It’s Sweater over Sweater Season

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M.M.LaFlaur Snyder Jacket Review

We live in a house built in the 1940's and try to be energy efficient so this time of year we're accustomed to wearing multiple layers and even hats indoors to stay comfortable. But this year, we're spending more time outside even as it's getting colder and I'm finding myself styling outfits that are not just layers, but layers of sweaters over sweaters and this look is a variation of my winter uniform.

Sweater over Sweater Weather

Turtleneck: Universal Standard (XS, previously seen here) | Jeans: Flare Jeans c/o Talbots (14 petite, previously seen here) | Cardigan: Snyder Jacket c/o M.M.LaFleur (M/L, previously seen here) | Boots: Kamryn Ankle Boot c/o Vionic | Bag: The Medolla Medium Saddle Bag c/o Maxwell Scott (previously seen here)

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I wore this look yesterday when my daughter and I did our weekly visit to see my mom. We are in a quarantine bubble with her and my sister; we all live in the same city and have been super careful with activities to ensure we keep one another healthy.

mm la fleur snyder jacket

Every weekend we go to my mom's house to hang out for a couple of hours. We love spending it on her screened-in-porch even when it's chilly so I dressed for the weather with a sweater on sweater.

TBH I also brought the ruana seen in this outfit post as well for extra warmth. Ruanas are great because they can double as a lap blanket or even a pashmina/scarf, and the colors matched my outfit so nicely! This ruana is no longer available but I found some other ones linked below:

The cardigan is the M.M.LaFleur Snyder Jacket I wore in this blog post. I love this jacket and wear it multiple times a week.

sweater over sweater weather

The turtleneck is merino and a favorite because it fits well (neck not too tight, body trim but not fitted) and the gray goes with so much. Unfortunately, it's only available in limited sizes and colors at Universal Standard. This one looks like a good alternative and while it comes in many colors it doesn't come in gray.

maxwell scott medolla bag

The jeans are the same one from Talbots I wore in this blog post. They continue to be a favorite; I like the high rise, that they don't stretch out yet are comfy, and the length is perfect for boots.

vionic kamryn ankle bootie

Speaking of boots, Vionic recently sent me these and I love them. If your feet have been hurting from wearing flat slippers and socks, you may be craving a shoe with good support. Vionic is so good for arch support and comfort. These boots come in a variety of colors and finished and are not only waterproof but also have a waterproof zipper. They were also comfortable straight out of the box – no hot spots or blisters or the need to break them in!

Shop the Post:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Interesting about wearing slippers hurting your feet. I have been barefoot/in slippers since March and my feet have never felt better.

    1. I have plantar fasciitis and find that all day barefoot feels great , but flats/slippers feel wretched. It’s a bit of a mystery — I assume that minimal shoes affect my foot position without providing support? So it’s all or nothing for me!

  2. That’s a great outfit & seems perfect for when you want to be warm but don’t feel like wearing a coat. I wanted to say how much I appreciate your frequently sharing with us about your family bubble. So many areas around the country continue to suffer greatly with Covid & is because people are not taking it seriously. My own small southern state is in very bad shape right now & I find it maddening to try to constantly remain vigilant & careful, knowing others are not doing the same. So thank you for letting us know that you do take it seriously & have not stopped taking precautions. Maybe someone will read a post & it will remind them that we must still be extremely careful.

  3. You look amazing as always! I swear by a Vionic boot and sneakers for feel good feet. I will check out this boot you are wearing.
    Stay warm!!

  4. I’m really interested to see you writing this, because I have looked at a lot of your outfit posts and thought ‘she is just wearing a thin top’ or even ‘she is wearing a thin sweater with nothing underneath it’. I wondered if you always had your heating up high, because for me, that is not wearable from September to April. My minimum in damp UK is two layers ( shirt and sweater) at home, and sometimes a third layer. Although I haven’t been driven to a hat yet (I slept in one once in a former home when it was minus 5C indoors at night!!). Glad to see you are not that different. PS I was out with my personal trainer this morning. We meet in a park now, starting as it begins to get light at 7.15. Temperature just above freezing, and foggy. I was wearing full-length leggings over long johns, long woolly socks, trainers, three layers on top, headband and thermal gloves. It does take a while to get dressed/ undressed!

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