Weekend Recap…

Saturday started with a family get-together with my husband’s relatives. At his Aunt’s house, buffet brunch, Secret Santa and small talk. (I’m the one in the black top)

The black merino turtleneck from Ann Taylor that I wore to the holiday party on the 17th. Gray Tahari suiting trousers – part of a suit. My black Enzo pointy boots. Silver hoops and cuff.

I wasn’t feeling very well.

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Fun Day Friday

When we have holidays or Fridays before holidays, our boss lets us leave early. Sometimes he buys the team lunch and calls the day Fun Day Friday (or Monday, or Tuesday…). On these Fun Days we often dress more casually than casual Fridays. You know me, I feel weird in sneakers and don’t own a ton of casual wear. This is my version of casual:

Brown ribbed tank from Old Navy.

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The Old Denim Jacket

I usually do not buy overly trendy items. Didn’t get Uggs, no ponchos, no CK Jeans tees, or Bebe rhinestoned jeans. Nary a Louis Vuitton or faux LV purse in my closet. However when the puffed sleeve look was in a few years ago, I bought a jacket. It was just too cute.

About a year ago, I realized it seemed dated to wear the jacket any longer. It was obviously a past trend.

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Lack of Motivation

I went to bed knowing I wouldn’t want to go to work today.

Makes for a very uninspired outfit for work.

Black merino turtleneck from Ann Taylor. Olive cotton sateen pants from Ann Taylor. Pointy black boots. Silver hoops.

Makeup is TONS of foundation and concealer and bronzer to cover up bags under the eyes, zits around the mouth and an allover pekid complexion.

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