Chico’s is 40% off… What is Actually Worth Buying?

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hot pink sweater joggers

Okay, so in last week's Friday Shop, I mentioned that Chico's had a hot pink sweater jogger set and I was obsessed. I also mentioned it was 40% off and that Chico's has their site on sale at least 40% off with some items 50% off. I own a lot of current Chico's and thought I'd share my honest reviews of what's worth buying from the Chico's sale.

Items are selling fast with such a good sale; I cannot guarantee that what I recommend below will still be in stock. Please note this post isn't sponsored by Chico's but items featured in photos were provided as gifts from the brand. I share as a PSA, because I truly think Chico's makes great clothes.

What's Worth Buying from the Chico's 40% off Sale?

Chico's has 40% off your order through December 23rd (and a few other promotions even better of a discount) so I thought it would be a good time to go over their current selection and provide honest reviews of items I own. Here's what I have, what I think, and whether it's worth a purchase!

What I Own from Chico's and What I Think

pink cashmere sweater joggers

So let's start with the sweater joggers. It's this top, and these pants, size 2 Regular (Chico's has their own unique sizing). If in doubt, size down. Chico's is in general generously sized but with these even more so because they do “grow” with wear. That being said, I LOOOOOVE them.

The top is a tunic which for my 5'3″ self could be a minidress with a pair of opaque tights but that's okay because I'll either be wearing it tucked in or else with leggings sitting on my couch or with my laptop.

FYI if cowl necks aren't your thing they have a crewneck option.

chicos sweater joggers review

The pants… on my short self they are a drop crotch but I don't mind that because I don't plan on making this an out and about look. I just appreciate having washable and. cuddle loungewear that isn't beige and is available beyond a size 12.

sweater jogger plus size

I got the hot pink because… well because I am me and the brighter and the more colorful the better. But they come in more chill colors too and the chill colors come in more sizes (hello petites).

chicos plaid trousers

For the campaign Chico's wanted me to style a dressy look too as well as a lounge on your couch ensemble. As soon as I saw these pants I knew I'd choose a look around them.

sale picks from chicos

I have a 2 Petite in them, they're a hint long with flats but doable, they would be better with a slight lift. They are a stretchy tightly-woven fabric very similar to ponte. The plaid print is metallic, like a pewter (not as bling as silver but not gray) and there are the occasional sequin that in real life don't look hokey or that obvious but pick up the light in such a cool way.

These would look great with:

  • A graphic tee, denim jacket, and trendy sneakers
  • A black turtleneck sweater and black Chelsea boots
  • A black silk blouse and dressy black smoking slippers
  • A white shell and black velvet blazer
  • A chunky red (or green or purple or teal) cable-knit turtleneck and black suede booties
chicos ruffle blouse review

I decided to style it with this blouse. I again chose size 2. This is a super nice blouse and I love that it's machine washable. It doesn't feel tight in the upper arms but did act a little weird on my triceps thanks to the slightly puffed sleeve. It is machine washable; if you have a large bust you may want to hide a safety pin between the two buttons across the chest. That being said it's still a great buy and I know I'll wear it again.

black sequin joggers

Since I am a fan of hot pink, I asked to also try this eyelash sweater. Eyelash means the sweater has a soft fringy texture. I got this also in Chico's sizing of 2. This sweater is aweeeessssssooooommmmmeee. It's stretchy but doesn't stretch out and is thin but cozy and silky soft and the same exact bright pink color as the sweater jogger set.

Eyelash knit doesn't translate well on camera and just looks like it's covered with fuzzballs. But in person, it looks luxe. Haven't washed yet.

Also in this photo (along with the sequin joggers below) is this cashmere wrap from Chico's. It's niiiiiice. Like you get it as a gift and you are impressed nice. Like you want to wear it all the time nice. The reviews say it's not finished nicely… it's an edge that is finished/not fraying but it rolls a bit. And some reviews say it sheds but I haven't experienced that. I wear it as a wrap, but also as a scarf.

festive yet comfy holiday outfit from Chico's

I also have this cashmere sweater which I featured in this post, and also these sequin joggers which are still in stock. I recommend both. This sweater is more fitted in the shoulders and arms, but has a bit of an a-line shape in the body. I have the sweater in 2, the pants in 2 Petite.

festive yet comfy outfit with sequin joggers from Chico's

The joggers are my JAM and unlike many other sequin joggers, I don't get the Velcro effect between my thighs and have only had maybe 2 sequins fall off after at least 5 wears. That being said, don't wear these on a textured fabric piece of furniture because THAT is where they will act like Velcro.

9A196B96 63CF 4BE7 9CA1 D893F3502569

I like this sweater. It's a cashmere blend, a good weight, doesn't get all fuzzy under the arms after a couple of wears. The graphic isn't obviously associated with a brand. I find I grab it instead of a plain solid-colored sweater when I want to feel more pulled together. Again, size 2.

how to style cropped linen pants

Southern readers and those on the other side of the equator, this sweater is surprisingly awesome. It's mesh which can make you think '80s, but it's elegant and the print is cool and it looks nice with regular or string tanks/camis underneath, with jeans or pants or shorts or even over a tank dress. I have a size 2.


