Talbots Friends and Family Sale: 36 Of the Best Buys

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Talbots Friends and Family Sale picks from Wardrobe Oxygen

The Talbots Friends and Family sale is here and this is a sale you do NOT want to miss! This sale gives you 30% off your entire purchase and I gotta tell you, the Talbots New Arrivals are so good! If you think Talbots is only one aesthetic you need to take another look. Amazing sweaters, great-fitting jeans in on-trend washes and silhouettes, fabulous coats, and a wonderful selection of occasion pieces perfect for the coming holidays. You know I am a fan of Talbots; I totally will be taking advantage of this sale and want to show you what caught my eye:

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My Picks from the Talbots Friends and Family Sale


Shop the Collage:

red and black plaid shacket | black wool jacket | striped turtleneck
corduroy straight leg jeans | tweed puffer vest | plaid a-line skirt
plaid open front cardigan | red Fair Isle sweater | black hooded puffer poncho

Get the refined outdoors chic style at 30% off during this Talbots Friends and Family sale! While I'm normally not one to wear plaid, corduroy, and flannel; this selection is really drawing me in. In fact, don't be surprised to see me in that red plaid shacket, red Fair Isle print sweater, striped turtleneck, cords, or that awesome puffer poncho in the near future!


Shop the Collage:

plaid scarf | black Fair Isle sweater | zip-neck sweater dress
ivory moto jacket | brown wedge tall boots | Breton stripe sweater
faux shearling teddy coat | plaid loafers | black Fair Isle sweater dress

This season I'm embracing camel and ivory, even though they are colors I don't usually wear. For some reason, they feel luxe, especially when in textured fabric like faux shearling, cashmere, leather, and tweed. And these black Fair Isle pieces really pop and will be closet classics year after year!


Shop the Collage:

pink cashmere half-zip sweater | ivory cashmere “Audrey” sweater | gray jeans
gray cashmere turtleneck | pink wool blend coat | ivory sherpa half-zip pullover
gray boucle coat | ivory velveteen jeans | pink velveteen blazer

As I mentioned in my fall trends for grown women post, pastels are a big thing this season. Shades of pink, ivory, and soft gray look great mixed and matched and also styled with darker neutrals and jewel tones. It feels fresh to complement the darker days of the year with softer, brighter colors.

t4 1

Shop the Collage:

black lace dress | red lace short sleeve dress | black sheer sleeve dress
red lace pants | black sheer sleeve blouse | red pumps
black ponte dress with sparkly neck | red taffeta skirt | black lady tux

The holidays are around the corner and every year, I am impressed by Talbots' winter occasion selection. In celebration of their 75th anniversary, there is a lot of Talbots Red in the collection, which I personally adore. I am loving the lace pieces, which work year-round but feel festive now.


Shop the Collage:

pink cashmere turtleneck | green cashmere v-neck | striped cashmere sweater
red blazer with jeweled buttons | turquoise wool boucle coat | orange zip-neck pullover
turquoise stripe button detail turtleneck | pink Hampshire pants | turquoise colorblock mockneck pullover

You know I love color, and Talbots has fabulous bright, saturated colors. From Hampshire pants which dress up and down with ease to the retailer's iconic cashmere sweaters, Talbots always offers beautiful color for work, for play, and beyond. Know the majority of the items in this collage and other collages come in more colors than I featured!

There are many many more wonderful items at Talbots this season and everything is part of the Friends and Family sale.  If you make a purchase, do share in the comments.  And if you own any of these pieces please share your review, positive or negative, to help the rest of us make smart purchases!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Very tempted by their jeans, since they are available in petite lengths (just found out that Abercrombie & Fitch offers short and extra-short lengths for jeans — unbeatable!). To folks who’ve tried Talbots jeans — what’s the quality? Do they hold up? Don’t stretch out too much over a day-ling wear? I know Talbots is known for good quality and durability, but wanted to know how it translates in jeans. Have had bad experiences with Ann Taylor & Loft jeans before.

    1. Talbots is one of my favorite places for jeans. I find the quality really good – heavy, just the right amount of stretch, great bounceback, consistent fit, on trend but not trendy washes and cuts. And the indigo jeans stay dark for YEARS even if you end up putting them in the dryer.

  2. Through all the changes my body has made over the last 10 years, I have found Talbots to work for me most of the time. Their clothes are made for grown women and I consider their styles more classic than stodgy. I used to live close to an outlet here in MA but they closed it—drat! But I’ll look through your suggestions and I’m sure at least a few of them will end up in my closet!

  3. Thank you for an informative post. Love to read and see what fashion you are sharing since we seem to be a similar size and shape.
    I have been a Talbots shopper since we returned from England in 1984. Love their clothing! At least here in Ohio, there are several of their outlets and I have had good success there, too. The outlet prices are good, and many times the merchandise is still current. (How about a silk jacket, originally $225, for $12? That was a few years ago, however.)

  4. Everything I buy from Talbots has lasted 7 to 12 years and more! They are are timeless classics.; you are right about keeping things updated by how you style it.

  5. I love the teal lady coat from Talbot’s that you have. Apparently a lot of other people do too, I wouldn’t be able to order it in my size. I will keep an eye out if Talbot’s re-stock it.

    I’m a big proponent of Talbot’s cashmere sweaters too, I’ve got at least three of them in different styles. My problem with cashmere sweaters are tiny little holes where my cats have scratched them in the past, now I just wear same color camisoles underneath. I’ve got some sweaters that go back a decade! Sometimes when I’m thrifting I check the men’s sweaters to see if there’s any cashmere hiding there.

  6. As a long time reader, but rarely poster, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your site. Yours is always top of my list for your honesty, humor and candor. I am a big fan!
    Thanks for the Talbots sale info, just went over there to finally find a coat that I loved. Somehow Talbots was off my radar, but I found many things that I loved.

  7. My mother and I each ordered two cashmeres sweaters last year when Talbots was having a sale. My two are v-necks. I was so disappointed in the quality. The fit was nice and not too tight under the armpits and the colors were great. Unfortunately, these sweaters pilled like crazy! My mother had the same problem.

  8. I really appreciate your turning my attention to Talbots as I had not shopped there in a number of years. I have a very short rise and the vast majority of pants come up way too high in the front on me. So I am pretty delighted to have discovered the Talbots petite plus. I was lucky enough to get several pairs of their summer pants on sale at the end of the season – the crops and the skimmers. Both highly recommended.

  9. The Buffalo Plaid skirt is good. With the cotton/metallic material it would be festive, but casual.
    I could see that with a white or silver vest. I would consider shortening it to boot length, I’m not really a long skirt person.

  10. I really want that turtleneck, but I have a short neck and have a hard time finding t-necks that don’t have “too much” fabric so that the fold looks right! I wish stores would give dimensions on the neck material, too, though I’m sure that’s a crazy pipe dream. 🙂

    1. Right? I have returned so many turtlenecks that are trying to strangle me or eat my head! Not all turtlenecks are created equal, and petite people (or petite necks) need less fabric!

  11. Great post on a great store! I’ve been a Talbots regular for decades. Their quality and timelessness just can’t be beaten at the price point. Speaking of which, to the reader who thinks they can’t afford Talbots, they have sales that definitely help in that regard and when you have something hanging in your closet that looks as good now as it did when it was purchased almost 20 years ago as I do, it’s worth the money. It’s definitely not fast fashion, and that’s a great thing! Talbots clothes are classics that will be worn over and over.

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