The Universal Standard Mystery Box is Back!

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Universal Standard Mystery Box review and details by Wardrobe Oxygen

For the fourth February in a row, Universal Standard has brought back their Mystery Box promotion. Through February 23, visit Universal Standard and try one of their Mystery Boxes to get an amazing deal on their quality size-inclusive fashion. Starting at just $68 per box (but valued up to $851), this is a great way to try Universal Standard for the first time or to update your wardrobe for the coming year. I am a fan of the Universal Standard Mystery Box promotion and have taken part in it every year.

Universal Standard was kind enough to send me a Mystery Box, no strings attached, as thanks for promoting the Mystery Box in previous years. I am sharing this promotion on Wardrobe Oxygen as a PSA/unpaid because I think it's such a good deal. There are affiliate links in this post; if you click on one and make a purchase I may make a small commission.

What is Universal Standard?

Universal Standard is a fashion brand that provides high-quality clothing in sizes 00-40. Started with two friends who wanted to shop together, their goal with Universal Standard was to erase the invisible fashion line separating “straight” and “plus” sizes and give all women the same level of style, quality, and respect and to have the same shopping experience.

Unlike many retailers that use one fit model for a dozen sizes, Universal Standard cuts pieces to work for each size, and often you'll find bodies of every size the brand carries, modeling the clothes on their site, helping you envision the pieces on your own figure.

What is the Universal Standard Mystery Box?

Universal Standard has 11 different surprise collections that mix bestsellers with never-before-seen styles. Choose your own style adventure with thematic box options such as Elevated Luxury, Archival Treasures, Athleisure Essentials, or Classics. You put your fashion fate into the hands of Universal Standard's designers, who put together each Mystery Box.

Alison in the Universal Standard leeron moto jacket in white and the Stephanie pants in navy with blue and white racing stripes down the side. She is leaning against a mural with one foot up, holding the collar of her jacket and smiling at the camera.
Wearing the Leeron jacket and Stephanie pant from my Universal Standard Mystery Box.

Each box will offer a mix of three luxe closet staples in your size. For example, with the box that was sent to me in size XS (my standard US size) I received the Anywhere Luxe Dress (retails for $188), the Leeron leather jacket (retails for $498), and the Stephanie pant (retails for $145). I was told that I received the Classics box but now that the sale has launched and I can see pricing and descriptions I don't know if that is accurate.

However, based on what I received and the prices of Mystery Boxes it still looks like I got a great deal… though that doesn't mean every box will have the same three items or have the same total value. That is why this is called the Universal Standard Mystery Box… what you get is a mystery!

Choose which box appeals to you (there are 11 different ones to choose from at different price points and with different categories of clothing), and you'll get an email from Universal Standard with a link to a survey that asks a series of questions to understand your style preferences and ultimately, helps build your custom box.

Every Universal Standard Mystery Box will have a value higher than the price you pay. It may be $5 more, it may be $125 more. You never know what you're going to get!

My 2022 Universal Standard Mystery Box Review

As mentioned above, Universal Standard sent me a Mystery Box, they said it was Classics but I cannot guarantee that's what I got. They knew I was a size XS and sent me the items in that size. I had no control over which box I received or its contents. Chatting with my friend Emily who also received a Universal Standard Mystery Box as a gift from the brand, I know they weren't sending based upon what we already own and were treating us as customers, not influencers with our picks.

Here are my thoughts on the three items I received in my Universal Standard Mystery Box:

Alison wearing a white leather moto jacket. She is leaning against a railing with her hand resting on her fist, looking away from the camera.
Wearing the Universal Standard Leeron jacket in white. The ring is from REALM

I already owned the Universal Standard Leeron leather jacket, but in black. When I started riding the Peloton I felt it was too big and swapped it with a Wardrobe Oxygen reader for her XXS. The XXS was too small (I'd say fits like a size 10), and last month I donated the jacket to the charity Uncommon Threads to sell to benefit the organization (click here if you are interested to purchase at a great price for a great cause). I missed the Leeron, it's a high-quality leather jacket. I had even been looking at the white thinking it was so unique. It was so exciting to have it arrive in my Universal Standard Mystery Box!

