Birthday Brunch/Errands and Crafts

So the ‘rents wanted to celebrate The Husband’s birthday. Sci Fi movies not their thing, we went to brunch at a very lovely place (the place of our rehearsal dinner).

I wore pale camel cuffed trousers from Ann Taylor, tan leather mules from Nine West, a salmon pink silk knit scoop neck shell from Ann Taylor Loft, and my beloved dark denim blazer. Comfortable, appropriate and my mom said I looked as though I lost weight.

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Laid Back Cookout on the Shore

We decided to visit our friends on the Shore. The Husband is the best man in their wedding this month, we wanted to go and see if we can help in any way. Really all we did was play volleyball, eat and drink and have a nice jam session with all the musicians in the group (there were nine of us). Just bummed around.

Proper bumming around attire – my retro converse sneakers,

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Dinner and Dorkfest

It’s okay, I can call the night a Dorkfest because I was a willing participant.

Today is the Husband’s birthday. I tried to plan a party, he didn’t want it. I tried reservations at a fun and fabu restaurant. He didn’t want such concrete plans. All he wanted was dinner with friends somewhere reasonable and close tot he movie theater so he could be there the opening night for Serenity.

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So I Overpacked….

But what’s the harm in that? I have to bring the pullman, might as well fill it to the hilt.

Day of Work/Flight There – pink sweater and black pants and mules.
Dinner Attire – ivory and black zebra print skirt to wear with same pink sweater, black pumps
Meeting Attire – Black suiting trousers, same black pumps, lilac scoop silk sweater shell, light apple green blazer, black laptop bag/tote
Toursit Attire –

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