The 2023 Color Trend You’ll See Everywhere

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green for spring 2023 will be a hot fashion trend my picks by wardrobe oxygen

This weekend I went to the mall and saw a major color trend taking place across multiple retailers: green for spring. I also see plenty of green at online retailers and on the runways. After so many seasons of neutrals, it's thrilling to see bright colors like this springy green showing up at retailers. While Kelly green was most popular, I also saw emerald, apple, leaf, and spring shades of green.

Expect plenty of green for spring (and beyond). In 2022, many designer collections incorporated Kelly green and neon green. From Christian Siriano to Versace, Tanya Taylor to Botega Veneta (which IMO really made green the color right now). Everyone who has seen The Devil Wears Prada (or at least this clip) knows what is on the runways trickles down to retail. Retailers have had time to respond to the runways and this spring and summer you'll see their translation of high-end looks.

Green for Spring: From Runway to Retail

pantone colors spring 2023
The Pantone Spring/Summer 2023 New York Fashion Week Color Palette

Pantone has a Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week palette for Spring 2023 and Classic Green is in it, along with Lovebird which is a bright yellow-green, almost fluorescent, which you will also see plenty of this year, but for most will be better as an accent color. But Classic Green, Kelly Green, and bright clear shades of green are wearable for work, weekend, special occasions, and accent pieces to update your existing closet. If this feels familiar; green was also a big color in 2013.

kelly green spring 2023 trend

striped sweater (XXS-XL) | malachite ring | suede low pumps/flats | short-sleeved sweater (XS-XL) | structured handbag | cropped jacket (2-20/22) | hobo-style bag | heeled sandals (wide widths available) | oversized cashmere wrap | reading glasses | belt (XXS-XXL) | sweater dress (XS-XL) | ponte pants (00-24 + petite & tall) | cocktail ring | striped top (XXS-XL)


green for summer 2023

Top Row: linen jumpsuit (2-14) | sleeveless a-line midi dress (2-12) | striped caftan (XS-XL) | sleeveless shell (XXS-XXL) and matching skirt (00-16) | sleeveless wrap dress (1X-3X; link to XS-XL + petite & tall)
Bottom Row: linen blend shirt (XS-4X + petite & tall) | striped big shirt (XXS-XXL + petite & tall) | button-front shirtdress (12-28) | printed jumpsuit (XXS-3X + petite & tall)


green dresses spring 2023

Top Row: printed sweater dress (XXS-XL) | sleeveless ballet dress (XS-4X) | spotted sleeveless midi dress (2-22) | tweed shift dress (00-18 & petite) | mock-neck sweater dress (XXS-XL)
Bottom Row: halter neck dress (2-16) | jacquard maxi dress (XXS-3X & petite) | floral caftan (XS-3X) | v-neck sweater dress (2-20/22 & petite) | printed shirtdress (XXS-XXL & petite)


green suit women 2023

Top Row: green blazer (0-20) and pants (0-20) | green cropped pants (00-14 & petite) | green dress (00-18 & petite) | green pants (0-20) with forest silk twill blouse (XS-XL)
Bottom Row: green blazer (000-24 + petite & tall) and pants (00-16) | darker green blazer (XXS-XXL) and pants (1-14) and vest (XXS-XXL) | green cropped blazer (S-XL)


green accessories for spring 2023

dress (1-3) | mesh bag | flats | silk scarf | stripe sweater (XXS-XXL) | sling bag | canvas tote | watch | earrings | sunglasses | sneakers | crossbody bag | bathing suit (10-20)


Green for spring doesn't have to be the focal point of your ensemble. Green can be an accent, and makes for a perfect “pop of color.” As you may use red, consider trying green. This season, you will see greens mixed together (forest with emerald, kelly with celadon, etc.), but green will also be with shades of blue (especially periwinkle and navy) and other brights (highlighter yellow, hot pink, and cerulean for example).

While Viva Magenta is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2023, don't be surprised to see far more of the NYFW colors above at stores, on runways, and on style setters. And as always, you don't need to incorporate a single current trend to look stylish. Fashion now is fluid and the chicest look you can wear is one that makes you feel great. Are you feeling green for spring?

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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    1. Cute shirt!
      – I’d tie it at the waist with jeans or white or khaki pants. A relaxed/boyfriend fit or a wide leg
      – I’d wear it open over a white tank with drawstring linen pants, the sleeves rolled up
      – I’d roll up the sleeves, no buttoning, and just tie over a sundress. Chambray, a neutral, or a color (berry, navy, darker green, purple, etc.)
      – Wear it under a white or khaki vest
      – Style under a white or pale blue linen blazer with jeans

  1. I had a perfect green leather purse many years ago. I don’t know what happened to it with my many moves. I wish I had it now. The only purse that I could find that somewhat resembled it is $500.

  2. I especially like the green striped caftan but $233 for rayon is to expensive for me. If it were silk, OK, I’d pay that much for it.

    Greens, blues, beiges, whites are my favorites.

    1. I’ve been thinking about the green striped kaftan. I would like a 100% cotton or rayon kaftan. So far all I have been able to find are the junky, cheap low quality kaftans on Amazon or the expensive, gorgeous, fine quality, hand beaded kaftans from the Middle East. Is there something in between? How about a cotton or rayon decent quality kaftan for $75-$125? Is there such a critter?

  3. Would love to see you make a capsule wardrobe with these colors. While I love green in theory I always feel like Kermit when I try to wear anything other than a dark forest green as a neutral.

  4. I love these greens and can easily wear them. I have a great bag from years ago in Kelly green along with a couple of broaches. I used to have a green blazer, but it was donated at some point. I’d like to get one piece of clothing — a blouse or a blazer — in green. The linen shirt at Old Navy might be nice!

  5. I just shopped in my closet and found a green top from Chicos that I’ve never even worn. Score!

    I have to be careful with green because only emerald green agrees with my coloring, but I do like pops of green. I have a great necklace I got years ago at a Talbots outlet that is multi strands of bright green, navy, and silver beads and I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it. Hubby also got me some green and clear crystal earrings for Christmas from Draper James. So I think I’m set. Only thing I loved was the sweater dress, but not $795 worth of love!

  6. Those gorgeous green suede pumps also come in magenta! Unfortunately, they’re not carried in my size — 41. I’m wondering, is Nordstrom carrying fewer large size shoes (11 and up) and clothes (16 and up), or is it my imagination? Years ago, when Nordstrom was just starting out in Seattle, their specialty was hard to find shoes!

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