Weekend Reads #85

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While I begin Weekend Reads the day after the last one is published, I wait until Friday afternoon to write this blurb at the top.  When I started a draft for this post to start dropping articles I found this week, I figured I'd write about the end of a year, the end of a decade, the goals for 2020.  And now it's 11pm and I've deleted what I've had here three times.

I think you all are really intelligent, and that makes me so damn proud.  This is a weird job, and it's one that can fuck with your mind, your ego, and your confidence.  But one thing that both keeps me going and keeps me honest is knowing that really intelligent women choose to read Wardrobe Oxygen.  And I just don't want to throw out some cliché shit about this decade.  My brain is already preparing a packing list for our trip to the lake for the remainder of the year.  One of the things I've learned this past decade is to rest when tired.  No one likes a rest martyr and the older you get the more you need it.  I'm bowing out from the beginning blurb here but will be back next weekend all perky and opinionated and this coming week I'll share my thoughts about 2019, 2020, and the future.

Sale Alert

There are so many good sales going on right now!

Soma has their Semi-Annual Sale with items up to 70% off.  This is THE TIME to shop, and you can access everything on sale at this link.  However my picks from what I actually own:

Everlane has its annual Choose What You Pay Event and it's the best time to shop the brand.  You can shop the entire sale at this link.  I have this sweater (see it on me here), this dress (see it on me here), and this purse (seen here).

Nordstrom has their Half-Yearly Sale and it's a lot of items to wear now – slippers, sweaters, boots, and outerwear.  I am not going to do a post specifically on the sale because I don't think anything in the sale is revolutionary.  If you are looking for some wardrobe staples to update your winter wardrobe, visit the sale.  If you have certain beauty brands you love, visit the sale.  Below are the items I feel are a good buy to wear now and beyond:

Lands' End has a sale with up to 60% off with promo code HOLIDAYS. 

Weekend Reads

If you're looking for a new book, NPR's list of the best books of 2019 is a great place to start. (NPR)

Another New Year's resolution you may wish to do is making your phone more secure; this provides some simple ways to do it. (New York Times)

Ever wonder why some old movies you can easily find online to stream, and others from the past seem to have disappeared?  This article delves into the reasons why. (GQ)

I know many of you have wanted to love the Rothys flats but found them too narrow.  While they're not made from recycled water bottles, these knit pointed-toe flats from Naturalizer are a great alternative, are under $90 and come in two widths.

Our current healthcare in America is broken, and this piece is a perfect example.  For those who prefer to listen instead of read, both are available at this link. (NPR)

A good read before you make your New Year's resolution: the false promise of morning routines. (The Atlantic)

DC represent! Despite the hype from such places as L.A., the nation’s capital is the foodie town everyone should pay attention to. (Bloomberg)

I felt lonely and stuck in a place that felt nothing like home. A wiggly, ill-behaved beagle changed everything.” (Livability)

Everlane employees are unionizing.  There have been several articles similar to this with different small businesses and I can't think of any better solution than unions. (Vice)

I must say I am fascinated by and scared to read Lauren Greenfield’s new book of photography, “Generation Wealth.” (New Yorker) . As an FYI, there is also a documentary on Amazon Prime of the same name also by Greenfield.

After sharing that Vox piece on #okboomer in last weekend's reads, Mariana, a self-proclaimed boomer, shared this article in the comments and it is worth a read. (The Washington Post)

And a good reminder as we go into a new year, a new decade, and a new attitude – is it cultural appropriation? (Rewire)

For Your Entertainment

And for your ears and eyes this weekend, a sweet little video from Ed Sheeran featuring the fabulous Ella Mai and some of the loveliest couples from around the globe dancing together.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Love your Weekend Reads – I always learn something. And I really appreciate you posting the NPR books link. Somehow I missed that this year and it’s always such a great source for new books.

    I think a lot of us are just pooped out this week, so it’s good to just rest up for what is to come. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the phone security article…I hadn’t yet done one of the tips.
    And…there’s a reason you’re having a brain funk writing about the end of a decade….you actually have another year to prep…according to the Gregorian calendar, a decade starts on a year ending with a 1, and ends on one ending with a zero.

  3. Never miss these Weekend Reads, Alison — and I just order a new Lands End Coat (and, yes, a couple more items) using your link!

    As for an alternatve to Rothys, might I suggest the company that originated the stylish commuter flat: Apropos is based in Massachusetts, where all their shoes are made. Best customer service ever, and much more reasonable priced. I bought my first pair at their kiosk at Fanueil Hall in Boston 30 years ago, and am still wearing that pair, along with the many others I’ve purchased through the years. They’re great for travel (I wore a pair all over Rome this spring) and make even the most casual outfit look stylish.

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family, dear Alison!

    I loved your lead paragraph today. Thanks for thinking so highly of us, your readers, and for taking care of yourself–setting a great example for the rest of us!

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