What Are The Best Jeans for Moms?

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I recently was interviewed by a major publication to find out my thoughts on the best jeans for moms.  I was not able to pick out the jeans, I had to offer my thoughts on the selection of denim they already chose for the article. I decided to write a post on what jeans I think are best for moms, using what I have learned from almost a decade in apparel and over a decade writing fashion advice for women.  The average American woman is 5’3” and a size 16.  Most moms, especially new moms, are looking for jeans that are kind to soft curves and an ever-changing figure. If someone is looking for the best jeans for moms, they’re likely looking for a style that is comfortable, versatile, easy-care, stylish but not so trendy that they will be passé after one season, and a style that works with not against their figure. So I am going to share my picks for the best jeans for moms. Many of these I own or have owned, have tried, and have received rave reviews from readers. All of the styles go up to at least a size 16, though most have a broader size range and many come in lengths. I’m also putting in a good mix of price points as quality and style are available for every budget and we all deserve to have fab fashion in our wardrobes!

What Are The Best Jeans for Moms?

Alison wearing the talbots slim ankle jean with a striped t-shirt
Wearing the Talbots Slim Ankle Jeans

Talbots Slim Ankle Jean

Dismiss all the stereotypes you have about Talbots; they have some of the best-fitting, highest quality jeans on the market and one of the most diverse size ranges out there (hello petite plus size!). Year after year, I rock the Talbots Slim Ankle Jean because it's near perfection.  Not too high a rise, not too low.  Not straight, not skinny.  The ankle length is perfect for flats, sneakers, ankle booties, but can also glam up with a heel for a night out with the girls.  The denim is thick enough to hold everything in and smooth the figure, but there's the perfect amount of stretch for comfort and to prevent the jeans from stretching out throughout the day. I like their Indy Wash, which is dark but not rinse, on-trend for this fall but classic enough to look chic for seasons to come.  The jeans come in regular, petite, and long lengths up to size 18 at this link, plus size and plus petite up to 24 at this link, and they even have a curvy cut in regular and petite sizes up to 18 at this link. $95 for straight sizes, $99 for plus sizes.

See me wear the Talbots Slim Ankle Jean in blue, and at this link, I wear and review the Talbots Slim Ankle Jean in white.

Alison wearing Universal Standard Siene jeans with a navy blazer and navy silk blouse
Wearing the Universal Standard “Siene” Jeans

Universal Standard “Siene” High Rise Skinny Jean

As a petite woman, I feared the return of a high rise jean.  They'd go up to my ribcage!  However, I found that a high rise is actually quite flattering for “mom” figures as it doesn't segment the body (AKA no chance for “muffin top” or “plumber's crack”) and the fly, whether it is button or zipper, works to hold in the midsection creating a sleeker silhouette.  Universal Standard makes amazing denim that is rigid enough to hold you in and create a smoothing effect but stretch in the right places for all-day comfort.  These are a skinny jean, a favorite of mine with blazers or cardigans and tees or sweaters and untucked knits.  The washes and colors are super chic, the jeans come in two lengths for regular and one length for petites, and they are the most inclusive-sized brand in this post offering their jeans in sizes 00-40.  On top of that, Universal Standard has a program called Fit Liberty – if at any time over the year your size changes, let Universal Standard know and they will replace your jeans in your new size for free, no questions asked!  How awesome is that? This is the link to shop the jeans. $90 for all sizes.

You can see me wear the Universal Standard “Siene” jeans in this post, this post, and this post.

Kut from the Kloth “Diana” Skinny Jeans

Some skinny jeans are just too skinny; these jeans from Kut from the Kloth are pretty perfect.  Still slim enough to tuck into tall boots and wear under tunics, but loose enough that they don't look or feel painted on. The denim is so soft, you won't want to take them off.  And not only is the denim comfortable, it holds its shape for multiple wears.  I regularly recommend Kut from the Kloth denim because the quality, fit, and the size are all excellent.  This is the link for the regular and petite jeans up to size 18; this is the link for the same jeans in plus sizes up to 22.  $89.50 for straight sizes, $99 for plus sizes.

If you don't see your size or you don't love the wash, no worries.  The “Diana” from Kut from the Kloth is a popular silhouette and comes in a great range – here is a link for all the washes and sizes available at Zappos; you can also find discontinued colors of this jean at a great price at 6pm (click here for the selection currently available) and Nordstrom Rack (click here for the selection currently available).