Alison leaning against a brick wall painted with a mural of tropical flowers. She is wearing a white leather moto jacket over a black turtleneck sweater with navy ponte wide leg pants and white sneakers. One hand is in her pocket and the other is holding a black leather Balenciaga City Bag.
I plan to get these pants shortened by my tailor; I didn't have time before the Mystery Boxes went live. For reference, I am 5'3″ tall, have them pulled up above my natural waist due to the length, and the shoes I am wearing are Adidas Superstars.

I already owned the Stephanie Pants in black with a black stripe; you can see them on me at this link. I think they're a great hybrid of athleisure and streetwear and was intrigued by the new navy color option but didn't know if I would wear them enough to justify the $145 pricetag (and I really really wish they had pockets). To have them show up in my Universal Standard Mystery Box was awesome. I will be taking them to the tailor to shorten them.

Screen Shot 2022 02 15 at 6.00.36 PM
This is not me, but this is the Anywhere Luxe Dress in Berry, which I also received in my Universal Standard Mystery Box. This is an accurate depiction of the dress I received; just based on where it hits on this model's ankles I know she is at least 3″ taller than I am. This was a straight up maxi dress on me.

I received the Anywhere Luxe Dress in Berry and… this dress is also being donated to Uncommon Threads. It's a fantastic fabric that feels great on (it looks like sandwashed silk but has a heavier weight and beautiful drape and is satin backed), it has pockets, no belt loops so you can wear with the self-belt or another belt or alone.

However, I spent an hour playing with the self-belt and every other belt in my closet and it just looked like something a cult member would wear. I think this dress runs large and is made for a body taller than mine. Without a belt, it made for a nice caftan, but I think it can serve better purpose being donated to an organization that may have a client that is shaped perfectly for this dress.

Is the Universal Standard Mystery Box Worth It?

Let's face it, this is a great deal on clothing, even though I ended up not keeping one of the items. I still got way more than the value of the box, and my experience has made me want to order another box and take a chance.

Alison in a white leather jacket, black turtleneck, and navy wide leg pants holding a black handbag in front of her.
I felt this Universal Standard Mystery Box was well worth its retail price…

Whether you're new to the brand, trying to reduce spending, or feel like you're in a style rut, this is a great option. It is a gamble, but considering the feedback of Wardrobe Oxygen readers who did the Universal Standard Mystery Box in previous years, most felt they got their money's worth, and for those who didn't there were ways for them to earn back their investment and then some.

What If I Don't Like my Universal Standard Mystery Box?

Purchases of the Universal Standard Mystery Box are final. That being said, that doesn't mean if you don't like everything you get in your Mystery Box you're out of luck.

Last year, the Wardrobe Oxygen Community shared what they didn't like from their Mystery Boxes in the Wardrobe Oxygen B/S/T group. Your miss may be exactly what another reader wanted, and this event has helped readers swap clothing or sell pieces to one another to get what they truly love.

Alison walking towards the camera wearing the white leather jacket over a black turtleneck and navy wide leg ponte pants.
The turtleneck I'm wearing is Chico's (no longer available); the bag is Balenciaga and I wrote all about it in this blog post.

There are other B/S/T groups out there on a variety of platforms dedicated to Universal Standard or a variety of brands that includes US; I love the one on Facebook (easy to search for it, removed the link so true fans join and it stays positive) for not just being a place to buy and sell Universal Standard but find a supportive community of smart fashion lovers.

From personal experience, Universal Standard moves extremely quickly on resale sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. If you would rather go that route, you will be sure to make your money back from your Mystery Box likely by selling just one or two pieces.

Universal Standard Mystery Box FAQ

How long does it take for the Universal Standard Mystery Boxes to ship?

Due to the popularity of this promotion, orders can take up to 2-4 weeks to arrive.

If I don't like the contents of my Universal Standard Mystery Box, can I return it?

All sales of the Mystery Boxes are final, there are no exchanges or substitutions. I think this is pretty reasonable considering the value of these boxes!

If you don't like what you receive, come to the Wardrobe Oxygen Buy Sale Trade Facebook group where fellow Universal Standard fans will be to swap items with one another to help craft their personal perfect Mystery Box.

If I receive an item from the Fit Liberty collection in my Universal Standard Mystery Box, is it eligible for Fit Liberty?

Universal Standard has a collection of items called Fit Liberty. If you purchase them and your size changes within a year, you can exchange them, no matter the condition, for your new size. Unfortunately, any items received in a Universal Standard Mystery Box are NOT eligible for Fit Liberty.

What happens if I ordered the wrong size for my Mystery Box?

