Weekend Reads #46

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Thank you all for sticking with me through a wonky week on Wardrobe Oxygen. I'm looking forward to getting back into the rhythm and have some good things on the horizon. How does a review of white jeans sound? I want to get a full range of brands and as always will have detailed shots to help you choose the right pair for this season. YES, white jeans can look great on anybody and I'll share tips on how to wear them, style them, what to wear under them and how to keep them looking crisp! I actually have a long list of ideas of what I want to come on the blog and get excited when I can erase each one that I complete. As always keep the ideas coming, I want this site's content to remain relevant to your lifestyle and needs!

This has been a busy time on the homefront. My daughter has a project for Women's History month as well as a research paper for her STEM project due next week, she's been selling cookies, working on her Girl Scout Junior Aide award, and has two camping trips coming up. My husband is an avid gardener; the past few years he's shared a large plot at the community garden and just got another plot this week so he'll be growing even more awesomeness. I was away last week and now have TWO blog-related trips next month. And we promised Em that when she turned 10 we'd paint her room any color she wants. The plan is to do it over spring break and I am so psyched she's switched from two walls black and two hot pink to three pastel pink and one either white or a pale turquoise! I mean, I'll keep by my promise but I know from experience it's far easier to repaint pastels than dark colors when you're an angsty teen who feels her room just DOES NOT REPRESENT MY SOULLLLLL. As always, keep up with life beyond the blog by following me on Instagram Stories!

For those who mentioned the font is a bit too small for comfort, I increased the font.  And for those who follow my blog by email or RSS and complained they're being delivered late – I don't have any control over that.  You are following via Feedburner.  I am updating my newsletters and will be controlling them manually so click here to subscribe in this manner to get personalized emails that will be on time (fingers crossed this will be before March is over!).

Sale Alert

Anthropologie has 20% off this weekend! You do need to sign up for Anthro Perks to receive it, but it's free and gives you legit perks like first peek at new releases, free shipping on orders $150+ and more. Click here to sign up.  My picks:

Madewell has 25% off season essentials (all the items at this link) with the promo code HEYBUDS. It's a varied selection of pieces that will work now but also transition beautifully into summer.

Net-a-Porter is offering 15% off with promo code NEWSEASONREFRESH through 3/31 and this sale is worth looking at even if you usually find this site to be too high-end.  As I've mentioned before, Net-a-Porter is a great place for sneakers, accessories, and even mid-range brands. My picks:

Another weekend, another 30% off at J. Crew with promo code NEWNEW. As I was typing this a bag from J. Crew arrived with a recent purchase.  I haven't tried it on yet but I ordered

Macy's has 30% off with promo code VIP plus an additional 15% off cosmetics and fragrance. 

Lands' End has 40% off full priced styles with promo code COCONUT and PIN 6789.

Talbots has 25% off the items at this link, no code needed. It includes some gems like this perfect sleeveless blouse for the office, under blazers and cardigans, or paired with crisp white jeans.  I also like their Hampshire Ankle Pants and this glen plaid blazer and matching trousers.

Weekend Reads

Aaaah, have you seen the Jason Wu collection for ELOQUII?  It's positively gorgeous and I wish I could rock most of it.  I mean this SUIT! This DRESS! And THIS ONE!  And THIS ONE!

An amazing piece about how Swimsuits for All transformed the plus size industry.  What I especially appreciate about this piece is how it spotlights what an impact Gabi Gregg has had on the plus size community and fashion industry and how she continues to push brands and bring fashion to an underserved audience. (Refinery29)

If you're in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook you may have already read this, but I think it's worth a second read.  If you haven't seen Shrill (I haven't yet, hope to this weekend!) you should.  And if you have and are wondering where to get the clothes Aidy Bryant wears in the show… I have some bad news. But then, it's likely nothing new to you. (Vulture)

Ads for Shen Yun are as part of living in DC as ads with Krystal Koons selling cars and staring straight into your soul. It's something I know, but I know nothing about so I was fascinated to read more about this performance/cult/propaganda/surreal trip. (New Yorker)

“I believe that leading with vulnerability is a powerful way to create a more empathetic world.” Wow to so much of this piece by Ann Yang of Misfit Foods on being a successful entrepreneur and putting your mental health first. (Medium)

Cindy Gallop shared this piece on social media this week and I found it so powerful and painful and beautiful I had to share it with you.  Scenes from life as a nurse in the late '70s and early '80s. (Avidly)

“Debra said that if she were a dog, someone would have put her down long ago. She had euthanized sick dogs before, dogs she loved, and even as a child had understood the act to be merciful. ‘I thought, Wow, this is such a wonderful thing, that I am able to ease the suffering and pain of my beloved.' When Debra watched her grandmother die, she wished ‘there was something we could do for humans.'” A powerful longread on owning your life until the end and dying with dignity. (The California Sunday Magazine)

And if you read that piece and live in Maryland, here's the latest for our state in regard to aid-in-dying. (Washington Post)

For Your Entertainment

By sharing BOOM by X Ambassadors I am preparing you for early summer where this song will be in every commerical, playing during the pool scene in every TV show, and drifting out of open car windows on every street.  Not too poppy or syrupy, but terribly catchy.  My feet go boom boom boom walking away from you.  I've got the same old shoes but a new attitude. Play it while getting ready for a day or night out, while cooking dinner, when you're driving down the street with your car windows down, or when you want your theme song for being a fierce independent badass.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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    1. We’re just starting now with the Cherry Blossom season. I went into DC proper yesterday and they’re starting to bloom but will be utterly gorgeous in a week!

    1. I did! We discussed this in the Wardrobe Oxygen community on Facebook. It’s awful that it’s 2019, the average American woman is a size 16, and we can’t find bold fashionable clothing for plus sized women!

  1. That song is a winner. My daughter (10) is sitting next to me and immediately started tapping her foot and bopping to the beat lol!

    1. It looks like it, I am so sorry about that. They didn’t give an end date and I just figured it HAD to last through the weekend. I’ll remove that from the post and again I apologize.

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