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I know the content in the past couple of weeks has not been typical for Wardrobe Oxygen. To be honest, most of 2020 hasn't been typical. But if you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know that Wardrobe Oxygen isn't just about what to wear. It's about style, and style goes beyond your closet. Fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it. And how you are as a person, how you interact with the world, how you choose what's in your closet, how you choose to represent yourself is what makes up your style. This is why I have expanded the content on this site over the years to include fitness and wellness, travel and events, beauty and aging.

We are more than our closets.  Style is the combination of what we wear with who we are.

That being said, I want to share a bit of a schedule for Wardrobe Oxygen right now, so you know what to expect. I have lost many followers recently, and gained several new ones and want you all to know what is coming when you click on your email for a new post, open your browser, or visit me from social media.

  • Monday: Mondays from now on will be my personal style. Right now as I am still at home 99% of the time, it will be a compilation post of what I wore recently. I will share a photo of my outfit (often a mirror selfie), details about what I wore (brand, size, etc.) and why I wore it. I will often link to a previous post when I wore the same garment or outfit. I will have links on how to purchase that look; I will only do “similar” links if it truly is a similar choice. When my area begins opening up or when I have a really great look, Monday will be an outfit post like I had before quarantine: several photos of a single outfit, breaking down why I put it together, offering a variety of pieces from different retailers to achieve the look in different sizes, colors, and priceranges.  While I have been posting at 6am ET for Mondays, I cannot commit to that right now because weekends have really been unexpected in recent weeks and I can't be sure I'll have time to build this post by that point.  But it will be live.  Note today is a bit different; my personal style will be on the blog tomorrow because I shared this today. 
  • Wednesday: Wednesday will be fashion, the kind of content Wardrobe Oxygen is known for. Capsule wardrobes, answering readers' fashion questions, discussing trends, style rules, offering advice on style-related issues. This will be a mix of brand new content, and taking posts from the archives and updating them with new perspective, new information, and new brands.  These posts, unless there are extenuating circumstances, will go live at 6am ET.
  • Friday: Friday will be about shopping, retail, sales, and that sort of thing. I had started The Friday Shop and loved the concept, but now with it coming to light that many of our favorite retailers have been taking advantage of Black influencers, have racist practices in their headquarters, and overall not as ethical as portrayed, I am going to stop this series until I can get a better grip of how to share fashion and shopping that represents the style of Wardrobe Oxygen while also representing the ethics of Wardrobe Oxygen. So for now, Fridays will be a mixed bag, but will continue to focus on fashion and shopping.  These posts may also end up being later than 6am ET, but will always be live no later than noon ET.
  • Saturday: Saturday will continue to be Weekend Reads. Weekend Reads starts with me rambling about a random personal thought from the week, then offers a way to help others, then I have the Weekend Reads section where I curate articles from across the internet that I found interesting. Occasionally, there are links to retailers in there too if an item caught my eye. After this, I have a See/Hear/Read section where I share what I am reading, listening to, and watching on TV or streaming apps. I often choose these based on your comments on previous Weekend Reads, kind of like a virtual book club. And then I end each Weekend Read with a new music video of an artist I think you'd enjoy.  These post will never be later than 8am ET and 99% of the time they will go live at 6am ET.

As for Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday… that will vary. Some weeks there may not be content, other weeks I may write all seven days. The content may be about fashion, or it may be one of my outfits, or beauty, or fitness, or wellness, or “woo.” It also may be about politics, or human rights, or the environment, or systemic racism. Since the beginning, Wardrobe Oxygen has focused on fashion, but I have always written about my beliefs. And I will continue to do so. Staying silent is not stylish, and thinking we can “return to normal” after all that has happened in 2020 is tackier than any fashion faux pas.

Anyone who has read Wardrobe Oxygen more than a few months knows this site keeps changing as I change as an individual, the world changes, and the retail landscape changes. Being stagnant isn't stylish, whether it's what you wear or how you think. This site has been growing and changing for 15 years; I am not the same person I was 15 years ago and I can bet you aren't either. I cannot commit to this schedule staying this way for any specific period of time, but it is my goal. I thank you for joining me in this community, I hope together we can learn and grow and through it, become more stylish both through attire and actions.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love that you have been adjusting to the changing conditions. I am very eager to hear what you find out about how ethical various retailers are in the new normal. Your statement – Style is the combination of what we wear with who we are – resonates with me. Keep being you and we are all lucky to be along for the ride.

  2. I have been a loyal reader for many years and will continue to be! I have loved to see your evolution as a person and as a blogger. You are still, BY FAR, my favorite blogger!

