A Fantasy Wish List Helps Me Stay the Course with my Personal Style

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As I shop for others, I keep seeing things I myself love. And I don't expect any of these under the tree, but these are things that have caught my eye and kind of go with the vibe I've been feeling recently:

alison gary christmas list
  • MAYA Fragrance Oil: I shared before how I love MAYA Fragrance. I still wear it daily and love it (and the compliments I receive from strangers) but this past week I used up my big bottle and am down to the little one I use for travel. BTW use ALISON15 at checkout for 15% off your order at MAYA Fragrance.
  • Jenny Bird ‘Aurora' Pendant: I have been a Jenny Bird jewelry fan for years. I love the bold styles, the clean lines, the shiny metal, the modern and on trend without being too trendy to look chic in five years style. This pendant comes in silver and gold and can adjust in length from choker to pendant. I have been back into silver lately and would love this in silver to be the perfect bit of shin for a range of necklines.
  • Tom Ford Aviators: Aviator sunglasses are a classic and fashion trendsetters say they will be even more popular in 2024. Since having eye surgery, sunglasses are even more important for me and I love literally looking at life through rose-colored glasses. I love the Tom Ford aesthetic, these are oversized so they will look good on my big noggin, and they're not so dark that I can't wear them indoors or later in the day. They're also on sale!
  • WYDR Studios ‘Jolene' Boots: WYDR Studios has been following me all over social media. Quality footwear made specifically for wide feet and also wide legs, the company gives me hope that some day I too can own a pair of cowboy or western boots. The ‘Jolene' boot (which also comes in brown and silver) looks like something I could wear with sundresses or jeans, and see them get weathered and better with time and adventures.
  • J. Crew Italian Leather Tech Touch Gloves: While I have gloves and mittens that are waterproof and sturdy for shoveling snow and outdoor activities, here in the Washington D.C. area I get a lot of use from leather gloves for driving, errand running, and evenings out and prefer them in some fun color. I adore that these are silver, something I do not own and would love in my wardrobe!
  • Reiss Cashmere One-Shoulder Sweater: In my younger years, I felt sexy in something baring a lot of cleavage. These days, I feel sexy with a shoulder peeking out. I used to have a cashmere off-the shoulder sweater but it got damaged. I really would love a black one to wear with wide-leg jeans and hoop earrings, dressy trousers and sparkly chandelier earrings, or cashmere trousers and velvet smoking slippers for luxe loungewear. The XL may not be roomy enough for me, but it's hard to find pieces like this in extended and plus sizes (hint hint retailers!)
  • Printfresh Bagheera Satin Robe and Satin Pajamas: I have been a Printfresh fan for many years (read my Printfresh review and see me and my family in Printfresh earlier this year). I was excited to see they came out this season with luxe fabrics like satin and velvet. The pattern mixing on the satin pieces is so my jam, and I love that the pajamas come in petite as well as a gorgeous range of sizes. I love luxe sleepwear, it makes the everyday feel special and it's a form of pampering, even if it's only worn for a Sunday morning of reading and coffee drinking before changing into “real” clothes and tackling the day. BTW use code WARDROBE_OXYGEN for 15% off your purchase at Printfresh.
  • Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings: I have been crushing on these hoops almost all year. I don't know which color I like best, but think Light Topaz may be most versatile.
  • STAUD ‘Ollie' Shoulder Bag: In the Wardrobe Oxygen Community, folks were discussing bags that aren't dressy but elevate a look. It made me think of the Ollie, which I have admired for a bit. I like the polished leather, which looks dressier, and how it has the silver and gold sculptural links, which add interest and also make it work with any jewelry. No visible logos, not too trendy to be out of fashion in a few years, and just the right size for the essentials for a night out.
  • La Ligne ‘Lean Lines' Sweater: I know I know, do I really need ANOTHER striped sweater? No, but this is a fantasy list and in my fantasy I have allllllll the stripes! And I don't have black with tan stripes, which would look so fresh with white or ivory jeans, would elevate chinos, and add a pop of interest with black pants. It's lightweight cashmere so I could wear it longer here in the D.C. area and I totally would get it monogrammed!
  • Nordstrom Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet: I have owned a moissinate tennis bracelet for almost 20 years, and every few years, I whip it out and wear it regularly. And right now is a time when I am wearing it… but this time, I wish it was silver instead of gold. I'm really feeling silver this season, and a silver tennis bracelet is a perfect mix of subtlety and sparkle. Considering I don't wear this all the time but want it still to look good when I pull it out to wear in. a few years, platinum plating and CZs are the perfect level of price and quality.
  • Mejuri Heirloom Ring: As someone who needs rings larger than a size 8, I am always on the hunt for rings that are my style and my size. And this ring from Mejuri is available up to size 10 and with 14K gold and the Honey Quartz stone, it's understated luxury that can be worn everyday.
  • MARANT Embroidered Logo Cap: I am not one for a lot of logos, but I dig the Isabel Marant aesthetic, and baseball caps are a place where I think logos look right. I've wanted one of these caps for years, but just can't stomach spending $100 on a baseball cap. So it stays on my fantasy wish list!
  • Margaux Silver Mirror Mary Janes: Silver mirror shoes are having a moment, but this is a sho finish I have always adored but struggled to find in wide widths. These from Margaux come in wide widths and I am super tempted to order them as a “treat yourself” gift or maybe a birthday present! These would be adorable with dresses, midi-length skirts, but also with jeans.
  • Birdies ‘The Starling' Leopard Loafers: These don't come in wide width, but if they do they'd already be on my feet. I may indulge in the green velvet option, which does come in wide width and can be monogrammed with hot pink thread!

