Stylish Wide Width Shoes for Fall: 70+ Great Shoes

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stylish wide width shoes for fall by wardrobe oxygen

As someone who has wide feet, I know shopping for stylish wide width shoes isn't easy. You can find style, or you can find roominess, but it's hard to find both in one shoe. Well, not to fret, your wide-footed friend Alison has done the work for you and I've collected the most stylish wide width shoes for fall. Looks for work, for play, for day, for night, and beyond!

FYI for those of you looking for narrow width shoes for fall, it's worth clicking through these links as many of the styles are available in a variety of widths, not just wide!

Stylish Wide Width Shoes for Fall: My Picks

mm lafleur size 14
I vary between Adidas Superstar sneakers and Adidas Forum Bold sneakers (seen here with an M.M.LaFleur sweater and matching skirt), finding both stylish and comfortable for my wide feet.

Stylish Wide Width Loafers

If you're looking for one shoe to update your wardrobe this season, I recommend a loafer. From classic penny loafers to lug soles and heeled versions with chain and bit details, loafers are continuing a run again this fall as a must-have fashion shoe.

stylish wide width loafers

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen

A loafer with some substance (platform, lug sole, block heel) will be a great pairing with your non-skinny jeans as well as work trousers. A more classic style that is lower profile will work with your ankle jeans, skinny to straight jeans, tapered trousers, and wider legs that are from a more fluid fabric.


You may find a statement loafer to be more versatile than a neutral color. I have a pair of robin's egg blue suede loafers that are going on their fifth year of style in my closet. The unexpected color gives brightness to neutrals, is a great contrast to other colors, and adds personality to any ensemble.

Hot pink pantsuit from Banana Republic with blush pink J. Crew camisole and blush suede loafers from Clarks
Wearing the Clarks Trish Rose loafer, which I have in two colors. The suit is from Banana Republic and several years old.

Stylish Dressy Wide Width Shoes

Whether you are a wedding guest or just looking to update your evening looks, this collection of dressy shoes in wide widths are fancy, fun, and perfect for wide feet!

stylish dressy wide width shoes

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

While I feature a lot of metallics, know that all of these shoes come in other colors that can also be perfect for dressy occasions. However, if you are looking for a versatile shoe that was transcend trends as well as seasons, you can't go wrong with a soft gold, copper, bronze, or pewter shoe.


This season, heels are thicker (block heels are hot for day and night), subtle platforms are back in (great for stability and making a shoe look taller without as high a heel), and there is less “bling” and more focus on color and texture. You will see metallic snakeskin, velvet, satin, and pops of colors to either match or contrast with the rest of your ensemble. While red used to be the go-to statement color, this season consider emerald green or a bold shade of pink or fuschia which is just as versatile but feels fresh.

Dressy does NOT have to mean heels! I do have a lot of dressy heels above because they are more prevalent and fit this season's shoe trends. However, if you are more comfortable in a flat, or desire a shoe with more coverage, just choose one in a dressy fabric or consider a pair of shoe clips to glam up a simpler flat.

white leather moto jacket universal standard
Wearing the Naturalizer Dario Bootie in white (I also own it in black) with these pants, this jacket, and this t-shirt (all from Universal Standard)

Stylish Wide Width Boots

An ankle to shin height boot is a must in any wardrobe, working with jeans and pants of almost every silhouette and length. They also work with dresses; choose a statement color or low-contrast option for bare legs or match your boots to your hoisery.

stylish wide width boots 1

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen

While black has been the default color for boots in past seasons, this fall I encourage you to try something different. A light-colored boot (white, pale gray, cream, camel) is very on trend and an easy way to update your existing closet. I own these in black and white and find them comfortable, well made, and really a cool silhouette for jeans and pants. A statement color, print, or textile is also a great way to infuse personality into a wardrobe of more classic pieces.


Whether you like your boots flat or heeled, you're likely to find the perfect height for you this fall. Heels are creatively shaped, solid and sturdy, and wedges have returned. For sleeker styles, seek out almond or square toes; chunky and platform soled boots have more variety when it comes to the toebox.

