The Best Trendy Sneakers for Grown-ass Women

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Best Trendy Sneakers for Grown Women

The Best Trendy Sneakers for Grown Women

When you're over 40, it's hard to know which sneaker trends are cool and which look clueless.  I originally wrote this post in 2021, but I update it each year because sneakers are not going out of fashion any time soon. In fact, it seems each year that sneakers just grow in popularity. Along with the growth in popularity is the growth in brands, styles, and technology to make sneakers not just fashionable but also functional. In 2024 it is truly possible to be comfortable and chic at the same time. Below, I share my advice on picking out the best trendy sneakers for grown women and how to style trendy sneakers.

What Kind of Sneakers Are Stylish in 2024?

screenshot from the movie Crazy Stupid Love shows Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell talking to one another in a shoe store.

Does anyone else think of this clip from Crazy Stupid Love when they see the sneakers that are currently popular?  Thing is that movie took place in 2011, and ever since, New Balance and other “old school” sneaker brands have gained popularity.  Sneakers that were hot in the 1990's are back en vogue, and there are plenty of new brands on the scene that give off a retro vibe.

Even so, it's hard to accept the fact that the shoes we mocked a decade ago are now cool.  What makes it harder is there are plenty of people like Steve Carell's character who never knew they went out of vogue and continued to rock them in a very un-ironic manner.  How do you show you're wearing trendy sneakers because they are comfy and cool, not because you stopped caring about trends once you graduated from college?

First, Let's Discuss What Sneaker Trends are Hot in 2024?

In this post, I will often reiterate that you do not need to wear any current trend to look stylish. Comfort always trumps trends. We're grown-ass women; we have earned the right to wear whatever the hell we want, and that means comfy shoes that have us walk and live with confidence. However, many of the 2024 sneaker trends are stylish and comfortable, so one of the trends I feature below may be perfect for your lifestyle, wardrobe, and feet!

Retro Classics

This was the top sneaker trend of 2023 and isn't going away this year. However, this trend has morphed about for 2024. In 2023, it was about the sleek retro sneakers from the '70s: Onitsuka Tiger, Asics, Converse, Adidas… they were all really trim. While those are still on trend for 2024, you'll also see chunky, clunky, and high-top sneakers reminiscent of the '80s and '90s. 2024 sneaker trends are all over the place, but that means you have options and more chance to find what is comfortable and chic with your existing closet.

a collage of retro classic sneakers for 2024 incuding Nike Dunks, Reebok Classic C, Vans Old Skool, Converse high-tops, and New Balance sneakers

Shop the Collage, Clockwise from Top Right: Onitsuka Tiger | Nike Dunk | Reebok Classic C | Nike Air Force 1 | VANS Old Skool | New Balance 480 | Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Air Force 1's, Air Jordans, Nike Dunks, and anything that feels like something that would be on a teen's wishlist in 1995 is back in style. Also, welcome back the “Dad Sneaker.” Think New Balance with a chunky sole, reflective details, a bit of mesh, a bit of leather… essentially a shoe that Ryan Gosling's character would chuck over the railing at the mall.

When looking for New Balance and other sneakers that back in style, you may be overwhelmed by the options. Let a store curate for you. J. Crew carries New Balance, and each season they have a well-tailored mix of colors and styles that are on trend without looking weird with the brand's classic yet statement-making aesthetic. Madewell carries a range of brand-name sneakers, also curating a collection that fits with the vibe of the brand's aesthetic.

Converse “Chucks” were the retro canvas shoes of the past couple of years. Not to worry, this shoe will still remain stylish in 2024. If you're buying a new pair, consider the natural-colored ones for a real retro vibe and a style that will look cool even if it gets a bit dingy. But if you want a black sneaker, I recommend going with the VANS Old Skool, which will be everywhere in 2024.

