Visiting St. Louis with the Fuji Film INSTAX Mini Camera

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Wardrobe Oxygen: Fuji INSTAX Camera review and giveawayWhen we decided to take our cross-country trip this summer, we knew we had to bring our cameras to document this epic experience! When Fujifilm offered me the opportunity to try out their INSTAX Mini 70 Instant Camera I KNEW it had to go with us on our journey! While Karl and I took our regular cameras, the Fuji Film INSTAX Mini 70 created mini-mementoes for each place we visited and was such an awesome addition.The INSTAX Mini 70 is Fujifilm’s newest addition to their popular line of Instax cameras. These cameras are so cute with their retro vibe, but are lightweight and chock full of modern details. The Mini 70 has an updated camera design, improved picture quality especially in dark scenes, and a new selfie mode with a little selfie mirror next to the lens and a tripod socket. This camera is designed to use Instax Mini style film, which has 10 sheets per film cartridge and delivers instant photos the size of a credit card.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Fuji INSTAX Camera review and giveaway

The camera is surprisingly light and so easy to use, we handed it over to Emerson so she could capture photos from her point of view. The first city on our road trip where we used the INSTAX Mini 70 was St. Louis, Missouri. We were impressed by how crisp and colorful the pictures were and it was fun to wave them in the breeze and watch them develop before our very eyes.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Fuji INSTAX Camera review and giveaway

Our first evening in St. Louis, we took a walk from our hotel down to the Gateway Arch and bumped into a family we’re friends with from back home! We had no idea they too were on a road trip; it was such a random but fun occurrence. Meet me in St. Louis, even if it’s by accident! To commemorate our meeting, we used the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 70 to take a picture of our kids together and it was great to be able to immediately hand it to them to take with them.

The pictures even have a retro vibe! I can’t wait to see all the photos at the end of our road trip that are taken with the INSTAX; I think they’ll make for an amazing collage we can hang in our home and use to remember this amazing family road trip!

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  1. I would love a Fujifilm INSTAX to take lots of pictures of my niece! I’m her nanny so I get to spend a lot of time with her and it would be great to be able to capture some of her best moments!

  2. I would love one to capture my kids interacting with each other. I would let my kids use it to take pictures of their arts and crafts projects.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  3. My regular camera is too large and heavy to carry with me all the time so I miss some photo opportunities. I’d love to have a Fujifilm INSTAX so I can catch more of those unexpected shots.

  4. My nephew loves to take pictures and he would love to see a instax picture he has only used a cell phone for pictures

  5. This would be great for capturing moments with my family! I’ve been wanting to scrapbook, but the only camera I have is digital, and with no easy way to print photos, the blank books I bought are rarely touched.

  6. I would love a Fujifilm INSTAX in my life to capture those special moments with my family and grandchildren. I love the instant pictures.

  7. My dad used to have a Polaroid when I was a kid. It was so much fun waiting for the photo. Thanks for the chance.

  8. My son would love to see “real” pictures of himself. He was born in the age of digital and sadly other than school pictures we don’t have many printed photos of him.
    dmarie824 at aol dot com

  9. This camera would be great to take pictures when we go on our trip to Hawaii next year!

    s2s2 at cox dot net

  10. Oops do not see my comment.
    Yes I would love a Fujifilm INSTAX for taking better pictures of the grand kids!
    thank you

  11. I’d love to be able to take “instant” photos of my family. My kids would really get excited with photos that they can see right away. Thanks so much.

  12. I would love a Instax mini because I love the idea of having instant photos. Thanks so much.

  13. The instant photos would be so much fun! I’d use it on vacations and little getaways. I’d also use it at family gatherings and special occasions like birthday parties.
    maddiembrubaker (at) gmail {dot} com

  14. This would be so awesome. I would capture moments of times with my friends, family, and children. This would be so awesome. Memories are so beautiful to reflect back on and have forever!
    starla.bates AT yahoo.com

  15. I would love a Fujifilm InstaX to capture the beautiful things in my life. I love that this camera instantly prints out images so you can surround your workspace with images that inspire or encourage you.
    I would photograph friends, beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, my pet, travels.

  16. I would love to have it in my life to keep in the car in case of an accident or other issue that I need to visually record.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  17. I would love a Fujifilm INSTAX in my life because it would finally allow to me to showcase the photos I take. I always have my camera with me along with my cellphone for backup and although I take thousands of photos a year I rarely ever get them printed. It takes time and me sitting at a computer for a while and who has time for that? With the Instax it’s instant, I take the photo and I can immediately put them on my wall, my fridge, my desk, etc. I would love to be able to do that!

  18. This is so cute – I love my Nikon camera and iphone, but there’s something awesome about the instant photos!

  19. What a fun camera! I so rarely have printed pictures these days, it would be a nice change. I’m sure my preschooler would love to create her own ‘photobook’ with the pictures.

  20. I love to bring a camera with me while walking the dogs. Invariably I catch a flutterby, an owl, a plant in bloom, a tree bark that cries out LOOK AT MY CHARACTER. The ability to print – credit card size – means I can add them to a home grown greeting card. THANK YOU.

  21. I think this would be so much fun at birthday parties….everyone could go home with a photo of themselves with the birthday girl/boy.

