Does the Embr Wave Really Work? My Experience After 2+ Years

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Embr Wave review by Wardrobe Oxygen. An honest unpaid review

My husband isn’t a traditional gift giver. He doesn’t plan, he doesn’t wait, and he never wraps. But when he finds something he thinks is a really good gift for someone, he’s usually right. He buys it, you get it, and you don’t care that it’s three weeks early or still in the shopping bag or shipping box because it’s just such a good gift. For Christmas, he early gifted me an Embr Wave. Spoiler alert, I love it.

I love it so much that I not only wrote this unpaid completely honest Embr Wave review for you in 2020 when I received it as a gift, but when Embr Labs came out with the Embr Wave 2 I got one of those as well! This updated Embr Wave review will focus on the currently-sold Embr Wave 2 that I have owned for over a year but I will also share how it is better than the original, and how I have used the Embr Wave for nearly three years.

I have traveled with the Embr Wave, it has been worn by my husband and my daughter. I find the Embr Wave such great quality we still use our original Embr Wave as well as the upgraded Embr Wave 2. This review focuses on my experience with the Embr Wave and how it helps with perimenopause symptoms like hot flashes (the reason my husband gifted me an Embr Wave in the first place).

An Honest Embr Wave Review After Over 2 Years of Use

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen wearing the rose gold Embr Wave 2 temperature regulating bracelet. She is wearing a blue and white striped Saint James Breton top and gold hoops, her hand on her chin as she looks off camera.
Hi, I'm Alison, and this is me wearing the Embr Wave 2

What is the Embr Wave?

Have you heard of the Embr Wave? I hadn’t until he gave me one. It is a personal temperature-controlling device. Looking an awful lot like an Apple watch or fitness tracker, this is a bracelet that will help you cool or warm your body to be more comfortable.

Hot flashes? Always cold? Struggle to fall asleep? Get overheated when you’re stressed or have migraines? Health issues that affect your internal temperature? The Embr Wave is made for such situations.

How Does the Embr Wave Work?

The Embr Wave warms or cools your skin, triggering your nerves to send a signal to your brain. Your brain naturally processes the thermal sensation. In a matter of seconds, your body balances itself and you feel a difference.

The Embr Wave is worn to be against the inside of your wrist (sort of looks like you’re wearing your smartwatch facing in). Since the inside of your wrist has a very high density of thermoreceptors, you only need the small area that the Embr Wave covers to make an impact on how you feel overall.

The Wave’s thermal sensations, which Embr refers to as Waveforms, are engineered to maximize the feeling you get from each pulse, while also balancing power consumption to allow you to cool or warm longer on a single charge.

Please note the Embr Wave does not change your body temperature. You want your body to be around 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit to be healthy. What the Embr Wave does is change your perception of temperature. 

woman wearing the Embr Wave 2 and holding up her phone where there is a feature to control the Embr Wave when experiencing a hot flash

My Honest Embr Wave Review

Okay, so now my honest Embr Wave review after using this device for well over a year. Because all of this is on the Embr website but why you’re reading this is for my honest thoughts on this product and if it works.

My husband got me the Embr Wave bracelet in rose gold. It is also available in black. I am not your typical rose gold kind of person, but I like this color because it’s lower contrast with my skin tone and for me looks a little less technical than black.

The packaging is nice, a heavyweight box that slides open with the Embr Wave sitting on a molded tray in the center. Think of the sort of packaging for an iPhone or pair of fancy Bluetooth earbuds. It’s very easy to wrap it if you plan to give it as a gift.

Showing how to charge the Embr Wave 2 on the Embr Labs charger
Charging the Embr Wav 2 by connecting it to the charging disc. Two gold bumps on the charging disc match up with a gold spot on the back of the Embr Wave. A magnet will connect the two and a light on the Embr Wave will indicate when the bracelet is fully charged.

The box also includes a quickstart guide and a round disc the color of your watch that is about the size of a silver dollar. This disc is where you place your Embr Wave bracelet to charge. In a compartment in the box, you will find a 3-foot USB-C cord that will connect your charging disc to a USB port. If you desire a longer cord, it's easy to swap out the provided cord with another from Amazon.

