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Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in a Dressed in Joy resortwear shirtdress

It's clear I am a fan of the athleisure brand Dressed in Joy by Mikeala Pabon. I follow both the brand and Pabon on Instagram, and I own several pieces from her line including these green floral athleisure by Dressed in Joy. I also signed up for emails to be notified as soon as new collections and prints drop. And when I saw that Dressed in Joy dropped a resortwear/non-athleisure collection I never clicked a link so fast to make a purchase. It was a hard choice of what to get but I decided on this Dressed in Joy shirtdress in size Large.

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in a Dressed in Joy resortwear shirtdress

SUCH a good purchase. And because it is such a good purchase, I am wondering why Dressed in Joy felt the need to refund my purchase. I am writing this hoping I'll encourage some Dressed in Joy sales because, after four purchases from this brand, I feel confident recommending Dressed in Joy and wonder if there are some negative reviews out there that I can cancel out?

dressed in joy shirtdress on wardrobe oxygen

I placed my order with Dressed in Joy on May 14th, and it was delivered June 18th. I'll admit that's longer than my previous Dressed in Joy orders but I don't think anything out of the ordinary for a non-chain retailer especially when deliveries in all sectors have been all out of whack for a while. A hair over a month didn't bother me; right when I was ready to wonder what was wrong with my order I received notification that it was shipping.

The dress arrived and it looked just like it did on the website. The fabric was soft, the style simple and classic. The sleeves were a hair long for me which is to be expected as I am 5'3″. The buttons are white pearlized, the stitching is white but subtle.

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in a Dressed in Joy resortwear shirtdress

I have washed this dress twice and line dried. I haven't ironed it since laundering it. The self-belt is creased in the back where it goes against the small of the back; if the self-belt had more stability it would be great but this isn't a dealbreaker. The sleeves from being rolled are too wrinkled to wear buttoned-down without ironing or steaming, which I think is to be expected. The pockets are deep enough to hold my large iPhone, but it does cause the dress to veer to that side but again… to be expected.

When researching this email I received from Dressed in Joy about problems with the collection, I found that Dressed in Joy had some exclusive resortwear pieces available on the Resonance website. I recognized Resonance from my The Kit NYC review. And I wondered if that was the issue with this collection? And maybe that explained some of the issues I also found with The Kit clothing?

dressed in joy shirtdress

Unfortunately, this dress is not available at Dressed in Joy. I hope the brand brings back some more pieces like this in the future; I'll be making a purchase. But since you can't buy this dress, I gathered some other similar concepts in the carousel below. I also think this pink cotton shirtdress from Chico's is a good alternative that I also love wearing.

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Anyway, I love this dress. I've worn it several times. I wore it to lunch with some influencer friends with my gold Margaux sandals. I wore it to a friend's house with my Birkenstocks. And I took these photos after running errands and going shopping with my mom.

teva hurricanes on wardrobe oxygen

These are the Teva Hurricane sandals; I mentioned them last week in The Friday Shop. I have never found Tevas to fit my wide feet with short toes (or if they did they rubbed my pinkies raw). But I took a chance with these and have been wearing them nonstop since. I wear them to walk the dog, wear them to the pool, and wear them when running around town. I wish I had them for my summer vacation earlier this month!

wardrobe oxygen in a dressed in joy shirtdress from the brand's resortwear collection

The bag is an old style from Dagne Dover. I've been a fan of this brand for years since a reader turned me on to Dagne Dover back in 2014. I had the pleasure of meeting the brand's CEO, Melissa Shin Mash, when Dagne had a popup in DC's Union Market many years ago. We've stayed in touch and it's such a thrill to see how this bag brand she founded with Jesse Dover and Deepa Gandhi has grown and evolved! This is one of my favorite bags; it's just big enough for the essentials and such a fun print on the leather. Dagne Dover no longer carries bags like this so it is extra special to me.

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I learned of Mikaela and Dressed in Joy through you and was 100% influenced! I scored the green athleisure set (that you and Karl both rocked so well!) and truly, truly love it. It makes me happy to put on and I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me on the street to tell me they love it, too! I also started following Mikaela on IG after you mentioned her. She is so REAL and so lovely and I will likely never meet either of you in real life (which is fine!) but I just appreciate both of you and feel lucky to have “internet friends” like you both! 🙂 This shirtdress is lovely on you and I am glad you are enjoying it. I hope she brings back the resort designs but am also looking forward to her next athleisure release as well!

  2. I’m curious how do you keep white-soled sandals clean? I’m interested in them and also light-colored soles in general, but I can never keep the soles clean, meh.

    1. I began washing down my shoes on business travel, not wanting my sneakers and boots covered in city funk to get all over the rest of my luggage. I found an old washcloth or rag with a bit of handsoap at the end of the day gets rid of a lot of the dirt and scuffs on white soles and also keeps the shoes smelling fresh. A Magic Eraser is fantastic for buffing out scuffs that don’t come off with a bit of soap. And I have accepted I am a klutz and I am not perfect, and my shoes never will be either. All my shoes have scuffed soles and toes and I’ve come to accept it (it’s also why you’ll never see me in a pair of Manolos or even Golden Goose (Geese?) sneakers, I’ll destroy them).

  3. I also follow Mikaela and the reel she did styling this dress is pure magic. I am not a colorful clothing person, but the simple cut of this dress and the artfulness of the print would have me buying it.

    Looks great on you and it’s nice you are sending some love Mikaela’s way.

  4. That is A DRESS. I love the fact that the style is so simple and unfussy and it makes its presence felt through that fantastic print. Winner, winner, winner!

  5. Wow! Love this colorful dress on you!

    I remember you mentioning, what, like a year ago, about the blah fashion colors of the pandemic. I saw a few late summer/early fall email campaigns recently, and OMG, it’s still the same washed out, boring as F, range of subdued colors.

    This dress represents everything I want in my clothing. Bright, cheerful, interesting, uplifting, flattering, and comfortable. Not sure why this isn’t happening more.

    1. PS. I’ve come to really love Zuri dresses and shirts for their colorful, comfortable cotton fabrics and designs. Highly recommended!

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