A Soma Intimates Bra Fitting: My Experience

This post is sponsored by Soma, however the idea, the content, the wording is all mine.

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When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? If you’re like most of America, the answer is that it’s been far too long. Did you know you should get a bra fitting every six months? Your body is constantly changing due to gravity, age, exercise, weight, and more. Bras, even when properly cared for don’t last longer than that, so it makes sense to visit a skilled bra boutique to get a fitting and update your lingerie drawer. This experience isn’t one many women look forward to; I found Soma makes the bra fitting experience quite painless and dare I say fun!

Like most women, the last time I got fitted for a bra was far too long ago. It was before I quit my job, before I started going to a gym, before I lost a couple dress sizes. I had replaced bras, but I guessed my size based on how my old bras fit. My new bras were the same brand and style of my old, but they just didn’t fit the same and weren’t as comfortable. I knew I had to go to an expert. I’ve always had success with Soma and I love that they have staff on hand at every boutique, all the time, to help you find the perfect bra while feeling comfortable (and not having to get naked!).  I reached out to them asking if they'd be game for me sharing my experience getting a bra fitting at one of their Soma boutiques and they loved the idea.

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Visiting Soma for a Bra Fitting

I recently visited the Soma at Tyson’s Corner, Virginia and met with Maria, one of Soma’s Expert Fit Stylists. She asked me what I was looking for that day. I told her I needed to be fitted, I was looking for an everyday bra, but also a strapless bra. I like a molded cup because it gives me the lift, shape, and smoothness that I like and also works with my wardrobe. I was also open to trying other kinds of bras as my body is very different from what it was a year ago. Maria invited me to a spacious fitting room with flattering lighting. I took off my top, but no other clothing. Maria used a tape measure to get a general idea of my size and then left to pull a few different styles of bras. Maria returned with the bras as well as one of Soma’s seamless camisoles to wear over the bras to get a gauge for fit.

At my last fitting which was at Nordstrom, I was 200 lbs. and the employee said I was a 38 DDD. My previous fitting, I was a 38 F. I was purchasing bras in 36 DD and the cups seemed right, but the band felt a bit snug and I couldn’t wait to take my bra off at the end of the day. The bra I wore to Soma that day was a 38 DDD, my strapless bra. Maria called it a “flat tire” because it was so beyond its expiration date. Maria didn’t immediately mention what size she thought I was, just brought bras for me to try and see. Soma thinks about bras the way I do about fashion – the number isn’t important, what’s important is fit. You may be a different size depending on the style of the bra or the brand.

What I found though is 99% of the bras I tried fit best in a 36 G. I NEVER would have thought that was my size. As I told Maria, it’s a big reason why I haven’t felt Soma bras fit my figure. On occasion, Soma has sent me one of their bras as a gift. I’ve guessed my size, the bra comes, it’s beautiful, I wear it once or twice and find it uncomfortable or gives me a weird shape. Come to find out it wasn’t the bra but me! This visit made me realize how great fitting Soma bras are… if you’re wearing the right size!

Knowing I was there to review Soma bras, Maria knew I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by a large selection and brought me 12 different bras to check out. She would leave the fitting room as I tried it on and return after I said it was okay. If you’re not comfortable being in just a bra with a Soma Stylist, slip the cami on or a top you’ve brought. Their Stylists are skilled enough to be able to gauge fit and do adjustments whether or not you’re fully dressed, and your comfort is paramount. And the adjustments were so worth it and show why an in-person bra fitting every so often is so valuable.

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How to Adjust a Bra for Perfect Fit

I was taught at some point in life that I should hook my bra on the middle hooks. Maria taught me that no, I should actually put it on the last hooks. Then as the bra stretches out with wear I can go tighter and lengthen the life of the bra. She also showed me how to adjust my breasts in the bra cups for the best shape. She would adjust the straps until I could comfortably slip two fingers underneath. More space, and the bra isn’t lifting like it can. Less space, and you’re putting strain on your shoulders. Slipping the seamless cami over the bras really helped me to see the shape and fit of each bra.

soma bra review over 40

The Soma Shopping Experience

Maria was completely honest and would tell me when she didn’t think a bra did my figure justice. She also didn’t quibble if I said I didn’t like a bra. It was nice to know we were on the same team, working to find me a great bra versus make a great sale.