Alison in a black and white striped sweater with dark wash JAG jeans and leopard print ankle booties
Wearing the JAG “Peri” Jeans

JAG Jeans “Peri” Pull-Up Straight Jeans

Remember how comfy your pull-on maternity jeans were?  Heck, maybe you're still wearing them!  Well, you can retire them and replace them with a pair from JAG.  These jeans are uber comfortable, and have the pull-up waistband which is kind to a postpartum tummy, less likely to create “muffin top,” and is smooth under untucked knits. I've worn JAG Jeans for years and like the quality of the denim, the pricepoint, and the variety of styles and washes.  I am focusing on this cut because it's the most classic and looks great with everything from sneakers to heels but you can go to this link and find an amazing variety of cuts, washes, and sizes of JAG JeansThis link is for straight sizes up to 16, go to this link for petite sizes up to 16, and this link is for plus sizes up to 24.  Regular and straight sizes are $74, plus sizes are $84.

Alison in a black wrap top with full sleeves and gray jeans
Wearing the Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Button Fly Jeans

Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Button Fly Jeans

I am obsessed with these jeans.  I own a lot of jeans, they're all okay.  I tried these on a whim expecting to despise them and fell madly in love.  So in love, I have a backup pair in case these get damaged in any way!  The color is amazing – it's a dark gray that is surprisingly versatile and wearable all year long.  The button fly works like a pair of control undies, sucking in and smoothing at just the right place without constricting.  In fact, these are jeans you can wear all day and the next day without discomfort or them stretching out.  The jeans come in two lengths. Everlane is an ethical clothing brand with a very transparent manufacturing process and reasonable pricing.  The only negative is these jeans only go up to a size 33, which is the equivalent of a 16.  You can shop these jeans at this link.  $78

You can read my initial Everlane jeans review and also see me wear these jeans at this link.

While these aren't the exact style mentioned, here I am wearing a size 33 in DL1961 jeans with a similar great fit.

DL1961 “Florence” Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

There are many jeans out on the market that are crazy expensive and not worth the pricetag.  Then there are DL1961 jeans.  These are some of the best-fitting jeans I have ever worn.  The quality of the denim is amazing – tightly woven, just the right amount of stretch, gorgeous washes, and colors.  The fit is fabulous; I am more of an “apple” and they seem to hug my curves in all the right places and the same holds true for my “pear” shaped friend.  I don't know what kind of witchcraft makes that possible, but it helps justify the pricetag.  The denim truly seems to “sculpt” the body while also smoothing the figure, hiding lumps and bumps.  DL1961 sells a lot of styles, but their “Florence” jean is one of their bestsellers because it's a pretty perfect rise, a skinny leg that isn't too tight, and comes in an amazing assortment of colors to choose from.  This is the link for the jean in straight sizes up to 34 (which is a size 18), this is the link for the same jean in petite sizes up to 34, and this is the link for the same jean in plus sizes up to 26W. $179 for all sizes.

Alison wearing Democracy jeans with a black t-shirt
Wearing the Democracy “Ab”Solution Jegging

Democracy “Ab”Solution Jegging

For years, readers had been telling me to try Democracy Jeans.  They were so comfy, they were so flattering, and the price was so great.  I finally tried the jeans earlier this year and I have to agree with them all – these jeans are pretty fantastic!  While Democracy has a broad range of cuts of jeans, I am focusing on the Jegging as it is not only the one I found best for my figure, but the one most popular with the Wardrobe Oxygen audience.  While this jean is called a jegging, it fits more like a skinny jean and can look quite nice with shorter or tucked-in tops.  What makes Democracy Jeans unique is the super-soft denim that retains its shape along with a waistband that is elastic on the inside.  These are the kind of jeans you will reach for again and again, and not only will they be comfy they will not slide down, bag out, or segment your figure.  This link offers the jeans in several washes up to a size 16. $68

However, if you love the idea of these jeans or try them and find they fit you great, I recommend you search for a lower price.  Like JAG Jeans, you can often find Democracy for a lower price online.  You can find them for around $35 at Amazon (which is an authorized retailer for this brand), and places like Costco and Boscov's often have discontinued styles and colors for less.

