What NO WOMAN Needs in Her Wardrobe

I do not care if you are a size 2 or a size 22, some fashion is just WRONG WRONG WRONG. It may look lovely on the Marc Jacobs runway, but in reality – just pass Go. You will find that same article of clothing on the clearance rack in three weeks.

In general, if something is super hot haute, it’s not worth your money. Those of us reading (and writing!) this blog are not billionares,

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“What’s up With Your Hair?”

“I mean, usually you look so… together. Your hair looks….”


“Bad. Your hair doesn’t look very good.”

“Damnit, I am sick. SICK! I don’t feel like coughing under the dryer. Fuggit.”

“Okay…. are you going to see any clients today? You dort of look like Jesus.”

No, I am not seeing any clients today, and when I looked at my reflection in the office restroom mirror,

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Though I realized I am wearing a dark orange-red two days in a row…. hey call it my signature color!

Dark gray suiting trousers from Ann Taylor. The ones I wore last Friday. Not loving them as I was, they are still too long and fit a bit like men’s trousers..

With it is an orange-red silk knit scoop tank from Banana Republic. BR calles it “Chinese Red.” I have a vintage necklace,

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Soccer Mom!

I walked down the stairs and my husband said “you look like your coworker.”

He has never met this coworker he was referencing. It is purely from my descriptions. My husband is a tee shirts and jeans kind of guy, but my fashion consultant. I keep my shoes in a rack in the kitchen pantry (the bedroom closet is just too full of out of season shoes! I keep the in-season shoes near the door!) and before I go out I do a shoe fashion show for him.

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