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Ever by X dress review by Wardrobe Oxygen

It seems the past few months, every time I opened Facebook, I was served an ad for the ever by X Dress. A Sydney, Australian woman-owned slow fashion brand that offers just one dress, ever by X makes this dress from a sustainable versatile fabric and a silhouette that should fit US women sized 6-24. So many Wardrobe Oxygen readers also received these ads and were curious, I decided to get one for myself to provide an honest ever by X dress review.

This is a long review; hang in there because below I not only share my experience with this dress and size/delivery details, I also show how it looks on my 5'3″ busty size 14 body. I style it eight different ways and also have a photo of how it looked after several hours of wearing it in the heat with a total of 33 different photos from all angles.

Disclosure: I received a dress free from the brand in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid for this review nor will I receive any commission for any ever by X dresses purchased from this review. I chose to do this review as a PSA, as this brand is new to the US and I am always on the hunt for stylish sustainable fashion in extended sizes.

ever by x dress review
The ever by X dress in the color Evergreen, as seen on the brand's website

What is ever by X?

ever by X was created at the end of 2019 by Kerryl Bullen, an Australian mom who was in search of the perfect versatile dress. Unable to find it, she decided to make it herself. Yep, amid the bushfires in her country and just before the pandemic, this relatively new mother of twins started a fashion business!

I think this is very important to state; this is not only a small business but a very new one. I have learned over the past year of featuring small businesses that it takes time to master production, shipping, and customer service. To ensure variety, diversity, and ethics in our wardrobes, we need to have patience and grace for small businesses and artisans and provide plenty of feedback so they can grow and flourish.

Every dress is limited edition; there are never ever by X sales. The focus of ever by X is to keep a dedicated team in Surrey/Redfern steadily working by making dresses in line with demand and this business method ensures this to the best of the brand's ability.

The One Dress by ever by X is made from upcycled and recycled fabric. The fabric is the leftover from other designers' collections, saving quality textiles from landfills. Dresses are crafted in small batches to reduce waste, and the company as a whole is carbon net-zero. Ever by X is a 100% Sydney, Australian family-owned and operated small business.

What is The One Dress by ever by X?

From the ads I saw on social and investigating the ever by X site and social platforms, it looked like The One Dress by ever by X was a caftan made from a vegan silk fabric like cupro with a self-belt that helps it be styled at least seven different ways. I was immediately skeptical; I am not one for gimmicky clothing.

Remember the “universal dress” from about a decade ago? It was essentially a maxi skirt with two long strips of fabric you could twist and tie to make a variety of looks. I caved in and bought one off Etsy during the height of its popularity thinking it could be a cocktail dress for a wedding, a sundress for vacation, and a cute going out look. Maybe two of the looks could be worn with a bra and essentially it looked like the same darn dress, but with a few different knots, sometimes with one strap and sometimes with two. In less than one season, my “universal dress” that was never worn was sold on Poshmark.

ever by x dress review navy
The One Dress by ever by X in the color Skyfall Gray, as seen on the brand's website

I saw the ads and assumed The One Dress from ever by X was essentially like the “universal dress;” a dress that could work maybe one or two ways, but it's just going to look like the same darn dress, just one time with a belt and one time without. So many Wardrobe Oxygen readers were curious, I reached out to Kerryl at ever by X and asked if I could receive a free dress in exchange for an honest review, expecting to be underwhelmed.

The dress arrived packed into a pouch of the same fabric as the dress. It was about the size of a thick paperback novel, but the dress came out without many creases. The fabric was what I thought it would be – sort of like a cupro or vegan silk that had a sheen, a hint of stretch, and completely opaque.

The dress has a stand/Mandarin collar with a single button there, and then a keyhole and several more buttons just above the cleavage point. The buttons are smoke-colored and pearlized; instead of buttonholes, the dress has fabric loops. The loops and buttons are on the inside of the dress so the buttons never show and the loops only show if you choose to unbutton them.

