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For years I bought just to have new outfits on the blog.  I knew if I had new, readers would purchase it.  If I had new, the photos would do great on Instagram.  I justified the cost and the overloaded closet on my job.  I needed it all to be successful, right?  RIGHT? 

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Wrong.  Since going full-time as an influencer I've focused on featuring the same items over and over.  Not only is it how I truly dress every day, but it's making myself an example of what I preach – quality not quantity.  You don't need a big closet to achieve big style.  When you slow down, shop thinking of your current closet, your current life, and your current body you find that you can do more with less.  Quality doesn't have to be an Hermès scarf or Gucci bag; quality can be found at any pricepoint.  Quality is about buying that which can withstand more than one season and more than one way of styling.  And I've found from a business standpoint, not only do I sleep better at night featuring clothing that can be worn over and over I have found my affiliate revenue has increased (read this post on how blogs make money to understand what I'm talking about).

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coat | sweater | jeans | scarf | hat | earrings | ring | boots | bag | sunglasses

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Coat: Italian Lady Coat c/o Talbots (14P) | Sweater: Everlane (L) | Jeans: Authentic Stretch High Waist Skinny c/o Everlane (32 Ankle) | Boots: c/o DUO (old; similar) | Scarf: Silk Square Paisley Scarf c/o Talbots (on sale!) | Ring: Empress Insignia Luxe Ring c/o REALM | Earrings: Domain Luxe Portrait Hoop Earrings c/o REALM | Bag: Isabella Fiore (super old; similar shape) | Hat: Halogen | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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Right now, before the weather gets biting cold, I am loving this wool coat.  The longer length keeps more of me warm and the style elevates even jeans and a t-shirt. For those upset that this coat was sold out in this color, I looked at the Talbots site this weekend and it's back in stock along with pink, gray, and black. I think it's such a beautiful shape; with large arms and shoulders and a large bust many coats can make me look like a linebacker.  This one looks lovely, even when buttoned up (you can see it buttoned up in this post).  I realize I never featured the scarf in a post, just mentioned it in a few posts. 

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This cashmere sweater from Everlane is a favorite, especially with high-rise jeans since it's a shorter length.  I am just starting to get pilling under the arms; not bad for how often I wear it.  And it's not the kind of pilling that leaves bare spots; I just need to hit it with my sweater shaver or a sweater stone and it will look like new.  The jeans are super comfy and this is day 3 and they're not all saggy and baggy.

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The boots were acquired in 2014.  I didn't wear them for a bit because I felt knee-high boots were out of style.  The thing is, sometimes we latch onto a trend.  It's practical or it's accessible to a variety of body types.  We wear the HECK out of that trend.  Every retailer sees dollar signs and recreates it in a kazillion ways.  And you end up despising it or else looking like a clone (or Han Solo).  I said knee-high boots were over because in 2017 they were.  But I never said throw your knee-high boots away but not buy any more and if you owned them, find ways to modernize them.  Well, knee-high boots are back but they are being styled differently from how we all wore them in 2015.  I pulled mine off the highest shelf in my closet where I stored them with rolled magazines in the shafts to keep them from creasing and I'm finding I'm wearing these brown ones almost weekly.  And this bag?  Same.  I think the last time it was regularly on the blog was 2014.  I stored it in the back of my closet and this season it just felt right to wear again. 

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I need to rave about this ring.  I wear it ALL. THE. TIME.  And each time I do someone comments on it.  It's hard to find high-quality rings in larger sizes; this one is available up to size 11 and in four different metal tones.  It's big but I don't feel it when I'm wearing it.  And I like a bigger ring on my fingers, which are neither slim nor long.  It has become part of my signature style and I believe will be something I'll wear for years. 

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When you shop carefully, it's a lot easier to know what to keep and what to donate each season.  How often was it worn?  Did you wear it or did it wear you?  Did you feel comfortable, both physically and emotionally in it?  Is it good enough quality that it will still look awesome this time next year?  And when the trend ends, do you love it enough to use precious storage space to hold it until you want to wear it again? 