There are no exchanges of sizes with Mystery Boxes. If you are unsure of your size in Universal Standard, visit this link and have a tape measure ready. The size chart is accurate. For example, I am usually a size 14 in brands but in Universal Standard, I am an XS and the size chart matches my measurements.

You cannot mix sizes within a Mystery Box, but you can buy one box in one size and another box in a different one.

In a previous year, I was able to fill out a survey, tell Universal Standard my preferences, or create a wish list to tailor my Mystery Box. Can I do that this year?

Universal Standard may still be a relatively small company in comparison to many other retailers, but they have grown exponentially over the years. And the popularity of the Mystery Box has grown so much it is impossible for them to customize them this year.

Those who participated in the Universal Standard Mystery Box promotion last year may have experienced some of the growing pains the brand had from unprecedented growth and interest in the promotion. To prevent such headaches in 2022, there is no customization. I get it, and think this is a very smart business move to ensure more happy customers across the board.

Last year you had a promo code, is there a promo code this year?

YES! Universal Standard just provided me with a Universal Standard Mystery Box promo code which will give you 10% off. Use INF-WARDROBEOXYGEN at checkout to save 10% off. I am not sure if it will work on individual purchases; try it to see and if it does do let me know in the comments!

I don't live in the US; can I order a Universal Standard Mystery Box?

Yes! Universal Standard offers international shipping services through Flow, which offers shipping via DHL Express. Orders that are shipped outside the United States may be subject to customs, duties, VAT, and/or other clearance fees. Flow calculates and collects these customs and duties taxes with the shipping charges at checkout for all international destinations. You will have access to transparent tracking from origination to the final destination and straight to door delivery. For additional information, visit the “Shipping” section of their FAQ page.

If I order the same box as you, will I get the same items?

No Mystery Box is the same, even within the same category. Yes, I got a Leeron, but that does not mean you will also get one or even the same value of items. Remember, this is a gamble. You get what you get and you don't get upset (instead head to our B/S/T group to swap out what makes you happier!).

Good luck, and do share your Universal Standard Mystery Box experiences and what you received this year in the comments below! Also, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this promotion!

This is my fourth year writing about the Universal Standard Mystery Box promotion. Instead of creating a new blog post for 2022 to discuss it, to make it less confusing when searching the site, I just updated 2021's post with 2022 pricing, details, and photos of what I received in this year's Universal Standard Mystery Box.

As always, I wish to be completely honest and transparent with you. I received the contents of the Classic Box for free, I was unable to have it customized to me. I am not receiving any other compensation from Universal Standard except for affiliate commission. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission Click here to understand how blogs make money. If you have any questions about this promotion, ask in the comments and I will answer to the best of my ability.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I loved US clothing. Having said that, Mystery Boxes were a huge “fail” for me this year. The dress box was amazing. I got 2 of three beautiful dresses. But my “surprise me” and “Archival treasures” box, which were supposed to have a combined value of over $1300, was missing an item, had no packing slip, and when I added the full value prices of the 5 combined items that they did send me, it was under $450, less than the value of the “surprise me” box, and everything was junk that was part of the $18 sale. What was worse, when I wrote to US to complain, I was basically told “too bad, we’re not responsible”, provided no copy of my packing slip, so I have no idea what wasn’t included in my box, and was given a $35 refund even though I sent close to $300 on the combined two boxes. I was completely ripped off. never again, and I’m done with this company.

  2. Disappointed – actually a bit shocked – by the incredibly poor quality of my 2022 mystery boxes. Anyone else having this experience? I’ve just received my two mystery boxes and this was a major fail.

    My “elevated luxury” box consisted of 1) a bizarre merino wool turtleneck tunic that extended past my knees but was slit up the front to well above the waist line of any normal pants; 2) a baggy poly/wool (mostly poly) coat made of thin material with poor quality buttons – and some sort of loose tag floating between the lining and the shell so that when I try to move it sounds like I’m crinkling paper; and 3) basic black stretch pants I could have purchased at Target. Not elevated, not luxury.

    My “premium jersey” box consisted of 1) a hideous short sleeved purplish “sweatshirt” that seems to have been imported from a “bad fashions we tried to leave in the 1980s “convention; 2) a pair of shiny black leggings that ripped the first time I tried them on; and 3) a moderately ok gray tunic that I didn’t really need. Plus I got a “free” tee-rex because of the amount I spent. Olive green. Fine.