These leggings aren't for working out, they are for being relaxed and cozy and being happy to wear something other than black. If in doubt, size down.

chicos6 3

I love this denim jacket because it not only is a cool wash and a great fit, but it's a bit longer than many denim jackets, making it a greater choice for dresses, skirts, and skinnier pants. I have a 2 Petite.

chicos satin cargo pants

This faux leather moto jacket is buttery soft and looks real and fits like a dream thanks to hidden knit panels. It also comes in petite and the colors bone and black!

And the pants are a heavyweight satin with a hint of stretch that I was surprised to really like and have worn them since with a black turtleneck or chunky sweater and boots that slide under the pant hem. The pants come in petite and tall.

lurex turtleneck

I really like this Coolmax Lurex turtleneck. It's sparkly without screaming holiday, it's warm without feeling overheated, and it has washed nicely. If you don't like sparkle it comes without but read below before you shop.

Some things I got that I didn't like:

  • These faux leather jeans. They ran tight in some places and baggy in others and did weird things in the crotch and were kind of thin, yet quite stretchy. I seem to be in the minority as there are 44 5-star reviews. If in doubt, size down because they do stretch.
  • This green animal print blouse. I didn't like the seam down the center and the weird shape of the sleeves. That with the crepe fabric made it look cheap, but again I am in the minority as it gets great reviews online.
  • This sparkly denim-inspired tweed jacket. Actually, I do like it a lot but after the photo shoot I haven't found a single opportunity to wear it as it is too heavy or stiff to wear indoors and not heavy enough to wear outside unless it's above 50 degrees.
  • The Coolmax turtleneck without Lurex. The lack of Lurex makes this turtleneck not as firm, and it ends up being thin, stretch out easily, and look really meh. I hope they bring back their old Coolmax turtlenecks because I LOVED them.

Chico's Jewelry and Accessories I Own: My Thoughts

chicos jewelry review

Chico's is known for their jewelry. Statement necklaces, cool bracelets, and unique quirky styles you'll find nowhere else. But they also have simple pieces and the quality is quite excellent. Some pieces currently for sale that I own:

  • This faux fur scarf. It's uber soft and the colors are awesome, just know it runs a bit short so if you have a more solid neck it may not be as comfortable.
  • These chandelier earrings. They are sewn to a base of gray felt which makes the earrings more lightweight, but also makes them less sparkly and dressy looking. Consider them more a daytime statement earring than something to wear for a dressy evening affair.
  • These brushed gold rings. They're cute (see one on me above) but I think they run a bit small. My right ring finger is usually an 8 especially in the winter, but I have a 9 and it it fits only that finger.
  • This brushed gold ‘paperclip' necklace. I have the Hera necklace from Baublebar and wear it all the time. I liked the idea of a longer version. This necklace is lighterweight and not shiny, but brushed gold. It's a great length regular but it's also great doubled as I'm wearing it above. Expect to see me wear this necklace a lot.
  • These sparkly pave earrings. I am also wearing these in the photo above. The post is at the top of the earring, not the middle. They are lightweight and pretty without being ostentatious or obviously fake/blingy. These can be worn year-round.
  • These gold and pave carabiner-inspired hoops. The carabiner-inspired jewelry is a hot trend this year; these earrings are inspired without being so obvious that you can wear these for many stylish years. I love these and have been wearing them a lot recently. They look expensive, aren't too heavy, and are an amazing price.
  • These gold hoops. The perfect size and weight for everyday. Mine are maybe three years old and are just starting to look a bit worn. Great quality, great weight, look way more expensive than their pricetag of $20.
  • This leopard buckle belt. Chico's has had this belt for a few years, I got it in 2018 (see it in this blog post) and I still wear it often. It's a great width for most any pant or jeans, I've worn it without beltloops over a skirt, it always garners compliments even from strangers. You won't regret having it in your wardrobe.
chicos4 3

What I'd Consider Also Buying from the Chico's Sale

Chico's has some cool stuff I don't own, but am considering adding to my wardrobe with this badass sale:

sparkly denim jacket

Shopping Chico's During the Holiday

Chico's is offering curbside pickup; shop online and you can pick it up at your neighborhood store. Chico's also partnered with Roadie, which is kind of like DoorDash for retail where items can be delivered to your house same day. Click here to learn more about same-day delivery.

With such a sale, I think honest reviews are important to prevent buyer's remorse. If you have made any recent Chico's purchase you want to rave about or warn others, do share in the comments and help your fellow fashion lovers!

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  1. Very cute stuff. I’ve had a hard time finding stuff there, but the lounge set and the sparkly pants in particular are amazing.

  2. The pink sweats are attractive. Tucking the top makes a difference.
    I like how you pair dark pink with dark red. It’s monochromatic with a pop. How about the pink sweats with a red Santa hat?

  3. I had never purchased anything from Chicos before, but you/they got me with the hot pink joggers and cowl sweater from a few days ago. Today, I once again made a purchase for the eyelash sweater, the lurex turtleneck (a gift for my MIL), and…gulp…that cashmere cardigan. I can’t resist a good sale, and so many items at Chicos look so stylish and comfy – perfect for my current life lived primarily on Zoom. Thanks for the recommendations – fingers crossed a few of my purchases work out!

  4. I really love the latest version of their pull on jeggings – so much that I bought two colors. A lot of my jeans are Chicos now, and I also have a pair of older Zenergy denim look leggings. They last far beyond the day I’m tired of them. 🙂

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