  22. I’d really like a Fujifilm INSTAX camera to take photos of my kids. We are going on vacation soon and it would be nice to display pictures in our cabin of all the fun things we are doing during our trip.
    jlammers002 at woh dot rr dot com

  23. What a great giveaway! I can’t imagine what I wouldn’t capture with this. But, let’s be honest: it will probably be used mostly for my dog, Tilley, and cat, Manny. Well, maybe my spouse, too! I’m pumped to have some physical photos to display in my house.

    Side note:
    Do you remember the instant cameras that created sticker photos? Those were awesome, and I’m sure I’ll love reliving my instant photos days with this camera, too.

  24. I would love this camera and take it with me to vacation. I always print vacation pictures into a photo book. these pictures will be great in a scrap book project!

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

  25. I love taking photos, a Fujifilm INSTAX would make a great addition to take pictures of kids. They are going to love it.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  26. I would love to capture my son throughout the school year since school starts on Tuesday!
    reklaw422 at Hotmail dot com

  27. My family and I travel all the time and love to take pictures, so we would get a lot of use our of this fujifilm instax mini camera! It is so portable! yarbr012 at gmail dot com

  28. Like you I think I’d use it with my child. I’d take some pictures of him and let him take photos of his friends. Perfect since he has a birthday coming up (11!).

  29. I have been eyeing the Fujifilm instead for awhile. I have a whole photo wall in my office of snapshots and I love it. We love a good road trip and the instant camera would allows us to instantly update our wall!

  30. I would also use it to document travel…and add the photos right away to a travel journal/scrapbook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I would love to win this camera to let my 5-year-old daughter, Maddie, use. She is the budding photographer in the family.

  32. In the days of taking pics on my phone it would be fun to have a physical print. And who doesn’t like watching the image appear while waving it around?

  33. I would love one of these Fujifilm INSTAX in my family because I am always taking pictures of my kids.

  34. I teach preschool. My students love having their picture taken & always ask “Let me see”. I’d love to be able to hand them a print & let them add it to our classroom collage.

  35. So my daughter can enjoy the thrill of the instant picture, like we did with our Polaroid cameras growing up

  36. I would love the Fujifilm INSTAX to capture family get togethers, vacation memories and the first experiences of my children.


  37. I’d love to take pics of my two cats, Ubbie and Sandy! After all, cats are the most popular subjects on the internet!

  38. My son actually got an Instax for his birthday and loves it. I would want one for myself to take pictures of my baby girl.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  39. I’m glad you had a great trip and can’t wait to see your photos! I’d love to win this camera. It’s so fun and cute!

  40. I think this camera would be a lot of fun especially at parties and day trips. I like to craft and make cards and I’d be able to use the pictures!

  41. I’d do just what you did – give it to the kids and let them document their fun and perspective.

  42. I would use the Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Camera on a trip to the lake with family, friends and pets this summer. I would love to have this camera in my life because I would capture special moments with it.
    heather [email protected]

  43. The INSTAX would be great for my kids to capture and record their lives at a new school and house while their Dad is away for the next several months for his military job!

  44. My family always had an instant camera when I was growing up. It brings back special memories to wait for the picture to develop “like magic”!

  45. My cat (in St. Louis with me!) is forever doing cute things that need documenting, and I’d love to have a camera to send prints to her friends in California!

  46. This would be really fun to have out and about. Last night I met the most adorable family from Israel at a football game. It would have been really fun to take an instant photo and give it to them on the spot!

  47. I am so sold on instant pictures, I love the way you have to focus. I love the fact that you only get one shot, and I love the feeling of waiting to see if it came out the way you hoped. I’d capture art, life and lots of plants with a new instant camera! I came out of comment hiding just to enter!

  48. The Instax camera seems like so much fun! I’d love to win one and use to document by bike rides!

  49. In the age of digital photography where everything is mostly kept on phones or other devices, an instant camera that prints photos on the spot makes extra special memories. I’d love to capture more moments with friends and family and also my travels.

  50. What? A camera that develops a print right in front of your eyes? Using FILM??? What will they think of next, huh? Once again – what goes around comes around.

  51. I would LOVE to win this camera. My daughter is a Senior this year and we need to take lots of photos. I hate having to use my Iphone camera!

  52. My daughter’s been asking for the “old fashioned kind of camera that prints out the pictures”. I expect the neighborhood squirrel will be the artistic subject.

  53. My family will be going on a trip to attend my daughters wedding later this year. It will be the first time that we have five generations all together in one place! I would love to have the chance to win the Fujifilm INSTAX so that I can have photos of this event to give to all my dearest relatives!

  54. I’m the camera buff in the family. It would be used for capturing family moments, girls weekend and time up at our land. Glad you guys had a great time on the road trip.

  55. I’d love one of these cameras, and I know my kids would have a great time fighting over, ahem, sharing it on outings and ramblings about town!

  56. I could say that I would take lots of artsy landscape photos, but in all honesty I will probably use it to take even more pictures of my dog. 🙂

  57. I just moved and want to take pictures of my new home — especially since there’s never room on my phone!

  58. I remember the old Polaroid cameras and watching the photo develop in your hands. This would be so cool to show my kids and my husband’s, the camera buff, grandchildren. I volunteer at an animal shelter in the cat room and would love to use it to capture kids adopting their own cat or kitten(s) so I could give them the picture.

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