The dress has dolman sleeves, a shirttail hem, and two small slits in the seams near the center of the dress and two more slits closer to the sides of the dress. The dress comes with a self-belt sash of the same fabric as the dress.

ever by x the one dress review
The One Dress from ever by X in the color Cedarwood, as seen on the brand's website

Shopping the One Dress by ever by X

The One Dress by ever by X comes in only one style and this style is to fit a range of sizes. However, the One Dress is available in three lengths/cuts with different measurements:

  • Petite: This version is designed for bodies 5'4″ and shorter. It is a little over 42″ in length/115 cm, and just under 38″/96cm wide when laid flat. The sash is a little over 7 1/2 feet in length. It fits AUS &and US sizes 6-24 and the neck opening is just under 18″
  • Midi: This version is the original fit of the dress. This version is a hair over 47″ long/120cm and when laid flat it is almost 41″ wide/104cm. The sash is the same length as the one for the petite dress and the neck opening is also the same. It fits AUS and US sizes 6-26.
  • Grande: This version of the dress is for those 5'7″ and taller and those who want more of a maxi dress effect. This is a style that is coming out October 2021. It is a bit over 55″ length/140cm, but otherwise has the same measurements as the Midi version. It too is made to fit sizes 6-26.

To reduce waste, there are only small batches of these dresses made at a time. You will see on the site that colors may be sold out or there is only X number of that color still available. ever by X has standard colors they sell regularly as well as limited-edition colors that when they're gone they're gone for good. However, if you follow the brand on social you'll be notified when new colors are made available.

ever by X accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and AfterPay. The brand ships internationally. Shipping to the United States is $17 and will arrive in around 10-20 business days if it is in stock. There are options for rush shipping; I encourage you to contact ever by X directly prior to purchase if you need your order by a certain timeframe to make sure it is possible.

Returns are accepted as long as you email the brand quickly (within a couple days of receipt) and it is in new condition. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer; full return details are on the ever by X site but I find them extremely reasonable for a small sustainable fashion brand.

My ever by X Dress Review

Being 5'3″, I chose the petite version of The One Dress for my ever by X dress review. Since ever by X wanted to send one to me quickly, I had to go with what petite colors were in stock. The company had Black, Deep Navy, Charcoal Grey, and Deep Teal Green in stock in petite and I chose Deep Navy.

I was slow to getting around to trying The One Dress by ever by X. Photoshoots are not a ton of fun when it's over 100 degrees outside with high humidity and to properly showcase the dress I knew I had to do a lot of switching up of the dress and accessories. It sat in the corner of my bedroom mocking me.

ever by x review
My first time wearing the ever by X dress. This photo was taken after sitting several hours in the heat and humidity in that yellow chair I am leaning against.

Then one day, I was to meet friends for an outdoor lunch at a chic restaurant on one of the hottest days of the year. Struggling with what to wear, I tried the ever by X dress. I pulled it on, didn't mess with the slits or any creative styling, just wrapped the self-belt around twice and tied in the front. I loved the result.

The lightweight fabric with a hint of sheen with the relaxed silhouette looked very… GOOP Girl. A rich person who can drop $800 on a linen shift made sustainably by unicorns on a mountaintop, has a glass water bottle with a crystal in it to energize her beverage, and her organic skincare costs about $800 a month. I may not be in any way a GOOP Girl, but I was feeling the vibe on this sweltering summer day.

I paired it with some gladiator sandals and a brown saddle bag and wore it for several hours on a covered patio and was comfortable. When I went inside to use the bathroom, my hair and face were wet from sweat, but there weren't any sweat stains on my dress. That night I washed the dress on the gentle cycle, hung it to dry, and it was completely dry just a couple of hours later.

When I went to Fire Island for a week, I packed my ever by X dress. After a day at the beach, I'd come back and shower and put on the dress sans belt. The breezy dress was comfortable in the heat and on sun- and wind-worn skin. It was opaque and had a high enough neck that I could wear it with a casual wireless bra (or braless) that I didn't feel exposed around my relatives. I even wore it to sleep in one night.

My husband accidentally put the dress in the dryer after our vacation; I was thrilled to find it still looked exactly the same. I wouldn't do that again, but it's nice to know the fabric can survive a tumble. While I don't think this dress can replace all the other frocks in my closet, I like this dress and this is a positive ever by X dress review.

