Weekend Reads #61

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When you read this, I will be in Nashville. Well, the Gaylord Opryland to be more specific as I will be there for Scoop, the cabi conference and 99% of the time I won't be leaving the resort grounds. I am really excited; I went to Scoop the last time it was in Nashville and had the honor of introducing the streaming video of their fashion show. This time I'll only be there less than 40 hours but I know it will be amazing. I will be delving into this in more detail soon, but I'm excited that cabi will be extending their size range to 18 and even 20 in some pieces. I started working with cabi before I made the decision to only work with brands that go at least to an 18 and have been hoping they'd do this. If the average American woman is a size 16, it makes sense for every brand to go up to a minimum of an 18. I found out this won't happen until Spring, so I updated this paragraph. I can't wait to see more of the fall collection and if you will be at Scoop please come up and say hi and give me a hug. This is one of the brands I mentioned in Monday's blog post; I'll have a recap of the trip on the blog in the near future and will be sharing my weekend on Instagram Stories and have a couple of photos also in my Instagram feed.

Weekend Reads

One of the most powerful things I've read all week and it's by my amazing friend Amanda Miska. Protect the sacred lives of women: To be pro-life, you must change your life. (Salon)

Well, this changes everything that we (at schools that believed in evolution) learned growing up.  A Homo sapien skull over 210,000 years old was found in Greece. (National Geographic)

I do believe there needs to be transparency regarding sponsored content, but why are influencers held to a higher standard than TV shows? (The Fashion Law)

Speaking of sponsored content, an interesting read on Sun Bum's latest campaign to have sunscreen go beyond the beach. I always find articles like this interesting, more of “how the sausage is made” to see the intricacies and layers to do a promotion in 2019. (Glossy)

My friend Prerana not only is fierce but looks super fierce in this shoot. I already own the belt, now I want the dress! (Broadcloth)

My beautiful friend Beth wrote a moving post about her husband and cancer. Beth is so smart and strong, she's been keeping her amazing blog and social going strong while all of this has been going on with her wonderful family.  I share because I know many of you have experienced similar and because she and her family can use all the positive vibes, mojo, and prayers. (Style at a Certain Age)

We need more Julie K. Browns in journalism. (New York Times)

A great, simple list of five things to keep in mind to stay on track when clothing shopping. (Alexandria Stylebook)

Another newspaper bites the dust… and with it democracy. (The Washington Post)

Gossip, intrigue, money, and fame all in one longread… about a preschool? (The Cut)

I've used Hanah One off and on for years (read my Hanah One review) but never thought of it as “brain food.”  Yet it was mentioned in this piece about nootropic supplements which claim to give you a better brain. (Vox)

Read about the badassness that is Pat McGrath. Whether you realize it or not, many things you buy and what you see in stores is because of her. (The Fashion Law)

Sunday morning my sister texted me, “Can you pls write about (or link to an article about) the mall in Stranger Things and how they pulled it off?” Sister, your wish is my command. There are a few articles, but this one has the basic details, the video of the mall for Stranger Things, and links to other relevant articles. (Bustle)

Think you can't show your personality when you have to wear a uniform?  Think again. (Man Repeller)

A federal program to help injured veterans and their spouses conceive children through in vitro fertilization is being hobbled by anti-abortion forces that oppose how the process can lead to embryos being destroyed. (Washington Post)

And for a bit of badass woman inspiration for your weekend, meet Elizabeth Peabody. (Brain Pickings)

For Your Entertainment

I love Sigrid, and have featured her before in Weekend Reads.  Her latest video is cute and funny and a great peek into all the work it takes to make such a video.  Oh, and the song is lovely too.  That director deserves an award. And a vacation somewhere warm.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I hate to see newspapers closing down – and it’s particularly awful in a mid-sized city with no option. That said, our local daily (mid-sized Midwest city) went to 4 days/week and it’s a train wreck. They’re part of a conglomerate now, and in an effort to slash costs, they laid off or gave buyouts to all the good writers. The writing is abysmal, the editing seems poor, and the online version is basically worse. A few stories per week are worth reading, often the weather patterns by a great meteorologist that writes well . The whole week of syndicated comics and columns (advice, horoscope, etc.) run on the weekend in one section. We just couldn’t justify keeping a subscription and I transferred my $$ to WaPo and NYT. Honestly, having no daily that is worth buying is depressing. The local news tends to come from the TV stations or neighborhood Facebook pages (god forbid).

  2. Okay, let me see if I can try to explain the influencer bit…when Project Runway has the Maybelline makeup table, the makeup artists are just using the tools. The hosts are getting paid to drink Coke, it doesn’t impact their judging.

    But I think since so many style blogs originated with the idea of showing a person’s everyday outfits or a goid deal they found or how they’d style a piece, that where all the sponsored stuff comes in as so at odds with everything. Selling out, I suppose.

    1. Good examples! But what about when they say, let’s eat at Dorsia, it’s my favorite restaurant but it’s not they’re just being paid? Or here’s a real-life example. I had the opportunity last year to get free Botox in exchange for social promotion. I was totally down, shared my experience on Stories but then got Botox-induced ptosis, they said no I actually always had ptosis and well, it didn’t go well. I wrote the post but sent it to them for review and they said never mind because I was honest about how it went. Then a couple of months later a “housewife” is on her reality show at that same plastic surgeon raving about how great he is and how she goes to him for everything. Yet I know since I went to that surgeon that the housewife NEVER went there before and it clearly was a paid/sponsored opportunity. There is a lot of paid stuff going down on shows that is way beyond drinking out of a Dunkin Donuts cup or having their hair styled with Tresseme.

  3. I am so excited about Cabi going up to a size 18!! Is it just certain items? I see things up to 16 and to XL, but not bigger than that.

  4. So far, I’ve only had time to read your first link, Amanda’s amazing essay on the real meaning of “pro-life”. Wow. . . I just had to stop and say thank you for sharing that. I read it with my daughter in mind–she is a brand new mother, and I have moved for the summer to her town/state to support her as a new mom. About 6 weeks into that. It is intense and wonderful and hard at times too, and it makes me so aware of how much it takes to become a parent, even in the best of circumstances. We both feel sooo lucky that I am in a position to be here supporting her and my dear sweet granddaughter.

    I have always been pro-choice, and will always be. Amanda’s piece puts into words what I think I have always known–that I am also very much “pro-life” in her way of stating it.

    1. Just want to add that now I have read through a number of your other links, and this was quite an interesting collection! I particularly was fascinated by the story of the drama at the high-end preschool in NY. As a now retired teacher and private school administrator, I could fully imagine what was portrayed, and beyond. Well, sort of. Although I dealt with many intense situations in my career, nothing came close to that!

    2. I know and adore Amanda, but even if I didn’t that piece was so powerful I’d share it and be thinking about it for years to come. I’m glad it hit you too.

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