    So the total haul is $370 for a long sleeved gray tee and an extra short sleeve tee. That’s not just bad luck from a fun experience taking my chances: that’s a rip off. I’m furious.

    I have had a few nice purchases from Universal Standard and quite a few misses over the years. But this mystery box experience makes me question the brand’s integrity. I might buy from them in the future if it’s a product I’m sure of, but take a chance on a mystery box? Never again. I hope everyone else had a much much better experience than I did!

  3. I ordered a surprise box, used the code and it worked. I’m hoping for no duplicates this time around. Last year I bought a box of cotton items and got a tee, a black dress and a Geneva dress in the exact style and color I already owned, long sleeve V neck in Berry.

  4. Oh my gosh, I didn’t know I needed a white leather jacket until this very moment!

    I have a feeling you received the Elevated Luxury Box like I did, because we both received the Stephanie Wide Leg Striped Pants and Anywhere Luxe Dress (my third item was the Eco Rio Blazer). I agree there was much confusion with this promotion, and I also had to follow up to determine which box I received.

    1. That does sound like Elevated Luxury; even with following up they said it was Classic and I think stating that in this post was false advertising. Thank you for sharing, it makes a lot more sense to be that box instead.

  5. As an international buyer, I have bought from US before (I still use my hooded dickie from them, but the long sleeved Geneva just hung weirdly on me), but sadly don’t think the Mystery Box is worth it for a few reasons:

    1) Their sizing/ size charts aren’t reliable (I’ve now had to email them “thrice* about items where somehow certain measurements seem to get *smaller* the bigger you go, & then all of a sudden get bigger after 2XS/XS or so – like 46″ hem, 48″ hen, 42″ hem… Also certain sizes with *huge* gaps between them – i.e. other sizes maybe go up in 2″ increments, but 2XS-XS is a 5′ gap? It’s frustrating because that’s the cusp of my supposed size!)

    2) The petite-to-regular gap is *huge*! I’m talking 24″ hem (petite) to 30″ hem (regular) to 32″ hem (tall). I’m sure they’ve done their research but I’ve seen enough people complaining about it in the reviews that I know I’m not the only one who can’t find my 27” inseam. A shame because I’d love to order the petite box – if this is holding others back too, then it may give US the wrong impression that there isn’t much interest in their petite line. A catch-22 because it’s already so sparse!

    3) You can’t choose colours (or even just a general colour scheme) – as someone who doesn’t wear black/ blue & looks ghastly in white/ pastels, that rules out a lot of their clothing! This might just be a personal issue though.

    4) Their fabrics are mostly synthetics. I prefer cotton etc for breathability (thinking about their cashmere jumpers), but again this might just be a personal niggle.

    That’s not to knock US for those of you for whom it works – just sharing my reasons for why I haven’t repeat purchased from them in years now. It’s such a shame, because I’d love to support their universal size philosophy – if only there was space for my size fit within that! 🙁

    1. I had the same issue until I gained some COVID weight and fit more squarely into an XS. But even now, some pieces fit me better in an XXS.

  6. Last year I got a dresses box and I was very pleased. I got three dresses I wear regularly (one with some tailoring I did myself). I was disappointed they raised the price of the Dresses box this year! I got an Archival Favorites Box this year since it seemed like the best value. It’s really a gamble though, if you’re not ok with the fun of a surprise then this definitely isn’t the promotion for you. It’s 100% a way for them to clear out their inventory, no doubt about it.

  7. Hi Alison!
    I love the Stephanie pant but not sure what size I would be. Checking the measurements, it looks like I’d wear an XS, like you, but are they baggy on you? Can’t tell.

    That outfit with your new hair is adorable.

    1. I wouldn’t size down unless you want them really trim to fit more like yoga pants from waist to thigh. I think they look extra baggy because I hiked them up to make them not too long to walk in. And thank you!

      1. Thanks! Yes, I’d have to get them hemmed too. 30″ length was fine for me in the old days when I wore heels. These days that’s a NOPE. 🙂

  8. This is a fun promotion but also a gamble. Last year I ordered a mystery box and a tops box. All of the 6 (XS) items came together in a mailing package so I could not tell which belonged to which box. I thought this was not right of US to do it this way as it was impossible to tell what I received for which cost. I received 4 black short sleeve t-shirts; 1 black long sleeve t-shirt and 1 black turtleneck. I was able to trade 4 shirts for a black coat. I already had 2 blacks coats, but this was the only trade I could find in my size. and US customer service was not very responsive when I contacted them, although they did send me a coupon for another t-shirt, LOL. Caveat emptor!

