The Best Picks from the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Poll results stating 66% will not shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but 83% want a best picks post by Wardrobe Oxygen
Feedback on Instagram Stories regarding the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and whether I should write about it.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the biggest shopping sales of the year, and you can likely tell by all the hubbub about it on blogs, Instagram accounts, and women's websites. Years ago, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was something I looked forward to because I could score some phenomenal deals on quality merchandise.  Thick cashmere sweaters, real leather skirts and jackets, Sterling silver jewelry, and the shoe selection was awesome.  However, in the past couple of years, the vibe of the NSale has changed.  It seems to cater to a very specific customer, and that customer seems to love snakeskin ankle booties, Spanx faux leather leggings, Barefoot Dreams cardigans, and handbags from Rebecca Minkoff.  That being said, between the sameness are still some good deals.  I asked my audience on Instagram Stories if they planned on shopping the NSale and 66% said no.  I then asked if they would like me to share my best picks from the sale and 83% said yes.  Several emailed after saying my sale picks help them see beyond the Barefoot Dreams and find the true gems of sales.  So I am going to share my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in this blog post.  If you do end up shopping this sale, let us know in the comments what deals you scored and what you think of your purchases!

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts August 4th… that is if you have a Nordstrom credit card and spend a boatload on it.  Then it opens up on August 7th for those who only spend a canoeload (is that a word? I figure you know what I mean) on their Nordstrom credit card.  Come August 10th, it opens to those with Influencer Status on their Nordstrom card.  That's me, and even having this status I don't know what it means. I've had a card for probably 20 years but it has had a $0 balance for a while and hasn't been used at all for about a year.  On August 13th it's open to anyone who has a Nordstrom card.  And then on the 19th of August, the rest of America can get to shopping the NSale. For those of you in Canada, August 16th the sale opens for Nordy Club Ambassadors & Nordstrom Visa cardholders, and then the 18th it opens for everyone else. I decided to post this on the 10th because it's a Monday, and because it gives everyone a week to look over the sale and those who have fancy card access have the deets.  I figured few of you are at Boatload or Canoeload status, and if you are, you likely can shop this sale like a pro and don't need this post!

wardrobe oxygen picks nordstrom anniversary sale

What Is Worth Shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

This isn't an easy question to answer as we all have different lives, personal style aesthetics, budgets, etc.  But I polled my Instagram Stories viewers and Wardrobe Oxygen Community members and the top categories were:

  • Activewear: Sports bras, leggings, tops, sneakers, and anything else needed to get your run/walk/om/punch/ride/plie/whatever on
  • Beauty: Brushes, products, and devices
  • Footwear: Sneakers and boots were requested most, following with shoes that can work at home and out in the world (flats, loafers, slip-on sneakers)
  • Home: No cutesy decor or reed diffusers, but quality bedding, bath linens, kitchen goods, and gift ideas
  • Intimates: Bras, panties, shapewear, socks and such
  • Work from Home Fashion: Blouses that look nice on Zoom but are machine washable, polished cardigans and soft jackets to wear to stay warm but also comfy, joggers and easy pants, and comfy relaxed dresses that don't look sloppy or too casual.

Please note that while this just looks like a quick grab of items, it actually took several days to complete.  And I'm not sharing this to get some round of applause for doing my job, but to let you know this wasn't pulled together last night but over the span of an entire week.  And because of that, I cannot guarantee that the items I have below are still in stock.  However, I do know items come back in stock before the sale ends.  Those who have the boat-load or canoe-load levels for the Nordstrom card have already shopped last week, purchasing a watercraft-level amount of product, which, if history repeats itself, they will return at least 50% of it.  And I think Nordstrom may hold back some stuff to create an urgency of shopping.  Anyway, if what you like isn't available today, try again in a couple of days.  And if you do find what you like is still in stock… get in now because even though some things come back in stock not all things do and I have too many times missed out on really good items because I waited. And with that disclaimer… my picks from the sale.

My Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

My Picks for Activewear

Zella leggings are a given for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but this year the selection goes beyond the weird last-season colors and black to offering cool prints and a variety of cuts and fabrications.  Instead of just a few decorative sports bras from non-athletic brands, the sale offers a lot of well-constructed fitness bras for low to high impact for small to large busts.  In general, the selection is much better and I made collages to show how well you can get a fab and functional activewear look during this sale:

activewear picks nordstrom anniversary sale

activewear picks from the nordstrom anniversary sale

Alo sports bra ($42.90) with Zella zebra leggings ($35.90) | Zella dust print sports bra ($35.90) with matching Zella leggings ($42.90) | Yellow Freepeople tank ($25.90) with Zella geoprint leggings ($49.90) | Nike sports bra ($21.90) with Zella joggers ($38.90)

sports bras in the nordstrom anniversary sale 2020

Wacoal Sport Contour Wirefree ($35.90) | Zella Body Fusion ($22.90) | Wacoal Contour Underwire ($35.90)
Zella Rhythm, ($14.90) | Sweaty Betty Stamina ($25.90) | Natori Yogi Convertible ($45.90)
Wacoal Underwire Sport ($44.90) | Nike Indy ($25.90) | Wacoal Sport ($35.90)

Shop Plus Sized Activewear:

Shop Straight Sized Activewear:

My Picks for Beauty

Beauty buys is one of the most legit deals in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it's important to not be swayed by prices and only buy what you actually need.  This year there are much more package deals, and some of the items in the package may not be worth it (like two different scents of perfume, two drastically different colors of lipstick, a dry shampoo with some weird hair oil).  Below are the items I think are worth shopping, and if I own them will share my review.

best picks nordstrom anniversary sale beauty

  • Nécessaire Body Wash and Lotion Duo: 2020 has been a hard year, and if you use the NSale as a time to pamper yourself with something luxurious and not at all practical, I won't judge you.  Because it's a good chance I will be buying this duo.  There's something so indulgent in a super fancy shower gel and lotion, it's one of the reasons I loved traveling and staying in nice hotels for work. Nécessaire is quite chi chi and well loved for its quality and scents.  This set is the eucalyptus body wash and unscented lotion so be aware before you click buy.  But eucalyptus and unscented is your jam, this is a lovely treat. $35, when usually would be $50.
  • Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate: I've raved about this product before, and I still can't tell you why I love it and have no purchased it at least six times (and received two bottles as gifts). I just know the scent makes my brain get ready for bed, it doesn't make me break out, it soaks up beautifully, and the next morning my skin looks hydrated and happy.  This is a big bottle; it's 3.4 ounces and I bought this size at a Sephora sale at the beginning of the year, use it nightly and think I am a little over halfway through.  It has a dropper so you won't overuse or contaminate the rest of the bottle.  It's usually $125 for this size but for this sale it's $83.50.
  • Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Set: Before I embraced my curls and needed special shampoo and conditioner for them, I would buy a set like this every NSale.  Because like the Nécessaire body wash, this is an indulgence that is also practical.  When I used this shampoo and conditioner, my hair wouldn't get oily as quickly, would have a bit more body and manageability, and the bottles lasted foreverrrrr.  Like really, I had half a bottle of the conditioner left when I went curly and made my kid use it up and she just finished it last month! And I personally love Living Proof dry shampoo more than any other I have tried.  $99, when usually would be $154.
  • Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant: I am allergic to salicylic acid and almost everytime this comes up in conversation people comment how it's too bad I can't use BHA and how much they love Paula's Choice BHA.  And when Paula's Choice has sent me gifted product and it includes this and I give it away to one of you, you get super excited.  So I am sharing this because it sounds like it's an awesome product.  It's 8 ounces, usually $59 and on sale for $39.
  • Olaplex Jumbo Bond Maintenance System Set: Another product I have never used but keep hearing how it is so incredibly awesome so I am sharing it here.  Especially if you color your hair, this is a fantastic set of products to transform your hair. Paraben-free; phthalate-free; sulfate-free; silicone-free; fragrance-free; oil-free and rated as a hair must-have on every list and in every magazine.  Value is around $112 and on sale for $84.
  • Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve: Because we won't stop washing our hands anytime soon, winter is coming, and this hand cream is the shizzzzz. Makes a nice gift too. Usually $16, on sale for $10.50.
  • Supergoop! Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 Sunscreen Set: Because you know what else is the shizzzz? Supergoop sunscreen, but gosh it's expensive!  So buy it why it's on sale and your skin will thank you.  And with a kit like this, keep some for yourself and gift the rest! $58 value for $39.
  • Kiehl's Powerful Line-Reducing Concentrate Duo:  I have shared many times how this Vitamin C serum is a gamechanger with my skin.  Over months of use it made a sun spot completely disappear and it makes my skin glow and happy.  Whenever anyone compliments me on my skin I tell them it's thanks to this product. This gives you two big bottles (you only need 2 pumps); go in halfsies with a friend so you both get the good price! $176 value for $120.
  • Aveda shampure Nurturing Shampoo & Conditioner Set: Before I went curly, I loved how this line made my hair look gorgeous, and I love the signature Aveda scent.  And the brush, I have it in this size and the full size and it's such a favorite brush I had to buy a second one because my husband kept stealing mine.  And this hand cream is my absolute favorite and can also make a great gift.  So yeah, it's a good set.  $63 value for $39.

