The 39 Best Stores that Offer Petite Clothes Over Size 10

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The 39 Best Stores that Offer Petite Clothes Over Size 10

Why don't most retailers offer petite clothes over size 10? That makes absolutely no sense considering the average American woman is 5'3″ and a size 16/18! As someone who is 5'3″ and has been a size 12-16 for all of her adult life, I decided to do some research and make a list of where to find petite clothes over a size 10.

I originally wrote this list in 2021 but periodically update it as new brands come on the market and some brands drop their petite collections. This post was last updated in 2023. When updating this post from 2022 to 2023 I had to remove one retailer that no longer carries petite sizes over a size 10 but was able to add three new ones! Progress!

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Below lists what I gathered; names are linked to go to their petite offerings and what size they go up to. I was pleased to find so many retailers offering plus-size petites, and at a range of price points and styles as well. The 37 retailers I found that offer petite clothes over size 10:

Petite Clothes Over Size 10 and Plus Size Petites: The 39 Best Places to Shop

  1. American Eagle also offers short but not petite, and up to a size 24.  I have a few pairs of jeans from American Eagle in their short length and find them not too high in the rise; you can see them on me at this link.
  2. Ann Taylor offers petites up to size 16. This is a great resource for career wear, and daytime special occasions. Ann Taylor also has a nice denim selection also available in petite.
  3. Anthropologie has a surprisingly vast size range, and while they offer plus sizes, they only offer their petite selection up to 16P
  4. ASOS offers petite up to size 22.  I've had mixed experiences with ASOS; like Old Navy the quality and sizing are inconsistent.  However, they are my go-to for things like what to wear to a bachelorette party, a cruise, a trip to Vegas, and other times you want fun clothes without spending an arm and a leg.
  5. Banana Republic offers petite clothing up to a size 14.  This is my favorite retailer for petite clothes over size 10 as the clothing fits my personal style aesthetic and I find their clothing curve-friendly in general.  I have several petite suits from them, pants, and dresses.  I have had mixed results with their jeans, they are sometimes too short in the rise and often still too long.  You can see all my looks featuring Banana Republic including the sizing I'm wearing at this link.
  6. Catherine's offers petite plus size clothing up to a 34WP. 
  7. Cato Fashions carries petite up to size 28 WP. 
  8. Chadwicks of Boston offers petites up to a 16.
  9. Chico's carries petites up to size 22; please note they have a unique sizing format so a 4 is their largest.  I have a lot of clothes from Chico's, you can see all my looks including sizing information at this link.  If in doubt, I find it's better to size down with Chico's.  
  10. Christopher and Banks offers petites up to size 16.
  11. Dillard's has petite offerings up to 18P. Though not extensive, it's a well-curated collection of quality brands like Lauren Ralph Lauren and DKNY and has occasion dresses in petite.
  12. ELOQUII does not carry petite plus, but they have several styles of their pants available in short lengths in sizes 12W – 28W.  They call them petite, I found them still too long in the rise and hem for me, but I have friends who find they fit great.  It's worth trying, especially their Kady pant.
  13. eShakti doesn't have petite per se, however, you can have any of their styles hemmed for your height or custom made to your unique measurements for a reasonable price.  eShakti offers clothing up to size 36. I haven't yet tried the custom measurement but know many readers have with great success.  However, I have ordered pieces with my height and found them to be the perfect length. 
  14. Full Beauty offers petite plus sizes 12-44.