You can see me wear these jeans and do a complete review at this link.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Skinny Jeans

I may be saving the best jeans for moms for last, as Wit & Wisdom jeans are pretty fantastic.  Like Democracy Jeans, Wit & Wisdom jeans have a wide elastic band on the inside of the jeans that keep them from stretching out or sliding down while remaining comfortable.  They also have power-mesh panels in front that subtly smooth the belly. They say their denim has “mold and hold technology” and I believe it as this denim sort of molds to your body without stretching out.  The sizing is consistent from cut to cut and year after year and they are quite durable.  While Wit & Wisdom offers a great variety of styles, I chose their skinny jeans which are a classic that look great with so many different kinds of tops and on a broad range of body shapes.  This link is for the jeans in regular and petite sizes up to 18, and this is the link for the plus size jeans up to size 24.  These jeans are $68 for straight sizes, $78 for plus sizes.

Shop the Jeans Featured in this Article:

the best jeans for moms

And now I would love to hear from you!  What do you think are the best jeans for moms? Are there jeans that you love that are missing from the list?  Have you tried these jeans and have a differing (or similar) opinion?  Share in the comments!  Your feedback may make the dreaded jean shopping easier for a fellow woman!

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  1. I have Kut from the Kloth, JAG and Loft curvy jeans in my collection. Thinking of trying Democracy – do they run true to size? Thanks!

  2. I am not a mom but I am in my late 30s and for the last year and a half, I have struggled with jeans. I feel like skinny jeans no longer look right on my body and the other styles don’t look right either. They just aren’t flattering. I am trying to move away from jeans toward pants for the weekends, like chinos in dark blue and khaki green, which I bought recently at the GAP, or shorts when it is very hot out. The winter is a bit harder but I do have a pair of black jeans that still look good on so I will keep wearing them and the black ponte pants I bought from Uniqlo last year.

  3. After buying many pairs of jeans, I’m now DKNY all the way. The Marilyn fit just works for me and I have them in three colors; dark rinse, faded and black. Scored them all at different sales. And just gave away four pairs of not quite right for me jeans to a friend.

  4. Thanks for including a pair of pull-on jeans, which I just ordered — appreciate it! While I love all the jeans you posted, I find the metal button pressing into my stomach absolutely unbearable. I think I might be slightly neurotic, but tags and seams and metal poking me just really bug me. Talbots used to offer a side-zip, wide leg jean years ago — those were perfection. I wish they’d come up with something similar — in Talls, I might add!

  5. This is such a sensible, useful post, and so well researched and thoughtfully presented!

    Hurray for comfortable, stylish jeans that are kind to midriffs.

  6. Alison, your research is fantastic! Not a mom, but I definitely have a soft belly! Unfortunately, the belly also comes with a size 16 waist much thicker than my size 10/12 legs. Virtually all jeans that I can button sag horribly in tush and bag in the legs. I look for super stretchy material so I can fudge the waist a little. Sadly, trial and error has ruled out everything on this list, except US (which is pretty good) and everlane (which I haven’t tried yet, but will). However, after much expensive trial and error, I’ve found my holy grail: AG skinnies. Amazing fit and they keep their shape during long days and even couch naps. Frame is also great, but stretches out more. Yes, they cost a fortune, but occasionally turn up at Nordstrom Rack. Just wanted to share for others with my figure type.

    1. AG jeans are AMAZING!!! I was going to include them, but it was hard to find the same style in a lot of sizes so I stuck with DL1961 which is a similar price and similar denim quality. However, my AG jeans are my absolute favorites. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Jeans can be so hard to find, especially as our bodies continue to change. I’m another fan of Loft jeans but just in the last 2 years. They always have good sales too. I am not a “skinny” woman & have large calves but now own a few pairs of the Curvy Loft skinny jeans and love them! They’re stretchy, so comfy, hold their shape well, and look great with various tops & various shoe styles.

    I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by J Crew jeans recently. I picked up a pair of their straight leg jeans on sale last fall & found them to be comfortable and to fit nicely. Not skin tight but not big & baggy either. I’ve purchased 2 more pairs in the last month, a white boyfriend pair & another straight leg pair in a lighter blue rinse. They are stretchy, so comfortable but don’t bag out after a few hours. I like the boyfriend pair because they are not skinnies but are also not too big; had them hemmed to ankle length so I won’t have to roll them up & like the way they look.

  8. What happened to that wonderful pair of American Eagle jeans you’ve been wearing this Spring/Summer. I love those!
    American Eagle seems like a good place for new Mothers b/c they are moderately priced and the sizing is, to be diplomatic, modern — meaning they give a size 12 quite a bit of room.

    My advice to new mothers is to do what I did which is to go out and buy one or two pairs of pants that fit your 2 weeks after birth size. Don’t spend too much because in a few months your figure will change more and they won’t fit. Put them away and save them to use when you have another baby, or give them to a girlfriend who just had one.

