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Why I Wore This Rebecca Taylor Cotton Dress for an Evening Event

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styling a cotton dress for evening by wardrobe oxygen

This job is a weird one, but through it, I have made some amazing friends and have experienced cool things I normally wouldn't. Last Wednesday evening was an example of both – a great experience with a great friend and a great chance to share what I wore and why I wore this Rebecca Taylor dress.

Attending a Garden Gastronomy dinner with Veuve Clicquot at Apéro Georgetown

apero dc georgetown
Apéro, a woman-owned champagne and caviar bar, and restaurant in Georgetown

My friend Dani from Blonde in the District invited me to be her date to a Veuve Clicquot dinner at Apéro in Georgetown. The theme was local cuisine, focusing on cherries. It was a small group, only 10 of us as guests along with the sommelier from LVMH (the parent company of many high-end brands for fashion, wine, spirits and more). FYI, Apéro has other events like this; this link lists all currently on the schedule plus more info on this event I attended.

apero veuve clicquot
One of the only photos I got of the meal: the dessert and my half-empty glasses of champagne.

Apéro is a woman-owned champagne and caviar bar in the neighborhood part of Georgetown. We walked through the narrow and romantic restaurant to the back where we were given a glass of Veuve Clicquot and walked outside and down metal stairs to a small greenhouse-like building with air conditioning. It was decorated in yellow and orange flowers, bottles of champagne, and fresh cherries. There were two tables set and the whole ambiance was so charming. And I was so glad to find that I was dressed perfectly for the event.

rebecca taylor plus size dress 1

I chose this dress from Rebecca Taylor that I found on Amazon left only in size XL, for around $100 (the dress was originally several times more). I was looking for an interesting on-trend dress that had sleeves, was below knee length, would dress and up and down, and wouldn't cause me to overheat and this ticked all the boxes.

This dress is cotton voile; the bodice smocked front and back and the skirt double layered. Full sleeves that don't cling, a print that hides sweat, and pockets. I didn't even have to unzip it to get it on and off. This print is a previous season but they have the same dress on the Rebecca Taylor site in a lighter color for around $200.

wardrobe oxygen rebecca taylor dress XL

As for shopping on Amazon… you can often find deals like this with designer pieces. It takes some time, or some very specific keywords. Search the brand and style name, or take some time scrolling through more general searches. I actually found this dress searching for Tanya Taylor dresses! It has been nice with slip shorts and Birks, but I knew it would be able to glam up with a change of accessories.

rebecca taylor daphne dress

The shoes are my Margaux Uptown Sandals; they're not cheap but considering these are the same pair I reviewed here and I still find them comfortable, even after Lockdown, I think they're worth the money for me. They're the only heels I'll wear for more than an hour or two. They feel secure on my feet, come in widths (and truly wide enough for my wide feet), and are such a versatile style. I've worn them with flared jeans, dress pants, jumpsuits, and skirts and dresses of every length. I like them so much I got a second pair in the blush which is very close to my skintone.

The bag is from Talbots from this spring. They don't have it any more, and it will be hard to find wicker bags this time of year, but it has been such a great summer bag for me. I know I'll be carrying it quite a lot next summer as well. The earrings are these from Open Edit. Open Edit is a favorite for me to find cheap but well-made on-trend earrings (they're usually under $20). I felt that the funky earrings and gold heels counteracted the prairie/cottagecore vibe of the dress while also making it a bit more evening.

wardrobe oxygen curly hair
My face before heading out for the evening

For makeup, I thought about the heat, but also about photos. I used some concealer to even things out, but didn't do a whole face. I wore tubing mascara (this one) and liquid liner (this one) that would stay put even with sweat, and used bronzer (this one) and highlighter (love this one) for glow and color. On my lips I wore my go-to NARS ‘Pigalle' with some Fenty Gloss over it.

rebecca taylor daphne dress on wardrobe oxygen

And for the behind the scenes (or shall we say under the outfit)… Thigh Society cooling shorts were my choice for staying comfortable and chafe-free in the heat and humidity. The 7″ is my favorite for midi and maxi dresses; they don't ride up and feel like nothing. I have several pairs; some are three years old and still look like new. If you use promo code WO215 at checkout you'll get 15% off.

How to Style This Dress for Fall

This fall, I can see this dress with brown boots and a denim or leather jacket. I think I'll also play with belts. I have a gold metal belt like this one (mine is years old from ASOS) I think would look nice; I also think a wider brown belt would be cool (I own this wrap belt from ADA Collection; I also think a braided one like this would look good).

Dressing for Comfort and Confidence

After Lockdown, I reassessed this job and how I spend my time. I was attending a lot of events in DC, ones that were cool but had nothing to do with my blog's topic. When things began opening up, I began saying no to 99% of the invites I received.

wardrobe oxygen and blonde int he district
Me and my friend Dani at the dinner

But this evening was special. I was invited by a friend, not a PR firm making it social, not work. Heck, I got to sip 30-year vintage champagne with one of my favorite people in the DC fashion scene! I ended up sitting next to the gentleman from LVMH and learned more about champagne. Even if it was a fancy restaurant and fancy champagne brand, the event was quite relaxed.