Silver Stars

At the end of 2023, we saw a strong trend in silver mirror-finish shoes. Especially popular with Mary Jane-inspired flats and low block heels, silver shoes continue to be popular this year and the trend has extended to athletic footwear. While you will also see gold and other metallics, silver will be more popular than it has been in a decade, covering the whole sneaker or adding shiny accents.

a collage of silver and silver trimmed sneakers including styles from Rag & Bone, Tory Burch, Gola, and Nike

Shop the Collage from Top to Bottom: ALLSAINTS | Gola | Tory Burch | Nike | Rag & Bone

If you just desire a hint of silver, check out the Gola Coasters. For elevated super shine, I like the Tory Burch Clover Court. For comfort, the Ecco Soft 7 is a good choice. And the Rag & Bone Retro Court looks pretty badass.

Pretty in Pink

Consider it the Barbie effect, but pink continues to be a popular color in 2024. Unlike Valentino Pink of 2022 or Barbie Pink of 2023, the pink of 2024 is whatever shade you want. From fuschia to blush, pink is the new neutral and surprisingly versatile. Use brighter and bolder pinks as a statement to add pizzazz to wardrobe neutrals. Take the softer pinks and treat them as a neutral pairing as well as tan, cream, and taupe with almost any color you desire.

collage of pink sneakers including Nike Air Force 1, Golden Goose, Adidas Gazelle, and Nike Blazer

Shop the Collage, Clockwise from Top Right: Nike Blazer | Nike Air Force 1 '07 | Adidas Gazelle Bold | Nike Air Force 1 PLT.AF.ORM | VANS Old Skool | Golden Goose

In my Caribbean vacation capsule wardrobe, I added a pair of blush HOKA Bondi 8; I own these shoes in a different colorway and find them comfortable and stylish. VANS Old Skool comes in a pale blush pink, as does the Nike Blazer. I like the shade of pink of these Air Force 1 sneakers, as well as the bolder shade of this version. And these pink Adidas Campus sneakers incorporate a range of trends while still being relatively classic.

The Great Outdoors

You know how I mentioned how sneakers are getting both more fashionable and functional? This sneaker trend is proof. In 2024, you will see sneakers incorporate features from footwear you'd buy at REI.

hiking-inspired sneakers in a collage featuring shoes by Veja, On Running, Balenciaga, and Gucci

Shop the Collage, Zig-Zag from Top: Brandblack | ON Running | Flower Mountain | Gucci | Veja | Balenciaga

Not only will you find paracord laces, grippy soles, metal eyelets, and Gortex uppers, you will find the colors of outdoor shoes also on trend. This year, expect to see sneakers in shades of green, brown, and clay as well as color combos that act like footwear camouflage in the forest.

It's hard to know which of these sneakers are cool and which ones just look like you're wearing your hiking boots to the mall. Just as with retro classics, I encourage you to check out the collections of online boutiques that curate a certain aesthetic. Shopbop is a great online shoe boutique; they carry reasonably priced to astronomical, choosing stylish options from all the season's trends.

Soccer Style

Continuing from 2023's hot trend of Adidas Samba sneakers, 2024 sneaker trends are inspired by soccer (football to my non-U.S. readers). Beyond the Samba (which is still cool in any color you like), you will see the return of the Adidas Gazelle, also in a range of colors.

soccer inspired sneaker trend collage of 8 styles of sneakers from brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Gola, and J. Crew

Shop Collage from Top Right, Zig-Zag Down: Adidas | Onitsuka Tiger | Adidas | Puma | Nike | Adidas | Gola | J. Crew

Even Converse and Air Jordans are getting into the soccer trend with unexpected collaborations with Football teams like Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool. Designers like Wales Bonner and Martine Rose are making soccer-inspired sneakers downright couture. Any color is cool; in fact, in 2024, having a shoe that doesn't match is pretty darn chic.

What Women's Sneaker Styles Are Classic?

As mentioned above, the classic white leather sneaker, low on embellishment, is a classic choice for grown women. This is a shoe that doesn't take away from your outfit and works whether they're paired with jeans or a dress. I share my 6 favorite white sneakers for grown women at this link.

White isn't the only color that works for a classic sneaker. As I mentioned in this post, tan sneakers are a great alternative if a white sneaker isn't your jam. In 2024, you will see even more shoes that are cream, tan, beige, and gray. Any soft neutral is a good choice.

