Tuesday’s Tip – Quick Tips to Look and Feel Great This Summer

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1. Replace your facial moisturizer with a lighter weight or oil free version. Your skin doesn’t require as much nourishment in the hot and humid months. This change will make your makeup apply and last better and help keep your skin clear. Of course your moisturizer should have at least an SPF of 15!

2. Give the flat iron a break. In all the magazines models are sporting beachy waves. This is easy for most types of hair, just scrunch in some styling product, let the hair air dry or use a diffuser. This will give your hair a holiday, you will look hip and you won’t stress out about the humidity causing havoc on your ‘do. There are many products out there geared towards achieving “beachy waves,” often containing real sea salt water or synthetic versions. Try it out, using a curling or flat iron for any unruly parts. Your hair will thank you.

3. Add salmon to your diet at least once a week (or if you are a vegetarian try to fit flaxseed and flaxseed oil into your diet – great for salads!). Salmon and flaxseeds have large percentages of Omega-3 fatty acids. After three weeks you’ll see a difference in your skin tone and texture. Feel your elbows – you won’t recognize them, they will be so much softer. And don’t be surprised if someone says you seem to be glowing, your skin will feel good from the inside out!

4. Buy a new pair of sunglasses. Even if it’s a pair under $20 from the kiosk in the mall, if you like them, you’re more likely to wear them. The more you wear sunglasses, the longer you keep crows feet at bay. Think about it, when you go out in the sun without shades you squint, and squinting does nothing but crease the skin. That plus the sun’s ability to break down the skin’s elasticity can do some severe damage. While protecting your youthful appearance, you are also protecting your eyesight. Seems worth that $20, huh?

5. Stay refreshed with a spritz. Hot weather and sweat can make you feel sticky and gross in no time. Companies like Evian and The Body Shop sell face spritzers of water or lightweight moisturizers that quickly perk you up, freshen you without ruining your makeup. I keep The Body Shop’s Vitamin E mist in my purse and at my office desk – it’s light rosewater scent is calming and the mist perks me up, hydrates my face and doesn’t make me feel greasy. For an extra hot weather pick-me-up, place the spritzer in the fridge – what a welcome treat at the end of a hot day!

6. Make sunscreen more appealing. We all know we should use sunscreen, but it’s such a hassle. It’s sticky, it’s hard to rub in and how the heck are we supped to properly coat the backs of our knees and our shoulders? Several companies (I like Coppertone) have come out with aerosol sunscreens that don’t need to be rubbed in. The scent is mild, the texture is light and easily absorbed and you can easily coat your whole body without assistance or a Charley horse.

7. Lighten up your fragrance. That lovely floral or musk can be a bit too heavy in the summer when your skinh is hotter. The scent gos from being mysterious to overpowering. Consider switching to a body spray. The allover scent is light enough to reapply before a night out but heavy enough to leave a fresh scent and feeling all day. Bath and Body Works has several to choose from, I enjoy their “Breathe” collection. Breathe Energy has a grassy crisp scent that smells clean, Breathe Delight smells like orange blossoms and is delicate and juicy and not too candy-smelling or strong.

8. Drop the foundation. Even if you are dedicated with the sunscreen, your skin will get a touch of color this season. That and the humidity in the air will help your skin retain a nice glow. Consider using just concealer, or switch from a heavy foundation to a sheer tinted moisturizer. Your skin needs to breathe, and foundation doesn’t stay put when you sweat anyway. Why fight nature? Instead try a bronzing powder to keep shine at bay and provide coverage and color.

9. Flavor that water. Having a hard time achieving the recommended eight glasses of water a day? Why not make it more appealing. Companies like Crystal Light have created individual packets to flavor a bottle of water. Emergen C is a product with the RDA of Vitamin C as well as many other nutrients; it too comes in individual packets. Even a small drop of lemon or lime juice in a tall glass of water will give it a bit of zing that will keep the water from being boring. Drinking plenty of water is even more important come summer, so drink up!

10. Watch your posture. Come summer we don’t have bulky sweaters and coats to cover our figure. The quickest figure fixer is standing and sitting up straight. Use a small pillow or a rolled up towel in the car or at your desk chair to help you sit upright; placed in the small of your back it will force your spine to stand at attention. While standing in line, be aware of your posture. Pull back and down your shoulders, pull your chin away from your neck. And smile! It takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown, and we know the more facial muscles you use, the quicker the wrinkles appear! Stand tall and smile and you will look five pounds thinner and five years younger!

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