The Embr Wave is round about the size and thickness of a smartwatch or fitness tracker. There is a metal mesh strap connected to one side of the Wave, and the other side is a slot that you slip the strap through. The strap keeps itself closed with a magnet.

It’s very easy to put on and adjust the Embr Wave with one hand, even if it’s your non-dominant hand. The strap is also a nice length; my daughter can wear it on her slender wrist and my 6'4″ husband can fit it on his with still plenty of length. Whether you have a small or larger wrist, the Embr Wave should fit.

You want to charge the Embr Wave once you receive it, but it charges quickly. When it is fully charged the button on the side of the device will light up. The charge lasts a long time, two to three days with 15-50 of their cycles. I’ve found it worked for a few cycles during the entire day, all night long, and well into the morning after breakfast before it notified me that it needed a charge.

The Embr Wave App

The Embr Wave has two buttons on the side; a dotted/textured one and a solid one. Tap the solid button to have it warm up, and the dotted button to cool off. However, the best way to appreciate the Embr Wave is to download the app and use that to manage the device.

The app offers a variety of modes that last certain times and have certain waves and you can fine-tune the temperature. You can customize what will happen when you press the buttons on the device – how long it will provide heat or cooling, and at what temperature.

The Embr Wave App
Screenshots from the Embr Wave 2 app show how you can customize your Embr Wave bracelet light options and how the buttons on the side function to deliver heat and cold.

When I first got the Embr Wave I just used the button and that light is SO BRIGHT. I was like, how does one sleep wearing this thing? But then when I used the app, I realized how well I can customize this experience. I can have it bright, dim, discreet, or even with no light showing, and with the app I can switch between these lighting features at any time.

The app is really easy to use, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. It has a virtual slide to adjust the temperature, just like a thermostat in your house. The modes are simple to understand and choose, though the font may be a bit small or light-colored for older eyes.

The app has a demo to guide you through your Embr Wave; how to use it, how to use the modes, and it’s short but truly helpful. As someone who owned the original version of the Embr Wave and the Embr Wave 2 and experienced both apps, I am impressed by how Embr Labs has improved the user experience, and simplified the process, while offering quicker and more customizable heating and cooling.

How Does the Embr Wave Feel?

While you can get the temperature cool or hot enough to be uncomfortable, in general, the feeling is equal to holding an ice-cold glass of water or a steaming mug of tea. It goes through waves so it’s not a consistent blast of warmth or cold, and those waves are purposeful so you get the all-over temperature change feeling with less time and energy.

This will not make you feel cozy in a bikini in the snow or comfortable in a turtleneck sweater at the beach. The Embr Wave only changes the way you feel by a couple of degrees.  Just that bit that makes things more comfortable.

Using the Embr Wave to Manage Stress

Take, for example, decorating the Christmas tree, which we did soon after receiving my Embr Wave gift. It was a warm day, so warm we had the windows open. My kid wanted us to wear our matching plaid flannel pajamas and Santa hats during it. Mariah Carey is singing over and over that all she wants for Christmas is me as my husband and I cart down the 6’ prelit tree and two heavy Rubbermaid totes of decorations from the attic.

I wiggled all the tree parts together to find the prelit feature and decided to stop working. I went back in the attic to look for lights, lots of crawling under the tree to test these lights in the extension cord all while wearing a full face of makeup, flannel from neck to toe, and a faux fur hat matting my curls to my brow.

Embr Wave App interface
A screenshot from the Embr Wave 2 app. I chose to focus on stress, then chose a cold drink. Within the app, I can control the temperature level and length of my cooling session.

I was darn glad to have my Embr Wave. When I was under that tree and ready to blow a gasket, I tapped that dotted button to get a blast of coolness to chill me out literally and figuratively. It helped calm me and cool me off enough to get up from the ground with the lights that also didn’t work and calmly ask my husband to check the tool shed before I headed to Target in my pajamas.

I think many can relate to such situations when you’re just so annoyed and the annoyance snowball keeps growing and you’re already warm and maybe you’re also going through perimenopause and you feel a bit like a tea kettle ready to whistle. I appreciated the Embr Wave for keeping me from getting boiling.

