Returning My Boots

I have big calves. Yes, I am not a twig in weight, but I have always had very muscular, large legs. As a child I walked on my toes, resulting in big ankles and bigger calves. I used to be able to press more than the guys on my football team back in high school. Yeah, they’re big. Too big for the wider calf boots from J. Crew or Naturalizer.

So I Googled large calves boots and came up with a few cheesy sites,

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It May Not be Friday…

But I am wearing jeans. I really am at a point of desperation. It is the middle of October, and I have no closed toe shoes, no boots, no winter attire.

I have this fabu sweater. it’s black with this big cowl-like neck with a lettuce edge. it hangs off one shoulder. The sleeves are bell witht he same lettuce edge and flounce out with a slit up to mid-forearm. Slim fit to the hips.

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Awaiting My Puchases

So I have done a bit of online shopping recently. I ordered some goodies from Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Nordstrom, and some smaller companies. I have been a bad, bad girl.

I can’t help it. I hate my wardrobe right now. my clothes from last season are overworn, look old and unfashionable. Also I am not the same size I was last Fall.

So today i am wearing a basic black merino v-neck sweater from Ann Taylor,

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That Darn Pink Sweater Again

So I washed my delicates last night. Two loads in Woolite, and hangers in every doorway of the upstairs. Bras in mesh bags, pants inside out, full load water, half load clothing. I have this routine down pat. I despise the dry cleaners – the price, the smell, the wait. I wash things I probably shouldn’t. Pretty much the only things I get dry cleaned are suits, dresses and thingies with crazy embellishments. Oh, and coats and leather.

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