    Keep on keeping on using your voice!

  3. Alison- I think you’ve done a beautiful job adapting – not only in 2020 but as your own life has continued to evolve and change over the last 15 years.

    Like someone said above: I’m read or die here! 🙂

  4. My comment is much the same as Clara’s, though I’m writing from Houston. I appreciate your content on more than one level, but my number one reason for appreciating your blog is that you don’t have the perfect tall, willowy body like some other bloggers do, and you embrace it anyway. I can see what clothing looks like on you and more easily envision it as something I could wear with my not-so-perfect body. (I struggled with the wording of that and hope that is not offensive to you or others in any way.)
    Continue to be true to yourself.

  5. I’ll continue to be a reader, just as I have for many years now. As for your political thoughts, I feel like a tiny little blue donut hole in a big red donut where I live. My state is one that is open for business and people are behaving as if a pandemic never existed. Some also believe the recents riots are because of the pandemic (go figure that one !!). I am comforted that there are others out there who feel like I do. Keep on doing what you do!

  6. I’ve enjoyed seeing this blog evolve and grow over time, and look forward to that continuing. One reason I like Wardrobe Oxygen and have stuck with it for a long time is that I feel like I’m chatting with a friend when I visit. And friends talk about all kinds of things, bringing their full selves to the conversation. Keep keeping on, and I’ll be around to keep on with you.

  7. I hope this isn’t insensitive — but how will you continue to make money if you’re not promoting clothing and we’re not buying clothing? If we click on your links for books or articles or music, does that also in some way send money to you? I’m not a blogger, clearly, so I want to be clear on how we can best support you during this time, and in the future.

    1. Not insensitive, a great question!

      Today’s post for example, I link to my clothing and will make affilate revenue from those. For advice posts, I link to products as well. Affiliate links aren’t just for fashion on this site, but books, beauty, even food products. When you click on a link to a retailer, if you buy anything from that retailer, even if I link to a Target dress and you click it but you buy dog food, I make a commission. I have a “where I shop” page with links to brands with affiliate programs, I need to update it but here is the link: https://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/where-i-shop/ going there before you go to your favorite retailer to shop for whatever benefits me.

      Traffic to this actual site benefits me. Just coming here, scrolling through the post, being here long enough to make a comment helps me with ad revenue. Click on images and buttons to visit other pages. The homepage doesn’t make me as much money as actual individual posts like this one because there are the sidebar and in-content ads. If you ever see an offensive ad or one with auto-play audio or any that cover content, let me know. I work with Mediavine that really does a great job letting me tailor the kind of ads on this site.

      Following me on social media platforms, commenting on this blog and social media benefits me because once sponsored campaigns ramp up again, engagement and audience size determine if I am chosen for a paid campaign and how much I am paid.

      Sharing my content. Share my articles on Facebook, Twitter, email. Pin my content on Pinterest and share my pins on Pinterest. Share my content in your IG stories. Suggest my articles when individuals ask for advice in Facebook groups and message boards. The more my name and site is mentioned, the larger my reach, which means more clicks on affiliate links, more ad revenue, and more opportunities and income from paid campaigns.

      These are how to help ANY blogger or influencer, not just me. Plenty of no-spending ways to help any content creator. In fact, these non-paid ways are more valuable than buying the same sweater I’m wearing. You buying that sweater may make me $1.00 at most, but sharing my blog in a Facebook group of 35K individuals could end up having me get 1,000 more pageviews in one day, 10 more Instagram followers, 25 more Facebook followers, and way more than $1 in ad revenue.

      Thank you again for asking and for caring!

  8. Your material is always relevant, interesting and often challenging. I appreciate that as you grow as a person, you invite me to come along for the ride. Yours is one of the very few blogs that I continue to follow. Keep up the good work!

  9. It helps that I agree with you on social issues, but regardless of that I appreciate how you are so thoughtful about your what you post and how to adapt it to everything that’s going on. This new content plan makes sense — for this week at least! Who knows what the world will bring us next week. As we listen and learn, there will be corrections ahead. And that’s a good thing.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t follow anyone who talked only about fashion or beauty. Bring your whole self, I’m here for it!

  10. As a longtime reader I’m going to be delighted to hear about your own style on Mondays. I’ve sighed with relief reading your political/common-sense posts. I get so much out of your weekend reads. And I too encourage you to be more confident about the alternatives you’re exploring – they’re more than woo. Now I’m going to go click on links!!

