The Tanya Taylor Sale You Don’t Want to Miss

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Tanya Taylor is a newer brand to me. Always admiring the clothes, I didn't know if the clothes would fit me. I've experienced plenty of “extended size” fashion brands that don't seem to know what to do with bodies that wear more than a size 12. Too straight, sleeves too long, weird fit. But I now own several pieces from Tanya Taylor and find the quality stellar and the fit quite great too. And this Tanya Taylor sale is a great time to try out the brand.

As mentioned, Tanya Taylor is not cheap. But as someone who is sick of buying mediocre polyester dresses from department stores that I hate by the end of the season, I am looking for pieces that fit, are well made, quality fabrics, but aren't boring. And that's why I keep gravitating to Tanya Taylor.

The Tanya Taylor Sale You Don't Want to Miss

Tell Me About Tanya Taylor

We've become used to apparel brands having the names of women but actually being a creation by some dudes in a conference room in some office building. However, Tanya Taylor is an actual human. Tanya Taylor is a Canadian who received her Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from McGill University, did a summer at Central Saint Martins, and is a graduate of the AAS Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design. Taylor started her eponymous fashion brand in 2012 and is currently the CEO and Creative Director of the brand.

Not afraid of speaking up, Taylor has used her brand to encourage US residents to register to vote, to promote a nonprofit she is a part of that helps low income Toronto parents, visit the White House in honor of Women's History Month, and donate product, proceeds, and time to many important organizations.

Tanya Taylor Willow dress
Wearing the Tanya Taylor Willow dress in XL

Seen on celebs like Aidy Bryant, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and Kerry Washington, Tanya Taylor is known for feminine yet modern designs incorporating bold colors, beautiful florals and prints hand painted by the Tanya Taylor team, decorative stitching, and my personal favorite, stripes. From work to wedding guest to weekend, Tanya Taylor apparel is upbeat, versatile, timeless, yet never boring or basic.

Tanya Taylor is sold at higher-end department stores and boutiques like Dia & Co, Shopbop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman, but the best selection of size and style, as well as the best prices and sale selection is on the Tanya Taylor site. Shipping is free for orders $250+ and returns have a 30-day window and $9.95 restocking fee. And New Yorkers, stay tuned as Tanya Taylor is opening a standalone store on Madison Avenue this fall!

How Does Tanya Taylor Fit?

Tanya Taylor standard & extended size guide
The Tanya Taylor size chart for her ready to wear collection

All of Tanya Taylor's ready to wear standard line is available in sizes XXS (00) to XL (14). After designing a dress for actress Aidy Bryant to wear to a late night talk show, Tanya Taylor began offering much of the collection in extended sizes 1X (16) to 3X (22). While I am often a 16 in higher-end labels, I am a 14 in Tanya Taylor, which per the size chart is a 40.5″ bust, 33.5″ waist, and 43.5″ hip. I have found sizing consistent across pieces. Tanya Taylor does not offer petite or tall options; product details offer measurements on lengths of pieces to help you find styles that may work with your unique figure.

Tanya Taylor Summer in Style Sale

Now through July 4th, Tanya Taylor is having their Summer in Style sale with some of the best prices all year on clothes to wear now and come fall. Save an additional 30% on every single item at this link with promo code SUMMER30. I own a few pieces part of the sale and wanted to share me in Tanya Taylor as I am not the usual height and shape of models used on their website and social.

Tanya Taylor York dress | The Tanya Taylor Sale
Wearing the Tanya Taylor York dress in 16. This dress is part of the sale. If in doubt, size down. While this fits, I think I would have been even happier with a size 14.

I love my Tanya Taylor dresses because they are elevated statement makers. I don't need to worry about accessorizing or even makeup when wearing them. They garner compliments but aren't ever too flashy or gaudy, and while they look very on trend, they aren't specific to a fashion moment so they still look chic seasons from now.