If you desire a shoe that will transcend trends, I recommend a shoe that is low on embellishments. Logos, contrast colors, statement soles, and accents will only connect the shoe to a specific trend and year. Keeping it simple, clean, and classic will make it more likely that shoe you buy now will still be chic five years from now.

the best classic sneakers for women including Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Blazer, Veja Campo, and Birkenstock Bend

My picks for classic sneakers for grown-ass women are above and linked below:

  1. Adidas Stan Smith
  2. New Balance 574
  3. Birkenstock Bend
  4. Converse Chuck Taylor
  5. VANS Old Skool
  6. Adidas Gazelle
  7. Tory Burch Howell
  8. Nike Blazer
  9. Reebok Club C
  10. Veja Campo

How To Choose Stylish Sneakers as a Grown Woman

Rule number one: wear what you like.  If you don't like my advice, my advice isn't for you.  Rock what you think looks good, makes you feel good, works with your lifestyle and unique needs.  However, if you're unsure where to start in searching for trendy street sneakers, read on.


When looking for street sneakers to wear with everyday clothing (denim, shorts, casual dresses, etc.) a low-contrast color may get you the most mileage.  Especially if you're not confident embracing the trendy sneaker trend, choosing a shoe that isn't high contrast with your skin or your standard wardrobe is a good bet.  

If you plan on wearing these shoes with a lot of jeans and dark pants, consider a pair in black, gray, or a deeper color.  If you think you'll be wearing them more with shorts, dresses, and pants that expose your ankle you may want to choose a color closer to your skintone or less of a contrast (tan, camel, pink, white, ivory, pale pink, gray, etc.). 

However, in 2024, color is popular. Don't be afraid to add a pop of pink, choose peach instead of cream, and let your mustard yellow or garnet red or forest green shoe be a statement, not matching anything else in your look but somehow making the whole ensemble cohesive. Sneakers are fashion as well as function; let them steal the spotlight and show you're comfortable and chic.


In previous years it was all about the chunky shoe, then all about the really sleek low-profile shoe. Anyone who was anyone was wearing high-tops, and then it was absolutely only low-tops that were considered fashionable. In 2024? The rules have been broken and you can wear pretty much whatever makes you happy.

And I encourage you to try a profile you haven't worn in a long while (or ever). Often, we grown-ass women have ideas in our head of what silhouettes are the most flattering to our bodies. We feel we have this down pat, considering we've been dressing ourselves for several decades. But the last few years have been transformative for the world, and ourselves. Good or bad, this transformation has affected not just fashion trends but the way we may look at them on our bodies.

For example, as someone with short solid legs and strong ankles, I always chose low-top, low-profile sneakers. I believed a less bulky sneaker that showed my ankle bones would better balance my body. And even if the sneakers were trim, there were only certain hem lengths and apparel silhouettes that I would wear with them. And then I saw a pair of chunky cream sneakers at the mall.

I tried them and was surprised by how much I liked them… and how they were so big they actually made my solid legs look small! The puffy collar of the sneakers hid my ankle bones, but I didn't care. I still only felt they looked right with certain hemlines and clothing silhouettes, but trying something new saw my body with a new outlook. You may not have the same experience, but there's no harm in trying a new profile the next time you go shoe shopping.

Try Before You Buy

If you are able, I recommend you go back to PrePan habits and go shoe shopping in person. Even if the store you visit doesn't have the style or brand you want, get a feel for 2024 sneaker fit, comfort, and technology. You may find your old favorite doesn't fit the same and a new-to-you brand, style, or silhouette may be just what your feet and your wardrobe have been looking for.

Be Wary of OTT

OTT stands for over the top and a lot of trendy sneakers right now are going that route.  A retro sneaker but with chiffon ribbons as laces.  A cool sneaker… with velcro closures and platform soles.  Sequins, mixed patterns, holographic fabric, studs, lights, bows, ruffles, wedge heels stacked soles… An OTT shoe is more likely to look dated by the end of the season.  Also, an OTT shoe not styled by an OTT person who has an OTT wardrobe can look cheap and clueless far quicker than a more subdued shoe.

Don't Buy Dupes

High fashion brands like Gucci, Loewe, and Balenciaga have gotten on the trendy sneaker train and carry stylish sneakers for sky-high prices. As with all designer accessories, lower-end brands and Made in China fast fashion companies come on the scene offering “dupes” of these designer pieces for a much cheaper price. 