  11. I too have read since you and the two blogs and there is no other blog I’ve stuck with that long.

    Please above all be kind to yourself and remember you can’t please everyone with everything you post or don’t post. You’re doing your best, far more than most, and I can guarantee someone will still be offended by a brand, a site or store mentioned. You can’t be perfect and you shouldn’t have to bc your readers sure as heck aren’t. Truly, you cannot please everyone.

  12. I would love to see a series of looks look great on video calls! Especially when I am less inclined to wrap up the girls the way I did in the office.

  13. I love your clothing posts. I am definitely on the same page with you politically. I will miss opening the blog M-F and knowing I can find some fresh reading, but I also understand how challenging it is to create new content. I would love to see a series where you take older stuff from your closet and re-style it for now. No brands need be promoted!

    1. A lot of my older stuff is no longer in my closet because my body has changed so drastically as has my style! But I am trying to go through what I did keep and restyle it. For example, today’s post I share a J. Crew striped tee I completely forgot about until my closet cleanout and I styled it with a pair of bronze wide-leg pants, a combo I never would have done before!

  14. “Change is the only constant in life.” Heraclitus of Ephesus, 535 B.C. — 475 B.C.

    Still true. I’m here to be part of your personal and professional evolution. I’m 71, but I’ve got a lot of years left and a lot of learning to do!

  15. Please keep supplying us with some woo along with ethical comments and honest admissions.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for awhile now so I’ve accepted your growth spurts along and along.
    You have my gratitude for telling me “stuff” that otherwise I would not come into contact with.
    You’ve widened my knowledge base and deepened my thoughts about more than one topic.
    Alison, you are a wonder!

  16. I just started reading you this winter so I didn’t have much of a sense of you pre-COVID, but slipped easily into reading you as you seemed like someone I could have as a friend in real life. And then I became so impressed with you over the last several weeks – I had no idea if this was par for the course or if you were newly being more political but I loved the combination of fashion and politics and real life. Quite frankly, it’s even more like being with a friend now. It feels real and honest and vulnerable, and I’m here for it. Thank you, Alison!

  17. Girl, I will always be here, like I have been since before you combined your two blogs! You are a friend, albeit a virtual one! ❤️Melissa

  18. Love your blog and your perspective and your voice!
    As you consider the ethics of various brands, I hope you will reconsider your relationship with Cabi. It’s an MLM, and MLMs target and exploit women, often resulting in devastating financial harm.

    1. THIS Re: Cabi. I’m curious if you will be reevaluating your relationships with the brands with whom you partner?

  19. Please stop referring to alternative/holistic things as ‘woo.’ I have tried to wait to write this until I was no longer incensed and insulted by that term, but my feelings of being belittled and minimalized have not changed. I am a certified aromatherapist and a HHD-a doctor of holistic health. I got my degrees in the 1970s so none of this is a fad for me as it seems to be for you and many of your readers.

    As I have been following your blog for quite a few years, I know you are not an insensitive person so you are probably not aware of how insulting your term is.

    1. I see where you are coming from, it’s the equivalent of people thinking it’s “cute” that I blog. I no longer will use that term when discussing these topics.

  20. The reason that I read your blog consistently is that I like you. I like who you are, that you are genuine, your perspective and your fashion ideas. I like reading what you do and more importantly how you truly put your money where your mouth is. You’ve inspired far more in me than the purchase of a dress or sweater and I am glad that you intend to continue. As someone else mentioned though, I will miss the weekly woo posts. Perhaps when you find something special and worthy of a woo you can fit it in too. Good luck and Happy Anniversary!

  21. Are you still doing the Tuesday live on Instagram with your friend?Thank you too,for WE reads.It is always informative

  22. Pleased to follow you Alison! You need to ‘do you’…and I for one am not afraid of what you. have to say. Carry on!

  23. This all sounds great—even if you end up making changes. I love reading your posts when you talk about real world issues. And you make such a great point—we’ve all changed & grown over the past 15 (or more) years & hopefully, will continue to do so. Thank you for update & hope you have a great week!

  24. I am a long-time reader who seldom comments but always appreciates your content (fashion and other!) This is a time for growth (as individuals and hopefully as a society), and your blog mirrors and supports this growth. I love your style, your humor, your imperfections (and your acknowledgement and acceptance that things aren’t always perfect!) Thank you for this blog, and warm wishes from Northern California.

  25. Thank you as always for your transparency, and I appreciate the focus on anti-racism and social justice woven throughout your content.
    I for one enjoy the “woo” posts! It is nice to read about new things to try without someone promising you they move the earth and cure cancer and replace science.
    And I always enjoy your content on the ethics of fashion and would like to see more reflections or resources on that.

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