A Valentine to My Favorite Fashion Bloggers

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Back in 2012, I wrote this article as a Valentine to my favorite fashion bloggers. Someone recently emailed me to ask which style bloggers I recommend and read myself, and I returned to this post. And I found that 99% of the fashion blogs I recommended in 2012 were now shuttered. I felt it appropriate to update this Valentine for 2024!

My Favorite Fashion Bloggers

In 2024, blogs dedicated to fashion and/or style aren't as common as they were a decade ago. Many of the style-focused bloggers headed to Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where their niche can thrive in a photo- and video-focused environment.

For those of us veteran style and fashion bloggers who did keep a website, many of us have changed our blogs to incorporate multiple contributors and niches. We now often offer beauty, travel, parenthood, books, home decor, and more, along with tips about current trends, capsule wardrobes, and what we wear on a given day.

Below are blogs I still enjoy in 2024 that incorporate fashion into their offerings. They may not be fashion-focused, but they offer style, advice, and content I enjoy time and time again.

Cup of Jo

I know many of you are Cup of Jo fans as well. Joanna Goddard and team have been maintaining Cup of Jo since 2007, and it continues to be a great destination for relatable style and suggestions for reads, watches, travel, motherhood, and more. Come for the content, stay for the community within the comments. And for those wondering, I had the pleasure of meeting Joanna Goddard when we were on the Today Show and she's just as kind and sweet in person!


Angie Cox, the woman behind YouLookFab (known as YLF to fans), is a personal stylist and fashion expert. She really understands style, color, proportion… and unlike many she understands how to make it work on a range of bodies, ages, and personal style aesthetics. With an extremely large and loyal fanbase, the comment section and forum of YouLookFab is a goldmine of supportive advice for style seekers.

The Stripe

I've been reading Grace Atwood's blog, The Stripe, since it was called Stripes & Sequins. Over the past 14 years, the content has changed, but that is expected as women of style like Grace Atwood change, grow, and pivot over the years. The Stripe considers itself a destination for “the stylish bookworm”; you'll find plenty of book reviews, as well as fashion, home decor, art, travel, and living a child-free life on one's own terms.


Since 2008, Kat Griffin has been sharing corporate fashion advice on Corporette that is realistic, relatable, and appropriate. As a litigator at a Wall Street firm, Kat Griffin walked the talk and continues to be the top destination for women who want to look stylish and appropriate at work. Like Cup of Jo, come for the content on Corporette but stay for the very active comment section.

une femme d’un certain âge

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Blakey, the woman behind une femme d’un certain âge, at a blogging conference back in 2017. But Sue and I have been virtual friends since the early 2000's, both being members of a French Chic group on Yahoo. une femme d’un certain âge provides real-life style for women over 50. Mini capsules, color theory, skincare, travel, daily fashion and recommendations for shoes and other accessories are all found at une femme d’un certain âge.

Yards of Happiness

I've known Dana from Yards of Happiness for almost two decades; in fact she wrote a piece (no longer available) on Wardrobe Oxygen back in the 2000's. Now, Dana focuses on knitting and while that is informative and inspiring to fellow knitters, it's also a great destination for colorful, joyful fashion. Dana is not afraid of color, loves pattern, is a college professor, and has the two cutest pups. You don't need to love knitting to love Yards of Happiness. And for a bit more Dana, check out her beauty routine!

Putting Me Together

Audrey Tom of Putting Me Together is an expert in budget-friendly, relatable style and offers visuals along with tips on what shoe with what pants, how to style items multiple ways, and how to tweak your styling to update your look. Since 2011, Audrey has kept improving Putting Me Together and now offers style guides, courses, and products to help you with your own closet. I also got to meet Audrey at a blog conference and she is a delight!

That's Not My Age

Alyson Walsh started That's Not My Age in 2008, and the blog continues to be a fantastic destination for fashion, thought-provoking commentary, and fighting ageism. A UK blog, you may not be able to buy everything featured at That's Not My Age, but you will leave inspired and confident that fashion is for all of us at any age.


Sara Watson is the woman behind LiveLoveSara, a Canadian style blog. Since 2014, Sara Watson has offered style advice and capsule wardrobes and showcased her own outfits, which are creative yet wearable. A personal stylist as well as blogger, LiveLoveSara continues to be a favorite of mine for fantastic finds and unique styling.


I have admired Blair Eadie's style on Atlantic-Pacific since 2010 when she used to take her outfit photos on her building's rooftop. Now a successful influencer, designer, model, and tastemaker, Atlantic-Pacific is a shopping inspiration blog full of color and whimsy, mixing high-end with budget-friendly style. While I may not buy what is being sold, I am always inspired by the mix of colors, patterns, and fresh accessories and styling.

The Mom Edit

If you are a millennial to GenX mom and desire advice on what's cool, where to shop, and how to look chic at school pick-up as well as a date night, check out The Mom Edit. In 2008, Shana Draugelis created a personal blog called “Ain't No Mom Jeans” but over the years evolved it to The Mom Edit with a team of contributors offering fashion, beauty, decor, fitness, gift guides, sale guides, and more.

9to5 Chic

Miss those fashion blogs with beautiful photos of women showing off their daily outfits? Still looking for polished attire appropriate for the workplace or one with a classic aesthetic? Check out Anh Sundstrom's blog 9to5 Chic. Since 2010, Anh Sunstrom has been showcasing her elegant workplace-friendly style. Now collaborating with major brands like M.M.LaFleur, 9to5 Chic is a fashion blog but also a brand associated with tasteful style.

Caralyn Mirand Koch

Caralyn Mirand Koch is younger than I am, and often her style doesn't fit mine, but her blog is a wealth of information for plus size fashion, large bust underpinnings, swimwear, and relatable style for millennials. I appreciate that Caralyn puts in the effort to provide quality content on her blog, details to help readers shop smarter, and tips for the best fit.

Wardrobe Oxygen

How could I list my favorite fashion blogs without listing my own? Since 2005, I have been writing at Wardrobe Oxygen about real-life style for grown-ass women. The blog was originally called “What Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe” and was a place to share my thoughts on style as a previous visual merchandiser, personal shopper, stylist, and retail manager and trainer for various fashion and beauty brands.

Over the past two decades, much like the blogs listed above, Wardrobe Oxygen has changed, evolved, and pivoted. Known for capsule wardrobes, demystifying trends, and plus size options, I am proud of Wardrobe Oxygen. I create what I wish to read, and I hope you enjoy the result!

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  1. This is so timely, Alison! I was just bemoaning how many of my favorite fashion blogs have shuttered. You reminded me of a few and introduced me to new ones. Also? I LOVE that you listed your own. So important that women share when they’re justifiably proud of their contributions. Yay, you!

  2. The only two blogs I read every day are yours and The Stripe. I find it funny bc I don’t really fit either of your style profiles, but the honesty that you and Grace bring to the work keeps me coming back. Whenever I click on links or buy things from one of your posts, I feel sure it’s going to be quality. Thanks for keeping up the conversation!

  3. Thanks for this list update. I read your blog everyday and would love to find any writers who are in the senior age bracket who are plus size fashion/beauty/style etc. writers. You and your daughter are priceless together when you are out to the theatre. Please always share your adventures. Happy belated birthday.

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day! WO is the only blog I read anymore but I find myself wanting to keep an eye on some of these too! How does one do that in 2024?? Do blog readers still exist?

    1. I know many still use Feedly, but I don’t really see that as a tool to find new blogs, just to keep up with the ones you already know. I find the most of my new followers come from Facebook Group recommendations or Google searches.

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