My Wardrobe Today – Wednesday

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crystal necklace

Blue Merino Sweater – Ann Taylor (last year)
Gold and Crystal Necklace – Ann Taylor (earlier this fall)
Gold “Twig” Bracelet – Ann Taylor (two years ago)
Black Trousers Gap Perfect Trouser Pants
Black Ankle Boots Fitzwell “Andrea”image 4195649 10273706

It seems as though my entire wardrobe is hanging to dry from my shower curtain rod.  Pretty simple outfit today making do with what was clean!

I am so excited, I am finally getting my hair cut and colored tonight!  Sooo needed!  Not going to go with hardcore bangs like I previously mentioned; pretty much keeping my same cut but trimmed up.  I also will get it colored – single process, a bit darker than my natural color but nothing drastic.  I really just want to grow out my hair right now, once it's to the length I like I may get creative again with the color.

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  1. UGH! I just wrote a big long comment and it got erased.

    I got straight, thick bangs a few months ago and I loved them. They looked so good!! UNTIL I got hot (I sweat in the head…)- hello frizz. I think you should stick with what you’ve got. I like it a lot. I wish I could grow my hair long!! It gets unruly though.

  2. I do too, and there are so many celebs out there with the cutest thick fringe of bangs! However I fear I will end up having my cowlick cause them to part in a dorky way, and I can see me getting sweaty on the Metro and end up with weird stringy pieces.

    I think this is my favorite necklace right now, it’s heavy but so cool. By far Emerson’s favorite to play with 😉

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