How to Rock the New Pop of Color: Fuchsia, Magenta, and Berry Tones

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Valentino started it this past spring with an electrifying hot pink that verged on neon. Worn from head to toe, it was seen on all the hottest celebs all summer long. At the same time photos from the set of the upcoming Barbie live-action movie were leaked showing Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling rocking that iconic bright Barbie pink. This fall and winter, retailers are showcasing shades of pink, fuchsia, berry, orchid, and electric lilac. Pantone just released 2023's Color of the Year: Viva Magenta, which fits perfectly into this theme of the new pop of color.

how to style pantone color of the year 2023

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Top row, left to right: button-detail turtleneck (XS-XL) | mock neck (1X-3X; link for misses) | chunky turtleneck (XS-XXL) | cut-out neckline (12-22)
Bottom row, left to right: off the shoulder (XS-XXL) | balloon sleeve (4/6-20/22) | Fair Isle print (XXS-XXL & petite) | cableknit (XS-XXL)

Pops of color is nothing new, it has always been a way to add interest, color, and personality to any look. For years, red was the quintessential pop of color, added with bold lipstick, an accessory like a bag or hat, a belt or shoes, or a single garment in a multi-piece ensemble. But each year, that pop is a different color – a neon yellow, coral, cerulean, canary, and yes many different shades of pink, fuchsia, and berry.

outfit 1

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blouse | pants | cardigan | lipstick | bag | earrings | shoes

What is new is how this current pop of color is being styled. It's not with crisp black or white, it's not being blocked with similar shades like orange and red, and it's not being stuck with denim, navy, or gray. Just like Pantone showed when introducing Viva Magenta, these berry tones are being styled with soft dusty pastels.

Essentially, all those sad beige colors from the pandemic that I have ranted about in the past have gotten a glow-up by being styled with intense pinks, purples, and berry tones. And you know what? I'm not mad at it.

viva magenta coat how to style

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Top row, left to right: textured wool double-breasted coat (XXS-XL & petites) | belted single-breasted coat (/2-14/16) | belted longline coat (XS-L) | wool blend city coat (00-24 & petite)
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That doesn't mean you can't rock fuchsia with coral, berry with black, or Viva Magenta with gray. It just means to create a new effect for your wardrobe and possibly give a new life to those earth-colored pieces you've bought over the past two years, consider adding a pop of pink or purple.

If the idea of beige, celadon, or dogwood makes you shudder, you can go darker but the key is this unexpected color mix. Consider rust or khaki, mustard or olive, terracotta or brown. Instead of black shoes, try alabaster, or camel, or cream.

outfit 2

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sweater | bag | boots | lipcolor | eyeshadow | earrings | skirt

As someone who has always loved cool, crisp, and black as the base of her closet I swore I would never like such a combination. But lately, it feels fresh, modern, and a good update to my closet. These boots in alabaster have been worn more than I ever thought I'd wear them; I find them the perfect height shaft for midi skirts, buttery soft enough to stretch to fit my thicker ankles and shins, the wedge heel a walkable height, and they look cool with skinnier pants or peeking out of wider leg openings.

This is not to say the only way to wear such colors is with pastels. Seriously, wear these colors any way you like. I've worn them with black, I've worn them with jeans, I've colorblocked with other bold hues. Fashion is fluid these days, you can wear whatever the heck you want. But this combination may be possible with what you already own in your closet and may give a fresh perspective on your wardrobe.

outfit 3

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dress | boots | lipstick | sweater | earrings | bag

I'm all about trying something new, especially if it's when you're shopping your own closet or buying a single item that will give new life to so much you already possess. And as grown-ass women, we have earned the right to be creative with our wardrobes, make more style with less, and break a few rules!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I’ve been admiring the first coat in the bottom row and it’s sold out at QVC, but Noize still has it on its website at sizes up to Large (12-14). While it is final sale, I took a chance and hope the folks saying it’s true to size are right, as some said top it ran small and others said it ran large! Also, it is not wool—it is “vegan wool,” which is polyester. I wish vegan clothing would just call it what it is, as to me there’s no such thing as vegan wool or vegan leather and it gets confusing. It’s vegan wool-like or vegan leather-like.

  2. I have a menswear-inspired personal style, so this colour is way too feminine-coded for me. When normcore guys start wearing it — which I’m guessing is when hell freezes over — then I’ll consider it.

  3. As a deep autumn, I wear this color all the time! I LOVE IT! So excited I’m going to be seeing it everywhere, and then trickle down to my favorite place to shop…Clothes Mentor!

    1. Interesting – I thought this colour WOULDN’T suit my DA colouring because it isn’t warm enough! More suited to winter types?

  4. Perfect timing! During a Black Friday sale, the price on the M M Lafleur Zhou culottes finally dropped enough for me to justify the purchase, and I bought them in the pink, which just flirts with purple. Going to experiment with colors other than black, navy and grey!

  5. The timing is perfect, as I am getting a new winter coat from Lands End in a gorgeous fuchsia. I love this color on a regular basis; really appreciate the styling tips, thank you!

  6. I too, need warm colors with my skin tone. So I don’t get fuchsia near my face, but I remember wearing the hell out of my fuchsia tights in junior high! Yes, we can put it somewhere in our lives!

  7. I love, love magenta, fuchsia, and orchid! Wearing it with camel or olive looks adventurous.
    Thank you for this post!

  8. You need that Fair-Isle sweater with the red pattern.
    When I saw that I thought – is she going to pair that with her red pants???

    I love those cooler shades. This past year has been a dud for me with all those warm brown/nude shades that do absolutely nothing for my fair/ruddy complexion. The only way I’d wear any camel shades would be paired with magenta as you so helpfully showed.

  9. These tones are hard for me to wear because so many of the clothing available in “the pop” are in cooler blue-based shaded. I might try it if I find something with a warmer, more yellow-based tone. I had initially been thinking about how awful I’d look with wearing something of the pop with black. Shudder. I hadn’t thought of wearing these colors with olive or other non-beige neutrals. It also occurs to me that an accessory, like a bag for example, would be a fun way to partake in the trend without having magenta near my face.

    1. I look horrible in orange, but I love the color. One of my favorite purchases has been an orange leather clutch — it’s never near my face, but it makes me so happy to see it in my hand. Maybe a magenta clutch?! Love!

  10. This is a trend that I will have to admire from the sidelines. Fuschia/magenta is one of those colors that make me look ill. But if it works for others, I say go for it and have fun!

  11. I recently spent 9 months trying to find fuchsia/magenta low-heeled mother-of-the-bride shoes. I gave up and wore silver. Who knew I was so ahead of my time, LOL.

  12. I bought a Lands End puffer you recommended recently in a fuschia! I’m excited to finally have a popular statement color that looks good on my vampire self.

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