I Have Been Neglectful

I apologize to anyone (if anyone) reads this blog. I have not been posting. I haven’t felt terribly motivated.

This is not because I am not caring about fashion. It is because the Summer lends to a different view on fashion. I become more laid back, more adventurous, more creative. I begin to bend the rules.

I am returning to the beach this weekend, and like all good fashion lovers, I have spent the entire week laying out potential outfits for potential scenarios.

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Special Events and Excursions: The Beach Holiday

Yes, you have built your standard wardrobe that will take you from work to the grocery store to happy hour and maybe a wedding, funeral or baby shower thrown in. Now what do you wear for those other moments?

Beach Trip
I just came back from a girl’s getaway to the shore. I realized by looking at the other women on the sand, in the bars, at the restaurants that many do not know how to pack for the beach or a vacation.

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What if I Hate Shopping?

I think one reason women are famous for loving shoe shopping is because no matter what mood you are in, how many extra pounds you are carrying, what hips you inherited from your mother, shoes fit and are sexy, fashionable and fun.

Woman can not live on shoes alone, so how does one make the trek out of the shoe department and into the rest of the mall more appealing? How does one survive the fluorescent lights,

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Lessons I Learned From My Exchange Student

When I was in high school, my family hosted an exchange student from Germany. Her name was Tina and we became fast friends. Guys everywhere, from high school boys to men in the mall to people we passed on the street gawked at her beauty. Looking back at pictures of Tina, I do see that she was naturally attractive, but not a remarkably beautiful girl. Her makeup consisted of lip balm and some mascara and her hair was cut blunt at the collar bone and was often up in a messy bun or pony tail.

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