  15. Gap also offers up to a size 20 in petite. I find them to be more consistent with their sizing and petite measurements.
  16. HSN also has several styles available in petite up to 24 Plus Petite.
  17. JC Penney offers petites and petites plus up to size 24
  18. J. Crew isn't extensive, but they do have petites up to a size 12.
  19. J. Crew Factory also carries 12 petite.
  20. J.Jill offers petites up to 18P; not only that almost every single one of their styles is available in petite.
  21. Kohl's offers petites up to size 18. 
  22. Lands' End is another favorite retailer where I find petite clothes over size 10. Lands' End offers petite up to an XL/18 and petite plus up to a 3XP/26W.  If you're looking for petite swimwear, petite outerwear, or just some great petite wardrobe basics, Lands' End is a great choice.  I have several petite winter coats from the brand.  I also love that Lands' End has extensive customer reviews to help you determine what size and style will be best for you. 
  23. Lane Bryant has a selection of petite plus size and short clothing up to size 28. I find their jeans to be well designed for the petite plus size figure.
  24. L.L. Bean offers some of their selections in petite up to size 20.
  25. LOFT offers petites up to a size 16. 
  26. Macy's has petite plus sizes for in-house brands and a couple of better-known retailers up to 28.  I previously reviewed Macy's plus size petite collection.
  27. Madewell offers a good portion of their collection in petite sizes up to 20.  Madewell is known for their jeans and are really loved by those of all shapes and sizes.
  28. M.M.LaFleur does not carry petites per se, but they do have a whole selection of petite-friendly styles with most offered in sizes up to 18/XXL. I personally have had luck with M.M.LaFleur, especially for workwear. You can see all my posts featuring M.M.LaFleur at this link.
  29. Nic + Zoe offers petite fashion up to size 16P.
  30. Nordstrom has a variety of petite brands with some offering up to a size 18.
  31. Old Navy offers petites up to size 20.  I have had mixed experiences with Old Navy petites; they are lower cost and I find the sizing inconsistent but at least they do have a selection.
  32. Paige Denim offers styles of their jeans in petite up to size 34 which is around a US size 18.
  33. QVC offers petites up to size 28WP.  I haven't ordered from QVC in a long while so I don't have any personal experience but I do appreciate their extensive size range not just for clothing but also for shoes. 
  34. Ralph Lauren offers petites in sizes 2-14 in separates and dresses. This is not the designer runway label, but the department store level of the brand that is often found at Macy's and Nordstrom.
  35. Seasalt Cornwall is a sustainable UK fashion brand that ships to the United States. Seasalt offers a range of dresses, tops, pants, and denim in petite sizes up to size 18.
  36. Talbots offers not only petite clothes over size 10 (XL/16 to be specific) but petite plus up to 3XP/22XP.  Don't discount Talbots as a place only for those who like a preppy or conservative aesthetic.  I love Talbots for great-fitting dresses, chic suits, and they're one of my favorite places for well-fitting high-quality jeans. You can see all my looks featuring Talbots, including the size I wore, at this link
  37. Torrid may not carry an exclusive petites collection, but they do have an extensive denim selection and many are available in a length called “extra short.”
  38. Universal Standard carries some jeans in petite sizing and many in “short” lengths up to size 40. The fashion label used to have a more extensive petites collection but at this time it is paused. I own a lot of clothing from Universal Standard and was even interviewed by them and featured in their video for their Petites clothing launch.  You can see all my looks wearing Universal Standard at this link.  
  39. White House | Black Market carries petites up to size 16P.
tips on where to shop for petite clothes over size 10 as well as petite plus size fashion

