Coming to a TV Near You: GRANDFATHERED on FOX [Sponsored]

GRANDFATHERED on FOX starring John Stamos and Josh Peck, a review by Wardrobe Oxygen
One of the fun things I did at the BlogHer conference was attend a preview screening of the FOX sitcom, GRANDFATHERED. This series will premier Tuesday, September 29th at 8/7c, but a few of us attendees got to hang out in a conference room and watch it early on the big screen. John Stamos plays Jimmy Martino, a successful restaurateur and ultimate bachelor. The show starts with Jimmy plucking a gray hair and admiring his reflection in the mirror. He’s used to being the most suave and good looking single guy in a room, who charms every woman he meets. All of this changes when Jimmy finds out that not only does he have a son (Gerald, played by Josh Peck), but his son has a little daughter named Edie.

I was already happy to chill out, drink some wine and watch me some dashing John Stamos, but I was really entertained by the show. Many times I whipped out my phone to jot down a hysterical line from it. One of my favorites was, “Parenthood is an endless stream of moments when you think you killed your kid.” Another was when Gerald’s mom says, “I’m cool, I watch Portlandia.” Stamos’ character is a stylish man, and there were many funny lines about fashion (and Peck’s character’s lack of style). There were also some amazing celebrity cameos; I won’t ruin it for you but it’s quite a variety (nope, no Beach Boys you Stamos/Full House fans!). I must say I liked all the characters in the show, the attention to detail, how it was a cute feel-good sitcom without being too cheesy or syrupy.

After the show, Josh Peck joined us and answered all of our questions. Not surprisingly, many of the questions from the women in the audience were about John Stamos. He said Stamos is a great guy, and gives great advice. One thing John Stamos told Josh Peck was, “Don’t be trendy. Trendy will bite you in the ass in five years.” Great advice for a grown-up child star trying to make a fresh name for himself, but also for the rest of us! I was impressed with Josh Peck, who was charming, funny, and able to be completely off the cuff.

Don’t miss the series premiere of GRANDFATHERED Tuesday Sept 29 at 8/7c on FOX. To learn more about GRANDFATHERED, check it out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #Grandfathered.

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Friday Favorite: Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey ReviewIt’s frustrating when you see totally cool and unique statement shoes but they’re not available in your size or width. Whether you have narrow feet or wide, when you leave the land of M or B width shoes, selection diminishes and the options often veer toward Frumpville. And if your foot is smaller than a 6 or larger than 11, you’re often out of luck.

Enter Shoes of Prey, a brand of badass footwear in sizes 2 to 15 and widths NN to WW. What makes them so badass? Well, there’s a few reasons.

  • Go to Shoes of Prey’s website where you can design your perfect shoe. Choose your shape, your color, and have them shipped for free right to your front door. Not perfect? Even though they’re custom made for you, you can still get your money back. If you’d rather have an in-person experience, Shoes of Prey has partnered with a few Nordstrom locations across the US where a stylist will help you craft your perfect shoe.
  • Check out the pre-designed footwear in a bevy of sizes and widths. Click on “Gallery” on the Shoes of Prey website where at the time of writing this, they had 147 different styles available to purchase. Nordstrom has 51 different styles from Shoes of Prey currently available on their website, and plenty of styles at their stores.
  • Wish you could get that certain shoe but with a shorter heel, or a thinner heel, or maybe a different color heel?  You can do that on the Shoes of Prey site.  Click on any shoe and then click “Edit Design” where you can alter most every part of the shoe, even the insole!  Take that snakeskin platform stiletto and switch it to a satin kitten heel with a rosette detail and an ankle strap.  For fun, I took this ankle strap high heel; a style I like but can’t wear for more than an hour and on their site switched it to tiger calfhair with a metallic toe sole and heel, red ankle strap, and brought it down to a comfortable 1 1/4″ height.  The possibilities are endless!
  • Worldwide shipping, 365 days to remake or return your shoes, free shipping to the United States, they’ll even reimburse you cobbler fees if you need to have your Shoes of Prey fixed locally.  On top of this, a really easy to navigate site that if it doesn’t answer any question you have, there’s a live chat available.

Always needed a silver glitter peeptoe bootie in your life? Love the look of metallic oxfords but can’t find them in your size? Desire some trendy flat sandals this summer but need them in a narrow or wide width? Desire a pair of “something blue” dressy wedges for your wedding day? All of these can be found at Shoes of Prey’s website where you can customize even further with heel height, material, and even a personal inscription inside the shoe.

Shop Shoes of Prey Heels:

I haven’t yet purchased any shoes from Shoes of Prey, but I have bookmarked their site for fall fashion. While I wear an 8 medium for most closed-toe shoe styles, I do need wide for sandals and strappy heels and prefer wide for boots and shoes that work with thick socks. And once I do try Shoes of Prey you know I will be back here to report on the shopping experience, quality, and fit!

Shop Shoes of Prey Flats and Low Heels:

Note: This post isn’t sponsored and I have no relationship with Shoes of Prey.  While I haven’t tried the brand, I belive it may be the answer to many of your footwear woes.  I receive many questions regarding non-medium width and non-standard sized shoes and where to find stylish shoes with walkable heel heights.  If you’ve tried Shoes of Prey please leave your experience, positive or negative, in the comments to assist fellow Wardrobe Oxygen readers!

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New York through Karl’s Lens

When we decided to go to BlogHer as a family, I couldn’t help but think of the outfit post possibilities. Oh the backgrounds, the outfits, and my photographer with me. And then once the trip was upon us, we both agreed that we didn’t want to spend precious time trying to capture “cool” outfit posts when we could be seeing the city and enjoying our time as a family. Karl kept the big camera at home, and brought his little Fuji, which he used to instead document his experiences, most while I was toiling away in conference rooms. I love his eye, and love how his little camera really captures how his brain works and how he sees things. A few shots he took from the trip that weren’t in any previous posts:


The view from our room

001 002 003

A rare Karl selfie

004 005

had to get a photo in front of my old company!


far cheaper than getting a photo with the weird mascots in Times Square!

007 008 009 010

Karl was on the the Kennedy when he was in the Navy and excited to see the Intrepid

011 012

“She’s holding a torch and a recipe book”

013 014 015 016 017 018

Two decades ago, Karl was in the Navy and in NYC for the first time for Fleet Week and received a free carriage ride around the city. He was excited to share this memory with Emerson on her first trip to the city.


Covered in flash tattoo swag from the BlogHer conference… she’s still rocking some WordPress gold!

021 022

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