Stylish Wide Width Tall Boots

The knee-high boot is still on trend this fall, and a practical trend at that. This collection is for wide widths in the foot area, not necessarily a wide calf. I will approach that topic in a future article.

stylish wide width boots

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

The over-the-knee boot may be on its way out, but classic knee-high boots in sleek styles with almond or square toes are still very much in. From a flat to a heel, the knee high boot is low on hardware and embellishment to let your outfit steal the show. While riding boots are classic, the cowboy boot has returned and it's available in classic black and brown as well as fun colors and finishes.


As a grown woman, if you cannot find quality boots in your size, don't settle for obviously faux suede, superfluous embellishment, cheap construction, and discomfort. There is no need to have tall boots in your wardrobe. If you desire them for warmth and protection, then you still will want better quality to survive the weather.

jcrew herringbone tweed blazer
Wearing the Ally NYC Forever Flat with the Universal Standard Seine jeans and a J. Crew blazer from a few years ago.

Stylish Wide Width Work Shoes for Women

Classic styles are best for work fashion, finding versatility and comfort in flats, pumps, and sleek ankle boots.

stylish wide width work shoes for women

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

This fall you will find a lot of suede shoes, from loafers to pumps. Skintones and neutrals like black, gray, and navy will be available but you will also find a lot of colors that can complement your corporate wardrobe or add a bit of fun and style to suits and work separates.


An almond, pointed, or square toe will look the most modern and also work well with full-length trousers as well as skirts and ankle pants.

IMG 2239
Wearing the Ally NYC Lower Block Heel with these pants from Chico's and last year's version of this turtleneck from Chico's.

Ally NYC Shoes Promo Code

I linked to three styles of shoes from Ally NYC above; I have Ally NYC promo codes for you to use if you choose to make a purchase! Use WO2FLATS to get 10% off a pair of their Forever Flats (the yellow flats I shared above) and WO2PUMPS to get $40 off a pair of their pumps (the gray and navy styles in the collage above).

Stylish Wide Width Casual Boots

Work and weddings are fine and good, but what do you throw on with your jeans and joggers when heading out the door? You'll be happy to know a lot of practical and classic shoes are back this fall!

stylish wide width casual boots

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven

Duck boots, clogs, Chelseas, work boots… something sturdy and strong is also quite chic this fall with wide leg and flared jeans, cords, prarie dresses, and the new direction of athleisure that is a bit more REI than Lululemon looks great with boots.


You deserve a pair of comfortable boots that are practical too. Waterproof, warm, sturdy on slick surfaces, easy to get on and off. Take advantage of this trend and find some that work with your feet and your lifestyle, care for them, and you can then have them for a lifetime.

woman in pink pants and a black polka dot blouse sitting on a bench looking at the camera
Wearing my first pair of Margaux Uptown Sandals with a Chico's top and Banana Republic pants, both from a few years ago.

What Wide Width Shoes I Own

Over the past few years, I've become pickier with what shoes I will and won't wear. I hardly ever wear heels any longer, and I find my feet are happiest with a bit of support and structure. I'm someone who is hard on her shoes, but I also know that a chair of cheap shoes can quickly ruin an outfit, a good night out, and a good night's rest. Above I have shared photos of me wearing some of my favorite wide width shoes; I list the ones still for sale below:

