What I Wore Last Week Mar 31, 2020

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I swear I wore more clothing than what I photographed, but last week, our second full week of sheltering in place, was a bit harder mentally for me.  I know many of you can relate to trying to be a productive employee while also being a teacher and an endless laundry cleaner in a house that is noisy and full and everyone is crawling the walls.  Some days I forgot to take a picture, and some days I didn't take one because I didn't want documentation of what I was wearing!

Monday: Cabin Chic?

fifteen twenty blanket shirt

Rent the Runway Unlimited sent an email out to members offering two more spaces in their membership for free.  I raced to see what was still available in 14/16 that would make sense when sheltering at home and found this shirt from Fifteen Twenty (size Large) that reminds me a lot of Pendleton. It's an acrylic/poly/wool blend that is sort of felted and was warm and cozy for a colder day.  I also liked the pockets were big enough for my phone and lip balm as my pants had no pockets.  The pants are the Dress Pant Yoga Pants from Betabrand; the brand sent them to me for a review.  The ponte is what ponte is supposed to be: tightly woven, a bit thicker, a subtle sheen that doesn't look cheap but looks more refined than yoga pants.  I got the XL Short Petite in Straight Leg and they are a snug fit like yoga pants usually are, but not tight.  If I wore these outside the home it would definitely be with a longer top.  They have a false fly and pockets if you do feel confident enough to wear something shorter or tucked in, if I sized up maybe I'd feel less exposed in them.  They are super comfy, like I wore them all day and into the evening cozy and they didn't stretch out.  Thanks to this experience I would definitely try Betabrand again.

fifteen twenty shirt jacket

So two nice pieces, and I had to Allie it up with my well-loved and well-worn Ramones t-shirt and my silver Birkenstocks with wool socks.  Hey, do I get points for wearing earrings?

Wednesday: Travel Chic

travel chic

I call this one travel chic because it's some of my favorite things to wear when I take flights. The sweatshirt I've written about many times before, it's from Beyond Yoga and I've had it for a couple of years.  It's off the shoulder, tunic length and sort of tents out.  I often knot the side as I did here to reduce the volume so I don't look like a lampshade. I have not found anything similar out there so not linking because it's such an unusual piece. The pants are the cabi Pivot Joggers from last year.  Soma asked if I'd like some loungewear and I asked for these joggers; a member of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook recently got the same Soma joggers and loves them so I'm excited for them to arrive.  Right now keeping it real with my bra straps showing; later I added a tank underneath mainly for comfort/warmth. And again the Birkenstocks which keep my feet happy at home.

Friday: Sweaty Friday

athleta plus size

Friday I started with my morning workout that I share on Instagram Stories.  And later in the day I did a ride on my Peloton.  Next thing I knew it was a few minutes before 1pm when I had a webinar, and then another webinar at 3pm and next thing I knew it was 4pm and I was still in this outfit.  So I did shower and change, but it wasn't until just before dinner.  The top is from Athleta, so are the leggings.  The hat is from a retailer called Pink Sundays; I saw another blogger with a similar hat and sought it out.

Saturday: Kicking it Old School


I've had these overalls for a very long time.  I originally rented them from Gwynnie Bee and loved them so much I decided to buy them. Looking in my archives I found this post from last year on how to style overalls wearing the same exact outfit I am wearing here!  I love wearing overalls at home because there is no waistband digging in when you sit and plenty of pockets (I even had my Kindle in a pocket for this photo!). With the overalls, I have a white ribbed tank from Universal Standard that it seems they have discontinued (here's the page but they are on waitlist for all sizes).  It's a shame because I LOVE this tank.  Sure, first glance it's a simple ribbed tank, but the neckline isn't too low, the weight is nice and heavy and opaque, and I have two in white and one in black and have washed and dried them oh so many times and they still look fantastic.  And yet again, my new normal house shoes – my silver Birks.