How to Style the ever by X Dress

Ever by X dress review. Image shows the Ever by X One Dress styled eight different ways.
A screenshot from the Ever by X site showing eight ways to style The One Dress

The One Dress by ever by X is sold as being able to be styled over seven different ways. If you look at the options they really are variations of the same thing but showing how this dress can go from work to poolside to running errands to a dinner out on the town. And I agree, I found this dress to be quite versatile even without getting hyper-creative with twists and knots.

ever by x dress review plus size

To see these looks up close with detail, click on any of the thumbnails below. It will open up and there will be arrows to navigate through my eight styles. Click on the images in the slideshow to see them larger. Use your mouse to “drag” the photo up and down to see it in its entirety on your laptop or desktop. Click the X or outside the slideshow (or swipe up on your mobile device) to return to this screen:

I was able to style it in eight different ways and that was me challenging myself within an hour. If I had more time with the dress, I probably could have thought of even more ways to style it.

My tips:

  • Play with belts and scarves. You don't need to use the self belt with the ever by X dress. Try a skinny belt, a wide belt, a metal belt, a chain belt, an elasticized belt. Try a long oblong scarf, the self belt off a different dress or even a coat. The width, weight, and textile of your belt can make a major impact.
  • Don't style it over things that cause static cling. I initially thought I'd do a video styling the ever by X dress. I was going to wear my short Universal Standard Next to Nothing bodysuit under it for modesty as I moved around the dress to knot and twist. The dress clung to the activewear fabric so took it off and changed my plan. If you want to wear this dress over layers, consider layers, especially on the bottom half, with a bit of slip so the dress can keep its fluid, breezy way.
  • Have fun with shoes. I found this dress looked cute with sneakers, with Birks, with heels, with boots. I found it more versatile than a lot of other dresses in my closet due to the draping and fabric. If a certain shoe looked wonky with your jersey t-shirt dress, don't automatically dismiss it for this dress. Try chunky, try delicate, try a heel, go with a flat.

Shop Belts That Would Work Great WIth the ever by X Dress:


This is a dress that requires a bit of creativity and out of the box thinking to get beyond 1-2 looks. I personally enjoyed this exercise after so many months of just throwing on a top and a bottom and heading to the laptop. It reignited my style creativity and also made me dig into the back of my closet to find items I had not worn since 2019 that worked for 2021 thanks to this dress.

My Issues with the ever by X Dress

While some readers have bought the dress and haven't liked the fabric (one compared it to a hairdresser's cape), I like it. But I have a few other issues with the ever by X Dress:

  • The Self Belt Design: The belt is made from two layers of the fabric, sewn together. This is pretty standard for such a dress, but with such soft fabric the belt instantly turns into a crinkled rope of fabric, even if you're not twisting or knotting it. I think one layer of stabilizer in the belt would give a bit more structure while still making the belt as versatile for the different styling options.
  • The Self Belt Length: While the dress may fit a range of clothing sizes, the belt is too short to have all the styling options for larger bodies. At a size 14, when I twist the self belt twice around my body, I have just enough to do a double knot. I had a friend who is a size 22 try the dress and she couldn't double the belt. I fear a longer belt would be too long on a size 6/8 woman, so maybe the brand could offer different belt lengths, like when you order it, if you're a size 6-12 you get this length of belt, and 14-22 gets one 6-8″ longer?
  • The Neck Button: I can juuuust button the neck without strangling myself. I think if I were five pounds more it wouldn't be possible. My friend who is a larger size could not close the button. While the dress itself fits a range of sizes, issues like the neck and belt need to have more accomodation for such sizes. I don't know how to make this possible without having a gaping neck for smaller bodies.
  • The Button Loops: Maybe they will stretch with use, but it's so hard to unbutton and button the buttons! I don't mind so much for the ones in the placket since they don't get opened and closed often and the snug fit keeps them securely closed, but the neck button can make you feel a bit panicky if you're trying to take off the dress and your hands are sweaty or you're tired.

I think these details are something that ever by X could easily accommodate over time as they improve upon their product. I know Kerryl has been actively updating the concept of this relatively new dress (for example, the Grande dress which came out since I received my Petite version). I wouldn't be surprised if in the future some of the details are modified.

