What I Wore: Easy Like Sunday Morning

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Wardrobe Oxygen wearing JAG Jeans embroidered boyfriend jeans with a J. Crew Breton stripe tee and silver oxfordstee | jeans | bracelet | shoes | lipstick | necklace

Wardrobe Oxygen wearing JAG Jeans embroidered boyfriend jeans with a J. Crew Breton stripe tee and silver oxfords Wardrobe Oxygen wearing JAG Jeans embroidered boyfriend jeans with a J. Crew Breton stripe tee and silver oxfordsTee: J. Crew (XL) | Jeans: c/o JAG Jeans (12) | Bracelet: Had forever (similar) | Shoes: Bass (similar) | Necklace: Etsy | Lipstick: Le Carmin c/o Lancome

On the weekends you'll be likely to find me in one of my favorite striped tees and slouchy or stretchy jeans.  Add some shiny shoes and red lips and I feel put together though honestly I'm only a couple steps from being in my pajamas.  JAG Jeans sent me these embroidered boyfriend jeans after I saw them on their Instagram account and swooned.  These jeans run big and long; I recommend going down a size because they are uber stretchy, will stretch with wear, and don't shrink in the dryer.  They also were too long for my 5'3″ self so I did what I do with many jeans that are supposed to be cuffed and ankle length – I cut them off.  I snipped off a few inches and then I sort of tight rolled them by folding over before cuffing to make them tapered and not really focusing on the cuffs being perfect.  A regular roll makes many jeans look too wide and dumpy on me, especially with my sturdy legs and solid ankles.

Wardrobe Oxygen wearing JAG Jeans embroidered boyfriend jeans with a J. Crew Breton stripe tee and silver oxfords If you find boyfriend, girlfriend, or cuffed ankle jeans look wonky, frumpy, or stumpy on you play around with the cuffs.  There is no one specific trendy way jeans need to be cuffed these days.  You can have a skinny cuff, crisp even cuffs, a single cuff, a really wide cuff, or even tight roll the ends very similar to how I and I bet many of you wore your jeans back in the late '80s and early '90s.  Ankle and cropped pant flattery is a matter of proportions – the height of the pant, the width of the cuff, the style of the shoe.  Have fun with it, play with it, and if it seems like too much trouble, don't adopt this trend.  That's another great thing about fashion right now – there's no trends that you have to adopt to be stylish.  Wear what makes you feel good!

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  1. Allie, can you do a post on making ankle pants work? They are all I see these days and I hate them – Whenever I try a pair they just look like my pants are too short. I have no idea how to put them together in a way that doesn’t look like wrong. I realize that a lot of women love them because now they don’t need to get their pants tailored, but my legs are short and stubby enough as it is; I don’t need my pants making that effect worse. I would LOVE to see a thorough discussion of how to make them look less awkward (since I can’t seem to buy much else this year).

  2. I love your “shoe style” and notice that you’re often sans socks. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that without stinky, wet feet. Do you have a favorite brand of really low ankle socks that stays in place or a trick to going sock-free that works for you?

      1. Wow! I was reading the comments as a way to procrastinate, but this is wonderful information. I was having a soggy foot problem yesterday. Now I have a solution (and I love Smartwool socks. I’ve never loved a sock before).

  3. Ah, the old fold over at the insides seam and then roll. Allie, I’m about 10 years older than you but sometimes when you reference things from the 80s I flash back to my pleated, pinstriped jeans and capezios. Get yourself a skinny tie to wear for absolutely no reason and you are almost there. 🙂

    Love this look for the weekend or working at home, if only my office didn’t frown on distressed denim.

  4. I love how you give tips for making a cute trend accessible to body types that may not be in the “recommended” group for such looks. I’ve gained confidence from reading your blog to do what I can to make things look flattering, but at the end of the day if I really love something, even though I don’t look like the model, just wear it and enjoy it! You look great in those jeans! so fun.

  5. OH, MY. I need a new pair of jeans like I need a hole in my head, but these are GORGEOUS and fun and just what a whining-because-I-have-nothing-fun-that-fits girl needs in her closet. (Your cue to talk me out of it)

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