Talbots Breton and Flare Jeans

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Talbots Breton review

Let's be honest, many of the days where I work from home I'm doing it in some combination of activewear, athleisure, well-worn sweats, and a sweater on top. But days when I know I have video calls, or just those days when I feel I need a little extra something to be productive, I put on a proper outfit.

Talbots Breton review

Sometimes the outfit is professional – a blouse with a nice pair of trousers, an elegant sweater with a pretty necklace. But often the looks are Before Times Outfits. The kind of thing I'd wear on the weekend, for volunteering at my kid's school, running errands, having coffee with a friend. And this day felt like a good Before Times Outfit day.

Talbots Breton review

Top: Authentic Talbots Tee in Sailing Stripe c/o Talbots (XL petite) | Jeans: Flare Jeans c/o Talbots (14 petite) | Scarf: Bandana Paisley Neckerchief c/o Talbots | Boots: Vionic

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I've had these high-waisted flare jeans from Talbots for a few months (see them before in this blog post, they also were worn with this outfit). I find them extremely comfortable, and the 14 petite length is perfect for flat or low-heeled shoes.

I know people have mixed thoughts on these jeans; some of you bought and didn't like them. Therefore when I say that I got these other jeans from Talbots and I don't like them at all, use the two as some sort of comparison. I got this top and scarf and planned to wear the top tucked into these sailor jeans and yeah no, not happening.

The sailor jeans I am not wearing have a side zipper and hook and eye; the zipper isn't heavyweight enough for the fabric, and it's a beast to try to work, especially if you just drank a very large cup of coffee. The jeans I am wearing have a traditional button and heavyweight zipper fly. The sailor jeans are also 14 petite and they hit exactly where I bend in the middle… which means as soon as I sit down the waistband folds over and it doesn't fold back up, and it gets stretched out and sloppy looking. I may have liked the sailor jeans better if I didn't get petite.

Talbots Breton review

Speaking of the shoes, these ankle boots are from Vionic. They're comfortable, extremely supportive, and waterproof. I like the almond toe, stacked heel, and dark chocolate brown color that works with so much. However, this boot also comes in snakeskin, taupe suede, and black leather.

Talbots Breton review

The top is from Talbots; I've mentioned before how I like Talbots Breton tops (and have worn them before too) and this is one of their latest offerings. It's a great length to wear tucked in or out. I am wearing XL petite. This top comes in Talbots' complete size range of Misses, Petite, Plus, and Plus Petite up to 3X.

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This is a heavier-weight knit, more like a maritime-inspired top, and as this isn't my first Talbots Breton, I know these wear like iron and I think just get better with time. I linked to a bunch of Talbots' Breton tops below; many of them are on sale for around $19.99.

Shop Talbots Breton Tops:

Talbots Bandana review

The bandana is also from Talbots; it's cotton and a bit bigger than a traditional bandana at 24″ square. I like this because I often find bandanas too short for comfort when worn at the neck but like the cotton which doesn't slip and slide and looks more at home with knit tops and weekend looks.

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  1. Talbot’s cut their curvy fit pants to fit me perfectly. I never buy pants anywhere else. I have to wait until the end-of-season sales. Strange how every body is just a little different.

  2. I bought a pair of boot cut jeans from Old Navy in the fall as an experiment. They have been my most worn jean as they seem to balance my shape out.. I’m looking to purchase a pair from Levi’s. Secondly, like Sharon said I can’t get behind Talbots either. The fit of their clothes look frumpy on me, and the color choices aren’t the best for my cool dark coloring.

  3. I wish I liked Talbot’s more. I bought a few things there until I bought a beautiful black top and cardigan with white bands around the neck and sleeves. It looked very Chanel/ Jackie O to me until I washed it according to their directions and the black dye ran a little into the white. Totally ruined. I took it back and they were totally indifferent. Never been in since.

  4. I am a sucker for sailor jeans, and had a pair from Talbots from back when Julianne Moore was doing their catalog modeling! They had a front zip and a wide leg. Eventually after years of wear I had to let them go. So I appreciate your assessment of the ones you got so I’m not tempted (i had seen them and thought about it). I’m now a convert to Madewell jeans. They are so comfy. But I also realize after trial and error, as a woman who is short waisted and carries weight in my middle, that high waisted are not for me. They look great and are comfy on my 14 year old but I always feel like they squeeze me very uncomfortably and look best with clothes tucked in, which with large boobs and a short waist isn’t comfy or a look for me. So I have gone back to mid rise jeans. I love the Madewell cali demi boot.

  5. Please share your thoughts. I’m about your size (but much taller). If I wanted a looser Talbots tee, would it work to just size up, to maybe a 2X? In other words, will the fabric holds its shape as it gets wider, do you think?

    1. Yes, I’d go up one size. I think Talbots is good about adjusting appropriately. I went with an XL petite instead of L regular because I wanted mine a bit more relaxed/casual of a fit but being 5’3″ I knew the XL would be too long in the arms.

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