  • Margaux Shoes Uptown Sandal: I don't like wearing many heels, but as a curvy 5'3″ person who enjoys dressing up, I want some heels in my closet for certain looks I want to wear. And these heels are so comfortable, I can wear them all night. The ankle strap isn't too tight, the cross straps corral my weirdly small pinky toe. They aren't cheap, but they don't look cheap and they don't wear cheap. My first pair is three years old, still look and feel great. I just bought another pair in a different color, I like them so much.
  • Ally Lower Block Heel: Ally shoes in general are fantastic. Designed with a podiatrist, this woman of color footwear company creates the most extensive size and width range of comfortable yet sophisticated shoes for work, bridal, and occasion. I love this shoe has a cool pointed toe that looks good peeking out of trousers, but a silhouette that also looks good with an ankle pant or even a dress. The color range is great, I find this saffron-colored suede goes with so much.
  • Ally Forever Flat: Wide and high volume feet, sweaty feet, pronation, and that unusually short pinky toe that likes to escape means flats are not good for me. They'll start off comfortable but next thing I'm slipping and sliding in them and a pinky is escaping and my heel is shredded. These flats from Ally are the first flats that have survived. Not only that, I find them comfortable for flats. They look beautiful in person, very luxe; the pointed toe is elegant and works with a lot of my wardrobe.
  • Naturalizer Dario Boot: A black ankle boot is the most-worn shoe in my wardrobe from October to March. I like one that is comfortable but also looks cool. I don't want a high heel but I want some lift to accentuate some outfits. I liked that this had a sleek look, the wedge felt mod, not frumpy, the pointed toe elongating. I found them so comfortable I bought another pair in white.
  • Adidas Superstar: I find the Adidas Superstar to be the widest white sneaker that is a brand and style I like for my wardrobe. I get white with the white stripe, but like the colors too. I pull out the insole and add one of these for some arch support and additional comfort.
  • HOKA Sneakers: Wait, a wide-width sneaker that is also high performance AND a cool brand? Style is dependent on your needs, but I have tried the Clifton and Rincon and found them very roomy and very comfortable.
  • Clarks Trish Rose Loafer: Clarks has discontinued this loafer and I have no clue why because it's as classic and comfortable as all get out and it looks cooler than other wide width loafers. No elastic panels, no mix of suede and snakeskin, no hardware, no contrast stitching, no goofy heel made out of marble or rubber. I've owned this style for about five years in a couple of different colors. You can still find this style at HSN and Amazon.
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hi Alison, Thank you for this round up. If I may ask, I would love to see examples of how to wear the casual boots with pants. It seems like such a basic question, but I’m feeling stumped as we head into Fall and winter here in the DMV. I’m a mom of young kids on the go. As long as temps allow, I’m happy wearing pants (preferably ankle pants) and loafers like some of the photos you have shown here. But once it gets cold, my ankles are freezing and I frankly look silly — like I’m not dressed appropriately. Can I wear the bootcut jeans that are coming back in style with flat shoes? I’ve always thought those to work better with a pointy heeled boot like how you have them in that photo next to the mailboxes, but I’m not going to the playground wearing that. I looked at the Universal Standard website yesterday (as an example of a retailer) and almost everything is above the ankle, showing plenty of skin, and I’m not sure how that’s going to work come December/ January / February. Honestly I feel silly asking this, but I know I’m not the only one. In years past, I’m just cold, look inappropriately dressed or end up wearing leggings tucked into knee high boots, but I don’t know if that’s dated now (not that I am particularly trendy anyways). Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Follow up question (sorry for my essay!): Can I wear socks with loafers. I’m inclined to say of course not! But maybe that’s OK? Or maybe knee highs that are flesh toned? Our would that be too granny? They wouldn’t be that warm anyways…

      1. I’m late to the party here, but I would like to third the request for a post on how to wear different types of boots. In NYC it seems the young and trendy show ankle skin above their booties no matter how cold and snowy it gets. For us grown-ass women who care less about trends, is there a warmer but still stylish alternative?

    2. This is not a silly question!! I would add wearing boots/booties with skirts as well: a tutorial for me is necessary! I have a long denim skirt, kind of full, that I’m never sure if it’s okay to wear booties with or not? I’m seconding your suggestion for help deciding how to style footwear for various outfits!

  2. Thanks for this post, Alison. All your research is appreciated! I was delighted to see that the olive suede Vionic lug sole boot was one of your recommendations. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago. I’ve only worn it inside so far, but it’s a great boot. The combination of laces and zippers works well for my foot. I purchased it in the wide width because of my bunions. It does run a bit narrow for a wide. It has that wonderful Vionic insole, and it’s very comfortable.

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