A lot of you shared that you are looking for beauty gifts, and also looking to save on beauty devices during this sale.  Below are some items that caught my eye and some that I actually own:

best beauty picks nordstrom anniversary sale

  • NARS Lip Balm Set: Three sheer tinted lip balms in very wearable colors that come in a woven minaudière – style clutch purse.  This is a great deal for yourself, as these are the perfect alternative to lipsticks which can be messy and heavy in the summer especially with face masks and the bag is a great choice for summer weddings and vacations that won't go out of style any time soon. But it's also a great gift for anyone from teen to adult who is either a beauty lover or one who prefers a more subtle look.  Each lip balm is usually $28 each, so this kit is a super value.  NSale exclusive for $49.
  • Mario Badescu Essentials Kit: Each year I have readers request holiday gift guides on what to buy tweens, teens, and college students.  And almost every year I include products from Mario Badescu.  Made in the USA, free of parabens, phthalates, silicone, and sulfur, Mario Badescu products are great for those who are starting to care for their skin as well as those of us grown folk looking to update our routine.  This kit has their iconic facial spray (which my daughter is obsessed with, and I like too for midday refreshes and for setting makeup), their drying lotion (great for zits), and their lip balm.  I think it's a great kit to break up and turn into stocking stuffers! $33 value for $23.
  • Diptique Set of 5 Travel Candles: Diptique makes some of the most coveted candles. The first time I met my friend Sylvia, she invited me to lunch and gave me a Diptique candle as a gift. I have never burned it, not wanting to lose it.  But it's such great quality that years later it still smells fabulous. This kit has five of Diptique's popular scents in mini sizes.  You could keep for yourself and burn one at a time, being able to savor them.  Or you can break up the kit and have five decadent gifts for five friends.  Wrap with some tissue and a ribbon and this is a great holiday, congratulations, thinking of you, housewarming gift! And attesting for the quality, they can be in your closet sitting at the ready for the next occasion when such a gift would be perfect. $75 value for $55.
  • Jo Malone Mini Discovery Set: This is another set that would make a lovely gift together, or broken up into smaller gifts.  I adore Jo Malone scents, they're not too heavy or cloying, they just are fresh and elegant.  I have a Jo Malone candle that no lie is almost the same age as my kid and it still smells great.  Clearly, I don't burn candles often though I do like the idea of them!  Anyway, this kit has two of their popular scents that are universally liked, so it's a pretty safe gift or a great way to try out the line for yourself! $71 value for $40.
  • PMD Facial Cleansing Device: If you read The Friday Shop from last week, you saw readers recommended this as an alternative to the now-discontinued Clarisonic.  With over 7,000 vibrations per minute, PMD's device not only ensures a deep cleanse but also claims to lift, firm, and tone the skin.  Made from silicone, it is odor-resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and waterproof and the head never needs replacing. Usually $99, on sale for $66.
  • Makeup Eraser 10-day Cloth Set: Just by wetting these cloths with water, you can remove makeup, including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation and lipstick. I'll be honest, I have never tried these but several of you in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community and in comments on this blog have raved about these.  And I am all for anything that reduces waste.  Use the short fiber side to erase makeup in gentle circular motions. Flip to long fiber side (side with tag) to exfoliate.  It comes with a bag, toss the used cloths in it and then throw the entire bag in the washer and dryer with your next towels load. This is a great purchase for yourself, but also for a good friend. $65 value for $30.
  • NuFace FIX and Mini Facial Toning Device Set: Okay, I have had zero luck with NuFace.  I got the mini a while ago, it worked great until it stopped working.  I got a replacement, it also stopped working for me.  I've tried the FIX and I didn't see results.  However, I seem to be in the minority because I have friends, influencer buddies I trust, and many of you share that the NuFace has been a gamechanger for toning and lifting the skin with longterm results.  I bought my NuFace from Nordstrom and was glad I did because of their easy return policy so when mine became possessed I could mail it back no problem.  If you are interested in NuFace, this is a fantastic value.  The NuFace Mini can be used anywhere on the face (and I read that Bobbi Brown uses it on her hands to make them look firmer and smoother), the FIX is great for around the lips and other places that have fine lines.  If you have a friend also interested in NuFace, this is a great way to get both for less and you can split the kit. NuFace works with microcurrent and with the included gels, you don't feel anything but see immediate results that last with regular use. $348 value for $233.16.
  • LightStim for Wrinkles: Using painless LED light, LightStim has a variety of these tools to improve skin in regard to texture, tone, and acne.  This one with red light is geared towards wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Unlike similar products, LightStim is maintenance-free with no cartridges, LEDs or battery replacement costs. I have never used a device like this, but I have many friends who have this and similar products and swear they work.  Unlike the NuFace and other devices, you don't need a special gel or post-treatment serum.  It's one of the easiest devices on the market and gets consistently positive reviews. Regularly $249, on sale for $167.
  • NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Kit: One thing I will say about my NuFace experience… after using the Mini I did wish I splurged on the Trinity.  More powerful, longer usage time, more features, it's worth the money.  I know the price is hard to swallow, but if you are considering a NuFace and can afford it, I honestly think it makes more sense to buy the full-sized version.  And again, Nordstrom has an awesome return policy if you find it's not a good choice for you. Usually $325, on sale for $217.75.