Tanya Taylor is a bit more feminine than I usually wear. I'll admit, beyond the Willow Dress I'm wearing above and the Charlie Dress I have recommended many times in the past, I didn't know if these types of pieces would fit with my aesthetic and the accessories in my closet. But come summer, I find I really like the romantic feel of a feminine dress, and they're perfect for summer occasions like weddings, showers, and date nights. They look good with heels, but still look dressy when paired with flat sandals.

The Tanya Taylor Sale Picks

Some of my picks from the sale:
top row: pink print dress (other prints available) | yellow dress | stripe dress | black print dress
bottom row: white top and white skirt | striped dress | floral dress (other prints available) | pink dress

I know that Tanya Taylor may not be the pricepoint or aesthetic for all of you. However, I like to draw attention to brands you may not know that offer quality fashion beyond a size 12. And I figured this sale was a great way to try out this brand that I've enjoyed wearing and find carries great clothes for work, special occasions, and elevated casual situations!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. These dresses look better on you than on the website! You’re a good advertisement for them! I do agree about the restocking fee though. At these prices it’s hard to believe there isn’t enough extra in there to cover.

  2. I appreciate that you are always keeping an eye out for us, introducing us to new brands and posting in depth, honest reviews. With Tanya Taylor I believe you that her offerings are high quality. I would be willing to pay the high price if there was something I couldn’t live without. However, the one thing I won’t tolerate is a re-stocking fee. The clothes are already so expensive. Adding on a re-stocking fee also is a slap in the face. If the company must have this, add it to the retail price, don’t a la carte it.

    It reminds me too much of hotels that publish one price on their websites but when you arrive, they surprise you with resort fees, use fees, etc. This happened to me with a conference hotel. There was no indication on the hotel’s website or from the conference organizers about all the extra charges. I was burning hot when I saw the bill. If the hotel wanted $300 a night for a room, say so up front. Don’t advertise the rooms as being $150 a night and then present me with a padded bill.

    Anyway, I consider re-stocking fees in the same category. But at least Tanya Taylor tells you up front.

    Again, I appreciate all your hard work and wonderful writing. There are just some business practices that I will not tolerate.

    1. ITA with restocking fees. Dresses require reasonable fit in shoulders, bust, arms, waist, hip, and length … I wonder if the powers that be in businesses like this have ever gone shopping and had EVERYTHING fit when they go into a fitting room?

  3. I bow to your shopping skills. I checked out the brand after you posted the dress that made you feel like a cupcake. And saw stuff that was nice, but not me. I must have missed this in all the frills & flowers. But I don’t have anyplace to wear this, & as you’ve previously written, I’m not naked.

    The bag from Ann Taylor is genius. Your accessory game is soooo strong. It’s the difference between clothes & an outfit. Teach me your ways, Obi Won.

  4. I was able to try a few of these with a Rent the Runway subscription I had. I loved her dresses as it was so nice to have the offerings of something so well made in my size. ost of her things are a bit beyond my price-point, but I will still look longingly at other website and on the aftermarket sites.

  5. Thanks for featuring this brand–I also am looking for a upscale items to elevate my look…BUT there is a flaw in this brand-and many others.

    If you look at the sizing of the standard sizes -there is 1″-1 1/2″ difference in sizes, But if you don’t fit a size 14 the jump in measurements is 5″ (bust from 40″ to 45″ / waist 33″ to 38″ / hips 43″ to 48″).

    So what about those of us in the middle of the jump with a bust of 42″/waist of 35/hips of 45″? (my actual measurements)

    The only brand I can count on is Talbots for Plus Petite …but I would love to find more to buy in a higher end brand

    1. I have the same issue. I never know if I should buy a size 12 or a 14, because the bust measurements jump so much between the sizes. It makes for a lot of returns. I will say that I’d rather buy something that fits my “generous” chest and have the rest of the garment tailored to fit, rather than wear something that fits everywhere else but is uncomfortable in the bust. I think people should look into finding a good tailor. They’re not all expensive, and if you invest in nice clothing, it’s worth it to have it tailored to fit perfectly.

  6. Thanks for featuring this designer! Even though they’re not within my price range, I really like to know about socially responsible designers. And who knows, I might consider for a special occasion at some point.

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