If you're not sure whether the shoe you're admiring is a dupe or counterfeit, I recommend Googling the shoe description. For example, when you Google, “white sneaker with green and red stripes” the first hit on Google is authentic Gucci sneakers for sale on eBay. When you Google, “white sneaker with jeweled straps” Gucci also comes up in the first hits, and then a “dupe” by Steve Madden.

I also recommend becoming familiar with the designer styles by perusing them on the website of a department store like Bergdorf Goodman so you get a feel of the trends and the specific designers' trademark styles. Whether they are truly counterfeit and pretend to be designer sneakers or a department store brand makes them with so much of the designer elements you can't tell they're not the real deal until you're up close, it's not stylish to wear such a shoe.  

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hey! In the spirit of the blog reno, is this post supposed to have pictures of the sneakers and styling options you have written about? I only see the cover (yellow sneakers) and the screenshot from Crazy Stupid Love. Just flagging in case it’s supposed to have more pics.

  2. I have the Ecco Soft 7 and they are fabulous. Extremely comfortable (the heel inside is raised?) and very good quality. I wore them non-stop on a three-week vacation when we walked miles every day. They are great with jeans/pants but work very well with long/mid skirts as well.

  3. Great primer post!
    Not a sneakerhead here (not enough space or $$$), but diehard classic / retro – (1970s/80s preferred) – sneaker fan (Gola, Puma, Asics / Onitsuka Tigers, New Balance). Love old Nikes but horrible quality. Keep dancing around Vejas, but a tad too pricey. Lucky enough that I work in business casual Silicon Valley and been wearing trainers with everything from flared jeans through the iconic Editor pant through skinny or boyfriend jeans and back to flares now. I weathered the horrific bloated Dad sneaker craze and kept true to my minimal classics. Always cool, never out of style. Wear hiking shoes/boots (remember that trend 1-2 years ago?) when hiking and they stay out of the office and date nights otherwise.

  4. As someone with a wide foot who now needs arch support, I am a huge fan of the Reebok classic. I am on my third pair. They are very comfortable – I walk all over NYC in them. I do find they run small, though, and have to size up.

  5. There’s a picture of a grey sneaker with looks like white stripes. I don’t see any info on them. Would you please tell me about them and where I can purchase them.

  6. I was looking and looking and looking at the Tretons that you posted, trying to figure why I was experiencing a weird dejavu when I looked at them. And then I remembered that I wore Tretons for my cheerleading uniform back in the mid-90s when I was in middle school!! I absolutely hated them (because I had size 11s at the age of 11 and everything made my feet look huge and terrible in my eyes) but now I look at them and maybe they’re not so bad!? Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    1. I have been kind of meh on Tretons when I’ve seen them online, but I tried a pair on at DSW recently and thought they made my size 10.5/11 feet look slimmer and less bulky than other sneakers I’ve tried recently. It might be worth trying some on to see if you have the same experience.

  7. This post is gold. You’ve inspired me—and I maaayyy have bought a pair of bright red sneakers. (I totally did. Am so ready for spring.)

  8. I’ve had problem feet all my life. In fact, my mother used to say that as a child I detested walking barefoot and can be seen in photos tip toeing on the sidewalk. I’ve had over eight surgeries on both feet and still suffer with periodic aches and pain even now. So, wearing sneakers is my best option. I used to wear only them when commuting after switching from my dress shows, and then full-time on the weekends. Now, I wear them every day. I am a huge Nike fan, so 99.9% of my sneakers are Nike branded. I have every color and style, but, if need be, wear all black sneakers with my suits and dress clothing. I always wear sneaker no show socks and, usually use my orthotics. My feet feel better and I’m comfortable most days. I used to feel self-conscious of the look, but now, a lot of women is sporting this look as well. Thanks, Allie, for making this a talking point.

  9. I am chuckling right now as I look at the brand new Vans that arrived this week on my doorstep. Good to know that I have good taste! Ha.

