How to Shop Cabi From Home

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cabi saunter dress
catching some rays in the cabi Saunter Dress, available this spring

I’ve featured cabi here at Wardrobe Oxygen since 2011 and just grow to love this brand more each year. The company does so much for women across the globe, they now sell in Canada and the UK, this year they began extended sizing, and the clothing quality and versatility is excellent. Cabi is a company that is not available in stores or at boutique websites; it is a business model where you experience the clothing through trained stylists at their home or at parties and events often hosted in your own living room. But with what is going on in the world, how do you shop cabi without attending a party?  How can one shop cabi from home?

How to Shop cabi from Home

Far before the world shut down, cabi was hard at work finding an effective way to allow customers to shop their collections virtually and it just recently launched. Introducing cabi Front Row, a way for stylists to host engaging, informative, and fun virtual fashion events. I had the opportunity to attend a cabi Front Row event and wanted to share the experience of being able to shop cabi from home.

cabi Front Row: The Virtual Fashion Event

To attend a cabi Front Row experience, you register in advance with your Stylist. The Stylist or host will send you an invitation that brings you to a page that shares all the details of how the event will go down. You will go through a survey to share your style likes and dislikes, some info about your fit and size, and you can fill out a profile with a photo, links to social media, and more (all optional). You will receive a link to follow when it’s time for the actual Front Row event.

attending a cabi front row experience
Jeralyn greeting us at the beginning of cabi Front Row

I think many of us are Zoom-weary by this point, so I need to start my cabi Front Row review by stating this is NOT a Zoom meeting. This is cabi technology set up specifically to see and experience the clothes but also have a social experience. There’s no need to download software, cabi Front Row takes place in your Internet browser. There will be a filmstrip at the top of the room of all the attendees, a chat to the right, and then in the center, you will see a larger space where your cabi Stylist manages what you see.

A cabi Front Row experience will only have 10-14 people attend so it stays social but also intimate. During the cabi Front Row, we were able to chat with one another and directly with the Stylist. She was in cabi clothing with it hanging behind her. She explained a line within the collection, the concept, the colors, the inspiration. And then the screen changed from her to a video from cabi with models in the line of clothing walking around, turning, moving so you can see the clothing as it works with the body. Not only that, below the video would be images of each piece of clothing on the screen and you have the ability to heart or favorite individual pieces or entire looks. Your hearted items can only be seen by the stylist, not other attendees.

shopping by collection in cabi front row
Shopping the cabi Spring 2020 line during a Front Row experience by collection

After seeing each cabi video, we as attendees chatted with the Stylist on what we liked, what we had questions about, and sort of just had that social time together.  Once we finished seeing all the collection videos, we continued to chat, asking our Stylist questions, her offering tips and suggestions on fit and styling.  Sometimes we spoke, sometimes we typed both were engaging and no one felt forced to participate in either. You also have the ability to privately chat with your Stylist which is great if you're unsure of pricing, fit, and such. During this time we placed our orders.  There are multiple ways to shop.  You can shop by collection, shop by your favorites, or shop the whole collection, which looks just like the cabi website. Everyone has the ability to navigate their own screen and shop the way that is best for them. No one except the stylist can see what you order, but do know when you place an order there is a notification in the group chat that you made one.  

cabi front row review
chatting with our stylists and fellow attendees at the end of cabi Front Row both by video/microphone as well as the chat feature

A cabi Stylist can keep the Front Row event open beyond the scheduled time it took place, so you can come back, make decisions on what you put in your cart, make additional orders, and again scroll through the collections.  It's a very low-pressure experience, I never for once felt I had to make a purchase, and in fact, felt less pressure than attending an in-person cabi Fashion Experience

The cabi Front Row I attended was attended by fellow cabi Ambassadors like me who live in the US, Canada, and the UK. We were each provided a gift certificate to buy fashion during the event; we were not paid beyond that and not required to write about or share images from the event. I am writing this piece because I know many of you are cabi fans and because many of you have asked over the years how to shop cabi without attending a party.  From my cabi gift certificate, I bought some pieces for Wardrobe Oxygen readers that are part of the community on Facebook, and I got myself the Saunter Dress, which I have been admiring for weeks and wearing in the photos in this post. I got it in a size Large and love how it's like a smart caftan.  It nips in to give shape and flares out elsewhere to allow for ease of movement.  The sleeves are romantic and fun but angled so they won't get caught in your meal or while washing your hands.  The fabric doesn't cling and the dress can be machine washed on gentle and hung to dry. 

Cabi Front Row is available in the USA and will soon also be available in Canada and the UK. To attend a cabi Front Row, contact your local cabi Stylist or visit cabi's website and click the button at the top of the screen that says “Find My Stylist” to find one where you live.  I also recommend the app, cabi Tap, which lets you shop cabi any time of the day or night from your SmartPhone without having to attend an in-person or virtual event.  

cabi saunter dress on wardrobe oxygen
the dress I bought while attending a cabi Front Row experience

What cabi Spring 2020 Pieces I Own and Love

I highly recommend checking out my spring cabi capsule wardrobe where I am wearing and styled several pieces from the Spring 2020 collection and showcase their versatility.  Beyond that capsule wardrobe and the dress in this blog post, I have several pieces from cabi that I really like:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I’ve also become a cabi devotee over the years. One of the things I really like is that the clothes coordinate, not just within a season, but also from season to season, and I enjoy finding waysto pair items in one season to another. I like the way almost all their clothes can be washed in the machine, at least on delicate cycle, and how every piece has some special detail. My stylus has been great – I never have felt pressured and I trust her recommendations. Finally, I love that it is a woman – owned business that supports other women in a multitude of ways.

