What I Wore Last Week: Nov 22, 2021

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wardrobe oxygen what I wore last week

Since I now have somewhere to go and a mirror to photograph it in, I'll start sharing what I wore the previous week. For those unaware, I rented office space in my town center. While I can wear whatever the heck I want there, I have been using it as an excuse to look nice and wear the things in my closet that have been collecting dust. It's a pick-me-up right now, getting pulled together, having a schedule, a place I need to be, and a place where I have total quiet.

I mentioned in Weekend Reads on Saturday that I found a desk for my office and it needed some repair before being used. You will see in the photos for Monday and Tuesday that the desk is in pieces around me. My husband and I brought the desk to the office Friday and the first half of the week it was oiled and glued and clamped. By Wednesday, it was working and set up ready for me to be productive; I'm typing this at it! I'll have more details later, but wanted to explain the weirdness around me in Monday and Tuesday's photos!

Monday: First day of the office!

Alison in a gray plaid coat and pink pants looking excited and taking a selfie in the mirror of her office

For my first day at the office, I wanted to be comfortable, but cheerful. I got these pants from Banana Republic a few years ago and wish I bought them in every color. They're stretchy but polished and a great fit. You can see them in this post, and in this post with the matching jacket.

With it is a Universal Standard cashmere v-neck. After getting a Universal Standard cashmere crewneck sweater to review, I went and purchased the v-neck in this berry color. I really like these sweaters; don't be surprised to see me having more as the winter progresses. My winter uniform is a colorful cashmere sweater with pants or jeans and depending on how cold it is, a layering piece over it.

Alison in a pink Universal Standard cashmere v-neck sweater tucked into bright pink wide-leg pants from Banana Republic. She is wearing off-white FILA Electrove 2 sneakers.

The shoes are FILA, the Electrove 2. When I got them, they were sold out everywhere but they're now in stock in this color at FILA, Amazon, and Revolve. The Whisper White color is my jam; even with the chunky profile they look less like fitness and more like fashion. I am all about sneakers with wide leg trousers! Earrings are these from Baublebar, the necklace is also from Baublebar.


And the coat is the one I featured in this Nili Lotan x Target coat post. I really love this coat, it looks and fits more expensive than its price and I am surprised some sizes are still in stock. It isn't insulated, so I'll have to retire it in a few weeks so I'm getting as much wear out of it as I can until then!

Tuesday: Black is the color of my soul

Alison taking a mirror selfie in her office wearing all black with a gray plaid long coat and aviator sunglasses.

Just kidding, but really I woke up Tuesday on the wrong side of the bed and decided to just lean in with an all-black outfit. The sweater is the “Shauna” merino crewneck from Universal Standard. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in black, but the cashmere crew is the same fit IMO.

The pants are my Spanx faux leather joggers that I have had for a year now. Here is my Spanx faux leather joggers review. I like them because they look interesting, but are super comfy and stretchy. Also with the brushed lining, they are soft and cozy on a cold day.

Alison wearing a black merino wool crewneck from Universal Standard with black faux leather joggers from Spanx. She has black platform Doc Marten boots on her feet and a very thick silver link necklace from Jenny Bird.

The boots are Dr. Marten's ‘Jadon.' I know, I have the Leona Docs, but they're brown. And I have these boots from La Canadienne but they're really low profile. And I have these boots from Sorel, but they're really… I don't know, they're weird looking when not with a skinny jean or legging. They're tall but narrow and with my not tall and not narrow body the proportions feel off to me. And. I saw how often I wear the Leonas so I decided to get a pair that isn't exactly the same in black.


These are nice. They aren't as comfy right out of the box at the Leona, but no blisters. I like that they zip on the side so I don't have to mess with the laces to get them on and off. They are stiffer, more traditional Doc leather so they do make a bit of a squeaking sound when I walk and the shaft bends, but I know from past experience back in the '90s that goes away (and a bit of leather conditioner or even shoe polish can reduce it).

The necklace is Jenny Bird and I LOVE it… but it's made for a smaller body. Most of Jenny Bird's products are, which is why I mainly own earrings from the brand. This necklace clasps shut with one of the links that has a hinge; I asked Jenny Bird if they would consider seeing separate links that we could buy to extend the length of the necklace. They instead came out with chain extenders… but the extenders don't fit the thick links of this necklace. I have two extenders in back looped to make links to extend, but it's not cute. Really, I don't get why they can't sell separate links; it's something even skinny-necked folks may desire.

Wednesday: Not My Color, Don't Care

Alison in a gray plaid overcoat and gray plaid wide leg pants from Universal Standard. She is wearing a light orange cashmere crewneck sweater tucked into the pants and has a hot pink printed scarf tied like a belt. On her feet are yellow suede pointed toe low heeled pumps from ALLY.

I know a lot of folks are very into having their colors done, and choosing only colors for their season or skintone. Growing up, I subscribed to that notion. For most of my life I swore I was a Winter and wore only those kinds of colors. And then in college, someone “did my colors” and said I was an Autumn. I then started wearing those kinds of colors. I found that both seemed to work, and it made me change my feelings about what colors I wore.

I began wearing whatever made me happy. I wore taupe, and pastel pink, plum, and cobalt blue. I'd wear fire engine red one day, brick red the neck, cherry the following evening, and then flame on the weekend. I'd play with lipstick and blush colors, accessories, and realized what made me look good wasn't the color I was wearing but the confidence I had wearing it.

Alison is wearing a light orange sweater tucked into gray plaid wide leg pants with a pink scarf tied in a knot at her waist through the pant's beltloops.