Using the Embr Wave for Hot Weather

Another occasion made it great that I now own more than one Embr Wave. We rented a house at the beach, and there was no A/C and the bedroom ceiling fan stopped working. Even with the windows open, the air was stifling, thick, and hot. My husband and I each donned an Embr Wave and within minutes the experience was far more comfortable and we slept soundly. Without the Embr Wave bracelets, I know we would have been angrily tossing and turning all night.

Image of a woman sleeping in a bed, on her right wrist is a rose gold Embr Wave 2
This is not me, but it feels like me when I wear the Embr Wave to sleep!

Does the Embr Wave Help with Sleep?

I also like the Embr Wave for sleeping. I am so cold when I first get in bed, but often, around 1 a.m., I wake up in a pool of sweat. What I’ve been doing is using the Warming Fall Asleep Preset Mode, which is 35 minutes of gentle, long waves of warm waves that I find help lull me to sleep. This mode ensures the button on the device isn’t illuminated.

Since the Embr Wave has an auto-shutoff, I don’t experience that heat all night. If I am still awake when the mode shuts off, I turn on the all-night cooling mode. If I don’t and wake up hot, I’ll use the button on the face of the Embr Wave for a quick shot of cool and then use the app to set a mode for the rest of the evening. When spring arrives I will be using the cooling feature for sleep far more often.

Embr Wave For Hot Flashes and Perimenopause

During a hot flash, your brain acts upon a false signal that it needs to expel excess heat from your body. Research shows that immediate stimulation with cool sensations (like an ice cube or Embr) before or during a hot flash can reduce its overall intensity and/or duration. It can also reduce hot flash stress.

A pilot study with Johnson & Johnson showed that wearing the Embr Wave bracelet reduced hot Flash-Related Daily Interference by 16% for daytime hot flashes. A second study showed that wearing the Embr Wave reduced sleep onset latency by 28% and increased nighttime sleep.

hot flash relief
Screenshots from the Embr Wave 2 app show how to create sessions to cool off during a hot flash.

I am perimenopausal and have experienced hot flashes. The other day I had one and was glad I was wearing my Embr Wave bracelet. I didn’t take the time to grab my phone; I just clicked the dotted button on the side a couple of times and immediately got a wave of cold on my wrist. Within a few seconds, my body began regulating.

What was cool is no one else was the wiser. My Embr Wave was on under my shirt, no one saw me click the button, it was as though everything was normal while I was stopping a hot flash in its tracks.

The Embr Wave has been fantastic for hot flashes while sleeping. I experienced heat and sweat around 3 a.m., which woke me. I can double-tap the dotted button without even opening my eyes or rolling over, and soon, I have a wave of cold that cools my body and helps me quickly get back to sleep.

What's great is turning off the cooling or warming sensation is just as easy. Press the button briefly, and the Embr Wave will shut off.

An updated Embr Wave review after owning the product for over two years by Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen

Is the Embr Wave Comfortable?

Wearing the Embr Wave is as comfortable as wearing a watch or a fitness tracker. Some say the metal mesh band snags arm hair; I haven’t experienced that.

If you get sweaty, you will feel it under the device, just as you would with any bracelet or watch. I do find myself loosening and then re-tightening it throughout the day so it’s not pressed against my skin the whole time.

I read reviews that some had their skin get red from the heat or cool but I have not experienced that. I regularly wear a WHOOP fitness tracker on one wrist and will wear the Embr Wave on my other wrist and experience similar sweat causing a bit of discomfort but otherwise not affected by the item on my wrist.

I also read reviews where individuals found the Embr Wave to get in the way when typing on a laptop and having it accidentally press the touchpad. I am wearing the Embr Wave on my non-dominant wrist while writing this and don’t experience that, but I think that has more to do with your arm/hand position when typing. It would be easy to loosen the band, flip it around when typing, and flip back to the inside of the wrist when you’re finished.

Speaking of which, it’s easy to loosen the band with one hand and not have it slip off. I often loosen my Embr Wave band so it fits more like a bracelet and then just secure it to use the cooling or heating feature. Also, I found this company who makes soft adjustable stretch bracelets compatible with the Embr Wave. I love all the color options!