Making wish lists like this are a great way to create a sort of “mood board.” By seeing all the pieces together (I used PicMonkey) I can see there is a bit of a theme. Black, silver, tan, and gold with lots of shine and rich textiles. Pieces to elevate a wardrobe of staples, that make statements without making me a slave to fashion. Modern, strong, but sexy. Pieces that would work with a Le Smoking (cocktail pantsuit), or jeans and a t-shirt.

Even though I likely won't be adding these pieces to my closet any time soon, it does give me direction for what I do consider adding, or when editing my existing wardrobe. If this is what I wish for, then the rest of my closet should sort of go with this vibe so if I do add what I really want, it won't be a stretch for it to fit in. That when I am tempted to buy that shiny fun budget-friendly thing that really doesn't go with anything, it's better to save my pennies and see if anything from this list is on sale. A reminder to stay the course, even if my wallet can't afford it, that this is more my true aesthetic.

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  1. Alison, because of you I found Universal Standard Stephanie Wide Leg Ponte pants. I loved them so much, I purchased a total of 5 pair. I had been diagnosed with bladder cancer earlier this year and now wear a Urostomy pouch and continue to receive chemotherapy. I love the high rise waist, very comfortable and the ponte is a wonderful heavy weight. Looks great after multiple wears. I did take them to have inseam altered. Very very pleased with your recommendation and my purchases. P.S. I own 3 pair with stripes (no pockets) and 2 pair solid (with pockets). I’ve also purchased LLBean ultra soft pullovers with kangaroo pockets and or quarter zip which helps with accessing my port for IV. Thanks Alison!

  2. I’m with you — Jenny Bird jewelry in silver is so beautiful. I love the clean lines and simple shapes. Also, what a great idea to create a fantasy wish list. I guess I do something similar with my wish lists at various online retailers — interestingly, by the time the season changes, most items on my list can be easily crossed off. Anything that stands the test of time on my list is something I will actually buy.

  3. I’ve been seeing Western booties with outfits for quite some time. I think for one’s shoe wardrobe value that they might be a better choice in terms of style longevity than the silver flat Mary Janes.

    A pair of metallic dress shoes is something most wardrobes can use, and the one strap Mary Jane is a standard, I just don’t think it polishes off a dress outfit as well as something with a slight heel.

  4. I just replaced my green velvet Birdies after my last pair were basically worn down to nothing. I find them to be SO versatile AND comfortable!

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