It is amazing that in this day and age, with the average height and clothing size of the American woman, this list isn't longer! Especially in the past couple of years of retail closures, I am surprised more haven't made an effort to embrace the variety of women's sizes so they may remain successful. And I know those of you who are tall also struggle to find clothing in your size.

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I really hope this list of retailers that offer petite clothes over size 10 isn't exhaustive, and if new brands come on the scene I plan to update this list to keep it as a valuable resource for petites. 

I'd love to hear from you – are there any retailers I didn't mention who offer petite clothes over size 10?  Leave their names in the comments.  And if you have had positive or negative experiences with the petite offerings at the above retailers help another Wardrobe Oxygen reader out by sharing your rave or warning as well! 

image of a clothing store with text overlay reading where to shop for petite clothes over size 10

This post was originally published in the summer of 2019, however, with so many changes in the retail world and the increase of online shopping, I updated the list again in 2023 to feature current retailers that offer petite clothes over size 10 and have a strong online shopping presence.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I went to several of the stores listed, but they didn’t stock petite sizes. It’s very depressing when you can’t buy a pair of jeans/pants without having to cut off more than 5-8 “. I wear a 18/20 and am 5 1”.

  2. Boden USA has petite clothing to size 12. They really should expand their range.

    Weirdly, Duluth Trading Co, mostly known for men’s work wear, is the only place I’ve bought jeans for years (I’m 5’2″, 27″ inseam, pear shaped). They do have a women’s line. The trick is to select “Short” especially when they offer ankle or cropped jeans. I know I’ve bought 10/12/14 and maybe 16 in the past? They do have an extended Plus Size section which sadly doesn’t have the “short” option for jeans; however, they do feature “real women” models and their designers are good at doing things like eliminating waist gaps, and there are lots of shirts that are offered in a short cut.

    I know you mentioned eShakti and I’m here to say, their custom size clothing is worth it, plus now they have a fit guarantee (they will remake your item if needed).

  3. Thank you for this list! It is very helpful! Although I have not yet been able to find my size of pants anywhere, as of yet. I am 4’10” and 150 lbs. I have given up on jeans and gone to leggings, which are still not right, too long. Do you have any suggestions for someone as short as I am?
    Thank you so much for all you’ve shared! I love this petite compilation.

  4. E Shakti just added denim. I’ve got two pairs of jeans on their way to me. I’m crossing my fingers because I have tried so many different jeans without success.

    Like most of us, my shape is “peculiar” –short legs and arms, flat booty, big belly with no waist and huge bust. Impossible to find anything especially right now.

    Also on order is eShakti’s lined white shirt. I have never been able to find one to fit so here’ hoping.

    There seems to be a million options on their site, though some are well into “Sister Wives” territory (or maybe kindergarten teacher) and they have also just added a section where you can choose a style and then pick a different fabric. Kind of clunky to use right now, but I’m sure they’ll refine it.

    1. As an addendum to the “variety of body shapes” theme, most days I’m exactly the same height and weight at Alison and I can’t wear any of the items she does so well!

    2. I ordered 4 dresses from eShskti last spring~ for special events related to graduation. All were guaranteed to arrive at a minimum one month prior to the first event. NONE of the dresses arrived until several weeks past the date promised by….. and I had to work really hard to get my money refunded.
      Horrible customer service. Dresses were fine but not as lovely as in the online pictures.
      Hope you have better luck with the denim.

  5. Well, perfect timing, the Universal Standard mystery box offerings include a box for Petites. Go for it!

    PS. I can’t tell you how pissed off the lack of Talls at most of these places makes me. Including at US!

    1. I do too! I love they now go up to 14 for petite, but lately I’ve found their petite offerings above Large to be limited. I hope it’s supply chain and not a business decision.

  6. This is such a fab list – thank you! While I’m not quite a size 10 myself, I am very short and curvy, and the retailers on this list seem to understand that it’s possible to be both of those things at the same time. 😉

    In addition to lacking petite/short/tall options across their full size range, another thing that really irks me is that some retailers consistently run out of stock in these options. (I’m looking at you, Gap/Old Navy!) Shouldn’t this eventually help them realize that there’s a ton of demand? As you point out, there are so many of us that fall outside the “standard” range!

  7. I love Talbots, because they carry the hard to find sizes of XL Petite ( most stores end at LP.) and Plus Size Petites.(also very rare).

    1. My go-to size is a 2xl petite at Talbots. If they happen to have any in stock, you can bet I will buy it. A 2XLP is so hard to find! Winner, winner, chicken dinner if it is not sold out. I agree that the “standard” should be reconsidered.

  8. Super interesting! However, ahem! I am venturing a guess that TALL women are less represented in larger sizes than short women! Many Talbots stores, for example, offer an entire wing of Petites, including Plus Size Petites — however, there is NOTHING in the store for a tall woman! Not a single pair of pants whatsoever. It’s infuriating, esp as I believe short women can hem their pants and jackets, but tall women cannot magically make items longer.