Is the Embr Wave Customizable?

The Embr Wave at the time of writing this review is available in two colors – rose gold and black. the device as well as the metal mesh wrist strap will be in the same color ordered. However, Embr carries comfort straps and vegan leather straps in a range of colors. Embr also offers comfort cases for your Embr Wave device in rose gold and slate; the comfort case protects your device, offers insulation for your wrist, plus provides additional cooling performance by up to 10%.

I have not tried any of the bands beyond the one that came with my Embr Wave 2, and I have not experienced the comfort case. I also haven't tried these Embr Wave-compatible soft and stretchy bands. If you have tried any of these accessories, please share your experience in the comments!

Is the Embr Wave Customizable?
On my right my left I am wearing the original Embr Wave bracelet. On my left, your right is the Embr Wave 2. You can see the updated Embr Wave 2 looks more elevated, has a smaller footprint, and I find the buttons easier to use. the Embr Wave 2 can also go colder and warmer and has a more intuitive app.

What to Know When Ordering an Embr Wave

  • The Embr Wave is available at several authorized online retailers including Amazon. Embr has specifically partnered with Amazon and often has the Wave bracelet part of Prime Day promotions, and is available for Prime shipping.
  • The Embr Wave is an approved purchase for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) in the Category: Health Supports, Sub-Category: Hot/Cold Therapy. The Embr Wave is not approved for Health Spending Accounts (HSA). To use your FSA, either pay with your FSA credit or debit card or submit your receipt for reimbursement.
  • The Embr Wave also has a one-year limited warranty. If your device stops working or has a defect that Embr isn’t able to troubleshoot, you may be eligible for a free replacement. 
  • Speaking of which, if you scroll through the customer reviews on Amazon and the Embr website, you’ll not only see that they keep them all there (the good, and the occasional bad which I appreciate as many companies sanitize their reviews) but there are many raving over the stellar customer service that Embr provides if you have a question or the off chance you have an issue with your Wave.
  • If you want to know how to use your Embr Wave, the company has made it easy with a small instructional booklet that comes with the Wave, the app tutorial, and many videos showing you how to set up and use your new device and the app.

Are There Any Embr Wave Side Effects?

If you're considering using Embr Wave to manage hot flashes, you may be wondering whether there are any side effects to using this wearable device.

I'm happy to report that Embr Wave is a safe and non-invasive option that uses thermal technology to regulate body temperature and provide relief from hot flashes. However, it's important to note that placing something cool or warm on your skin for an extended period of time could constrict or dilate the blood vessels underneath your skin. This could cause mild irritation and/or redness after extended use, depending on your skin's sensitivity. While this is a rare occurrence, it's always a good idea to monitor your skin's reaction to Embr Wave and discontinue use if you experience any discomfort or irritation.

As always, I recommend checking with your doctor before trying any new product or treatment, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns. With that said, Embr Wave is a great way to feel warmer or cooler and manage hot flashes without any unwanted side effects.

An honest Embr Wave review by Wardrobe Oxygen
Experience the ultimate comfort with Embr Wave – try it now!

I think the Embr Wave is a great product, and I am glad I received it as a gift. I hope you enjoyed this Embr Wave review. I was not paid by Embr Wave to write this and the company does not know I am writing this review. However, I do have affiliate links in the post (click here to learn more about how affiliate links work). All thoughts and words are my own. If you have any questions regarding the Embr Wave feel free to ask them in the comments and I will answer to the best of my ability!

Have you tried the Embr Wave? Do share your thoughts on this Embr Wave review to help potential purchasers of this personal temperature-controlling device!

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  1. I’ve been suffering from hot flashes for over 10 years since my doctor suggested I stop taking HRT. I am now 65 and am so tired of waking up multiple times during the night. What happens to me is that I wake up not feeling hot, but within 5 seconds a hot flash hits me. It’s like my body is waking me up before I even experience the flash. What I am looking for is something that will stop or reduce my constant waking up. If I wake up and hit the button on the Ember, it might stop or reduce the flash, but I am still waking up. Would the all night cooling mode help in this situation? I’m a little concerned about creating a cooling sensation all night long because I tend too feel cold, especially in the winter. Sorry for all the questions. I deeply appreciate your review.

