A Blue, Black and White Capsule Wardrobe for Travel

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a blue, black, and white capsule wardrobe for travel featuring Chico's apparel for summer

It's clear by now that I am a fan of creating capsule wardrobes. Wardrobe Oxygen for many years was known for its capsule wardrobes, but they tapered off in recent years. But in the past couple of years, I really see the value of shopping less, shopping carefully, and working with a capsule mindset to get more style with less in your closet. Checking out Chico's New Arrivals I envisioned a blue, black, and white capsule wardrobe for travel.

Since I am to style one look each month for Chico's as one of their ambassadors, I asked again (here is my previous Chico's capsule wardrobe) if I could receive some additional pieces to have my “look” be several looks from this capsule wardrobe. I mixed statement pieces with wardrobe staples you may already own to help inspire you to shop your closet before shopping online or at your local stores.

A Blue, Black, and White Capsule Wardrobe for Travel from Chico's

I feel this capsule is great for travel because the pieces can live a variety of lives without looking redundant, it's wrinkle-resistant, and many of the pieces are great for activities and fitness as well as streetwear, which is often the case for a day of vacation. And because I am a Chico's Ambassador I got all the pieces to wear and model for this travel capsule wardrobe!

wardrobe oxygen capsule wardrobe chicos
This duster jacket is reversible, and not in a weird way, but same styling and quality on both sides, just different prints!

I was initially drawn to the Reversible Floral Daydream Duster and how it was two fantastic prints, reversible, a dressy fabric, and had pockets (and pockets on both sides!). This was a luxe piece that was also machine washable, and I saw so many possibilities with it. And then when I saw the Pull-On Wide Leg Printed Crops in the same print and fabric and then the Touch of Cool Dotted Tank that matched the smaller print of the duster and was ready to build a capsule wardrobe for travel based upon this blue and white print with pops of black.

chicos travel capsule wardrobe

The Eight Pieces of Clothing in this Capsule Wardrobe for Travel:
white boyfriend jeans | black UPF 50 jacket | blue dotted tank | blue print wide leg cropped pants | black UPF 50 tank | black UPF 50 skort | blue print reversible duster jacket | black microfiber tank

I was generous with the accessories, since they are the true star of any capsule wardrobe. Besides the shoes, hat, and sunglasses, all of the accessories are from Chico's but unfortunately, some of them have sold out. However, Chico's carries some similar pieces as do other retailers and below I share worthy and wallet-friendly alternatives. You also may have similar concepts already in your jewelry box! Essentially, I used gold to dress up a look and the beaded blue pieces for a more artsy effect.

travel capsule wardrobe shoes

Shop Accessories for this Capsule Wardrobe for Travel:
black and gold belt | white water-resistant sandals | white sneakers | gold heeled sandals (come in widths) | gold flat sandals | multi-strand beaded necklace (you can remove strands to create multiple looks) | blue agate stone necklace | blue beaded earrings | gold hoops | blue stone cuff bracelet (adjustable fit) | straw and black bag | polarized aviator sunglasses | straw fedora (comes in sizes) | gold link necklace

Of course, your look can be adjusted and extended with accessories. Add a larger tote for shopping and the pool or beach (this one is a classic and also great as luggage; consider getting it personalized and with longer straps!). Consider a sun hat that is more secure and appropriate for fitness and water activities (this visor is a great choice). A belt bag is a great way to carry items hands-free. Sturdier sandals comfortable for walking are a smart choice (I love these and own two pairs and find them comfy even with my wide feet).

chicos capsule wardrobe
I love how Chico's Zenergy pieces dress up and down so beautifully. Same Chico's Zenergy jacket for a day sightseeing and a morning hike.

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12 Looks from my Capsule Wardrobe for Travel from Chico's

For size reference, I am 5'3″ and wear a size 14 in most mall brands, a 16 in higher-end labels. With Chico's I am consistently a size 2 and everything you see here is a size 2 Regular except for the duster jacket, which is a 2 petite and the skort which is a 2.5.