My Picks for Footwear in the NSale

I wasn't going to feature shoes until those in the WO2 Community on Facebook requested it.  And taking a second glance at the shoe selection, I feel it is worth a view.  I know some of you are in situations where you are back to wearing heels and fancy shoes for work and social situations, but for the majority of the country, I think we're looking for new shoes to fit holes in our wardrobe with this new normal.  Slippers, comfy shoes to wear around the home, shoes for new fitness routines or for talking a sanity walk around the block, shoes with support, shoes with a lower heel but just as much style, shoes that won't be ruined going out in the rain to get the mail.  Here are my picks for our new normal:

best boots nordstrom anniversary sale

When it comes to boots, I am loving the trend of having them waterproof even if they don't look like they're made for rain or snow. I also love a pull-on style that makes it easy to slip them on with jeans or leggings at the door before leaving the home.

Let's talk about practical boots.  A year ago, you may not have had a need for such a boot.  You had your dress boots waterproofed and that got the job done from the car to the office.  Maybe you had a pair of old snow boots that were great for shoveling the driveway and taking a dog for a walk but were so schlubby you didn't want to be seen in them.  Or maybe you have a pair of practical boots that hurt like the dickens.  I know I've been wearing my practical boots all summer in the garden and doing home repairs and renovations and am glad to have them broken in for hikes and winter weather.

winter boots from the nordstrom anniversary sale

sneaker nsale pics

Let's talk sneakers.  There are the run/jump/climb sneakers, and then there's the cute sneakers.  And this sale has both in spades, but I kept it down to the nine that caught my eye:

This piece has been a work in progress, I have updated this post twice since midnight because items keep selling out.  And I planned to have a whole category of flats, good shoes to make houseshoes, and slippers and by the time I got here…. most are sold out.  So here is a widget of some of the ones that still look like good choices, but the size selection is too slim to get your hopes up with a pretty collage:

Home and Gift Ideas from the NSale

A few requested gift ideas and worthy home products so I figured I'd add them at the end.  This year IMO is the worst selection of gift and homegoods, but there are some good deals between the 500,000 throw blankets and essential oil diffusers.

nordstrom sale best picks from home and gifts

  • Copper Corksicle 16oz tumbler: I know, I have three Corksicle cups on here, but they are super durable, they really do keep drinks cold, and they make for great gifts.  And right now I am all about items that make this new normal more comfortable, and a cold tumbler next to your laptop in your makeshift home office full of iced coffee or your beverage of choice is nice.  And it's nice to gift to another.  And this copper color is pretty. Usually $29.95, on sale for $19.90.
  • NIGHT Pillow: This is a memory foam pillow in a high-quality mulberry silk case. I kept hearing about how great this pillow was and ordered one in February.  I had a promo code and it was still $120.  It was a great pillow, but not quite right for me, a person who sleeps on one side, then the other, and occasionally on her back.  I wished it was like a half inch thicker, but I am totally a Goldilocks when it comes to pillow and everyone else I know think this pillow is awesome.  And the price during this sale is awesome. Usually $150, on sale for $99.90.
  • Cooling Down Alternative Mattress Pad: I know I got you with COOLING because I know it's something many of us of a certain age greatly appreciate. It's made with Freeze Blue Dot Cooling technology which is I don't know what, but it sounds impressive and the mattress pad gets great reviews for actually cooling (the rating is low because of a one-star person saying it wasn't thick enough). On sale for $78.90–$84.90 and after the sale it will be back to $119.00–$129.00.
  • Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket: Oh my GOSH, ENOUGH with the THROW BLANKETS and the BAREFOOT DREAMS!  I know, I know.  I am only sharing this because I have had many of you say you own it and you are obsessed with it and you especially love it now that you are at home so much and unlike a lot of fancy throws, this one can go in the washer and dryer and comes in seven colors that aren't all shades of driftwood. Usually $147, on sale for $88.90.
  • Click & Grow Smart Garden: I know I am not the only one who has her windowsill growing all sorts of random things – celery from the remnants of a stalk, basil from a hydroponic plant I bought before the pandemic, green onions growing from the tips.  We've even begun growing sprouts.  There's something about being stuck at home due to a pandemic that makes us want to grow our own food.  This self-watering kit comes with three pods to grow basil so this winter when it's dark and gray you can have vibrant fresh green pesto on your pasta.  And I think many would appreciate such a gift.  Comes in three colors so you can coordinate with your garden or your Corksicle tumbler! On sale for $79.90, usually $99.95.
  • Corksickle Stainless 16oz tumbler: Because not everyone likes bronze.  And hey, you want to be able to tell the difference between your iced coffee and your partner's green juice. Usually $29.95, on sale for $19.90.
  • Corksicle insulated wine glass: For those socially distant cocktail hours in your neighbor's front yard.  Or a gift to your neighbor who hosts those socially distant cocktail hours. Usually $27.95, on sale for $17.90.
  • Set of 3 Block Print Cotton and Linen Dishtowels: Cute print that will go with a variety of kitchen decor, I find I use such towels so much more now that I am home all the time.  Also, when you have such pretty dishtowels you won't be as likely to reach for the paper towels! On sale for $17.90, usually $28.
  • Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket: My husband has had a weighted blanket for a couple of years; I finally caved and got one this past February and wish I didn't wait so long.  If you're struggling to sleep especially now, you may find this is what helps you fall asleep and also stay asleep.  I don't have this specific one, but it looks good and gets rave reviews. On sale for $104.90, usually $150.

