What I Wore Last Week Mar 23, 2020

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socially distant
Oscar and I staying socially distant as we visit my sister (photo by my daughter, my sister was a good 10′ from us)

It feels really weird and wrong to be showcasing myself in power suits and high heels when I, and many of you, are sheltering in place.  Those unable to do so are also not wearing such items as they are working hard to keep us safe, keep us healthy, keep us fed, and keeping deliveries and the basic needs of life going for us.  So I have started sharing on Instagram each day what I really wear at home.  I know not all of you are on Instagram and the algorithm there can have you miss content, so I will recap it each Monday here on the blog.  And without further ado, my staying put at home looks from last week:

Monday: If It Wasn't Photographed Did It Happen?

Every weekday I am sharing my workouts from my living room.  This past Monday was my first workout and I wore a plum colored tank from Athleta (this one to be specific) with a pair of magenta cropped leggings also from Athleta (old and no longer available but these are darn similar) and my Brooks “Ghost” sneakers.  And keeping it real, I kept that on until around 4:30pm when I finally got around to taking a shower.  And nope, didn't capture any photos of that final look nor do I even recall what it was at this point!

Tuesday: Have Sunshine, Will Emerge from The House

athleta jeans review

We are sheltering in place, but luckily have a yard so when the sun came out, so did we and Karl captured my outfit while we were absorbing a bit of Vitamin D.  The shirt is from Boden; it is a size 14 as the size 12 is a bit too snug on my upper arms and bust for casual wear (would be better if I plan to wear under other items or tucked into a fuller skirt).  The jeans are the ones from Athleta that I've mentioned previously.  I've washed them a couple of times and I find them super comfy though if I could do it again I would have gone with a 12 petite instead of a 14 petite.

Wednesday: One Day, Two Looks

universal standard overalls stetson leather safari hat

In the morning, my daughter and I walked Oscar the half mile to my sister's house.  She had set out two chairs and a table at least six feet from her front step.  We brought coffee and water to have a little social hour from an appropriate distance. If you choose to do this, don't have those outside your home pet your pup; there's a chance your pet could transfer germs and it's better not to have that risk.  For this walk since it was a bit chilly, I wore my L.L. Bean cotton cableknit sweater (Large) under my Universal Standard overalls (XS) and my La Canadienne boots.  I didn't do my hair so I put on my leather Stetson safari hat so I didn't have to think about it.

rainbow stripe sweatsuit

I got home and showered and changed into some of my favorite clothes: a rainbow-trimmed sweatsuit I bought at Gap this past winter.  Both pieces are size XL.  I wish they still had it; they'd be smart to bring it back this fall but I hope then they add pockets for total perfection.  I know a few of you snagged one or both pieces when I featured it this winter and I hope you're enjoying the cozy softness and comfort right about now.

Thursday: Wrapping It Up

cabi dashes sweater

My work from home look is very often a fitted tank or tee with leggings or joggers and a cardigan or soft topper, and that's what I rocked on Thursday.  I wore this tank from Soma; it's cool in how one side is a traditional scoop neck, the other a v-neck so it's like two pieces in one (I'm wearing it in Large).  The leggings are the cropped one cabi has this spring, but on my short self they are a perfect ankle length (I'm wearing a medium).  The cardigan is also from cabi this season; this is a Large.  It's lightweight and drapey and I love wearing it on the couch watching TV because I can wrap it around me.

Friday: Self Love and Repeats

And Friday I wore the same jeans I wore Tuesday!  With it, I'm wearing a t-shirt that says “Self Love” which is from the merch that fellow influencer Kellie Brown has on her website And I Get Dressed.  I got the shirt in Large and TBH I don't love the fabric or the fit.  The sleeves are snug, the cotton is that thick kind that if you stretch it, it stretches out.  But I love supporting fellow influencers and this graphic is also available on a loose t-shirt, long-sleeve tee, and sweatshirt.  If I did it again, I'd choose the loose t-shirt.  This isn't the only graphic she has on her site, they are all body positive and unique.

Saturday: You May Have Seen This Before

working from home fashion 1

Saturday I wore the same sweater from Tuesday with my cabi joggers from last season that you've seen in this outfit post and this outfit post.  I own two pairs, I love them, and I know you'll see them again very soon.  A lot of people have asked for a similar item available now; I've heard good things about Universal Standard's joggers which are available in sizes 00-40, and these from Athleta that are only available up to XL but come in lengths.