What I Love about the ever by X Dress

This fabric is so incredibly easy care. For best results, wash in a lingerie bag on the gentle cycle and hang dry. But if you don't use a bag, if your husband accidentally puts it in the dryer, if you wear it to the beach and it gets sandy and salty and you rinse it off with a hose and hang it up to dry… it will look beautiful. I love that it's dry in about two hours, and I can just throw it over the shower curtain bar or on a hanger, no need to lay flat or roll out moisture or all the other complicated things with a lot of similar-looking fabrics.

I love this dress is not trendy. This is something you can wear if you are 22 or 72, whether you style it with Birkenstocks or stiletto heels, wear it with a turtleneck and boots in winter or flip flops and a sunhat in summer.

I know I am not the only person whose body fluctuates with her cycle, mood, and the seasons. This is a dress that changes with you and fits when other pieces in your closet may be too loose or too snug.

I love that I can wear this with a wireless bra and some slip shorts and feel almost naked but be comfortable enough to head to the grocery store or meet a friend for coffee or sightseeing on vacation. And I love that it has more style and design than a standard caftan, working with my curves and making me look pulled together not straight out of bed.

A lot of “effortless fashion” is made of delicate fabrics that need to be babied. It's often available only in smaller clothing sizes. Or it is very utilitarian. I love that the ever by X dress is easy care, fits up to 24 (a friend size 20/22 has one; stay tuned for her review with photos)

Friend to Friend… Some Real Talk

While I do not believe this dress will look drastically different with the switch of the self belt, I do think it is a versatile dress… IF you are the type to already wear a dress of this sort. This dress will not change your life; no dress will.

But let's say you have the Universal Standard Geneva and the Crepe Geneva and you wear them all the time. Or you really dig shirtdresses and caftans and are looking for an alternative to cotton and linen. Or you pride yourself on a small but hardworking wardrobe and this dress fits perfectly into your current wardrobe and aesthetic. Then this may be a great choice for your closet.

Maybe this is a comfortable pricepoint for you; if so you will get a well-constructed dress from a unique fabric that will be travel-ready, WFH-ready, and ready to glam up a bit for an anniversary dinner or your neice's wedding. This is a great dress, but it is not going to change your life, your style, your shopping habits, or anything else.

It is important to shop with thought and care. Choosing sustainable fashion brands, especially ones like ever by X that use deadstock or fabric that would otherwise be in a landfill is smart and stylish. But the greatest thing you can do for both your style and the environment is to only buy what you need and what you know will be worn again and again. I believe the fabric and construction of the ever by X dress is up to the challenge of being worn over and over; it's whether you know you will be the kind to give it that kind of life.

ever by X Promo Code

ever by X (as a small dressmaker) NEVER goes on sale or offers promo codes… however Kerryl (in rewarding our interest) extends the wardrobe Oxygen community an exclusive blink-&-you’ll-miss saving of $20 on ONE color dress… this is only for WO2 readers!

How to save $20 on The One Dress Project by ever by X:

  • Follow ever by X on Instagram. It's a chill and inspiring account that won't blow up your timeline with a bunch of Reels and randomness. I've gotten so many ideas on how to style the dress through this account!
  • Head over to ever by X and pick the One Dress right for you. Black is not included, but other colors are! Note that when colors are down to the last couple (such as Oceania), the code will not work. If your color isn't accepting the code try a different color!
  • Enter this promo code at checkout: Oxygen
  • Shop within 5 days of this posting; this promo code is a limited-time offering!

I want to Hear from You!

Have you tried The One Dress by ever by X? Seen the ads and have been curious? Any additional thoughts? Your comments on this post will help make this ever By X dress review more useful to other potential customers.

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  1. I didn’t find this dress looked like the photos or videos in real life.
    Every style I tried, it looked ok until I lifted up my arms and then the bat wing sleeves became really huge and it made my look frumpy. It wasn’t flattering at all.

    I also found it creased easily and was hot to wear as it’s not made of natural fibres. I mostly wear cotton and linen.
    I was disappointed in this dress and found it incredibly over priced for what it is.

  2. I love this dress and after purchasing my first one in Navy, I went back and ordered the Purple and Red. I wear these quite often, and they are so easy! I pair with leggings and a long sleeved shirt for winter to keep warm, top with a hoodie on with sneakers for fall evenings, and change out belts all year long.