After trying on all the bras, I got dressed and met Maria out on the sales floor. Armed with the bras I did like, we went through the walls and drawers and found the colors and patterns I preferred. She showed me coordinating undergarments, but there was no sales pressure. I took a look around at the racks and tables and Maria provided information about each product. While she was helping me, there were other salespeople assisting other customers, managing the registers, restocking the sales floor and keeping the place looking beautiful. As a previous retail manager, it was clear the whole team was well trained and felt confident in their roles.

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This was by far one of the best in-person shopping experiences I have had in a very long time. In this day and age, Internet is king and the mall has been affected with fewer payroll hours, disinterested sales staff, and fewer customers. But walking into a Soma reminded me of the mall experience of the ‘90s. Beautiful store, well stocked, engaged staff, personalized service.

Soma is also a great place because their prices make sense. You can find bras up to an H cup, but you won’t be paying a fortune. The quality is stellar, but you won’t be spending $90 for a single bra. On top of that, if you join their free program Love Soma Rewards you gain points with each purchase (online and in stores) to earn $5 rewards you can use toward future purchases.

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Soma Bra Donation

In July 2010, Soma set out on a mission to make a difference by collecting bras for women in need. Soma partnered with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, the leading voice for survivors with more than 2,000 affiliated shelters across the country. In 2017, Soma expanded to include the I Support the Girls organization. I have written about I Support the Girls in the past, have hosted donation collections at my old office, and find them such an amazing charity. Inspired by Soma’s Bra Donation, Dana Marlowe began to collect bras and hygiene products for women staying in homeless shelters in the DC area. I Support the Girls now helps to restore dignity and self-respect to homeless women across North America and Soma donates some of the bras they receive to this organization.

Now through August 11, donate new or gently worn bras to your local Soma boutique and save $10 off one bra or $20 off two. What a perfect reason to head in for a fitting and update your bra wardrobe. Help your figure and help a fellow woman who is in need.  Click here to learn more about Soma's Bra Donation program and promotion.

soma bra review over 40

What I Got at Soma

So of course, have to share what I ended up getting! Soma is much more than just bras. They have underpinnings to coordinate with the bras, but also a large variety of panties in different fabrics and fits. They have some amazing loungewear and pajamas, accessories and more. For reference, everything I got was either a 36 G or size Large unless otherwise noted. What I got:

  • Soma Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra – I love a smooth, detail-free bra for everyday wear that will disappear under knits. This bra does this plus it provides a completely smooth back (no bulges around the bra straps!). I got one in black, and one in Hush (a beige with a slightly mauve undertone). This bra comes in 10 skin colors and several other fun colors and prints. There is also a lace-trimmed version of this bra that also gives a completely smooth yet comfortable experience but with a bit of a feminine touch.
  • Soma Stunning Support Strapless Bra – My strapless bra was way beyond its expiration date and a wire had started to dig into my armpit after a couple hours. This bra looked so much smaller than the one I wore that day, but it did a much better job of lifting me and holding me. I could jump and everything stayed in place. This strapless bra is cool because it comes with straps and inside the bra are several places to hook the straps. Seriously, you can even put the straps right next to your cleavage to make a halter bra for those cut-out tops, and I was able to wear just one strap with my one-shoulder sweater.
  • Soma Sensuous Lace Unlined Bra – I hardly ever wear bras that aren’t a molded cup, but sometimes I just want something pretty. I tried this bra and was so impressed by how it lifted and shaped me without any padding. It’s an expensive looking, sexy bra that can be worn under most anything.
  • Soma Sensuous Lace High Leg Brief – Every woman deserves a sexy matched set in her lingerie drawer. The Sensuous Lace has several different panties, I felt this one was pretty but also would be comfortable and functional.
  • Soma Memorable Full Coverage Lace Trim Bra – I thought the idea of a bra made with memory foam was hokey until I tried on this bra. Like most women, one of my breasts is larger than the other and I often deal with spillover or else a slightly saggy cup. This bra adjusted to my shape leaving a smooth, even finish. It warmed up to my body and seriously felt like I wasn’t wearing a bra at all. This bra gives major lift, and dips in front making it a great choice for lower necklines. The Memorable collection has a great variety of bra styles available.
  • Soma Smoothing Short – A few of you have told me how you love these slipshorts. They are a smooth fabric so dresses don’t cling, and they’re lightweight making them great for summer. I think it’s smart to size up with these as they are very fitted. I got a Large and they fit, but they give me a bit of a muffin top. Next time I’d get them in XL.
  • Travelers High Leg Brief – I was looking for underwear for everyday but could also hold up to a workout. These are nice and smooth and stay in place all day, making them great under shorts and dresses. These aren’t for tight clothing as you may see the waistband and panty lines but they’re really comfortable for everyday wear.
  • Soma Cool Nights Pajama Swing Cami – I love Soma’s Cool Nights collection, it really does keep you cool all night long. The fabric is this gorgeous silky knit that feels so good against the skin. I was hoping that the bra in this cami would be comfortable, but also give me a nice shape. It does give better shape than no support at all, but it’s not made for breasts as large as mine. However, I do wear it to sleep and for lounging, but would put on a robe or cardigan before answering the door for the UPS man! This would be great for all band sizes up to a C cup.
  • Soma Embraceable Cool Nights Bermuda Pajama Shorts – If you’re like me, you’re comfortable at night if there’s something to keep your thighs from sticking together. I have some of Soma’s pajama shorts, but they’re too short for sticky hot summer nights. These are PERFECT. They didn’t have my size so I went down to a Medium and they fit great, not tight, super comfy. They’re a flattering length too, you could totally answer the door for the UPS man in these!
  • Soma Drama Pajama Pants in Roma Floral Scarf Print – I saw these pants and didn’t think pajamas but everyday wear. They’re not stretchy, but a polyester matte satin. The pattern is even more gorgeous in person. The only problem is I thought I got petite but I got regular and they are too long unless I do wear them as street clothes with heels. Did I mention these have pockets? Don’t be surprised to see them on the blog styled with a black silk button-down shirt and a pair of pumps!

