Sunshine on a Rainy Day: The Best Striped Sweaters

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best striped sweaters for women plus sizes petite misses

Let's be real here. While magazines, blogs, and online boutiques will be all about fabulous coats, cute beanies with pom-poms, and glitzy looks for holiday parties; the main thing you'll be wearing from now through spring are sweaters. Sweaters with trousers to the office, with jeans on the weekends, with leggings and yoga pants at home. Sweaters for holiday parties, sweaters for first dates, sweaters for that 11 pm Target run for more wrapping paper and Scotch tape. And these sweaters are worn on the gloomiest, coldest, wettest days of the year. The only acceptable clothing-based gift to give someone is a sweater. Why not bring sunshine on a cloudy day with a cheery stripe sweater inspired by rainbows? Y'all know I love a good striped sweater, and I've searched the internet for the happiest striped sweaters for fall and winter in a good range of sizes and prices!

collage of 16 colorful striped sweaters for women

Top Row: one (XS-L) | two (XS-XL) | three (XS-L) | four (plus size version)
Second Row: one (XS-XL) | two (XS-XL) | three (XS-XL) | four (regular and petite to XXL)
Third Row: one (XXS-3X) | two (XXS-2X) | three (XS-L) | four (misses version)
Bottom Row: one (XXS-4X) | two (misses version) | three (XS-XXL) | four (XS-XL)

Shop My Picks for Colorful Striped Sweaters in Plus Sizes:

Shop My Picks for Colorful Striped Sweaters in Misses Sizes:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. So darn cute! But it’s 85 degrees where I live and a pullover sweater is never really practical. How about a feature on beautiful cardigans?

  2. I can’t carry off wearing a striped sweater for the life of me! I look ridiculous in them and same with small florals on shirts and dresses. Why is that? Maybe because I’m tall and buxom? I don’t know but it’s seriously not just my thinking it—I’ve asked more than one good friend for input. Such a bummer because the striped sweaters you picked out are awesome, great job!

    1. I completely agree! I don’t wear stripes across my bust because they only accentuate their size. All over stripes are better, but only if they’re narrow. The picture of the model in the green sweater with the bust stripe made me cringe; not for her, but for me!

        1. As weird as I am about my own body, I am so pleased to see people who wear what they want, when they want, and to hell with what anyone else thinks. That’s progress!

          1. You’re so right, Susan! And I know exactly what you mean about being weird about your own body, haha!

  3. Well done! I was just thinking the other day that all I wear in the winter are jumpers, maybe with a collar or shirt front peeking through. So they are what matters. And stripes? Well, always great. Though I do also have a yearning for an all-over fairisle.

  4. Hi Alison! Your link for row 3, item 1 is pointing to row 2, item 3. I’m not much of a sweater wearer (I heat up easily), but this is a great round-up. Thanks for all you do!

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