If I could do it again, I would size down in the jeans and go up one size in the printed wide-leg crops. The jeans are very stretchy and I forgot that unlike other brands, you don't need to size up with white Chico's jeans. The wide-leg crops had a surprisingly straight fit and I didn't have enough room for comfort at my rear and thighs. The Zenergy jacket is a loose fit; if you would like a more tailored look you likely can size down and still find it quite comfortable.

To view these images larger, click any image and a carousel will appear. Use the arrows to scroll through, and then click the “X” in the upper right corner to close it and return to the original screen.

With eight pieces of clothing and a bunch of accessories, I created 12 different looks. I could have created more but if you can't tell from my hair transformation in these photos, the air conditioning in my building wasn't working well and I just had to quit! But a few other ideas:

  • Take the duster and pull to the front like you're going to tie it. Instead, take a hair elastic and cinch all the pieces together. It creates a floral-like detail that looks quite cool. I tried it myself but could not find my elastic at the time of shooting.
  • Consider this duster jacket as a swim coverup! The fabric won't collect sand, it's machine washable, and feels good against the skin.
  • Add a simple black dress to the collection. This one from Chico's Black Label Collection is perfect. Wear the duster jacket open or belted over it, belt the dress, style with heels or even with sneakers. It's supposedly dry clean only but bet it would work well washed on cold on the gentle cycle and line dried!
  • Add a pair of polished black shorts like these from Chico's which I think are a great length and a great fabric that can dress up or down with ease and travels well. The stretch and bounceback is so good with this fabric, you could wear them for more active excursions as well as glamming them up with the duster jacket and metallic sandals.
  • The pants in the same fabric as the shorts are another fave and would go well with this capsule wardrobe, especially if you desire more polished/dressier outfits.
  • Add a white shirt to the mix. Wear open over the black tank and jeans, tie at the waist with the printed pants, tuck into the jeans and add a colorful scarf as a belt, wear untucked over shorts. I'm a fan of Chico's no-iron linen; this tunic would be a good addition (if in doubt size up as it isn't as roomy in the bust and shoulders as the regular shirt).
how to style white jeans
I often add white jeans to my capsule wardrobes because they are so versatile. Same pair, dressed up and down. These white boyfriend jeans are double cuffed on the left, uncuffed on the right.

I love making these capsule wardrobes because they force me to think out of the box and create more style with fewer garments. No need to turn a shirt into a skirt for versatility, a switch of accessories and a modification of styling can go a long way to change up your look.

This capsule is a great example of adding just one or two statement pieces of clothing and/or accessories to wardrobe staples can go a long way. Classic pieces like white jeans and black tanks get a new life with such additions. Y'all know I love Chico's for such pieces, but such pieces can be found at thrift stores and consignment shops, your local street festival, purchased when on travel, maybe inherited from a relative, or maybe you're a sewist or a crafter and can create something similar.

These days, modern fashion means breaking those old dusty style rules. And a big one to break is the archaic idea of not wearing the same look twice. It's not repeating, it's creating a signature style which is oh so chic. Shop slow, shop with thought, consider your life and body and needs now not in the future, and always envision how an item can be styled three ways before adding it to your closet!

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  1. Oh no! This post hit AFTER I left for a two week trip to Europe. Because of a size change, and difficult body shape (don’t we all have that!) I had to start from scratch. Pants from Macy’s Charter Club in white, khaki, navy. Shorts in khaki. Capris in white. Elbow length solid tees in navy, black, white, pink, one striped t, one dressier dotted navy and white blouse and a navy cardigan (never needed with the heat wave). Yes, It did the trick, but…boring, boring, boring. How I wish I’d done better with some zip. The only thing I had that made me smile was the red and white t from Amazon mentioned by Alison ages ago. But, I guess it’s ok that I have this core of basics now and can go look for some fun stuff.

