The Coziest Zip-Front Robes

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where to buy zip front robes
The zip-front robe in this graphic is from Vermont Country Store, available in S-3X and two colors

In the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook, a member asked about zip-front robes. She preferred that to a tie front, and I get it. Especially in the winter, I want full coverage and ultimate coziness that often is lacking in a robe that falls open when you sit and leaves your collarbone cold. These are the coziest zip-front robes I found:

The Coziest Zip-Front Robes

One thing I have learned with robes is that in general, you get what you pay for. This is even more true for zip-front robes. While I don't see any need for something like a $500 robe, you will find that design, fabric quality, manufacturing, and durability will improve if you're willing to pay a bit more. A robe is a piece that will get laundered often and comfort is paramount; I recommend sticking with the robe you have now and saving up for the right robe rather than trying to find a bargain.

Follow laundering instructions and if in doubt, be even more gentle. Zip closed before tossing in, wash inside-out, line dry when possible. Robes are large and bulky and can easily stretch out, get caught on other items, and get damaged in the machine. The more you care for your robe, the longer it will last and the better it will look and feel.

best zip front robes

one (S-XL; link for petite and link for 1X-3X) | two (1X-3X) | three (S-XL) | four (XS-3X & petite)| five (XS-XL) | six (XS-XL) | seven (XS-3X & petite) | eight (1X-3X)


the coziest zip front robes

one (S/M-L/XL) | two (S/M-L/XL) | three (S-3X) | four (XS-XL) | five (S-XL) | six (M-XL) | seven (XS-XL) | eight (S-XL)

  • Again, just because this is a pink/red/cream color palette does not mean the robes featured only come in these colors. For example, the burgundy robe (six) from Youbuy comes in 14 different colors.
  • For the folks who think zip-front robes are only for the elderly, know that brands like Barefoot Dreams makes robes (two) and it's sold at all the major department stores. Not only that, this robe sells out FAST!

the best zip front robes for women

one (2X-6X) | two (S/M-L/XL) | three (S-XL) | four (S/M-L/XL) | five (1X-5X; link for Misses) | six (14/16-38/40)| seven (14/16-38/40) | eight (XS-XXL)


Zip-up robes are cozy, and available at most every major retailer. I found them at intimates stores like Bare Necessities, department stores like Kohl's and Saks Fifth Avenue, multi-channel site like Zappos and Amazon, and reputable retailers like L.L. Bean and Vermont Country Store. They sell for $25 and for $250 and come in a pretty good range of sizes. If I missed a super cozy zip-up robe, do share it in the comments!

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  1. I have a zip front robe that belonged to my mother when she was alive. By today’s standards I suspect it might be considered “vintage”? It’s hanging in my closet and I never wore it; mainly kept it after she passed for sentimental reasons. I guess I might break it out of storage and start wearing it now. It’s cozy, comfy and brings back memories of her!

  2. I committed to the zip front robe ever since my bulldog puppy decided to play tug-o-war with the tie on my old robe and I had to cut myself out. I have an older sweatshirt version from Lands End that’s held up great.

  3. I do feel that it is wise to save up & buy a better robe. I currently am wearing an Orvis robe purchased in 1997 that is sweatshirt fleece material & is a snap front. I prefer the snap front since the zip front seems to tear out along the zipper. Love my robe because the fabric only gets softer with time.

  4. I’m not making the connection between “middle aged” and “zip robe.” Several commenters have expressed fear of looking old or like their mothers or grandmothers. Again, not seeing it. A zip robe is practical and just makes sense for so many reasons.

  5. I have the LLBean one (#4) and it is very warm. At first I worried that I looked middle-aged and pathetic but now I don’t care. Also, zipfront robes are great for napping.

  6. Thanks for posting this! I have been thinking of getting a zip up robe but thought it might be too much my grandma circa 1970s. However, I am so damn tired of either having my standard robe open up and my ample bosom pouring out, or the sash getting stuck in the kitchen/bathroom drawers at inopportune moments. So someday very soon, I will be ordering a zip up and proudly wear it in my grandma’s honor.

  7. I’ve had an LL Bean sweatshirt robe for a few years now and love it! It’s really a substantial cotton fabric (not fleece lined) and a perfect weight to wear year round, whether to fight off air conditioning or to wear over my flannel pajamas. It washes and dries very nicely.

    1. That one’s really cute and I’m thinking about it. I often wear one of Ll Bean’s sweatshirt-type sweaters and it’s really cozy.

  8. The LL Bean fleece robe, #4 in the first group, is really nice but SUPER WARM. It’s a substantial fleece that is quite heavy, so if you’re tending cold, this is the robe for you. Another plus: It has a two-way zip which is great for lounging. A con: The cuffs are loose, thick, and tend to get in the way. (BTW, Allie, the link is missing from the group photo, and the one in the text goes to the Natori robe).

  9. When I click on the Natori leopard one, I get full price. Perhaps they sold out of an earlier version?

    I’d need the bolder print, because otherwise I still associate a zip front with my mom and mother-in-law, and I’m just not quite ready to go there. And as you mentioned, I’ve had good luck with Natori and it’s my best fit in a bra.

    1. Happens to me too on the Natori site, getting the full price. Feel the same re: the bolder print or needing some kind of pattern verve. Otherwise, I’d feel too much like Dorothy Zbornak. (Dang, that Florida ranch house must’ve had some serious AC going on — Dorothy often clutched that collar up around her neck, but maybe that was more of a reaction to the shocking things she heard in the house). Love the function, but can’t deal with most of the styles…

  10. So many choices! One of my favorite robes ever, in terms of style, comfort and durability, was from Stan Herman. I see at least one sold by Kohl’s in this list and I’d encourage readers to not overlook because they are priced lower than some.

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