  10. I absolutely love sneakers. They’re all I’ve been wearing for the past couple of years and my feet have never felt better, though I have to say most of my sneakers are slip-ons. Are those in the sneaker category or called something else?? Hmmmm. Anyhow, just wanted to say that getting some cheap, colorful laces through Amazon can bring new life to sneakers. I’ve got a pair of black and white Supergas that I purchased hot pink laces and gold laces for and I feel like I’ve got a new pair of sneakers when I change out those laces for the black ones the pair came with. It doesn’t take much to get me excited, lol.

  11. I went all in for Bombas because of their business model, and the style of the sock. Donating to people in need? Heck yes! But I’ve not had very good luck with them. Several pairs have gotten holes in different spots. :-/ Really bummed because I was hoping to replace all my socks with them. Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Bombas – love the concept but if I wear any style beyond no-shows they are so tight I can’t stand to wear them all day!

  12. Alison, I love your posts and this one was just the right timing for me. Only in the past few years have I embraced being a sneaker girl – and this is coming from a 52 year old executive with big (size 10 or 11) feet. For years I thought looking professional meant uncomfortable shoes and boy am I happy to be wrong. My career continues to flourish even though I am comfortable:) I just ordered black joggers similar to the ones you shared, and the same t-shirt because I have the black jacket and shoes already – time for me to put it all together into a new look. Keep up the great work on all your posts including those awesome weekend reads. You rock:)

  13. Sometimes I feel flummoxed for not buying into the white sneaker thing. I love the look, and I feel like the trend is here to stay, but all I can think about is how they’re going to look dingy almost immediately. Perhaps it’s because I’m a mom of 2 and am often walking through wood chips, etc at the park. I’m always looking for sneakers that don’t have the stark white on the outer sole and leather uppers, but they’re hard to find unless you’re doing all black in something that looks like an orthotic shoe. I got a pair of Columbia Bridgeport Slip shoes a couple years back, but I wish there were more options like that out there. Maybe I just need to get into the habit of cleaning my shoes more often, but I am cleaning everything else enough!

    1. The solution to this is easy, though not minimalist. You buy two pairs: one pair for kicking around, and another pair to keep “nice”.

    2. Alyssa, I can’t do white leather shoes do for this reason. I have a pair of white Converse Shoreline that I’ve had success throwing in the washing machine. I wear them to the dog park, my kids’ soccer games, etc., and have always been impressed at how they come clean.

  14. Such a great post – Thank You! I just got a pair of sneakers last week. However, they’re for extremely high volume feet, with room for orthotics, and some kind of posture-improving technology in the sole. That means they look more like a high profile trendy sneaker, but in cream and grey, so neutral colours. Although they’re very comfortable they are a bit of a puzzle to style! Should anyone be interested, the brand is Danish and called Wallin (wallin-shoes.dk)

  15. This, and the other post you linked to, had so much great information — but I think I’ve (maybe) come to terms with not being a sneaker girl. I felt sad after reading your post and trying (again) to imagine myself in sneakers — in fact, I daydreamed back to elementary school when I so wanted a pair of Tretorns, saved my allowance, bought a pair, and never, ever wore them b/c I just looked so ridiculous in them.

    I do appreciate your recommendation to lower the contrast between skin and shoe color — that’s a great tip.

    (PS. The elementary school kid in me loves the plaid Tretorns I just saw at the Nordstrom site, LOL!)

  16. I have difficulty finding shoes to work with girlfriend jeans. Are sneakers like these the go-to? How snug should the pant opening be? Would love to see a post on how to style these pants and shoes since I have to wear shoes with forefoot padding and support, and have unattractive (arthritis) ankles! Thank you for you blog!

  17. I’ve had knees replaced and multiple leg surgeries. Have to avoid trendy and go with support (thank you Brooks Glycerine!) But I’ve found All-Birds to be comfortable and they’re all-wool for those of us who never wear leather.

    1. Yes, I’d also like to plug All Birds! Wearing them to the office right now for casual Friday with jeans and a striped top. 🙂 I think they are easier to style than many sporty brands.

      1. I wore Allbirds on a recent trip to London, walking all day, every day, and my feet never hurt. I’ve never had that happen.

  18. In my experience we all look younger/thinner/smarter/richer/more attractive when our feet feel good and we can easily take a purposeful stride. For me that means I’m in a shoe that stays on my foot when I move and doesn’t involve thinking abut the take off and land of every single step.
    My take away here is that a white low profile sneaker should be in my Summer wardrobe.

