I Tore My Pants

I was walking from my car to the office when my right heel got caught in my left cuff, tearing the seam and part of the fabric.

Just swell.

Hair in desperate need of a haircut – I think Sunday will be six weeks. it just grows too fast!

Salmon pink silk knit cap sleeve scoop neck shell from Ann Taylor – Spring collection. dark denim stretch blazer from Ann Taylor Summer collection.

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Neglectful Allie!

Thank you 1blueshi1 for making me post my wardrobe. I have been neglectful. Why? Have I been busy? Not terribly so. I just have been feeling very… uninspired by my wardrobe. I dream of shopping. I window shop on the internet all day, imagining how much more colorful my life will be with that sweater, that necklace, those fabu boots.

So a recap since my last post…..

Friday, November 11th

Had a wedding rehearsal and dinner immediately after work.

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Dressing For The Occasion

This weekend I attended a wedding. Weddings are difficult days to dress for. What time is the wedding? Where is it located? What religion is the couple? What is your role (or the role of your date) in this wedding? What colors are unacceptable?

What Time is The Wedding?
Etiquette states that you do not dress in formal attire until after 5pm. This means if the wedding begins before this time, one does not wear strapless,

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I Look Terrible

I had a rough night. I went to bed late, I woke up late. Not gym today.

Husband came home, we had breakfast together. next thing I know I have to leave in 5 minutes.

Black ribbed v-neck knit top from Old Navy. Dark crosshatch bootcut jeans from The Gap. Black high heeled boots.

No makeup (can you believe it?)

No Hair done (didn’t even brush it)

No photograph (don’t want to scare away my 2 readers!)

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