    1. LOL. Six black shirts. Unless you filled out your survey and said “I only want black items,” I’d say that was a huge fail. I’d rather save my money for the pieces I know I’ll love and wear. Then again, I don’t buy lottery tickets and I’ll never be a millionaire. 😉

    2. Oh, my. I was thinking about doing this but it seems like too much of a crapshoot for me. If I got six black shirts I’d lose my mind. I live in AZ and black t-shirts are only wearable for a few short months–they just soak up too much sun!

    3. I ordered those same two boxes last year and also received 6 tops together so I have no idea which belonged in each box. Since that was my first time purchasing these I really wanted to know what came in each so I would know what, if anything, I wanted this year. I was lucky to get more variety in color however.

  9. Would it be helpful if you removed last year’s comments? I find them irrelevant to this year’s discussion.

    With that said, I agree with Rebecca, the first commenter of 2022. I find it hard to believe a Leeron would have been included in a Classics box. (But PS, the jacket is gorgeous on you.)

    1. I updated the post because US replied saying all boxes have different things but I don’t feel this is a good representation of a Classics box.

      The comments are in chronological order. It’s tempting to remove them, but business-wise they are very important for my site’s ranking on Google and that determines my future success with other content. I apologize for them being confusing but removing them can really hurt my site.

  10. I can’t help but think that because you are an influencer, you got the Leeron jacket for an absolute steal. I was really disappointed in what I got last year, and I think l I’m going to pass. I’ve never been one to do the resale thing, and I have 3 final sale items from Universal Standard that are just sitting in my donate pile. Must resist temptation!

    1. I’ll be honest, there was some confusion with me receiving this Mystery Box. I was contacted by their PR firm to promote the boxes, but we never committed to doing anything. And then I got an email that this order was coming my way. I reached out to the PR firm to ask what this was, but ended up reaching out to US directly and they said this is what I got. But I don’t know if the individual I spoke to knew for sure as they aren’t involved with influencer deliveries. I do know that they didn’t look at what I or other influencers already owned as other influencers I know who got boxes did receive some duplicates that they already owned which is where I came from with what I shared.

      1. Not faulting you, Alison—per the experience of myself and other posters, it seems like US can be confusing to deal with! Just wanted to point out that what you got might not be representative. Hopefully US is more on the ball this year, but yes, you’d think they would have tried not to duplicate what influencers already have.

      2. Not faulting you, Alison—per the experience of myself and other posters, it seems like US can be confusing to deal with! Just wanted to point out that what you got might not be representative. Thanks for editing your post!

    2. I loved the first 2 mystery box years, but like you, been very disappointed with my last two and ended up keeping just one or two items, more because they were ok, then because I loved them. I added one to my cart this time, caught up in the hype, and have now deleted it. Not worth the money (and foreign shipping costs) to get maybe one item that is moderately useful. Also, I have never got anything even close to the value the boxes that influencers show in any price range.

    3. Agree unfortunately. I’d love you to order a anonymous MB and see what you get to provide a unbiased review (not that I think your review of the items is unbiased just that I don’t think they really treated you as a customer vs influencer). That would be helpful to your readers as many of us were let down last year.

  11. Are there any other options to sell the Mystery box clothes? I am so disappointed in what I received… I have been trolling the US web site for a long time and finally got up the nerve to pull the trigger during the mystery box sale. I bought the two most expensive boxes (Luxe and Premier) and they finally arrived yesterday. First, in my survey I selected that I wanted to receive pants… I received a skirt and a dress, no bottoms at all. The next three items were really basic: 1. a plain black cardigan, 2. a plain white cotton button down and 3. a black satin v-neck with sleeves…. all of which are really boxy and I already own many similar items. The last item was a trench coat, which is very nice, but is navy blue and does not go with anything else they sent me. Maybe I built up the anticipation in my mind and that’s why I feel so let down but I spent a lot of money on these two boxes and did not get one item i want to keep… when I tally up the value of the items I received, they total $616 and I spent $400 for the two boxes… now I have the hassle of trying to sell all these items…not worth it. I really thought the mystery box sale was a great idea… US would get to sell their back stock and I would finally get some cool US clothes… it looks like US will be the only one benefiting from this sale. SO SAD… thanks for letting me vent. I really wanted to love the experience and I just didn’t. I’ll guess I’ll just keep trolling their web site…

  12. Wonderful review! Thank you for the discount code! Before I found your page I ordered a dress box, now with the code to entice me I ordered a surprise me box. Can’t beat 67.50 for 3 garments! Here’s hoping it’s all cute and fits.