  2. Thanks for laying out everything so clearly Allie – I think I asked about this on your last post. Hopefully even if I’m not currently in the UK, I can still meet with a UK stylist online since I have a UK bank account lol. Will see!

  3. Allison, that dress looks wonderful on you. I was a slow convert to Cabi. I was always a sale shopper and was reluctant to buy things at full price. Further, I didn’t want the “pressure” of buying at a party to fulfill someone’s quota. (I tend to buy and return.) While I still have never been to a party, I am a Cabi devotee. I have an amazing stylist who has gotten to know me and what works for my body and lifestyle. She lets me do personal shopping appointments and provides an honest opinion. As a result, instead of a closet stuffed with sale purchases that don’t go with anything, I have pieces that mix well with this season, as well as the last several seasons. I love to shop, but even in Southern California retail options have become limited. Cabi has been a lifesaver!

  4. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the cabi Front Row fashion experience! And you explained it so well. Love the Saunter Dress on you Alison – that dress has been my favorite this season.

  5. Thanks for the feature Alison! I’m glad you loved the Front Row experience. It’s been a game-changer for our business and I think other retailers are taking notice. And that dress is FABULOUS on you! 🙂

  6. I feel like it should always be mentioned that Cabi is an MLM (multi level marketing) company and however people feel about that is up to them, but might be a good disclaimer to have. I know others have commented about it before and I know you try to be transparent and honest.

    That being said…I agree w/ some of the pieces not always working and are too “trendy” but they do have some great basics. The thing that I always appreciated was the cut of the clothes being very figure flattering for all body types. I’ve had luck finding older seasons sold on Poshmark or Ebay or other similar sites. Sometimes the prices are out of my range for basics even though I know I’m getting more “quality”. I do wish you could just order the clothes directly online from whichever stylist they pair you with (usually someone located near your area). But I suppose that would defeat the purpose of the MLM where some are very pushy in trying to have you host parties or get your friends/family members involved somehow. I was lucky to only run into one person like that and was able to change my stylist to someone who just wanted to help me find nice clothes I felt good in.

    1. You can order them directly, if the Stylist is up for it. I have a Stylist friend and people email, text, and call her saying they just want this one thing or this selection and she places the order. If a Stylist isn’t offering that feature, they’re missing out on sales and word of mouth referrals. Also the app cabi Tap is a way to place an order with a stylist without communicating with them at all. When you download the app it will connect you to a stylist and you can order pieces while lying in bed at 3am if you want. I don’t think the app is promoted enough because I think it’s the feature that a lot of introverts and those who don’t want the hard sell would really appreciate.

  7. I wanted to leave a comment for Jennifer regarding the question on price. I go on and off with Cabi. There have been times I thought I was making a good clothing investment, only to find I really never wore a piece because it was too trendy or “special”. Recently I have been unhappy with in-store shopping and have felt burned by mass retailers on quality or fit. I’ve come back around to Cabi but with a new focus to get only what speaks to my comfort/minimalist aesthetic. It really is superior quality, and you can always get an exchange for sizes easily. My stylist is approachable and helpful too, which can make a big difference for me as a shopper who is picky about where I spend my money. Another plus is there is a robust resale market. If I find that something truly has a one-season fashion life, you can easily sell or consign to recoup a portion of the cost. It isn’t all for me tho. There’s a lot that is too frilly or fussy. I just choose what works for me.

    1. I think this is a super fair assessment and one I also feel. I’ve really learned to not be wowed by a cool print or detail but force myself to think, Alison will you really wear this after the season is over? That being said, a lot of their pieces are crazy good quality and often in the things you think you can get a lot cheaper elsewhere. They’ve had these knit wide-leg pants with pockets, they had them in black jersey one season, navy jersey for another, and now I think the red print ones are a similar concept but cropped. They seem so incredibly basic, but my navy pair has been in the dryer a dozen times. It got washed with towels. It got left in the washer over a weekend and was so mildewed I had to do hardcore products to get the funk out. All that, and they still fit and look like new. Yep, I could get the same pants at maybe Old Navy but I can’t say that they’d still be silky and saturated and pill-free a year after seriously hard wear. And yes to the resale market, put cabi on Poshmark and it’s gone within 48 hours.

  8. I have a hard time with Cabi prices. I often feel that I can find something similar or “just as good” at better prices by shopping sales. What’s your take on why the prices are worth it? Is the quality just that much better than other retail like Talbots, Universal Standard, and Nordstrom?

    1. I just left a long comment above regarding the price and value. I think a lot of their pieces are really good quality, and that goes beyond fabric. Things like washability, color fastness, durability, and how it is still enjoyable to wear beyond a season or two. I have had some cabi that I felt was meh, and other pieces that blow me away with the quality. I have some pieces I tire of before the season is over, and other pieces I love wearing for years. I think they put in a lot of detail with their pieces. For example the dress here, it’s at first glance nothing special. Some synthetic fabric, not even lined. But it’s opaque. It’s cut on the bias but not in a way that bows out at the hips if you don’t have hips, but in the right ankle where it has some swish. The sleeves are full, but angled so they won’t fall in your soup or the sink when washing dishes. The back has a hook and eye at the top easy enough to close and open on my own and a zipper I can reach without beeding to be a yoga expert, and it covers a standard bra (most things they make do). They design pieces where a 5’2″ DD cup woman and a 5’9″ a cup woman can wear the same dress, same size, and both look good in it. They have matching dye lots from season to season so your 2017 blazer will match your 2019 pants. Not all the styles are my taste, but the attention to detail for making items that work for a variety of shapes and for normal women’s needs is what takes a lot of their pieces above and beyond.

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