    1. Way more expensive, but I was experiencing what you’re experiencing and got an Eight Sleep mattress cover. I have it set to start cooling in the middle of the night then warm back up. It adjusts to room temperature and my sleep trends. https://eight-sleep.ioym.net/rnM3Pv I also would consider speaking to a NAMS-certified practioner about your hot flashes as HRT has really changed a lot just in the last decade. https://portal.menopause.org/NAMS/NAMS/Directory/Menopause-Practitioner.aspx good luck!

  2. My friend let me try hers on over night. I tend to be highly skeptical of things people claim about “miracle devices”. To my complete surprise I didn’t have any hotflashes or nightsweats while I was wearing it. The hotflashes promptly returned when I gave her back her EmbrWave 2 bracelet. I hope to be able to afford one soon because my hotflashes are severe and very disruptive.

  3. So what your saying is if I put a cold object on a very small part of my body I will become colder all over………… Uh huh sure. Sounds like something made up to make dumb people buy it…….

    1. I get it, Keith, “sciencing” is hard. Go get an ice cube and slap it on your wrist. Hold it there. Do you feel cooler? Bang! Now, maybe don’t be such an asshole next time.

  4. Bought the Wave 2 after your prior recommendation and a friend’s. It’s a game changer. I cannot take HRT and this has vastly improved my sleep and my days – it’s extremely helpful.

    I have very small wrists and find the band loosens annoyingly but seeing there are other band options has me thinking about replacing the original band.

  5. I’m thinking about getting this to manage POTS symptoms include inability to regulate temperature, and severe heat intolerance that impacts daily life greatly. Do you think it will be worth the expenditure, and safe, and likely to help?

    1. Hannah, did you ever get this for your POTS? IF so, did it help?? I’m thinking about getting for my teen daughter who also has it and suffers badly from temperature issues. Thanks!

  6. Thank you so much for your honest review of the Ember Wave. I have Multiple Sclerosis and struggle with heat intolerance. I was very skeptical about this device. I have only been using it for 3 days now and honestly it is worth every penny of the cost! I live in Texas and we are experiencing heat over 100 degrees and I have slept better and felt better the last 3 days than I have in the last 10 years. Thank you so much!!! I will not be going without this magical device!!!

    1. I am thrilled to hear this because this review made me interested but I wasn’t sure it would be useful for MS heat intolerance. I am struggling thanks to MS and dealing with the effects of a full thyroidectomy last year so am going to take the leap. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    2. I also have MS and struggle with heat intolerance. My neurologist said it’s not a symptom of MS, but I feel like it is. I get so overheated I feel sick, almost panicked, and I pretty much have to get to AC in order to cool down and recover. I don’t think this is related to hot flashes because there is a reason I’m getting overheated, it’s hot outside! And I don’t have any other menopause symptoms (yet). I bought the Embr Wave 2 for this reason, so I’m happy to hear you are getting some relief. I dread warm weather every year; I’m hoping this will help! Thank you so much for posting this! Hopefully, my account of this will help others as well.

  7. Thank you for your honest review. I’ve been reading about this new device as I just started my menopause and hate taking pills. But more so for the sleep I’ve been lacking. Hope others appreciate it and give it a try. Costco sells it online also, fyi. Take care.

  8. Do you know if there are any straps that allow it and the Apple watch to be worn on the same wrist? I feel like I’ll be overbalanced with large devices on each hand…

    1. Good question and I don’t know. This is attached to the wrist strap on one side. However, this doesn’t have to be worn all the time. for example, I will wear mine to bed and carry it in my bag to have if a situation arises.

  9. I bought a wave 2 in January based on your earlier review and 10/10 recommended it. I use it mostly for hot flashes and it has rescued my sleep! I’ve been able to figure out the cues for when a flash is starting and get ahead of it using the Wave. On the rare occasions I’ve been cold the warm function has worked like a charm without disrupting anyone else.