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  1. Knee high boots went out of style a couple years ago? Whoops! I have kept wearing them with skirts to work because it’s a way to wear socks and stay kind of warm where I live. Another vote for a way to modernize them, please. I didn’t know that I’ve been out of touch.
    Love your shades of blue, especially with the rust color. Alas, I can’t pull that rust color off, but it looks great on you.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Silly question but can something really be that out of style if they are still being sold in the major stores?

  2. I’d love to see a close up of that ring when you talk about it!! I’ve only recently started wearing them since I don’t have my hands in gloves all the time for work!!

  3. I echo the need for a styling tall boots post! I have a pair of square toe, heeled, black dress boots (wide calf and $$$) from many years ago and I’ve held on waiting for them to be stylish again. At 43 I’ve finally embraced the idea of a smaller, more classic, quality wardrobe and love the feeling of making an old closet staple feel new with updated styling. So thank you for these posts!

  4. I like this outfit and I really appreciate how you reuse what you have. It encourages me to make better choices in my wardrobe. Thank you. I love the scarf with the sweater — I love scarves and brooches.

  5. I’m envious of how well you wear scarves! Any tricks to keeping it in place (without choking yourself with a too tight knot)? I have a few, and when I try to tie them like that, they slip all over the place and I end up fussing with them all day.

    Have you done a post on how to style tall boots in a more current way? I have several pairs (black and brown, flat and heeled, all round or almond toes) and would love to wear them more, but don’t want to look hopelessly out of touch.

    1. This was going to be my question too! I have not stopped wearing my knee boots over my jeans since I don’t know when (it’s practical, especially with the amount of rain we get in the UK – no soggy flare or bootcut jeans!), and also with skirts. What should I be doing with them now?!

    2. Add a third request for updated styling of tall boots! I still wear mine quite a bit, but now I’m worried I’m doing it wrong, lol. Information about how they are currently being styled would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    3. One more request for tips on how to style knee high boots! My particular question is about when to wear flat “riding boot” style boots and when higher heels are necessary. My knee high boots are a few years old now and I don’t wear them much, possibly because I took Alison’s advice back in 2017!

    4. This one slipped around, but I made it look messy from the get-go so it slipping wasn’t as big of a deal. I folded diagonally and rolled until it was a more narrow triangle, just looped it around my neck and tied in front. I’ve learned to make my scarves imperfect from the start so they don’t upset me as much when they slip and slide and get wonky (which they ALWAYS do!).

      Okay, boot styling post coming up!

  6. I bought two of the Everlane cashmere crew sweaters (this color and camel) based on one of your previous posts and I am loving them both – will be in heavy rotation this winter. Thank you, as always, for sharing what you’re really wearing and loving!

  7. Everything about this outfit is lovely! You always look so good in rust & pairing it with various shades of blue is gorgeous! Thanks for showing us different ways to wear the same clothes. That’s incredibly useful. I’ve put an Everlane Cashmere sweater on my Christmas wishlist; fingers crossed! I’ve been debating ordering these jeans ever since you started showing them to us. I’m always hesitant about buying skinny jeans since I have large calves (oh heck, I’m not “skinny” so that’s the real fear—lol) & I know Everlane doesn’t do free returns. Debating trying one of their straighter pairs too…happy Monday, Alison!

    1. FYI – I was surprised to find Everlane didn’t do exchanges when I wanted to swap colors in the cashmere sweater. So what I did was an Everlane return using Happy Returns, and then I ordered a new sweater in the color I wanted. It was free and easy. You should be able to put your zip code in here to see if they have a local retailer who is a “Return Bar” close to you. https://locations.happyreturns.com/?retailer=everlane

      1. Thanks for sharing this! Unfortunately, nothing in my area is showing up (boo). I live in Arkansas, so it always takes a while for things to filter down our way.

        1. Check Nordstrom, they also carry some Everlane. That’s where I got this sweater, and they also have these jeans: http://bit.ly/34mAFGG TBH it’s why I bought the sweater from Nordstrom, I was afraid that it would be too short with my bust and I wanted to make it easy to return it!

  8. Looks great and love shopping from the close! I’m also inspired by the scarf– I had picked it up, but haven’t worn it yet. Love it with that pumpkin color.

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