Weekend Reads #40

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Harpers Bazaar Sesame Street 9 09 p1 and p2 together

In my home office, I have a gallery wall of music festival posters, concert tickets, and some personal photos. I use this wall as a. bit of a bulletin board, tucking thank you cards, photos, and tear-outs from magazines between the frames and glass. This week I was cleaning up my office and found one item fell down and I tucked it back in. Emerson noticed it and asked who was in the photo with Big Bird. We started Friday morning with an introduction to the awesomeness that is Diane von Furstenberg. Above is the two-page spread from the September 2009 issue of Bazaar that sparked this discussion. I had the original issue but lost/tossed it at some point, A few years ago I sought out the issue on eBay to have a high-quality version of the image. I keep meaning to get that page framed, this conversation with my daughter has brought that task higher up on the to-do list.

201412 omag DVF 7 949x534

While sharing DVF fabulousness with Emerson, we came across this photo of her with Oprah and both gasped at how lovely it was, so I had to share it as well.  Here is the link to the interview of DVF by Oprah, which is where the image comes from.  Isn't Diane's office awesome? 

January WO2 Bestsellers

I'll admit I snagged this idea from Grace at The Stripe.  I found it so interesting and thought you may too.  At the beginning of each month I'll recap the previous month's bestsellers on Wardrobe Oxygen so you can see what other readers are also enjoying.  As always, leave a comment letting me know if you got these items and what you thought of them!

  1. SOMAINNOFIT Bra: Thanks to this post, this was the top seller for January.  It's a really cool concept and I love the idea of being able to fit yourself for a bra at home.  A lot of people asked, and yes you can share this with friends and family.  The personalization is in the app not the bra so pass it on.  And for those who said they don't want to keep it after one or two uses, consider donating it to a charity that could benefit from it like I Support The Girls!
  2. Jenny Bird Factory Drop Earrings: I make a little mention in Weekend Reads that I found my $110 earrings for $30 at Nordstrom Rack and y'all got excited! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine!
  3. Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan: I mentioned this as a top seller in 2018 and with that one mention many more of you decided to buy this super soft cozy coverup.
  4. Everlane Cashmere Crew: I wore my citron Everlane sweater in this post and it sparked quite a lot of sales.  I do think it's a really nice sweater at a great price for the quality.
  5. Trouve Twist Front Dress: Another item that was a bestseller in 2018.  While olive was the most popular color purchased in January, the dress was also popular in black and burgundy.  A weird thing, the dress now says it's by Chelsea28; the same link works so I have to assume it's the same dress?

Sale Updates

Weekend Reads

Thursday, I did a Facebook Live with Mediavine, my ad company.  We chatted about how I took my blog full time and how I make it work financially.  If you wish to see it you can view it at this link. I learned from this that a speaker off my earphones doesn't work if you make a lot of hand gestures and that I need to use my proper webcam instead of the one in my Mac. But it was a lot of fun and I was happy to share what I know and how I got here!

If there's only one piece from Weekend Reads you open this weekend, make is this one by Robin Givhan for The Washington Post. What a powerful and important read by a woman who is such a master with the written word.

If you don't know about Lizzo, educate yourself. You're welcome. (The Cut) BTW pissed that bots snagged all the tickets to her shows in DC later this year. I soooo wanted to go! 

Karl and I did a shoot Thursday.  I wasn't feeling well, the previous night I was up until 1am, I didn't go to the gym and boy did it show in my face.  I don't know if those photos will ever hit the blog but they did inspire me to drink a ton of water and do a hydrating mask (I looooove this one from Colleen Rothschild, it's so good). I put on the mask, got on the computer and in my inbox was this piece from Man Repeller – I Went to a Senior Center and All I Got Was Fascinating Beauty Advice. Pretty perfect timing.

Middle-aged women and the men who disdain them. (Dame)

I'm trying to buy less but Boden is making it difficult with their uber versatile and flattering dresses like this jersey midi, this wrap dress, and this shirt dress

I found this interivew with several popular advice columnists so interesting. As somone who receives questions daily in her inbox and occasionally answers them on this blog, I could relate to some and thank my lucky stars I couldn't relate to other aspects! (Buzzfeed)

Gosh I hate it when good articles are on crappy sites. USA Today is practically unreadable because of the ads and the weird click in the wrong place and the content disappears layout. But if you can weed through their crap, it's worth it to read this: Good ol' boys network, meet black girl magic: Black, female entrepreneurs are changing Silicon Valley.