My Picks for Bras, Underwear, Socks and Other Intimates in the NSale

This is the category I think is the best value to be found during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Brands you know, even styles you know, at great prices.  Spanx, Hanky Panky, Wacoal, Natori, and more are part of the NSale and it's a good time to get a good price but also add some fun colors to your intimates drawer for the upcoming year.  If you feel that these brands are usually outside your pricerange, this is the sale for you as most of the bras are under $40 and panties under $25!

best intimates nordstrom anniversary sale

Row 1:  Available up to 46HH the ‘Cate' from Elomi comes in two skintones and gets an almost perfect rating from customers. $38.90 | Natori ‘Feathers' is one of the highest-rated bras for sizes up to D, comes in gorgeous colors for $39.90 | The Natori ‘Elusive Full Fit' is an alternative to the previously mentioned bra perfectly designed for a larger bust. $43.90 | Time and again the Wacoal ‘Red Carpet' strapless bra is rated one of the best strapless bras on the market. $39.90 | With over 500 reviews and an almost 5 star rating, you can't go wrong with the Natori ‘Bliss Perfection' available in three colors
Row 2:  So my friend told me these undies from Chantelle were her saving grace when her body changed multiple sizes; they fit when she was a 4 and when she was a 14. This version is high-waist briefs but stay tuned for other silhouettes. 7 colors for $14.90. The Hanky Panky Retro V-Kini continues to be one of my favorite everyday undies that are comfy and so chic. $23.90. | I told you there would be more silhouettes of these magical truly one size fits all undies!  These are the same undies in hipsters. $14.90 | Hanky Panky also has its fabulous made in the USA undies in a boyshort; it comes in 7 different colors. $20.90 | More of the Chantelle magic undies, these in a high-waist seamless full brief. $14.90
Row 3: A highly-rated pushup for smaller busts, the Calvin Klein ‘Liquid Touch' is a great choice at a great price. $26.90 | Cool, comfortable, and great shape from the Wacoal ‘Ultimate Side Smoother T-Shirt Bra' on sale for $44.90 | One of my favorite “pretty” bras that supports a large bust is this one, the Chantelle ‘Rive Gauche' which comes in a gorgeous array of colors. $54.90 | If you're looking for a sleep or lounge bra that accommodates a larger bust, this one from b.tempted is a great choice. $19.90 | When I researched wireless bras recently, the C Magnifique Nouveau from Chantelle was highly rated on multiple sites and magazines. $39.90.
Row 4: If you're checking out the ‘Feathers' bra in the first row, you may want to pick up these hipsters for a matching set for less! $19.90 | Looks like a slipshort, holds like a compression garment.  If you desire such a product, the ultra-thin breathable mid-thigh shaper from SPANX is a great choice for dresses, especially in summer. Here is the link in straight sizes.  $28.90 Ooh more of those magical Chantelle undies, these in a seamless hipster in a gorgeous range of colors. $14.90 | Last Chantelle I swear, these a French Cut brief. $14.90 | And finally the only thong I'd consider wearing these days is this one from Hanky Panky.  Comfy, beautiful, 6 great colors. $16.90

socks nordstrom anniversary sale

Socks are also a good score… and most of the ones I bookmarked for this sale are already sold out!  That being said, these four styles are highly rated and great deals.  The first are from Barefoot Dreams and while I think most of their cardigans are overrated, their socks are pretty fabulous on a crisp late-fall evening when curled up on the couch watching Netflix.  Two-pack on sale for $19.90, usually 30, and two colors to choose from.  Next to them are no-show socks from Zella that have over 100 reviews and 72% of them are five-star which is unheard of for a no-show sock. Three-pack for $25. Then we have a three-pack of tabbed training socks from Stance that get great reviews for weight, durability, and support for those dealing with plantar fasciitis. Regularly $36, on sale for $19.90.  Finally, some cozy socks from UGG that will have your intimates drawer ready for boots this fall. Two-pack on sale $20.90, regularly $32.

