Another Theme Day!

Yuck. THIS is a morale booster? Today is “Logo Day.”

What the heck does that mean?

Wear a shirt with a logo! Any logo! Make it fun! Fun, but clean.

Oh gawd. I don't wear logos. I reach into my bottom drawer of my bureau – this is where I keep my casual clothes – yoga pants, tee shirts, fleeces. the husband offers suggestions.

“What about that tee? It's funny, it has a logo”

“Babe, that from the Good Vibrations store, it says ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself.' That's not clean.”

“Well if you wash the dildo after each use….”

“Not appropriate.”

“Well how about one of your soroity tee shirts from college? Ooh, here is a tee shirt from that conference you went to when you worked for The Body Shop. How about that Verizon sweatshirt I borrowed from Mike?”

“Sorority – lame to wear when 30. Body Shop tee? It has purple stains on it – I wear it when I dye my hair. Verizon? That's a 3X sweathirt and a hoodie at that! No thank you.

So I am wearing my trusty CBGB tee shirt, my vintage Levi's, my black pointy boots from nine West, my silver cuff, and silver chain earrings that dangle to my shoulders. Smoky eyes, straight but rumpled hair.

And about three other people dressed up. I look like a bum for no reason.

I am boycotting Theme Days from now on.

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