Sunday: Rawr

banana republic tiger shirt

You've seen this shirt before, it's from Banana Republic and was seen in this Trunk Club review and I know likely other posts.  A few mentioned on Instagram Stories that the shirt is perfect to watch Tiger King on Netflix.  To be honest, I haven't watched Tiger King and I don't think I will.  Not really my sort of thing, though people seem to be obsessed with it! With it… the cabi Pivot Joggers!  I KNOW, I wear them a LOT but they're so perfect.  Not too tight, proper front and back pockets, doesn't collect dog hair… I hope they bring them back this fall in other solid colors (right now they have them in a leopard print).  And surprise surprise, the silver Birkenstocks!

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  1. My fave part of these photos Ali is seeing your (and hubbie’s) style expressed in your home decor. I love the hits of torquoise in your study and that wire sculpture near your window and the glass objets in the window seat and …. just lovely and oh so cool …

  2. I found a great pair of joggers from Banana Republic. They had som pretty great sales lately and scored them over 50% off. I pretty much wear them every day.

  3. Hi Allie, did you find that your silver Birkenstocks took a long time to “break in”? I finally gave in to my daughter and bought a pewter metallic pair last summer but they broke my feet! Horrendous blister wound! Someone suggested to me that the metallic ones are tougher to get used to. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    1. There are two types of footbeds, and one is harder to break in but lasts way longer. I got these in 2016 and they are called “Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Soft Footbed Sandal (Women)” which sounds like the different footbed than what you got. Try wearing them with socks right now, that will protect your skin while still letting your feet mold the footbed and break in the straps. Good luck!

  4. Ahhh! Those overalls are perfect. I’ve been searching for a pair for nearly two years, with no luck. I want them to be baggy and comfy, like the oversized Gap pair I had in the early 90s! If you happen to know of any to recommend, with a fit similar to yours, I would be All. Over. That!

  5. I need you to stop showing us those silver Birkenstock’s! Lol! Would you believe I used to hate Birkenstock’s, and it was only about a year ago that I changed my mind? They started showing up everywhere & now I’ve got 2 pairs. I know I don’t really “need” another pair but those are certainly tempting. Anyway, please keep sharing your daily looks when you can.

    1. I can remember finding my old purple suede ones in my closet and sharing on MySpace how awful they were and I couldn’t believe I ever wore them. And now I own several pairs! So I feel you! LOL

  6. I want to know how you knot
    ted that sweatshirt. It looks like it came that way. Very cool. Oh and now I wast some Birks to wear for house slippers.

    1. The sweatshirt is lightweight and so full on the ends I grabbed two pieces and tied them in a knot. If you look at my IG highlights I have one where I share how I knot a t-shirt like that, it’s the same result.

  7. Thanks for talking about the pants from Betabrand. I have seen them advertising on Instagram but was still cautious about following up. Sound like it might be worth exploring. I hope they have pants with at least one pocket. I am getting to the point where I just don’t have the time to deal with pants without pockets anymore. I need pockets! 🙂

    1. Agree 100%!! I’m really appreciating the sweat pants I have with pockets.
      I splurged on a couple pairs (still a splurge though discounted from Nordstrom Rack) of James Perse sweats and they have nice, real pockets. Never thought I’d spend more than $30 on a pair of sweats or leggings, but so far, these seem well worth it.

      Anybody else have bought Perse stuff before — how durable is it? It seems well made, but I heard that the quality has dropped off a bit in the past 1-2 years?

      1. Actually I have a James Perse Sweater I bought a couple of years ago and it’s done well. It is very well made – a beautiful knit that looks nice and is softer on the inside than the outside. They definitely seem to pay attention to the details (like ‘real’ pockets and good stitching, etc.) The style is classic and sometime a bit modern too. I live in Texas so it doesn’t get worn as much as if I were further north but I don’t plan to purge it anytime soon. I haven’t bought anything by them recently though. I would certainly do so based on my sweater though. 🙂

    2. They do have some with pockets, I ordered these before all this went down and wanted pants good for work. Now I’d totally choose a different cut with pockets!

  8. Non-fashion question – I’m thinking of painting one of my room’s grey. What’s the wall color in your office/workout room? Looks great! I am imaging something like that.

    1. Can we get a full house tour now that we’re under “house arrest” anyway? I’m seeing and have seen lots of great colors, objects, art and furniture pieces. I love the cozy mix of warmth and modernism. Feels like a great family home.

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