    My favorite part is that this is washable and easy to wear. I’ve not hosed it down from the beach, but look forward to that experience on my next tropical vacation! My only wish is that the fabric didn’t wrinkle as much, but a quick run with the steamer does the trick when I need to look a bit more polished. Agree with you about the neck – it is def a bit tighter than I’d like.

  3. I loved your review and bought the dress. I agree with all of the positives you and commenters shared. It’s gorgeous and feels amazing on. Sadly, it pulled and snagged with one wear- just a walk to a neighborhood restaurant and quick dinner. Anyone else experience this? I’m so frustrated that a dress designed to be versatile didn’t hold up to something so mundane!

  4. Your review states the petite length is 42″ but their website says it’s 45″. Have they they changed the petite length since the time of your review?

  5. I live in the Uk and have been on the lookout for a versatile and stylish dress for years. Having read WO’s review I took the plunge and went for it – the discount helped – thanks Alison! The delivery charge was £12 from Australia and the dress arrived very promptly , within ten days, which was impressive. There were no customs charges.
    I was prepared to be sceptical about this dress as I am not a person to fuss with belts and accessories to create lots of looks.
    I’m 5’5” 126lbs and chose the petite navy inky colour.
    This is a BIG dress with lots of fabric, it is made of silk and has a nice drape. There is quite a lot of pleating at the front.
    I took some time to try it on and play around with it as it was a big purchase for me, the most I ‘ve ever spent on a dress. I wanted to make sure it would suit my life style and I would get lots of wear out of it. It’s fall in the UK now so wearing it without layers isn’t an option for another six months.
    This is what I’ve found…..
    This is a very versatile dress. It can be worn lots of different ways to dress it up/down.
    It looks good with heels, boots, trainers, flats and sandals.
    It’s the accessories that give it lots of different looks, especially belts. If you’re not a belt person this isn’t a dress for you. My own belts were a better option than the belt that came with the dress.
    BeCause it’s roomy there’s plenty of room for different tops underneath, pale ones looked better on me.
    Don’t fuss about the creases, it’s part of the dress. You’ll get used to them.
    Position the pockets as you belt the dress, there is a lot of fabric in this dress and you need to make sure you get the pockets ( and the pleats) in the right place.
    The collar buttoned up gives it a very formal dressed up look and long necklaces look good with it this way. Shorter necklaces looked better with the top button undone.
    It’s got a beautiful drape and movement, especially when worn loose.
    It’s better accessorised simply , don’t fuss with it too much.

    I’m going to keep this dress as it is so versatile. It can be worn on lots of different occasions, go on holiday and travel. It’s a lot of money but I think it’s worth it for a silk dress that I will wear a LOT. I love it and it makes me happy when I wear it. Thanks Alison!

    1. Hey Jackie – I’m really interested in this dress and also UK based. I’d love to hear how is it a year on.

  6. I really love this dress on you, but as a 5’10” size 22, I would really like to see how it fits on the larger end of the sizes. Just more diversity in general with the models and influencers they feature. A lot of the beauty in the dress comes from the flowy fabric, and if there is none left…

    1. I am 180cm tall and a size AUS 18ish. (Busty with post-babies tummy) I find the fabric amount to be excellent it still gives the voluminous look nicely. I have the original (now called Midi) and it falls to just under my knee.
      Katie Parrott and FrocksandFrouFrou are lovely plus size fashionistas from Australia and have done reviews of it on insta. (FrocksandFrouFrou’s blog review inspired my purchase).
      It is a great dress. I cannot wait to travel with it as it folds up to be truly tiny and can be worn straight from.its pouch- no ironing needed.

  7. Welp, once again you sold me, Alison. I just purchased the evergreen one on preorder, can’t wait to style it up. Thank you as ever for your thoughtful reviews – as a style addict I try tk only wear ethical brands and I’ve learned so much from you.

  8. This dress is not in my price range nor lifestyle type, but I enjoyed your review! Your concepts translate and I can always learn from your take. And I like your new location for photos!