  2. While i like quite a bit of this capsule wardrobe, I feel as though the duster/top combo is a bit of a frumpier print than you would normally choose, and think it is potentially a bit uncool compared to the other looks which are quite ageless. I think print selection is critical when choosing a style which could be potentially run frumpy.
    I do like the white black and blue colour choice, it is very clever as many of your readers would have the basics in these shades.

    1. I think your coment, while you were trying to be helpful, is the kind that can be damaging not just to me but to others who read this, liked the look and then may question themselves. I considered just deleting it but am leaving it because it’s not a mean comment, but a reminder that we all have different tastes and sometimes our tastes change. And sometimes I share looks that may not be my personal fave but may be for others. I chose this because I find the print to actually be very on trend, not based on mall standards but what’s going on with fashion beyond the chain stores and its versatility and the amazing fabric. Some pieces didn’t fit as well as I had hoped for my short curvy frame but I find it refreshing to wear what is fun and these pieces are quite fun while also looking quite luxe in person.

  3. Such a great post—you really are the best at these capsules! You’ve given me so many good ideas over the years for daily wear & packing for travel. I still tend to overpack but at least I’m getting better—ha. I have started shopping at Chicos more because of you; you do a great job of showing us their clothing but also showing how to “not” be frumpy in their clothes. I also wanted to mention belt bags—picked up a Cotapaxi one in an airport last week & wore it daily while on vacation. It was perfect & kept me from taking a purse everywhere. We were mainly outdoors & it really was the perfect accessory. I doubt I would have ever considered it if not for WO. Thank you!

  4. Chico’s has been a favorite of mine for easily 30+ years! I love how you styled that duster & was thinking of wearing it to a summer evening wedding in Georgia with a dress code of “business casual and up”. I am thinking of doing a jumpsuit look alike/column of color underneath using the Chico’s Brigitte ankle pants and matching microfiber tank. Do you think it would look ok with navy or do you think it’s ok to wear black to such a wedding?

  5. I love love love your capsule wardrobes. I pin them, snap pics to my phone, even write ideas down when I’m vacationing (and even when I’m not). I have a basic uniform to wear to work, so I tend to “dress” when I’m off just because I never get a chance to wear nice things. These capsule wardrobes really inspire me – and like others said, I have several core pieces for this one. I’m really eyeing that duster – it replaces the boho chiffony things that were so very popular the last couple of years but I find them a bit too shapeless and rarely wear them. This duster I feel I would wear much more often.
    In a petite, do you notice the difference in the shoulders? You had a wonderful raincoat from Chico’s last year that I ordered in a petite, but I wish I’d gotten a regular, because of my wide shoulders. The raincoat fits, but I’m very aware of the shoulder area if I want to hug someone.
    Also, where did you get that awesome black and gold hook belt??

    1. I wish I got the regular or the larger size because it is snug in the shoulders. And the belt is Chico’s! It’s sold out, but they have had this belt on and off for years. This fall I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring it back. They also carry it in navy/silver but it’s only left in S/M https://bit.ly/3ybKmsK

      1. Thank you so much. My wardrobe is looking so much more polished since I discovered your blog. I appreciate all that you do!

  6. Another pretty capsule. Right now I feel like I sit between a 1 and a 2 at Chicos, but I’ll see what in my closet might work. I’ve got the white jeans and a pair of patterned navy and white pants for starters!

  7. I love blue, black and white together! And I need to get myself into a Chico’s very soon. Great looks all around – I would wear all of these outfits!

  8. That duster is in stock near me and I think I’ll give it a try on! Like other readers, I have white jeans and the black traveler’s pants and a black dress to try with it.

    Love these posts. This one is getting pinned.

  9. Love this capsule! I’m shopping my closet to see what I can mix and match. I know I have many similar pieces though not the same brands or prints. White jeans, black shorts, and black tank dress will be the starter pieces. Thanks for the ideas. I really like the duster belted.

  10. How beautiful. I love blue and white! And PS, any readers who join me in loving blue and white might like the Company Store’s cotton voile sleepwear. There’s a blue and white print so similar to this, I thought you were going to show us how to wear sleepwear as day wear, LOL!

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