The food was inventive, it was great to have the chef come and discuss each course before we enjoyed it, and to have the champagnes chosen to pair perfectly with them. Besides the gentleman from LVMH and the chef, I was the oldest person in the room. For many events like this I am also often one of the largest but this evening was a great mix of influencers and local celebs. But this dress had me so comfortable neither was something I thought about all night long.

Clothing can be a suit of armor. Clothing may be the bookjacket to your novel. Clothing cannot change who you are, but it can make you more comfortable in your body and in certain settings. And as I have gotten older, I have learned that it's less what you wear and how you wear it that is stylish.

I have attended so many events in really cool or stylish or trendy looks where I was constantly fidgeting to keep everything in place. I've left events with severe gas pains from the control garments I'd wear to appear thinner or firmer. Red marks from underpinnings trying to lift and separate and suck in without showing straps or VPL. I've sweat through so many ensembles, trying to clean myself up with paper towels and hand dryers. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing if I am uncomfortable.

rebecca taylor daphe dress

The brown was stylish, but not as “look at me” as a lot of my wardrobe. As a guest, I didn't want to be too over the top. The subtle gold in the dress kept it from looking just daytime and ended up coordinating so nicely with the decor. The smocking highlighted my bust and gave shape without needing a belt and while still keeping things loose and comfortable. I liked having my upper arms covered and a more modest neckline plus a pattern (hides your shape better in photos while also hiding sweat) since I knew there would be a lot of photos taken while I was seated.

Some days I am confident in a fitted outfit, other days I feel my best in something loose. I'm learning that if I shop slow and with care, I can have variety in my closet without it bursting at the seams. I hope sharing my “why” behind what I wear will help you with similar internal discussions about what deserves to be in your closet!

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  1. Hi Alison – I was wondering about the thigh society shorts you linked. Are they exclusively for chaffing or do they also act as shapewear? Im looking for plus size shapewear for an evening gown with LIGHT hold – ie just hold me in a bit, not a sausage case that is going to have me gasping for breath. Thats not attractive. But im not sure where to start. Thank you.

  2. First of all, you look amazing Alison! This dress is so beautiful; the colorway is looks great with your skin and hair. Secondly, thanks so much for sharing your thought process around this evening. I continue to learn so much from following you! Instead of the “Oh hey – this fits” mentality, I’m working on being intentional and mindful of the what, where, how, who details. And, really, just the details in general – post lockdown, this seems harder than it used to!

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw your post about attending this event was – OMG – this was OUTSIDE! Noooooo. That Day/ evening was so incredibly hot and humid. You looked incredible- meanwhile- I was drenched in sweat just unloading groceries! I love how you made this not typically “Alison “ dress your own!

  4. You look positively glowing in this colour & makeup – breezy cotton is the way to go!

    Have you tried the Margaux City Sandals too? Have been debating getting those in champagne/ gold instead but don’t know if they’d fit – I have exactly the same feet as you (US8/ wide width/ high instep)!

  5. When I first saw the pic of you in this dress, I did notice that is was different for you. A little less color or drama than you would usually wear. I love so much about this look for YOU. It’s feminine without being girly, trendy but sophisticated, polished yet playful and overall just very sophisticated. But with your hair and accessories, etc. it was just perfect. Such a sweet spot to hit. Not too fancy, not too casual, and very you!

  6. I love the dress and your thought behind wearing it to this particular event. You looked fabulous! I am also thinking more about how I spend my time and with who. I’m really embracing slow shopping and quality over quantity. I no longer feel the need to have a stuffed closet.

  7. FABULOUS! You, the outfit, and the event. You’re living my dream life, the one I hope I’ll be transitioning into in D.C.

    The post is practical as well, since I’m rebuilding my wardrobe from scratch. I’ve acquired the basic and frankly, boring, stuff, and now is the time to slowly think about what sorts of things I might be going to and find the perfect outfit AHEAD of time instead of frantically hauling in multiple boxes of stuff to try on.

    So starting my list: classical music concerts, political events, plays, museums, issues fundraisers, nice dinners (casual dinners I’m all set), cocktail or holiday party. Time to start scrolling NOW to leave time for the tailor.

  8. I love hearing your narrative on on the how & why of your outfit selection process! It all has meaning & artistry – & you are an artist! Perfection! ❤️

  9. Alison,
    That dress looks fabulous on you! I read your headline about the dress being cotton and I thought, “why not wear it, it looks amazing!” It would seem, as you suggest, to be a good transition to fall dress. Thanks for sharing!

  10. You look wonderful and comfortable which brings out the best of my personality when attending new events. Thanks for the great detail on selecting the dress, shoes and earrings. I need to do something like this myself.
    Another excellent post from you Allison!

  11. This was a great article. I really love seeing in dresses, since this is what I tend to wear to work. I was wondering if you would do a piece for fall and winter about how to style dresses for the work place for the cooler seasons. I have been wearing knee-length dresses with black, brown, or navy tights and flats for forever and I feel like I want to step up my game! Thanks for all you do!

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