  19. OMG, I think “disheveled poli sci professor” actually IS my look, with a little bit of “disheveled English-lit professor” thrown in when I wear a dress, and I am going to embrace it for all it’s worth!

  20. I am 32 and love wearing sneakers, I am so so sick of ballet flats, and booties and sneakers feel fresh.

    I have black slip on eccos, black adidas sambas, red shoreline converse, gray toms, hightop vans, slip on leopard hightops from target, millenial pink, black perforated, and gray glitter slip on sneakers, hightop navy sneaker-booties. Its an addiction.

    I have a casual job and sneakers really fit my needs. I wear jeans, striped tee/solid longsleeve tee add an accessory/scarf or lipstick and big earrings and add a sneaker and it works

  21. Great ideas – I just bought a pair of Saucony Jazz sneakers, my go-to for fashion sneakers. I can’t wait to rock them this spring and summer. I’d love to start now, but have to wear regular crew socks due to a leg injury, that requires me to wear a full-leg brace.

  22. My 44-year-old daughter wears her wardrobe of sneakers effortlessly and always looks chic. Your post is SO helpful as at 68, I had no idea how to go about adding sneakers to my wardrobe. I’ve never been a sneakers person, but always have loved trendy shoes. Now you’ve given me some ideas to try out, I’m going to check out your links.

  23. An “Over 40” blogger (she’s 46 I think) did a big sneaker try on. It is actually very good and informative, and then she did a post where she put together like 9 outfits with the sneakers and stuff she already had in her closet. I’d highly recommend both posts for anyone looking into jumping on the fashion sneaker trend. It really helps to see the sneakers on a person and from different angles and she gives really detailed pros and cons (including weight of the shoe) for each sneaker. And of course seeing the sneakers styled with different outfits (not just a flat lay) really gives a better picture of the proportions. I’m not sure if I am allowed to say who the blogger is (is it rude mention another blogger? There is not an entry on this topic in Emily Post), but if you google 2019 fashion sneaker review you should find it.

      1. I saw this post pop up in my stat counter and popped over to read. Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

        I love all of your tips and you make some great points about how to style them and how to choose the right pair. A lot of people told me I should have kept the Golden Goose, but I felt like they were OTT (love that acronym!) for me personally. Very happy with the Veja I ended up with. Classic but fashion forward – and they have that low profile you mention, which is what I really liked about them.

        This post is a great resource! Off to share on my FB page…

    1. Woman, you are NOT old! It’s just there’s only so many things one can fit in their brain, and keeping tabs on trendy sneakers isn’t high on your priority list. But that’s the benefit of reading blogs, we do research on your behalf!

      1. Thank you!! I actually do own a pair of tan leather ECCO sneakers and I love wearing them. Kind of look like Keds. They are fun — but I’m always wanting to wear my wonderful grey and pink Nike trainers but don’t know exactly HOW to style them. This article is a great help:) I enjoy your photo outfit collages. And…You are adorable:)

  24. Another brand, though super pricey, that I love for cool sneakers is Paul Green. But I try to find them on eBay!

    Love all your styling ideas. Eyeing that plaid blazer…

      1. Reporting back – they are awesome. Comfy, small profile, look cute with jeans and leggings (and probably shorts when the weather is warmer). So happy to have found these!

  25. I do wear sneakers to walk the mile from parking to office so I do worry that is what any sneakers will look like, this gives me hope.

  26. i’ve been big into this…I”m never wearing heels again (maybe) I wear my sneakers with dresses, pants, whatever…I’m comfy, I feel cute, and my back and feet don’t hurt.

  27. Thank you, Ali! I went ahead & bought those New Balance Shoes after I’d emailed you. Your ideas are great! So far, I’ve only worn my shoes with skinny jeans but I got SO many compliments on them (I love shoes, & these are adorable, imo). Thanks to this post, I’ve got several more ideas on what to wear them with as the weather warms up. I also own a pair of Tretorns that all white, so I think those will give me more casual options as well. It’s pretty crazy that these retro-shoes are back in style, but it’s also nice to be comfortable. Thanks again for this post!

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