    1. I still have them! I didn’t include them because I find AE jeans stretch out throughout the day. I love my cropped wide-leg jeans from them but gosh they bag out in the belly after a couple of hours! And great advice for new mothers, thank you!

  9. I can’t remember if you introduced me to Kut From The Kloth Diana in a previous post, but, oh my… I will buy ANY pant in that shape now. I own jeans and two pairs of velvety cords (dark grey and dark RED!–no longer available) in that cut. It’s like they are made for me. I wish they made olive “utlity” pants in that cut…. Black crisp cotton or sateen pants…. sper-dark-wash and ultra-faded wash denim….
    Alas, there is usually only one wash in my size (plus).

  10. I bought the Democracy Ab Solution jean on the strength of another WO review. Bought on Amazon, about $60. I really like them. They’re great for casual Fridays and road trips, even hanging around the house. The thing I like about skinny jeans is that the hems will never drag if one is using a highway rest stop or porta-potty. Also, this jean/jegging is less revealing than wearing a legging, but just as comfy.

    I’ve worn Jag, DKNY, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lucky (both Costco), Express (in slimmer times), Natural Reflections (the Bass Pro Shops store brand) and most recently Cabi. I’ll have to try Taylor sometime!

  11. What on earth does that even mean? Best jeans for moms? Moms come in all different shapes and sizes. My advice is to hit Goodwill or a consignment store. You will find a variety of brands to try on all in one place. No running up and down a mall. All of my jeans, and I live in jeans, are thrifted. Never pay more than $15 for them which leaves plenty of $$ to have them altered (shortened) if needed.

    1. Did you even read the article or read the title and scroll right to comments? I agree thrifting is a fantastic way to get great jeans from a variety of retailers at amazing prices, and it also keeps clothes out of the landfill and reduces waste from production. However, when I was a new mom I had no time to go thrifting, and when I did I found very few jeans in larger sizes that were in wearable condition. Plus size clothing is far harder to find thrifting because plus size women are more likely to wear their clothes until they wear out due to lack of selection. My shopping happened at 3am while nursing as it was the only time I had available. I am a big propopent of thrifting, but it isn’t always feasible for many.

    2. Plus size women (and I imagine other “special (haha) sizes have the same issues) can’t just pop into a thrift store and walk out with cheap, perfectly broken in jeans after trying a variety of pairs in their size to see what they like the best.
      Allie’s review is spot on and I second several of her recommendations for brands that will fit, last, and work.

  12. Great post! I am going to make sure that my daughter, who is 2 months post-partum, sees this. Very helpful!

    I will add that post-menopausal women also have “interesting” changes to their shape, and this review of jeans could cover that segment of the population as well.

    1. Agree! I rarely focus on anything for moms on this blog because so many of us have similar body issues without having a child or are years from that point in life. I find these jeans mentioned are great for anyone looking for comfort and for working with a softer, changing body. Thank you for the reminder!

  13. Like you, I’m shorter (5′ 4″) and wider through the legs. I can’t stand the feel (or look) of jeans that are tight around my calves. Can’t wait for the skinny jeans trend to be over. Trouser styles work okay for me if they aren’t too wide but they aren’t easy to find. I keep joping the Woodstock nostalgia will bring back the bell bottoms I wore as a teen. *smile* Dream on, huh?

    1. I too have considerable calves and find that “straight cut” or “girlfriend cut” wear on my body similarly to how a “skinny cut” jean does on slimmer calves and thighs. Sadly Jag pull on jeans just slide right off my body, flat reared apple shape here.

  14. I’ve had great luck over the past few years with jeans from Loft and love all the pairs I’ve purchased there. Amazing sales too! I hope to try some of your recommendations next time I’m looking for jeans.

    1. I am so glad you’ve had luck with LOFT, many other readers have as well. They don’t seem to fit me well, but I am glad they do for others and you’re right, they have some awesome sales!

  15. I swear by Universal Standard jeans! I think I have about 10 pairs – all the washes, lengths and styles. I always appreciate your recommendations, Alison so thanks for giving me other options to consider. But hands down, Universal Standard jeans for life!!!

  16. I own several of the above mentioned jeans. US, Wit & Wisdom, Kut from the Kloth, and Democracy. Over the years and sizes I’ve learned that great jeans are worth the money (especially when you snag them in a great sale). My “Mom Style” lives in jeans and great tops and comfy shoes. These are definitely a hit!

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