This orange of my J. Crew cashmere crewneck is not “my color” but it makes me happy. It makes me extra happy when paired with pink, so I used an Hermes scarf (read about the scarf here and then the update here) as a belt. The pants are from Universal Standard and old (previously seen here) and the shoes are new from ALLY in a gorgeous saffron suede.


Adding a deep berry lipstick I felt pulled the pink into the look without being too literal. And funky gold earrings finish the look (they're Jenny Bird and no longer available; if you search resale sites they're the Medium Edie hoop).

Thursday: Too Warm for November

wardrobe oxygen allsaints top

Thursday it was in the 70's here in the DC area. While it was a gorgeous day, it made getting dressed difficult. I decided to recreate this look with my ALLSAINTS off the shoulder top, just switching out gold jewelry for silver and my brown Docs for my black ones. Know this top runs large; I have a Medium and usually I'd be buying L or XL. It doesn't shrink, even if you put it in the dryer and it's a heavier weight better for this time of year.


The pants are these from Banana Republic. I really like them but do know they shrink when you put them in the dryer. A couple of you have bought this alternative from Banana Republic Factory and find them to be great quality and a good fit.

Friday: I Saw It in a Dream

wardrobe oxygen farm rio

Rent the Runway offered me two months free to try their program again. I saw they had this sweater from Farm Rio that I have been lusting over but felt was outside my pricerange. I immediately rented it (this is a size Large, it runs big). I also saw this bag from STAUD that I thought was cute and decided to rent it as well. If you like the bag, I wasn't able to find it in red anywhere and the brown and black versions were close to $400. But I found this bag from the brand JW Pei that is a similar concept, comes in a range of pretty colors, and is under $80.

Thursday night I was falling asleep and I envisioned this outfit. I felt it was very '80s, something a friend of Denise Huxtable would wear. The lipstick is this Laura Mercier pencil in “Clique” with this Fenty Beauty lip gloss in “Ruby Milk” over it.


The jeans are the Siene from Universal Standard, size 10 (they run big). The boots you've seen before, they're very old and I can't link to anything similar and wish I could. The earrings are vintage; I previously wore them here.

And having my own office and a kid that homeschools mean kiddo can come to work with me! We're going to have Fridays be Bring Your Kid to Work Day; it is nice to spend the day together and it also motivates us to get our work done early so we can start the weekend sooner!

Let me know your thoughts, do you like this sort of outfit recap? If so this week I can take some better photos of my outfits and capture some shots of details like jewelry, shoes, and lipstick!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love these posts too. They’re inspiring me to shop my closet for new looks, exercise some creativity, and make an effort, even when I’m going nowhere.

  2. More outfit posts like these, please 🙂 Growing tired of seeing ‘too polished’ outfit posts on other blogs that aren’t exactly realistic (spindly heels in snow, anyone? Or how about those thin toppers that you just *know* they swapped for a REAL coat moments after the photoshoot, lol?) – so yes please to wearable OOTDs on a body that looks more like mine! And also to see what naturally curly hair *truly* looks like during the week (also getting tired of CGM bloggers who only ever seen to post hair photos with full locks & top volume) – mine only ever looks that great on wash day, lol!

    Also Alison I think I may have mentioned this on a previous post of yours but it’s possible that you’re finding yourself on a ‘cusp’ of autumn & winter because you’re either a Deep Autumn/ Winter (like me) or a True Blue Autumn/ Winter (as someone else suggested). But I agree that you should do what makes you happy – even though hot pink isn’t ‘my’ colour for example I still wear it because of its versatility. In fact, ‘pink is the navy blue of India’ (according to Diana Vreeland, former Vogue editor) lol.

    It’s funny what you said about that exact shade of orange though, because I was just downsizing my wardrobe (moving into a smaller closet space, waah!) and found a similar jumper but decided to keep it anyway. For exactly the reasons you gave!

  3. The saffron Ally pumps aren’t just great looking. They are also 20% off thru mon, 11/29 (just got an email announcing the sale).

  4. You look great. I just ordered the white top. And where did you get that rug? I love it. I am trying to redo my basement family room/office and want something with color.

  5. Based on my monitor, I would say you are a Blue Autumn, one who needs brights and deeps and straddles the line of warm/cool (though warm is, I think, better). I don’t know why you would say orange is not your color … you radiated health and energy in it. When I saw you in the Farm Rio sweater, my mind went straight back (in a good way) to the 80s …people laugh at the shoulder pads, but it was a colorful, fun, enjoy-your-fashion era. I like the idea of a fashion week … your style is very distinctive and I like to see how you mix and match. Thanks for always posting thoughtful and interesting content.

  6. My favorite is Wednesday’s. I love a bright color with that kind of “plaid” pant. I always think it looks so classy. You need to do “ what I wore to my office” every week. Very enjoyable.

  7. I am in a total fashion rut. Like you on Tuesday, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed — for the past year, LOL. Black IS the color of my soul, so I’m appreciating your great sense of color and style in these photos. Love the orange sweater, and must insist you carry that matching lamp around with you every time you wear it. 😉

  8. Love when you do these posts & hope you’ll continue them! It’s fun seeing what you actually wore in real life & provides great ideas. Your office looks fantastic too! You do color well—your home, your office, your clothes—it all just works so well when you put things together. And how fun to bring E to work with you! I’ve enjoyed seeing her grow up on the blog & always love seeing her in pictures.

  9. I love this type of post, where you show what you’re wearing when you’re not doing a formal photo shoot. Please keep doing them! And congratulations on your beautiful new office space!

  10. I love seeing theses outfits (and your new office space) and would appreciate future posts like this to get a feel for what you’re wearing and why. My wardrobe can use some re-energizing and I want to try and work with what’s in my closet. This brightness makes me happy and gives me some ideas of small changes I can make and still stay in my comfort zone. Thanks, as always, for the post!

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