Sunday: Making an Effort

jcrew margot sweater

Three of my dear friends and I planned a 9am virtual brunch on a webinar platform and I decided for the occasion to make a bit of effort with my appearance.  I wore my hot pink J. Crew sweater which I featured in this capsule wardrobe and my favorite earrings from Jenny Bird (no longer available). I even did a bit of makeup – concealer, Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, mascara, brows, and a bit of gloss.  On the bottom are the same cabi leggings I wore Thursday.

growing out grays during coronavirus

And for those who have been saying I should let my grays grow in, here's how it's going so far.  Not the clearest photo, but it's not like real gray, just enough to make my hair look thinner.  But I don't plan to dye my hair during this process, I'm going to let it come in and see what happens and will continue to keep it real with all of you!

I'm finding that journaling my outfits on Instagram is motivating me to actually get dressed and put some thought into it, which lifts my spirits, gets me going to be productive during the day, and makes me maintain a schedule.  If you start journaling your outfits on Instagram, tag me so I can cheer you on!

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  1. I gave up coloring my hair when it started breaking off and thinning. I was also getting a perm every 9 weeks (hair grows fast, but is stick-straight). The cycle was perm, color, cut – my stylist loves me. Now it’s salt and pepper on top and front, while the lower back is still the original almost black color. I’ve made peace with it but the strange thing is that when I picture myself in various locations or outfits, I still see myself with my hair in its original dark color. (I also picture myself as slender, but we won’t go there.) Grey hair is not the end of the world, but it does take a bit of mental adjustment. You can always plead being prematurely grey!

  2. In my former life, I was a corporate wife and had the oddball wardrobe that went with it: lots of elegant formal attire, a good selection of suits and excellent handbags, and just a smattering of “business casual.” In my home life, I wore jeans, rugby shirts, and sneakers for school runs, and my Cub Scout den mother blouse and scarf the rest of the time. When my husband retired, I gathered up all of the stuff I’d never need again and practically raced to local charities to donate it. Now I spend my time babysitting for our granddaughters, and my clothes are all barf-proof by necessity! I never got rid of my jewelry when I did the great closet purge, though, and the grands and I take enormous delight in wearing at least some of it every day. Their mother is a jewelry minimalist, so they are thrilled beyond words to layer ALL OF THE NECKLACES over their t-shirts, which means they occasionally clank as they zoom around our condo. I’m wearing a pair of shoulder-grazing formal earrings today with my Universal Standard tee, and my excellent husband acceded to being draped with a silver necklace with a giant amethyst pendant. (“Because you can never wear enough purple, Grandpa.”) The girls further decided that he is actually wearing an amulet with a magical power: the wearer never has to pee if she/he doesn’t want to. Grandpa is fully on board with that and says he’s never taking it off. Stay home, stay healthy, wash your hands, and keep frivoling with Allie.

  3. I love your blog, and even though I am much older than you, I appreciate your tips and outfit ideas. More importantly, I respect and applaud your attitude toward being home and keeping it real during this stressful time. Make up? Nope. Showers? Maybe. Take care and keep on keepin’ on.

  4. I like your hat I think we have seen it on Karl too.I really like that Hillary picture on your wall,nice likeness of her

  5. Yes–thanks for posting! This world is in so much turmoil that even little normal things are welcome. Take care and stay safe!

  6. I love that long cardigan from Cabi — clicked thru & bookmarked it. Looks like just the thing for curling up around the house but not feeling too sloppy, which is my eternal challenge since I work from home a lot (even before the current mess). Also, I adore the posters in your room!

  7. I am glad you are still posting for us during quarantine. I need any bit of normal I can get! That GAP sweatsuit!! It looks so comfy, wish they still had it for sale. About the grays – I have been letting mine free for the past year and at first I was really self-conscious, but now I don’t even think about it. You look fantastic! I love that you are keeping it real with us, as always.

  8. Thanks for sharing! Today is the first day of my Spring Break, but it is the start of our 2nd full week of closed-schools/social distancing. Still in my pajamas right now! Last week, I made a point to shower every morning and then start working from home, but I really put no effort into what I wore; just joggers & comfortable t-shirts & pullovers most days. I’d just gotten my hair cut & colored the week before our schools closed, so I’m limiting what I do to my hair as well. Might as well try to keep my color as long as possible. Mentally, I am going to try to let myself relax this week at home in the hopes that I’ll be ready to go back to working from home next Monday. There’s not much point in planning too much yet because our state and school districts are having to figure so much of this out as we go. What I think I may be doing next week and what I get told to do could be very different. Thanks for continuing to blog. I love WO & look forward to every post. Take care!

  9. Hi I love this post and ideas for how to stay comfy, casual at home and still have some cute style! Such a difficult time, stay well!

  10. If you’re up to it raid your closet and put on a daily (one or two outfit) fashion show. We don’t care that you’re not going out in your stylish ensembles but the diversion would be welcome!! We all miss wearing our nicer clothes

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