  13. Alison, since you have Universal Standard’s ear, maybe you could ask them why they are sold out in sizes 10, 12, and 14 in ALL non-super-skinny legging type jeans. They seem to be pushing Cirque de Soleil like unitards these days.

  14. Thank you Alison! I’ve been waiting for a chance to try out Universal Standard and went for it with the coupon code. I’ll report back 🙂

    1. Hi Tiffany, the postage I was charged was $35.75 AUD. The 10% discount then paid the GST. Maybe it was what you ordered? I ordered the Classic and the Bottoms. I ordered last year and the pieces I didn’t like I sold on eBay. The resale on eBay isn’t as big in Australia as the USA but it still worked out well.

      1. Thanks Suellen – last year I remember the shipping being around that much, but this time I was quoted $90 – just for tops! Maybe it’s because I’m in Tassie 🙁

  15. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been on the fence about trying US for a while now and this is definitely a fun way to give them a try. I have been finding myself really struggling to enjoy getting dressed lately so I went with tops and surprise boxes. Fingers crossed!

  16. Thanks for posting about this promotion! I love US but agree with some of the previous commenters that last year’s mystery box promo had some major problems. I wasn’t really concerned about the shipping delays–it was the start of the pandemic–but they over-promised, and my Luxe box was a huge bust of much older US styles, way less than the RV promised. It felt more like a warehouse clearing, and CS was (very atypically) unhelpful. I sold on Poshmark but didn’t even make up the cost of the box.

    This year looks much better; the survey alone was a huge improvement. I bought the athleisure and classic boxes because at those price points, the gamble is worth it and pretty low risk. Maybe I’m wary due to last year’s experience, but I still don’t think the Luxe box is. At that price point, you’re taking $60-70/item, and even if the items are great–yours definitely are!–there’s no guarantee that they will work on the individual who bought them. I’d rather just buy a piece I really wanted.–and US has plenty of things I have my eye on!

  17. Hey Allie- I ended up ordering a Tops box and a Lounge box. I hope I get some actual tailored shirts and not just t-shirts in my tops box!

    THAT COAT! So gorgeous. And the Rivers Dress looks like a real classic. I’d love to see more pics of all the items so I can see how they fall. Any chance you’d post some more? Did your survey ask if you wanted dresses or pants?

    1. I have the Rivers dress as well! The original version – I am a bit taller at 5’4. It hits me right about at the ankle and looks high low. The front is a midi length. I like the dress though it is “plain” for me. I also ended up sizing down from my usual size. Mine is the wrinkly fabric though – but it is super comfy and always looks really cool!

      I really want that jacket, that is on my list. But I don’t know if I want to gamble. I got a wool coat in my last box – it is a grey one. But I am really looking for a more colorful one.

      I have got the mystery box last year – and I felt it was a good price, though I wish I could have sized down in my skirt. And I am planning to sell my pant – it turned out not to be a winner for me.

  18. It’s really exciting to see the boxes again. I was worried they wouldn’t do the promotion after last year’s difficulties. Your review is really useful. I especially appreciate when you talk about fabrics. I’ve ordered 3 boxes – the luxe, tops, and premier. I’m hoping for some professional pieces to wear if my work situation ever has me onsite again. I agree that it’s easy to sell any pieces that don’t work out and at least break even.

  19. I ordered the luxe box yesterday with my early access. I ordered the dress box last year and i have a ton of foundation pieces, so I am hopeful I will get a good box. I would like the leather jacket, but I might just order it. I bought the denim shirt dress last year and I wore it so much its fading in spots.

  20. Well, I just ordered the Petites mystery box and am keeping my fingers crossed. I noticed US is offering fewer and fewer petite options but as someone who’s just 5′ tall, most regular sizes are going to look dowdy on me. I hope they keep us petites in mind as part of their inclusive sizing and give us a few more offerings as I really dig their styles. BTW, I used your code and saved myself $9.50. Thanks Allie.

