Lunch Result…

I had the buffalo chicken salad, which is quite good at this place. no sauce spilled on my outfit.

The client was a bit brash, but not crude or dirty acting at all. Icky mustache and I caught him quickly checking out my rack, but he seemed like a nice guy.

the outfit was appropriate.

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Client Lunch

So we are meeting with a new client/partner and I am asked to attend the lunch as that I will be going with the team to visit this client in Monterey, California next week. How darn excited am I about this? can you believe I have never been to California? Italy – yes. Norway – yes. France – yes. Bermuda – yes. California – no. Sadly no. Feared I wouldn’t get the chance and then an earthquake would make it part of Hawaii –

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Last Days of Summer

Okay, it may still be eighty degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean we can saunter around in white linen and sundresses. There are a few summer pieces that can work well in transition from Summer to Fall.

I have a gorgeous skirt from Banana that I got at their outlet for a STEAL (boy, I say that a lot!). Well it’s a lovely silk, calf length, floaty and flares out at the bottom.

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Bad Hair Day

So I woke up to pretty cool hair. Kinda full on top, shaggy bangs that looked a bit rocker, it was relatively straight. My stylist told me I was my hair too often, so decided to shower with putting my hair atop my head and keep it dry. A few touches of the straightening iron and I should be good to go.

So I started seam ripping a pair of my jeans this week.

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