    1. I have been using the ember wave 2 for a year now and your review is spot on. It works so well for me. I have a small wrist and the rose colored band fits beautifully. I also adjust it, a little looser and tighten it when I need to use it. I also helps me not to panic when I feel my body temp rising with a flash , worrying I will pass out, because I have passed out from my body not being able to regulate heat in the Summer, and I haven’t since I’ve had my ember wave 2.

  10. Thank you for your review it was great. I have been contemplating purchasing this item for a couple of months. I stopped taking HRT since they cause cancer and went to natural over the counter options, they help with mood swings but night sweats are bad. I can’t wait to get it. I figured there no loss in trying it with a 30 day return option.

  11. Thanks for your honest review. I need for my POTS and autonomic neuropathy. My wrists are tiny. I’m hoping it fits. Wish it strapped on the other two sides, to allow less sticking out.

    Gonna try. Thanks again!

  12. I hv serious hot flashes cold sweats freezing when I get into bed then electricity running up my legs then I combust. Hv been on HRT for many years just wondering if this would get me off HRT. You know what they say if something is to good to be true. My pre menopause @ Menopause was horrific till HRT. Would love to try but sounds like I’m sorry BS for serious symptoms.

    1. I’ve been using my Embr for a few days now, having purchased for my perimenopause hot flashes. Due to medical reasons, I can’t take HRT and have been desperate for SOMETHING that would help ease/shorten/reduce, etc the hot flashes I have about every 15-30 mins during the day and throughout the night.

      I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how effective it’s been. I activate it as soon as I feel a hot flash sparking and it has quashed it within a few seconds. In this situation, I have found the affect to be more immediate if I’m in a comfortable environment temp-wise and might take an extra “hit” or two if I’m outside in really warm weather.

      The second scenario I’ve found it to be highly effective is during sleep. I set it on 8-hr cooling mode and I’ve slept through the night each night (5 nights so far). The only time I’ve awoken w/ a hot flash is when the battery died on the Embr.

      I do find I’m having to charge it a few times a day – have to explore why this is the case; perhaps I’m using it more extensively than the average user???

      So far so good!

  13. Thank you for this review! I received mine today, and you made a great point that influenced my color choice. I went with rose gold and the comfort band because it does blend with my skin tone. I wear a medical ID bracelet (and now the Wave 2) on one wrist and an Apple Watch on the other and like that rose gold doesn’t shout for attention, especially because it’s a relatively large piece of tech.

  14. I am considering buying this because I over sweat all the time but I’ve been working in the medical field a d forced to wear plastic gow s for long periods of time due to covid. Usua6in thirty minutes I am completely soaked from head to toe and I can only change my clothes three times in 8 hours during breaks. When taking off my clothing it is so full of sweat its like it was in the washer without it spinning. I can twist and fill up an entire plastic container with the sweat.
    It’s so so miserable and the last time my facility had covid outbreak it was winter. Now I’ll be going into it again in the August heat where it’s almost 100 degrees daily, no windows open and the air conditioning keeps the building at 90 degrees. I don’t really think the air conditioning exists.
    Do you think this would make my life more bearable? I’m having a break down just thinking about it.

    1. I am so sorry you’re in this situation and thank you for your service during this horrific time. I wore my Embr this week when staying in a poorly ventilated house without a/c. It made sleeping more bearable but I didn’t find it made a drastic difference when I was very active and moving. I still wore it, but I did other things (very cold drinks every hour, passing a cold can of a drink between my hands when possible, wearing one of those cooling neck things (koolgator is one of the brands, not sure what I have) when possible. The Embr does more to psych your body into thinking it’s a couple degrees cooler, but not a drastic difference. I hope you find solutions and am sending you positive vibes. <3

  15. Hi! Just wondering if you’ve continued to use and enjoy your Embr Wave 6+ months later? They are coming out with a new version (Wave 2) and considering buying, but am curious about longevity from both a product quality and consumer perspective. Thanks!

    1. I have! I took it on vacation with me and it was great when we were sleeping in a cabin without A/C. It doesn’t work well outside in humidity, but dry heat and sleeping in warm places it does make things more comfortable. My sister also has hers and keeps using it. Her bracelet’s clasp got wonky; she decided to replace it with one of their other non-metal straps and likes it better. I haven’t had any issues with it working or the strap.

