Uncreative Monday

I usually wash all my delicates (those DRY CLEAN ONLY items that do just fine on the Gentle cycle with some Woolite) on Saturdays, but this weekend didn’t get around to it until Sunday night. this means sopping wet clothes hanging from every doorway upstairs and me without a nice outfit on Monday.

Should I wear jeans? I know it’s acceptable, but I feel guilty wearing them more than Fridays. I do on occassion,

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We spent the greater portion of the day in bed. We slept, we made love, we read, we made baby talk to the dog on the floor and made baby talk to one another.

I got up to make dinner. I put on his tee shirt that was thrown over the end of the bed. It smelled like his skin and his cologne. Slipped on a pair of his boxers, sneaked them out of his drawer.

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Going to a Concert…

and I am BEAT from the wedding! We have tickets to see a concert – a performer my husband likes but I don’t know well. A big group of us are going. I don’t have time for a cat nap. I take quick shower. I decide to straighten my hair, it has been a long time. My friend Shelly comes over and says my hair looks awesome. Yay!

Makeup is my MAC foundation,

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Office Maven by Weekday, Wedding Coordinator by Weekend

While wedding planning, I met a lot of women on The Knot. I frequented the message boards for my city, asking for opinions on caterers and bridal salons. Through this I met the women on a message board I used to be a part of and I even created a messag ebaord exclusively for planning and past brides of the site I got married at.

One of the women on the latter of the two boards became a professional wedding coordinator and on occassion needs assistance at weddings.

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