Spoiler alert, I'll be doing another Trunk Club review of a trunk I received.  This bag from Clare V. was in there and I'm kinda sorta completely in love and trying to justify keeping it.  I do have a decent amount of referral credit… A spring replacement for my beloved ALLSAINTS tote?

Oooh, here's a piece for discussion: Is clean beauty a skincare revolution – or a pointless indulgence? Interesting information and quotes from lots of popular skincare founders. (The Guardian)

Inspired by a sweater on Instagram… an interesting piece on the knitting community on the social media platform.  Even better, it quotes my fabulous friend Dana from the blog Yards of Happiness (read her beauty routine that she shared o WO2). (The New Yorker)

For Your Entertainment

And this is why I like Instagram Stories. I had never heard of Nao. But this week she performed at The Fillmore and a few of my friends attended the show (I know at least Carletta and Libby, can't recall the others). I've been to shows with these people, or have followed them long enough to get their music vibe so I was like ooh I need to check Nao out. And now, it's my duty to now share her with you.  Please note, this first video is NSFW.

I didn't want those of you at work to miss out, so here is another I love that is safe for being in an open workspace.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Lizzo is a goddess! I received my print issue of NY Mag this weekend and squealed with excitement. I now have the cover pic of Lizzo prominently on my work bulletin board…

  2. Can I ask why you’re trying to purchase less Boden? I’m not trying to stir up drama but I’m interested in your thoughts. I’ve only purchased a few things from them, and one of the items both had a hem fall and shrunk (despite following washing instructions.) I love their stuff but I do sort of wonder if it’s worth the price sometimes.

    1. Oh gosh I LOVE Boden and 90% of the time find the quality and fit worth the money. I’m just trying to buy less in general but Boden continues to be one of my favorite brands! Check out eBay and Poshmark, I’ve sold Boden pieces there and have seen others sell it there as well!

  3. I listened to Nao a lot last year. Thanks for spotlighting her!

    Also, thanks for the Dame link. Really liked the honesty of her essay.

  4. I can’t wait to read your Trunk Club Review. Despite your raves, the ALLSAINTS tote wasn’t quite perfect for me, which it had to be for the price point. But I have always loved the color of your Clare V. clutch (can’t justify a clutch I so rarely carry), but I use a tote every day and I’m loving the Le Zip Leather Tote looks fantastic. I’ll wait for your review, but I love that it’s something other than black for me.

    1. I get it, that ALLSAINTS tote ain’t cheap! I tried a different Clare V. bag and the straps were too delicate to carry heavy things. This one is far more durable which I like, and I like the zipper top. I got the orange one, I’ll be sure to shoot and review soon as I need to mail back my trunk! 🙂

  5. Just came in to say I have read you for years, probably at least 8. I have always enjoyed this site but even more so this last 6 months. I’m glad you have made this your primary gig. Keep up the good work!

  6. Barefoot Dreams anything is a balm for my chill-hating soul. I have 2 cardigans and a Mickey Mouse beanie that are in constant rotation on the weekends.

    As for Yann Moix, sure, I’m creeping up on invisiblilty but what my skin loses in elasticity* my attitude gains in “EFF YOU”s directed at Moix and his ilk.

    *wtf am I getting JOWLY now?

  7. I find bestseller posts so confusing because as an affiliate we know what products were clicked on and lead to sales but we don’t actually know what people bought. They may have bought the item that was clicked but it could have been anything else in the shop? I just did a bit of shopping at Boden myself and everything was so good. Can’t wait for warmer weather.

    1. I hear you on that. It really is the link that made the most sales, though people could have clicked on that Trouve dress and ended up buying socks. The only time I truly know what was sold is when I work with a small company’s individual affiliate program or it’s something like Rothy’s or LISSOM flats where there’s only one thing to buy at the store! And yesssss Boden, killing it this spring!

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