What I Wore: Amanda Uprichard for Gwynnie Bee [Sponsored]

dress | jacket | bag | shoes | earrings | lipstick

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Ask Allie: Beach Formal Wedding Attire

what to wear to a beach formal wedding in florida - wardrobe oxygen

I’ve been invited to a 5pm beach wedding- in Florida. In August. The attire requested is “Beach Formal”. I have no idea what this means and no idea what to wear. Late August in Florida is extremely hot and humid. At 5pm the sun is still high in sky, and hours away from setting. All the websites I’ve looked at show slim 20 somethings in spaghetti strapped sundresses. I’m a borderline plus size 50 year old woman so little sundresses are not really an option.

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What I Wore: From the Hip

blouse | jeans | boots | hip bag | earrings | lipstick

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Link Roundup ~ Week of March 6

image via Unsplash

Good morning, fabulous people! Here’s a link roundup to read while you stay comfy and warm (what the heck happened to our fabulous, springy weather?!):

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