My Picks for Work from Home Fashion

Many of you were looking for tops that are good for working from home when you have video conferences.  These are better known as Zoom blouses and I've written about how to pick the best Zoom blouse.  Considering the world right now I expected to have more selection during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but a lot of the clothing this year in the sale runs either Junior and uber casual or else high-end and I know outside the pricepoint most of you (and I) are comfortable with. That being said, I did find a few good ones that will provide “tabletop dressing” that will look interesting while also polished:

the best zoom blouses in the nordstrom anniversary sale

Another type of item that was requested was cardigans good for working from home.  As someone who works from home, I know this means a sweater that is relatively durable, won't get stretched out from being sat on or putting your phone in the pocket, and feels cozy and comfy without looking schlubby.  I found a few good picks in the sale, which also includes some soft jackets that make for great cardi alternatives:

the best work from home cardigans

I found several sweaters, knit tops, jeans, dresses, and joggers but not enough to make pretty collages. Instead, I have them in widgets below that show the brands and the sale prices. There are arrows to scroll through the carousels; click on the item and it will open in a separate browser window to that page at Nordstrom.

Shop Plus Size Work from Home Style:

Shop Straight Size Work from Home Style:

This post was written in advance, so I cannot guarantee that items are still available. If you own any of the items I've shared, please offer your feedback on them in the comments to help out fellow readers!

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  1. Hi Allie – you may want to double check the link on the first pair of Sorel boots. It looks like that pair is not part of the sale for $99ish. I’m seeing it as still $184.95. Want to make sure you get the right referral codes if we all buy!

    Thanks for all of your work pulling this together!!

  2. I appreciate that you actually put a lot of thought into this post and considered the products you recommend. So many bloggers obviously throw a lot of links and pictures with no consideration for the actual product. I am a bit off shopping due to covid but I saw something I plan to order. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jane! We all know the sale is happening, but I write the posts I want to see. Personal reviews, practical styling tips. Sure, making this post may make me affiliate income but the last thing I want to do is cause buyer’s remorse to achieve that. Hope you get what you like!

  3. Many items listed are already sold out . Not your problem of course, unless you are so popular everyone shopped after reading your post. I find it kind of disappointing and don’t know personally if I will be shopping this sale.

    1. Keep watching what you like, they often come back in stock. A lot of people in the first tier buy thousands and thousands. I saw bloggers share they spent $25K on the sale and plan to return 90% of it. Once it has been quarantined I expect to see stock back on the site.

  4. Thanks for all the work you (clearly) put into this. I’ve pretty much lost my taste for clothes shopping, but I wonder if it might not come roaring back once we’re all released from captivity.

    1. I don’t think you’re alone in feeling that way about clothes shopping. I think once we can get back to some form of normal and out and aboutness we’ll not only want to shop but shop for that new existence. Like handbags… will I ever want to buy another bag?

  5. I’m so glad you wrote this! I am still a huge Nordstrom fan and like to stock up on basics at the sale and find a few extras that make me happy. I agree with you on the Cate Sorrell boots. I bought them last year after your recommendation and wore them everyday until I got locked down. Not at all a cheat to include them twice. I don’t shop until the 19th so who knows what will still be left but I cannot wait to find out!

    1. I like Wacoal bras, the ones in the post I own. They’re not super high impact, but they give great shape, hold up, and are good enough for spinning, elliptical, exercise classes, etc.

  6. Thanks for doing this! I can’t shop until the 19th so I’m anticipating that lots of things will be sold out. I have a wishlist but don’t really plan to order everything on it. I just hope I can snag a Zella sports bra & a True & Co. bra. They are so comfortable! After watching this sale for a few years now & seeing the frenzy that some influencers/ bloggers get into, I appreciate your more moderate approach.

    1. I just think, especially this year, it’s silly to buy just to buy, and to buy things that don’t make sense for our current existence. I hope you get those bras, from what I’ve heard Nordstrom will be releasing more supply throughout the sale!

  7. Thank you for pulling this together! I put a bunch of stuff on my wishlist and will buy whatever is available on the 13th. With free returns, you can’t really go wrong.

  8. Thanks for this write up. As our world has become smaller, I feel my needs have become simpler. I no longer need “new” but learning to make do. I was hoping for a zoom top but I’ll probably just buy a bra. My adult daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was reading and liked some your beauty picks and so I’ve forwarded this post to her.

  9. Although I’m currently unemployed and definitely not in a position to shop, I look forward to your Nordstrom reviews because I’m a similar body type as you. I’ll read your review and then look up the item and save it somewhere for the future. I’m so glad you’re still posting the Nordstrom reviews!!

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