  9. I really love this dress and was glad to buy one thanks to your earlier posts. I found a couple of great belts at Goodwill, Poshmark, and found a long fabric sash in a contrasting color on Amazon as well. It’s been fun to play around with it. I will say that the Oceania is much less green in person and is more of a royal blue. I might have exchanged it if it wasn’t for the pain of sending it back to Australia. Kerryl was lovely and responded quickly to my questions. I definitely want a second one but need to let my credit card cool off 🙂

  10. I’m so far behind in comments, so this has nothing to do with this particular post. I just wanted to say – finally – that I’m glad you took a break in August to relax, unwind & recharge. I remember thinking, this woman is soooo prolific! How does she do it?? Your break gave me a chance to catch up on your older, former posts, as I had just subscribed to you. So far, I’ve gotten Soma bras & Hoka slides, thanks to you! The Hoka slides are a dream – I can’t get out of them! I bought the white with turquoise bottom sole. I guess when it gets cold! Love reading your posts!!❤️❤️

  11. Really gorgeous dress with a great set of shapes. I love it on you! It reminds me of your black lantern type dress (was it a Kardashian brand?) I think you know the one I’m talking about. It’s out of production. I am not a dress person…but maybe I simply don’t have the right dress? lol

  12. I love this! The dress looks wonderful even though it is currently out of my price range. My favorite is the styling hints you included, I need help styling things together and loved your ideas.

  13. I’ve been waiting for your review! It looks as awesome as I hoped and I so appreciate your detailed, thoughtful, and honest feedback (your reviews really are the best on the internet – so no surprise!). That plus the $20 discount is enough to get me off the fence to purchase. Thanks so much, Allie!

    1. +1! I’ve been waiting for your assessment before going for it. And if it doesn’t work out, hoping I can sell the dress in the WO2 fab group 🙂

  14. Just a word of caution if you purchase and decide to return it. I recently shipped a handbag (very lightweight in a Tyvek mailer) and was told by the US PO that Australia is not accepting first class mail (shipping) from the US right now. It cost $61.00 to ship the pkg which weighed about 1.5 lbs. A few months ago when I shipped a larger heavier pkg the cost was about $35.00.

    1. I purchased and returned this dress and the shipping was $58. I shipped a month ago and it has not yet arrived. I’m hopeful that it will show up eventually or at least be returned to sender.

  15. Thank you for the great review of the ever by X dress. You look great in the dress. Unfortunately, it is a little pricey for my budget. Though I do love the concept of the dress .

  16. just FYI I tried the Oxygen discount and it was not valid for my color (the oceania blue). so maybe it’s not valid for other colors as well black?

    1. Ditto. Ended up purchasing a different color but in the end, it’s probably one I’ll be happier with (more dark blue vs. teal blue).

  17. In the second thumbnail where you have styled the dress, you have a belt that looks like it cinches your waist but then there is extra vertical fabric on either side of your body. This looks so classy! But I can’t figure out what you did here and what kind of belt it is. Can you share your secret, Alison? 🙂 Thanks!

    1. That’s a feature of the dress! The sash is threaded into side slits so it’s outside the dress in front and inside the dress in back.

    2. Just came across your review…i have 2 of these dresses – in evergreen and blackberry and although i only ever really wear them one way (with a gold, black or green skinny belt), I’ve had heaps of use out of them. I’m 5’7 and a NZ size 16 top (US12) – my previous 2 dresses are the midi size but I’m going to order a petite pale pink one for a shorter summer look.

      Totally agree with your comments re the self fabric belt – pretty hopeless. I love the wash & quick dry and do use a spray starch and warm iron to give it a little more structure & stop any cling. Great for travelling with – dress up for a night out or with sneakers and a denim jacket for the day. Pricey – but when they get lots of use it feels worth it.

      1. Hello sorry I am very late to the party here but trying to get a sense of fit and saw that you are the same height as me (5’7″) and in NZ. I am a size 14. Was trying to decide between midi and grande – worried the midi would be just below knee when I would prefer mid calf – but the grande looks really long and the Ever v X model is 5’11” so not that helpful to visualise! Can you tell me where your hits on the leg? many thanks

  18. Re the button loops. OXO & other companies sell button hooks. Meant for people with arthritis, etc but should work for small/tight button loops & buttonholes.

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