Talbots Linen Pantsuit: White with Lavender

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Alison in a Talbots linen blazer and cropped pants with a lavender knit shell underneath, walking along a sidewalk flanked by tulips

If you're not in the Wardrobe Oxygen community on Facebook you may not have heard this week is Linen Week on the blog. Not on purpose, just by chance, I received linen from a few brands and it was all so good and all came at the same time, that you'll see it this week! And today is Talbots Tuesday, one of my favorite retailers for both linen and suiting, with this Talbots linen pantsuit with cropped trousers.

TALBOTS linen suit review 7

I mentioned in a recent Friday Shop post that I requested this look from Talbots. The last suit I got from Talbots was right before the ‘demic last year and it fit beautifully right out of the shipping package. Wanting to counteract all the soft knits of the winter, I wanted a pantsuit to feel like myself, and maybe to wear when I celebrate once my second vaccine shot has kicked in!

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I am consistently a 14 petite in Talbots and both the cropped lined pants and the blazer are in 14 petite. The shell is size Large as I sometimes find petite too tight across the bust.

TALBOTS linen suit review 9

Blazer: Classic Linen Blazer c/o Talbots (14 petite) | Pants: Linen Straight Leg Crop c/o Talbots (14 petite) | Top: Pima Cotton-Blend Tank c/o Talbots (L; other colors available) | Shoes: Margaux (read my Margaux shoes review) | Ring: Insignia Empress Luxe Ring c/o REALM | Earrings: Baublebar

Again, Talbots hits it out of the park with great fit and classic silhouettes that won't look dated in a season or two. As someone with soft curves, I find it hard to find suiting that I don't need my tailor to practically recreate. Usually, I have to go up a size or even two and have him nip and tuck so a blazer can fit my bust and arms; no need with Talbots.

TALBOTS linen suit review 3

Please note this entire look is available in Talbots' full size range. Sometimes Talbots only has pieces in Misses, maybe with some Petite. These pieces are available also in Plus and Plus petite up to size 24.

TALBOTS linen suit review 1

Unlike yesterday's Universal Standard linen collection, Talbots' linen pieces are 100% linen so yes, they are more likely to crease and wrinkle. Both pieces are lined which offers stability to reduce the number of creases and makes it look more casually rumpled the way linen looks best.

TALBOTS linen suit review 4

When looking for a base layer for this Talbots linen pantsuit, I wanted lilac. Lavender. Orchid. Violet. Purple's paler sisters are on trend this spring and I'm always excited when lavender is on-trend and is a bit brighter and cooler-toned. I chose this tank but Talbots has a lot of this color this season; if you want a coordinated look I got this mask set and they pair perfectly.


I played with a few styles of shoes for this look. If I had the pants tailored a bit shorter, they would have looked pretty cute with some trendy white sneakers. I considered my white croco loafers (same brand similar style) which were cute, and a pair of almond- or pointed-toe flats or oxfords would also be a great choice. But I went with a celebratory shoe.

TALBOTS linen suit review 5

After a year in slippers, hiking boots, and Birkenstocks, few of my heels are comfortable anymore. In fact few even fit as my feet spread over the months. However, these heels from Margaux not only still fit but are still comfortable.

TALBOTS linen suit review 2

These heeled sandals from Margaux were such a good purchase (read my initial review). I can run in them, stand for long periods of time, dance, and I feel secure and my feet have plenty of room (Margaux shoes come in three widths). Once the world opens again I plan to buy another pair of Margaux shoes (these are their only high heels) because these have impressed me so much.

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  1. You look great in the outfit. Nice to find white linen pants that don’t have pocket show through. Makes me crazy. The gold shoes and jewelery are fabulous.

  2. This looks so great on you! I loved your US post from yesterday, especially the dress and jumpsuit, but this post vs that one illustrates what a big difference petite sizing makes for those of us who need it. This suit looks like it was custom tailored to you! So pretty.

  3. That suit looks great on you! And I love it with the lavender tank. I’m going to have to peruse Talbots site now but just had to let you know how Spring-y you look. I got my second vaccine last Thursday and wore all linen — a sleeveless tunic with wide leg trousers. Linen is one of my favorite fabrics living here in Florida, wrinkles and all. Can’t wait to see the rest of the linen offerings.

    1. I meant to also add I love how Talbot offers petites, especially that rare bird plus petites. One question, is there elastic in the back of the trousers? The description mentions cinched waistband but I’m not sure if that means some elastic or what. Thanks.

      1. I can’t believe I forgot to add that! Yes the back of the pants have a subtle elasticized feature, hard to see especially when on, but it cinches it in and moves with you for an even better fit.

  4. You look beautiful! The link takes me to a plus-sized Talbots model, so I guess the world is returning to normal. !!

  5. That suit is gorgeous, as are you in it! Love using the lavender too; it’s such a pretty color that says “spring” to me.

  6. The suit is DOPE. You look amazing in it! I would personally get a different color because I’m terrified of getting it dirty, but I LOVE it.

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