What’s Next, Forenza Roll-neck Sweaters?

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forenza roll neck sweaters the limited

Yesterday I visited my local mall in search of a necklace to perfectly complete a dress I am wearing this weekend. I must say, I don't visit malls very often. I find them frustrating – the selection of sizes is limited, the salespeople are often uneducated on their product (or uninterested in you shopping their store), and there is too much chance to purchase that which you don't need.

However jewelry (like lingerie) is best purchased in person, so I made the trek. While there, I decided to visit all the women's clothing retailers to get a feel for what is in season, what is selling, what is collecting dust, what chain shops are copying what high-end designers…

…and then I saw it.

outback red 640x420 1

The Limited is carrying Outback Red!

For those of you who were born in the '80s (or later), you may not understand the significance of this brand being at The Limited. However, for moi who was born smack dab in the middle of the '70s, The Limited (and their brands such as Forenza and Outback Red) was a necessity in my closet (and the closet of all my friends).

The Limited was a must-visit every time my friends and I went to the mall, and one of my prized possessions was my navy blue henley from Outback Red. I remember pulling it out to wear every time I was going to a casual event where I felt a bit awkward or shy (boy-girl party or first day of summer camp).

Along with other brands at The Limited, I remember Forenza sweaters being the hotness – at least a dozen of us from my grade wore the Forenza roll-neck sweaters in a variety of hues for our school photos (mine was white and I always wish I had a periwinkle blue one like my friend Krista).

We also had letterman-style long cardigans with bright stripes or sleeves from Forenza and I know somewhere I have a “personality photo” from high school where my friends and I are all wearing deep v-neck tunic sweaters from The Limited in a variety of jewel tones.

outback red syrah 640x409 1

Seeing the Outback Red sign in The Limited, I must say I exclaimed out loud, “Outback Red?” Jessica, a manager of the store (and actually a previous employee of mine back when I worked retail) said yes, they have brought back that brand as well as a few other brands.

The goal of The Limited (and other chain brands such as Ann Taylor) is to create a boutique feel within the store by providing different brands that evoke different styles and feelings. Based upon the marketing in the store and the Flash “journal” on the Limited Web site, Outback Red is still the same concept, but updated for the new millennium – casual cool, an outdoorsy feel but with a romantic side.

So I joked to Jessica, “What's next, Forenza roll-neck sweaters?”

“Yes,” she said. “Forenza will be returning to The Limited this fall.” I am armed and ready with my bottle of Aqua Net!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hi Allie
    For two years, I have been meaning to write you a long and descriptive letter of how much you have done for me and my (lacking) style. I will do it. But meanwhile I really need to tell you that your blog changed my life, and dresses have become my uniform – never would have thought of that on my own. Thank you Giovanna

  2. I just found your blog and I love it. I just turned 30, so your post “Cleaning out Your Closet: The Woman in her 30’s was just what I was looking for. I am off to clean out my closet and I plan to spend this weekend reading your entire blog.

  3. I think OBR DID have the labels on the outside. I remember a different line they had later that had a French name that had labels on the outside – my mom had an emerald green mock-neck tunic from it and I used to borrow it all the time to wear with black leggings and ankle boots!

    By the way, found this post that shows a preview of the Forenza line that will hit Limited stores in time for the holidays:

  4. This goes to show how much of a baby I really am. I saw “Outback Red” and immediately thought of the steak place.

    Go 1990 babies!


    But I have to say, it sounds pretty awesome.

  5. Did the OBR pieces have the label on the outside? I loved layering my henleys – pink and white with my Mia flats. Of course I had the Forenza v-neck sweater too. It was cool at my school to turn them around with the vee in back. Those were the days. Takes me right back to 5th grade. I too was born in the 70s and rocked all those trends, including neon from the days when Express was all neon all the time (and black jelly bracelets). I was just thinking about making a trip to The Limited too. Can’t wait to see what other blast from the past is in store for me.

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