    1. Ack, I wrote a whole response and it disappeared! I know you’re right, being tall is far harder because you need material, you can’t just cut it off. I’ve thought about writing a similar post for tall retailers, but over the years many readers have informed me that retailers that claim to have talls aren’t truly tall. If you have any favorite retailers or links for tall resources do share them here for I know there are many who deal with the same issue when shopping!

      1. I hate to sound negative, but I have pretty much given up. By the time I order Talls from retailers who offer a range of items online — and even after trying on the exact same item in the store to confirm sizes — nothing fits. I’ve had salespeople try to steer me toward buying men’s pants, but I simply hate the experience, including dragging men’s pants into women’s fitting rooms and being faced with quality pants with, let’s face it, masculine shapes. My solution for now is pretty pathetic: I own NO PANTS at all, other than yoga pants from Victorias Secret, which does offer a great range of lengths. When I would normally wear pants to the office — say, every day — I now wear skirts, often described as “below the knee,” but which hit me at a respectable knee length. I add tights and boots in the winter and call it a day. Sad!!

        1. Bette – Have you ever checked out Long Tall Sally? They have jean inseams up to 38 inches, I believe. I’ve only bought tops from there, but they might be worth checking out!

        2. My sister is 6’2″ and buys unhemmed pants (in women’s section) at Nordstrom’s. But – it definitely is a challenge.

          1. Oh man, I completely agree! Plus sized tall shopping is like looking for a unicorn. I don’t have long legs I have a super long torso which is completely impossible to find. If it fits length wise then it is waaay too wide and to have every piece tailored isn’t feasible. Which means most of my tops are too large and look sloppy but at least meet my pants.

  9. Thank you for this list. Some retailers I had never heard of so I’m going to check them out. Coincidentally, I just placed my first order from eShakti last night. I ordered a dress that I got customized in the overall dress length, sleeve length, and neckline. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the item works out.

    And FYI for anyone into LL Bean’s style, they offer some petites. I’ve had luck with their shirts, especially the summer button-down linen ones, but I’ve come to the conclusion I will never fit into their pants. If you are long of rise, have a smaller waist and larger hips then try them out. I’m built exactly the opposite.

  10. What I need are regularly sized garments with shorter sleeves and pant legs. A size 12 petite is almost always slimmer through the hip/thigh than a regular size 12. I don’t want a smaller garment, I want one with shorter legs/sleeves.
    The Gap, which seems to know their customers, is good about making the length shorter and leaving our sideways measures the same.

    1. Yes, I often have to size up in Petites, from a 14/XL regular to a 16/18 Petite. Which wouldn’t be a problem except that a 14P is sometimes as big as they go so I can’t size up! And sometimes they slim down sleeves and such too much for how I carry weight in my arms/legs/hips. I guess I’m the same — I need it shorter (including the waist/rise) but not slimmer in cut.

      It helps to know the brands. Some, like Style & Co and LOFT, don’t scale down the clothes they just make them shorter. Others, like INC and Talbots, do scale down. Sometimes a lot, to the point where the arms and such are tight . At 5’3″ and an XL, I’m between all 3 size categories which can be frustrating. (But I recognize there are way more options than before! And the styles are getting younger and more chic.)

      My latest successful purchases have been from LOFT, Old Navy, and J.Jill. My miss rate with LOFT is really high, but when I win I really win. TBF, my miss rate with every retailer is really high. I send back 80% of what I buy online, and I’m totally ok with that. That’s what it would be in a dressing room too, and at least my sizes are available.

  11. Thank you for this list. Because I have narrow shoulders, shorter arms, and a short waist, it’s almost impossible for me to wear regular sizes in tops or dresses. I have good luck at Talbots and a few other stores and do almost all of my shopping online. With the exception of Talbots, brick and mortar stores have very little selection in petites. And on an unrelated note, could we have some sleeves, please? I’m 62 and my upper arms aren’t for public viewing, plus due to said narrow shoulders, many sleeveless items don’t fit me well. It’s even hard to find summer dresses at Talbots that have sleeves!

  12. You are so right about many retailers thinking petite means sizes in the single digits! Our 16 yrs old grandaughter is in this range…but not the rest of us. I like the option of a petite size for length in dresses. Nice list!

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