  21. Last year the boxes were a hot mess with delays and poor communication – but then each box had 4 items instead of 3 to make up for it, and I think it did. This will be my 3rd year getting a mystery box, and I think this year especially the money is worth it just for the experience of having a ‘surprise’ unboxing! I’m doing both Lounge and Surprise, and am really excited to get my boxes and have a ‘Christmas morning’ for myself.

    1. Well…I ordered on February 10th and my three boxes were just delivered. Last week US sent me a face mask and a small knit bag and bottle of Soak wash. I was told that because my boxes were so late they would be throwing in a bonus item (4 instead of 3). I ordered (dress, luxe, premier) and received only one bonus item (10 items total and I assume the oversized white tshirt is my “bonus” item). Everything was tossed together in the same box so I’m not quite sure which items correspond to which “box”.

      My first time ordering—I leveraged Allie’s 10% coupon. Spent $414.90 for these three boxes and the sizing is SO off. I wear a size 8 in BR/most Nordstrom brands and everything is oversized…beyond vanity sizing, everything is probably a size 14. Yes, I used the size chart on the website.

      I also received two scratch-off cards (two not three) both worth 10%.

      I’m taking all of it to the nearest women’s shelter and dropping it off, taking the receipt and writing it off on my taxes and never ordering from this business ever again.

      1. This is my second year doing the Mystery Box. Both times, the orders have taken over a month to receive and I’ve only liked one item enough to keep. However, both years, I’ve posted the items I didn’t love for sale on Poshmark and they have sold quickly and for a good price. It’s a gamble, but both times after reselling the “not for me” items, I’ve been left with a dress I loved for the equivalent of under $20. (I also agree that US sizing runs quite large, btw, especially if you have more of a straight figure. I am a 10-12 and always order a 2XS).

  22. I was really impressed with the quality of the coat fabric when you gave us a sneak peak in your IG stories.

    My tip from buying a mystery box last year: if they ask you what colors you like/dislike, answer it based on the colors US offers, not the hypothetical colors. For ex, why ask if you like yellow/red/orange when (last year) there were no yellow, no orange, & only 1 red item in their inventory?

  23. I think you look lovely I. That wrap dress. Maybe take it to a tailor? I had mixed feelings about this promotion. Last year’s boxes were a hot mess. But I did end up with a few items I like; the high waisted boot cut jeans in black and a nice long sleeve dress. I said I wasn’t going to buy this year. Yet, yesterday when I got my early access link, there I was adding the athleisure box to my cart. I’ve had my eye on some athleisure pieces but never clicked buy. This is a great way to get what I know will be quality pieces without such a huge investment.

  24. Dear Alison, it’s been a while since I last left a reply – sorry! I’m still an eager follower I really like the look of the River dress, and I love the colour on you❤️ However, you say it’s a silky satin fabric, but does it wrinkle? I looks a lot less wrinkled than the Rubicon. Also, if you really like the River dress, isn’t it worth having it shortened to fit? And how tall do you have to be to not be a shortie? I’m really hooked on that dress! Finally, is the waist high, medium or low? Thank you so much for all the great work you do

    1. I think if I were even 2″ taller it would work. It’s a medium waist and the fabric is soft enough that it can blouse if it’s too long. With the tulip design of the skirt and the length of the sleeves, it would be a lot of reworking the dress to have it fit petite, I took my last one to my tailor and he was discussing raising the torso from the shoulders and replacing the cuffs and… yeah it’s just better for someone at least 5’5″. And the fabric isn’t super wrinkly at all. It’s satiny inside and the outside is like crepe. It holds up nice, I have other pieces from Universal Standard in the same fabric and like it.

      1. I think you’re right – I’m 5’7″ and I have the black dress (from last year’s box!) and it’s PERFECT on me – a midcalf length, but the tulip skirt means that looks amazing with heels or with high boots or with pretty flats if the vamp is low, and the sleeves are just loose enough to be a bit blousy without being too big. And the fabric doesn’t wrinkle but it benefits from being steamed after hanging to dry, since it the hem bunches weirdly around the belt otherwise.

    2. I’m 5’4 and the Rivers dress (v1) ended up working on me. It is sort of midi length in the front and just about ankle in the back! So you can see the high low intention, but it isn’t dragging. Mine is of a more wrinkly fabric though.

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