      1. Thanks so much for the quick response! I’d be looking to use it almost exclusively indoors, so I think it sounds like a useful product for me.

  16. Thank you for your informative (and smile-inducing!) review! I just found out about this device just today, and your review gave me all the info I needed to know as a post menopausal woman 🙂

      1. My daughter has Reynods disease which makes her hands and feet very cold. Does anyone have experience with it helping to warm cold hands?

  17. I wish I could use this, especially while working, but having to wear it on my wrist won’t work with my line of work (massage therapist). I’m assuming that is the only placement that really works?

  18. Not that I’m knocking the fact that went into to great detail to describe the Ember Wave, its benefits, ease of use, cost, and how it has worked for you, my favorite part of this entire post was when you mentioned in great detail about your husband and his gift giving techniques. LOL He buys it, doesn’t wrap it and then gives it to you on his terms. So romantic!

  19. How would it work, say, walking around Disney in 90 degree temps with a face mask on? I get so irritable. I find I can’t bear the heat like I used to (grew up in the tropics!).

    1. Reviews I’ve read said it doesn’t work as well outside as it does indoors, but still helps some. I haven’t really tried it outdoors especially for cooling so I am not sure but the customer reviews on the site are extensive and many share how they use the bracelet.

  20. I’ve been looking at buying this. Perimenopausal and miserable. However I wear and apple watch on my right wrist and so I’m not sure if I can stand something like that on both wrists. Also think it will drive me nuts on the laptop I use all day….

    1. I have horrible hot flashes on and off because of endocrine disrupting medication. The Embr Wave has been a great help. Unfortunately I have found it TOO comfortable to wear on my wrist and completely forget I am wearing it and as a result, two have gone into the hot tub, or bath, and not survived the complete immersion experience. Embr was kind enough to replace the first one for me, but the second one didn’t last very long either. Because I loved it so much, I shelled out for the third one. This one I am being much more careful with! So beware- you can wash dishes and get it a little wet without worry, but don’t dunk it!

      1. For someone who has had hot and cold flashes for over 5 years starting in 2016 while on compounded HRT after having had a hysterectomy over 20 years ago, I am glad that this device helps you. You seem like a very nice, truthful young lady. Do you know if any kind of insurance help pay for this? Is it FDA approved (not that that means anything nowadays when I realize how many drugs that have had FDA approval have been taken off of the market). Is Johnson and Johnson actually the manufacturer? Is a 16% reduction in “hot flash related interference for daytime hot flashes” really a lot of help? And did J&J also do the 2nd study showing a “28% reduction in sleep onset latency as well as an increase in nighttime sleep”? How many test subjects were there? Why if there only a is there only a 30 day money back guaranty? And why is there only a one year limited warranty which” if device stops working or has a defect that Embe isn’t able to troubleshoot, the purchaser “May” be eligible for a free replacement? I buy extended warranties all of the time but for products that have been around for a good while. You seem so honest and I know that you’ll tell us your feelings on these questions. It would seem that my endocrinologist would have known about this device and it’s effectiveness for hot flashes. I saw it advertised for the first time yesterday.

        1. I am not associated with the brand so I cannot answer all of your questions; I do recommend asking them some of them as I have found they have great customer service. This is not considered a medical device, it is a device that with the hot or cold waves that it emits will trick your brain into feeling several degrees cooler or warmer. J&J is not the manufacturer, Embr is. My device a year later is still working great, as is the one I got for my mom. My sister’s Embr Wave bracelet broke so she bought a replacement one. I now have the new version, gifted by the brand in thanks for this unpaid review as they have seen traffic from it. I find it a better shape, stronger heat and cool waves, a better app, but otherwise the same technology and quality. I hope that helps, and the rest I would recommend reaching out to the company directly, either through their site or one of their social media platforms. Good luck!

          1. Good luck on reaching anyone at the company. My EmberWave 2 is not getting hot or cold and I can’t reach anyone by phone. They tell me to troubleshoot it, I did, with no luck. I am especially frustrated with the situation!

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