Have you experienced a bra fitting at Soma Intimates? Do share your results in the comments along with your favorite Soma pieces. I learn so much from you readers, in fact you’re the reason I’ve become a fan of Soma. Your faves may become the new fave of a fellow reader!


  1. September 1, 2020 / 2:50 am

    Soma is the best store to get the best bra. All bras are very beautiful and stretchable. All products are very beautiful. Thanks for the share.

  2. Lesley
    March 5, 2020 / 11:44 am

    I was really disappointed. I had a breast reduction and my DIL got me a gift certificate to Soma. I had the fitting and was shocked at the band size she came up with, not what I came up with at home. The fitter decided it was a perfect fit and was just right and, in the dressing room, it was. After the first hand wash and line dry it was still fine and comfortable. After that, never fits. It rides up and my breasts start falling out. Still happened when I tightened the band and even tried adjusting the straps. The bra will NOT stay in place . great, $108 down the drain. I am going back to my VS bras.

  3. Mary hunter
    July 22, 2019 / 2:59 pm

    Is there a tutorial on measuring for size bra? I don’t have a store close.

  4. Francine
    August 20, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    I had never heard of Soma until I read this post. I just went to the store at Montgomery Mall and bought some comfortable, well-fitted bras. I told them about your blog and showed them this post. The folks at the store that day had never heard of you! I would think the Soma PR folks would have been all over that!

  5. Chloe
    July 30, 2018 / 8:31 am

    For your readers who may not have a Soma nearby, there is a really comprehensive calculator on the subreddit ABraThatFits. I believe it’s 7 different measurements that you plug in there and it has never lied to me. Check it out!

    • August 2, 2018 / 3:52 pm

      Thank you for sharing this, SUCH a good reference!

  6. Nicole K
    July 26, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    I think we are close to the same size and I am getting myself to a Soma store. I also have one breast larger (by at least one cup size) and always have issues with fit. Thanks for such a thorough review.

    • August 2, 2018 / 3:56 pm

      Hope you have as good an experience as I did!

  7. Stacey
    July 26, 2018 / 11:57 am

    I only get my bras at Soma! I agree, their customer service and selection are second to none. My go-to favorite bra is the Sensuous Lace Unlined. I’m “well-endowed” and never thought that I could have the support and shaping I needed in such a pretty (sexy!) bra. I have it in almost every color!

    • August 2, 2018 / 3:57 pm

      I’m glad you’ve had such a good experience with them!

  8. Nanette
    July 26, 2018 / 11:27 am

    Love this post! My last fitting was at a Soma, and it was great. I’m embarrassingly overdue for another. 😡

    • August 2, 2018 / 3:58 pm

      Consider a bra fitting a form of self care. You deserve it!

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