s just as great in person and I love it, I also purchased the US jeans and love them. I have the smart wool socks. this year I plan on getting the barefoot dreams sweater when its on sale this summer.Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I’d love to know how the Trouvé dress fits on taller gals. I am about 5’7″ but I like dresses to hit either right above or at my knees. The dresses on the models on Nordy’s website hit a few inches above the knee. Can anyone speak to their length? Thanks!

  13. I have the Trouve dress, Chico’s leopard button front shirt, and the Topshop black leather moto jacket purchased from Nordstrom. I have been looking for such a jacket for years, and this one finally was the right sleeve length. I resisted buying at least a dozen more items, you had a lot of winners in 2018! Thanks for the inspiration.

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